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  1. Well today I achieved a new first in regards to watching a UFC event, I got through the prelims and main card in just over a hour. In terms of absolute dud cards this definitely is up there. The main event was extremely boring and uneventful, Which is a shame when you factor in that Santos was main eventing a PPV not too long ago going for the title. Both guys just didn't get out of first gear and that never makes a exciting fight but what really made me giggle was commentary as it started said don't expect this to go a full 5 rounds, Then it ended up being a total snooze fest. The co-main was actually really disappointing with what went down. Holland is really fucking likeable man and he was having fun in there, talking to DC and answering his comments from the other side of the cage. Then the ref split them up and it just got really sad and uncomfortable. That clash of heads was one of the worst personally I've seen because Holland was OUT, His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he landed on his face but somehow managed to scramble to his back and defend whilst coming back round only to end up getting put back to sleep almost with the rear naked choke. He essentially got put unconscious twice in the space of 2 minutes which is never nice too see no matter what fighter it is that is subject to something like that. However I'm interested too genuinely hear people's thoughts on the situation that transpired after. I think it's a difficult one either way HOWEVER the ref allowed the fight to continue as holland was still defending and subsequently Daukaus worked to get the submission win. For it to be eventually made a no contest I think is the worst outcome overall because now both fighters don't get a full wage because of that decision, Daukaus doesn't get a win bonus and holland who like I said above got put too sleep twice in 2 minutes won't be paid accordingly for having to go through that and I think in the end the only side that wins is the UFC. They did agree to run it back as soon as they can and I think that's the only reasonable thing to do here but yeah as a whole it started really fun and potentially exciting but ended in a really shitty way which meant the Main & Co-Main ended up being utter flops. The Oliviera vs Price fight was also not what I expected. I expected this one to be quite intense and interesting but it just wasn't but Price gets the unanimous judges decision. While the discussion gets brought up quite alot and I understand they always want to stack PPV/Numbered shows to a ridiculous level, I can't see a good reason why they don't take 1 or 2 lower down on the main card fights and put them Co-main/Main event on a fight night card and try and make it slightly more enticing to watch them live. While we have had a handful of impressive Fight night cards over the past 12 months or so for the most part they are regularly 2/3 interesting fights out of the lot and that personally isn't enough to make me want to stay up till 3/4 AM to watch live.
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