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  1. Christ, you’re right. Fair’s fair, they’d managed to make me completely forget that. Probably because it was during Roman’s face run back from cancer that - surprise surprise - they’d already botched by then. I maintain that that year he should’ve faced Corbin and squashed him in 30secs flat.
  2. Can I just give some major praise for the McIntyre/Reigns match? in terms of a champion vs. champion, main guy vs. main guy match, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The finish was just what it should be between these two at this point - if you're going to book this match now, you need to keep people wanting more - and for me it really solidified Drew as 'belonging' next to a clearly exceptional top guy like Roman. I've been mostly off WWE since 'Mania, but this was very enjoyable; and, once again, Roman is what makes it.
  3. The fact that I searched this topic and neither 'Lindt' or 'Lindor' came up in anyone's post is frankly embarrassing.
  4. This will be an extended version of that “McMahon!” documentary they released a few years ago, which basically revealed nothing and added no real insight to anything. either that or he’s near death and has decided to finally spill
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