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  1. Added The last outlaw by Stan Hansen (crowbar press) National wrestling Alliance by Tim Hornbaker Wrestling Reality: The Life and Mind of Chris Kanyon, Wrestling's Gay Superstar… Lions Pride: The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestling's 101 Strangest Matches by Oliver Hurley (Hardback, 2010) Rikidōzan DVD (Japanese official release) Sealed https://ebay.co.uk/usr/macca663
  2. The official index of the wrestling observer newsletter 1983 - 2014. £15 including postage.
  3. Added some books Pain and passion history of stampede pro wrestling. Dynamite by Tom Billington Bruiser Brody (crowbar press) I am a Korean https://ebay.co.uk/usr/macca663
  4. I am sorting through some boxes in the attic. Added the following to my ebay sale World peace festival official programme Kenta Kobashi book. Weekly pro wrestling #1721 Tokyo dome coverage. 1.4 Tokyo dome official book of new japan pro wrestling . Stunning photographs. Prices dropped on most off unsold items aswell. https://ebay.co.uk/usr/macca663
  5. Sorry . I can't find a match listing for the set.
  6. Added the following for sale The power of lyger DVD boxset ROH DRIVEN DVD Big Arns Puroresu Adventure BOOK Wrestling Observer 1989 yearbook Wrestling Observer 1990 yearbook NJPW Wresting World 1999 programme NJPW Wrestlekingdom 9 programme Weekly pro wrestling Bridge of dreams special. Weekly pro wrestling covering Kenta Kobashi's retirement show https://ebay.co.uk/usr/macca663
  7. A few things for sale on ebay. Wrestling observer tributes ROH best in the world (dvd) NJPW Kizuna road 2013(dvd) The smashing machine (dvd) https://ebay.co.uk/usr/macca663
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