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  1. That is an incredible promo video that is the stuff they should have been using for a month or so now. I know in and interview dana said this show has the potential to break records and they are looking to make 11 million on the gate but it really has struggled to reach the level of hype that it should have got for a fight this big
  2. I've been saying the main will be starting around 5 ish in an ideal world. I'm really hoping for a early finish just cos I'm already fucked
  3. I'm absolutely ready for this tonight although its only half 7 and I'm absolutely knackered which makes me realise I'm a full fledged dad now if I like it or not. Me and my fiance are going to stay up for this. After watching the weigh ins I've realised there are alot more fighters on this that I'm interested In but as its been said above there aren't alot if fights that have any immediate consequences
  4. Imagine the heat between for the masvidal fight. I wont lie I'm salivating at the thought of that fight
  5. I think this fight is the perfect one to make and the respect better them both is what Conor needs not right back with a blood feud that makes him turn into Conor the predator.
  6. Yeah your not allowed to talk about rape club outside of rape club you know that
  7. Well I've never been more disappointed with a press conference as I was this morning. Saying that I feel even more confident that Conor is walking out the victor on Saturday he is incredibly focused and it shows what sort of person he is when he isnt paying the Columbian dealers a pretty wage
  8. Don't know if many of you have heard but bring me the horizon have been nominated for a brit award in the best band category Jesus remember when they said they hated the mainstream media and how it was all bullshit. Yeah I remember too
  9. I've read on here that the Conor interview is being put out today. I would be very shocked if they didn't put it up on YouTube with it being fight week
  10. I think from the little bits we have seen from conor he looks really motivated again which is great too see. I think he definitely comes across as a fighter that really puts time and money into the right training camps to prepare the for each fight separately instead of what alot of them do which is have a general set regime. From what I've seen from him and what john has been saying I'm more excited too see if he really comes into this with the main goal of proving the point to everyone he has turned against him over the past couple of years and prove that the khabib fight was not a true to form McGregor we all know
  11. That is literally insanely weird I searched online and looked on the UFC app and there was nothing. No greater saying than better late than never good chance for dana and the UFC to get those last minute buys before the weekend
  12. So I've just looked on the UFC app and it looks like there is absolutely no press conference at all for this show before the event. This has to be a top contender for the worst promoted/handled ppv for the UFC ever. They have thrown there eggs in the Conor McGregor returning basket and that's it
  13. Its 15 quid sky box office. I get what everyone is saying and its funny how you guys are saying your completely disengaged and not excited at all for it and I was having the exact same conversation with my mate last night. I feel the entire length of last year had me desperate for Conor to come back and for me too see my favourite fighter back at it again but honestly after everything he has done and said and the obvious fact that he really doesn't care at all about his army of fans and supporters at all he has become famous and bigger than the UFC now and he didn't care at all about letting everyone know that so I've found myself having to move on. With fighters like masvidal having the absolutely career changing year he has had I don't agree at all with the UFC on this one thinking this needs no promotion or hype at all like any other show I think if anything it needed more than anything for Conor to try and win people around again and try and grovel and do what he does to convince us all he does care
  14. Are we just not getting a press conference for this show at all. I think its the biggest middle finger from the ufc with this show. We will give you no build up, no press conference, a shitty poster and on top of all that make the uk pay for it on box office after we just moved to ESPN and bt sports which you guys in the UK have to pay extra to get
  15. I am getting more and more excited for this. I am expecting a knock out first round
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