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  1. I asked in the classifieds a bit back if anyone did the Rizin shows, it was definitely a tumbleweed moment
  2. For anyone interested in the Rizin shows if I'm reading it right you need to sign up at https://rizinff.lixve.live/home and https://rizin-cloudfunding.lixve.jp/ the shows are Β₯5000 which is looking like Β£35.50 a show
  3. Having never seen the show is it a fast track to the UFC rather then the Ultimate Fighter?
  4. So we're not going to get Miranda Atkins Vs Maximino Flores? πŸ˜‰
  5. KSW54 is also supposed to be this coming weekend with only one fighter announced the rumour is its cancelled
  6. I think I will pass, I'm amazed the sentence "don't take him down" wasn't said prior
  7. His opponent is Glenn McVeigh it's his first fight too. Are Brave shows worth a look?
  8. Ultimate Combat that's a blast from the past
  9. What would the interest be in Miocic Vs Jones? or is the Champ Vs Champ done to death at this point?
  10. Cage Gladiators became OMMAC and was based out of the Liverpool Olympia, I attended a few shows that's why I was wondering where the video library ended up
  11. Two random questions Firstly as his name has popped up on a few threads what ever happened regarding the Anderson Silva Steroid Saga, if I remember right he tested positive, denied it tested positive again and blamed it on medication? Secondly does anyone know what happened to the Cage Gladiators video library at all. Thanks
  12. I hadn't noticed one of these threads in here and I'm not going to lie 99% of it will no doubt be me asking random questions. It was either this or constantly harass the oracle that is @wandshogun09 I stopped watching 2013/2014 and have seen the odd fight and again thanks to @wandshogun09 I am slowly playing catch up with key fights and cards. Apologies in advance but you all seem a knowledgeable bunch
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