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  1. If like me you don't have Sky Sports just seen its on Sky Sports Mix as well as the boxing tonight and Bellator 205
  2. I asked in the classifieds a bit back if anyone did the Rizin shows, it was definitely a tumbleweed moment
  3. For anyone interested in the Rizin shows if I'm reading it right you need to sign up at https://rizinff.lixve.live/home and https://rizin-cloudfunding.lixve.jp/ the shows are Β₯5000 which is looking like Β£35.50 a show
  4. Having never seen the show is it a fast track to the UFC rather then the Ultimate Fighter?
  5. So we're not going to get Miranda Atkins Vs Maximino Flores? πŸ˜‰
  6. From the same Brave Show
  7. KSW54 is also supposed to be this coming weekend with only one fighter announced the rumour is its cancelled
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