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  1. dana has gone out and said that McGregor vs diaz will not happen and apparently that was the reason for Connor saying fuck this and retiring
  2. This must be the most unexciting mania week ive had in bloody years. I will watch it of course but I've read its like 7 hours this year how the fuck can they entertain people for that amount of time
  3. The hardy's return at mania had everyone in my house at the time jump up and scream with utter joy.
  4. Jack lost it for me a while ago tbh he was genuinely funny and for me he justlost it
  5. I've just read that James corden will be stepping down as the host of a league of their own..... he's finally given the middle finger too the uk to go be a big deal in the states. I've always loved James back in the day with gavin and stacey ext thought he was genuinely funny but like so many other brits they have got bored of the uk and tried to smash America. Jack Whitehall has recently done exactly the same it's just sad to see our comedians fuck us off for a shot in the states
  6. So I've read alot into this as connor really is one of my favourite sports stars of all time thanks to his personality, how he did press conferences and that side of it he was a character and love him or hate him for it he got me everytime. Reading recently about him being told he would Co main event too me justseems so dumb and I get absolutely why he has said no that's not happening. He is a person that when he's on a poster the average person would buy and watch because of how big of a name he is. He generated so much money and smashed ppv buys to all time highs and he is saying he deserves to be treated and respected for that reason. I know on here there's alot of mixed reviews for him but I agree with this decision and like everyone else I do believe he will be back
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