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  1. Au contraire, mon frere: Distinctly remember TNA plastering "CHRIS JERICHO TO APPEAR ON IMPACT! in a music video" on some press releases at the time.
  2. Russell T Davies is returning as Doctor Who showrunner in 2023 - oddly not just for the 60th anniversary special as most might've anticipated, but for the series afterwards. I'm unashamedly excited by this. I know it's a children's TV show, but his first four series of the show were so enjoyable for me and they defined it for a lot of others. A shame that Jodie Whittaker will leave before then, mind you - I think she's been dealt a poor hand by the last couple of series and would've liked to see her get a second chance under a different lead writer.
  3. I'm just angry that they keep calling this NXT 2.0, blatantly disregarding the original, good NXT where Low Ki was forced to carry a barrel around the ring and Derrick Batemen had to win Redemption Points.
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