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  1. Don't think I've seen it anywhere is there anything else your after?
  2. what company is it from and did you get all discs I sent you?
  3. Full refund given due to me not being able to convert Dvds to play on Xbox
  4. LOL thanks for the mention
  5. hi for sale 5 tickets for pcw show in blackpool june 17th cant go due to other commitments looking for £15 each pm me for details
  6. Yes mate I have both pm me
  7. Ok will do
  8. I've got the January show 4 discs 2 nights I will be getting the nxt takeover show along with backlash and can probably get the other one
  9. Hi is it the tournament you wanted?
  10. I don't have originals but loads of copies
  11. GWF

    I have these global tv vol 1+2 2 discs light heavyweight title tournament. 4 discs pm me?
  12. wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to get them on DVD
  13. I have everything your after £1 a disc pm me
  14. it is a sale because I usually charge £2 a disc
  15. Seriously nobody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!