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  1. Dubois with the least charismatic delivery of 'to be the man you gotta beat the man' 😅. Looking forward to this one, Cant see past Dubois stopping Joyce.
  2. Stuck on Survivor Series. Matt Riddle, Seth Rollins and Keith Lee refusing to wear the shitty brand t shits is the kind of content I'm here for.
  3. Yeah in all seriousness, Harry Kane is unbelievable and it's hard to see what these players offer that Kane doesn't, especially this season. Unplayable at times, probably the best finisher in the league and now getting assists at an alarming rate. His only downfall is trying to keep him fit all season.
  4. When you live in a shared house and want to cook dinner in peace and someone comes into the kitchen for a conversation.
  5. Yeah same, some great views in here and insightful posts. From somebody who does not know the ins of outs of American politics, this place has been a great source of information for me during this.
  6. Trump about to speak, gripping television. . Sky News has been my chosen channel, originally watching on ITV. Great stuff. Just utterly insane.
  7. Biden down to evens on the market now. Looks like we are on another swing! Fingers crossed!!
  8. What's the deal then? Is it likely Trump is going to win now? Or even if he loses he is going to take this to court?
  9. Thought this thread was busy, must have been a great show but it's just some bellend giving a bad name to the greatest Welsh singer of all time.
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