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  1. My Dad used to always take the piss out of me for watching when I was younger but would quietly sit down for a bit and watch, especially if there were scantily clad ladies on the screen. I remember that although he never used to see anything in me watching he did consider the suitability of wrestling viewing on his son during the TLC match that happened on Smackdown in 2001 particularly when D'Von fell off the ladder and convulsed on the floor. He mentioned it to a few people following for a week or so. I'm glad I was watching the morning Sky One version as I think the uncut version would have
  2. Had Natalie Imbruglia open my primary school's 100th year celebration (which was just a gussied up summer fete). This was in 1995 so she was just that girl of Neighbors then. I remember her flapping about on the field and a couple of teachers flirting with her but that's about it. We also had to take part in those sponsored fitness things every year where your class gets sponsored to do x amount of sit ups, push ups and other stuff in a kind of circuit. The first year they had Kriss Akabusi in one of the early rounds of promotional assemblies. Finally I vaguely remember during one se
  3. Love to see Dustin go a bit more funk with less death match though
  4. After seeing mention in another thread of Nakamura Vs Styles at Mania I went to have a look back at what ppvs they had rematches at and found I had no recollection of most of the feuds or ppv matches. Notable ones included Rollins/Ziggler main eventing extremem rules and the first Saudi show having a ladder match. 2018 was a busy time between Mania and Summer slam for me so it's not surprising I didn't pay much attention but I was shocked to realise I had no idea at all.
  5. They ran the Georgia Dome in October 1999 and it wasn't like business got any slower. I'm surprised booking or not they.didnt switch things around but then in 2000 wrestlemania felt like just another ppv infarct No Way Out and Backlash felt like bigger deals to me.
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