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  1. That entire show absolutely delivered!! What an unbelievable way to end there latest stint on fight island!! I will give my thoughts on the card as a whole tomorrow, What i will say now is i maybe not a fan of Khabib but i genuinely teared up during his post fight interview and hearing his retirement. He solidified his status as the GOAT and a future hall of famer. Thank you for stepping in there one last time, you went out there and put on a truly unbelievable fight.
  2. I don't know if you have all seen, But there is some MAJOR controversy over Khabib not making weight and being over & the ufc covering it up. If you watch Khabib weighing in the guy doing the scales is super shifty and moves the scales before anyone can look/comment. On top of that i know it's been mentioned breifly above but Khabib looks incredibly angry/pissed off as he comes out, I know he isn't normally the life and soul of the party but even i watched and said too my missus he looks like he is being held there at gun point.
  3. Fuck me that is terrifying. I am predicting justin goes in strong and scores the knock out in either round 2/3..... Shit the bed though i am another level nervous about this one.
  4. Yes they are, it's a 7 hour event and starts at 5pm on box office. & they have been heavily promoting the line up of the fight pass prelims on fight pass of course. Then the prelims on box office & main card on box office. The prelims are fucking amazing for this card anyway so putting them out for free when you get them as part of the package when you fork out for the ppv is just abit of a kick in the dick. when do they EVER usually feel nice and put the prelims on youtube for free. They are normally on bt sports before the main card. When this is one of the biggest ppv's
  5. I'm sorry to sound like a little bitch here but FUCK BT sports for doing this. I have just paid £20 too get the prelims/main card which we normally get access for free over here as part of your BT sport package and they put the prelims on youtube for FREE. How can they justify doing that when they have been promoting it in a heavy way being on Box office for £20 for the past week
  6. I think he has deffo been passing the time taking copeus amounts of the Columbian powder
  7. I think that's a really good point. I haven't actually seen that Khabib is thinking about hanging the gloves up, However i think if Justin does pull out the victory it would be the perfect time for him to do it. In terms of him winning i don't really belive there is anyone in the company that can show up and actually have the tools in order too beat him. Like i've said even though i don't like him as a fighter, I wouldn't for a second try to argue the fact that he isn't a unbelievable fighter and isn't one of the GOATS within the company. I think the problem you have with fighters
  8. I think that is an absolutely spot on point and one that everyone shouldn't forget. As much as i really do dislike Khabib, You cannot ever take away from the guy that he really is another level in this sport. I do feel Justin has the tools to really test him and bring home the win above anyone else in the company but you cannot and should never overlook the sheer power/talent that Khabib possesses. I will be watching at the very edge of my seat and no doubt i will be shouting very loudly at my tv throughout
  9. Yeah tbh i did think it was abit too late now but he is there.... I am genuinely thinking we will deffo see Masvidal vs colby before the end of this year. I really am so excited for this PPV and like i said with the start time being at 7pm our time its even better!!
  10. So ive just taken the plunge and ordered it on box office. I suppose i can't be that stroppy about it as it's one of the biggest PPV of year with this main event. I am absolutely going for Gaethje to take the win against Khabib...... I am not a Khabib fan at all and i think Justin really does have the tools to really bring the fight to him and possibly dare i say it get the KO victory...... It is also absolutely awesome the main card starts at 7:00pm ish our time which means i will be watching live. The main event should be starting around 10:30 here. I really expected Khamzat
  11. I can't fucking belive this card is being put on bt sports box office over here. It's already so expensive to get sky with sky sports and bt sports to then have to pay an extra 20 quid for this card is absolutely devastating. I could easily wake up sunday morning and download it but i LOVE watching the UFC cards on a sunday morning on my tv. (It's literally the only thing i get to watch on the tv each week as my boy's take over for the rest of the time#0
  12. I genuinely can't remember the last time i was this angry at a main event fighter. Absolute mad respect to Ortega he absolutely dominated that fight i just have no fucking idea why the Korean zombie did not turn up tonight. Co main was absolutely sick i thought she broke her rib but maybe she just really winded her. Then what a knock out by Crute that uppercut after the massive right that dropped him was absolutely devastating he literally lifted him back on his feet to take the ko victory.
  13. well i watched the interview with dustin from today on the Ariel podcast and he has said the UFC haven't even reached out at all regarding the Conor fight. even though Conor has said he want's the fight to be this year in either November or December
  14. Is that the card currently without a main event?
  15. Well dude i live in St Anne's a town just outside of Blackpool. I watched the broadcast with Boris and tried to look on the gazette website and via google search what tier we are going to be in and nothing came up........UNTIL about 20 minutes or so this article was tweeted via the gazette https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/health/lancashires-new-covid-restrictions-confirmed-strong-hint-tougher-measures-are-way-3001123 On that article it states until only a couple of hours ago THEY weren't clear what Tier they were going to be in and were having conversations/discussions up until the fin
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