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  1. Has anyone got copy's of Last of McGuinness and ROH Unified for sale at all
  2. WrestleCircus 6 Man Tag: Sami Callihan & OI4K vs Shane Strickland, Dezmond Xavier & Lio Rush
  3. Thanks for that It's the Albert Hall one I'm going too just wanted to gauge what there shows were like as there doesn't seem to be much wrote about them
  4. It was on a podcast the other week how accurate can Meltzer be when every other tweet he is asking for reports from shows
  5. Does anyone know anything about Lucha Libre World or been to any of there events
  6. Having never seen Smokey Mountain i have started watching it along with the accompanying podcast from Booking The Territory
  7. What Chris Adams match/matches would people recommend Thanks
  8. About half way through Cole comes across really well
  9. The second it went live i couldn't add seats
  10. Cheers for that finally signed up after seeing this as everyone recommends the Havoc storyline as a starting point
  11. Casting now available in the new update
  12. Look forward to hearing who made it and who nearly made it
  13. Thanks Sorry, I've just realised that you asked about Funk v Flair, the Rivalries episode is Flair v Stramboat which is what I could've sworn you wrote, I mean clearly you didn't and it's just me being a pillock Took me a bit to work that out but looking forward to the Flair Steamboat episode
  14. Thanks