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  1. No dude your 100% right on the mark here in 8 days notice they were never going to be able to find a big fight to replace the nunes fight. I'm not like completely against Aldo vs muhnoz being bummed up and it rightly so should remain a 3 round fight at such short notice. I'm not the biggest fan of none title fights being 5 rounds anyway bar the Diaz Brothers they could fight the first ever 10 round fight and I would be all in on that shit haha
  2. For fucks sake I'm done with fucking covid man. Absolutely gutted about the news about nunes. What the fuck are they going to put in that place because with all the respect in the world Aldo vs munhoz isn't a great co main event for a ppv
  3. This is where MMA and pro wrestling are bluring lines slightly because in the grand scheme of things when that door shuts its as legit and real as can be. You can get seriously hurt, you can get badly beaten up to certain extents where it can take years off your life. HOWEVER I think the whole gimmick/promos/controversy to sell tickets and ppvs is where it becomes very much like pro wrestling. Fighters like Colby have a tendency to one minute make me smile and chuckle then the next feel slightly dirty and sad in the blink of an eye. But when it comes down to it his inactivity from the cage won't even come into it where ppv sales are concerned because that man can go on any interview or podcast and the next day everyone is talking about him and thats some real power and position within the sport and the ufc. This is why we will always see fighters that can talk and create more headlines using a microphone leapfrog over several worthy and more deserving that can do it harder/better/faster/stronger in the cage because there are so so many shows and fighters now you have to stand out and make people look and talk about you over those higher up the rankings.
  4. I'm sat here downstairs literally in tears I can't believe it. R.I.P Joey thank you so much for every single song you gave us
  5. That London card is shaping up to be a fucking belter
  6. I was thinking exactly the same. She's not a top level fighter by any means but she is worth more than this. A decent run in bellator or something
  7. Not at all surprised by this tbh. He brings nothing to the company or eyes on any show he's on really when bellator are doing such a good job of building new stars
  8. Yeah I'm going with sandhagen by knock out in the first 2 rounds I used to have alot of respect and like TJ but after what he did I've lost all that tbh
  9. Dance macabre is a great shout but I would argue square hammer or even possibly rats would be a better shout. For a heel year zero would be great for the right character
  10. WOW well this show was an absolute SLOG to watch live and I cannot genuinely remember the last time I've said this about a UFC show. It felt more like a MMA talk show than a live card at numerous times throughout the night. (I only watched it live because I'm heavily sunburnt and couldn't sleep) I actually made a note within the first 2 hours and 20 minutes of the show 55 minutes was just talking/hyping/video packages. That being said there were some decent fights throughout the night. Francisco Figueiredo vs Malcolm Gordon I'm literally only mentioning this fight because Mini Figgy was fighting again and once again he showed 0 levels of talent compared to his brother. I completely agreed with the judges on this one. I gave figgy round 1 and round's 2/3 to Gordon. I don't know how long they will keep Mini Figgy around for but so far he has shown nothing special and is coming off this loss and his only win was by judges decision so nothing spectacular or highlight reel by any stretch. Billy Quarantillo vs Gabriel Benitez Won fight of the night and rightly so, It was an absolute slugfest from start to finish. Mateusz Gamrot vs Jeremy Stephens Was absolutely jawdropping I like many other people had Stephens down to win this fight and he lost not only by submission in the first minute of the fight but to add insult to injury he didn't throw a SINGLE shot. Immediately taken down and submitted which was mind blowing. Stephens is now coming off a 6 fight loosing streak and his last win was in Feb 2018 so he really did need to win last night or at the very least show some reason why he should be kept around but he really didn't Miesha Tate vs Marion Reneau It was absolutely lovely to see Miesha back and while I believe she had abit of ring rust in the first round she seemed hesitant to really throw anything and push forward that completely changed in the second and subsequently third where she got the win. It did look like Reneau almost gave up in the third round even the commentary said as much but she retired as we welcomed back Tate. That being said she mentioned she wanted a couple more fights then she wants to go for the belt. In the nicest possible way she has 0 chance of winning against Nunes now. Not that Tate is bad or not at a certain level its more that Nunes is just THAT GOOD. Islam Makhachev vs Thiago Moises This was never going to be a fireworks main event, This was a true test for Makhachev and he went into each and every round with patience and a clear cut gameplan before getting the submission victory in the 4th round which was very well deserved and it's interesting too see where he goes from here. He has alot of hype around him being the next Khabbib and while i see why that's being said......I think he still has a way to go before he gets near Khabbib's level. But he's on his way. I mean I was up anyway so it's not like I went out my way to watch it live but this show was the hardest and most irritating I've watched in a long long time. If they don't have enough fights on the card to have the show start at say 12pm open up little bit of talk about the main event and main card but then fire into fights until the end, They have to look at maybe pushing back the start time or whatever because the entire night felt disjointed and like I said a MMA talk show, Not a live fight card.
  11. There are so many I could go with but if I was a heel it would be the path by fit for a king. If I was a face I would probably go with come and get it by I prevail
  12. Fucking hell this is getting hard to watch now. It's been break after break after break with a million and one promo packages and talk about the main and co main. I understand you have to hype it up but Fucking hell this is ridiculous. Out of the past 2 and a half hours at least 50 minutes has been talking and video packages.
  13. Gutted you can tell its a come.down show as the prelims don't start until 12 they normally start at 11
  14. How the hell is matt mitrione still signed and going. he's now on a 6 fight loosing streak? And last night he did nothing at all in terms of offence or defence. He just curled up and seemingly gave up.
  15. I genuinely think it's a smart move to mention a wrestlers wage and bring that aspect into it because it makes it more relatable to a legitimate sport that way. E.G in the ufc if you win you get more money and certain benefits as you climb the ladder. It's effective and smart
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