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  1. Elche's 2nd and 3rd Kits for the 2021-22 Season
  2. Is anyone watching watching the Olympic Coverage via Discovery+ if so do they chop and change like the BBC or can you follow one event continuously Thanks
  3. Invicta 44 to be a PPV http://invictafc.com/2021/07/27/invicta-fc-44-a-new-era-hits-pay-per-view-on-aug-27-with-two-title-fights/
  4. Zombie Sailor have also been announcing the next wave with RVD, Raven, One Man Gang and Jack Tunney
  5. Any chance anyone grabbed The Kings at all? I know the makers keep getting asked about a UK release but it does not seem like it's happening anytime soon
  6. GroundedHappygoluckyAmazontreeboa-mobile.mp4
  7. Roma going with New Balance
  8. R.I.P Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff πŸ™
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