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  1. Currently playing hitman on xbox one and I'm so fucking impressed and into the game I've already bought hitman 2 last week while in town.... It's such a good mix of different situations and ways to go through each level that its impossible to not be immersed in the game...however fuck marakesh and whoever came up with that hell on earth level
  2. He was promoted as this don't blink because you will miss something and for that first round he was impressive but there was only a couple of flashy stuff that had the chance to do damage. Second and expecially the third round he showed the many flaws in his game and turned out to be another fighter that has all the energy to finish but past the first round he has nothing dangerous to offer
  3. That is really upsetting to read tbh and it genuinely comes across as the man having some serious mental health problems right now and he needs some interjection and get him the help. I hope he gets the help he quite clearly needs
  4. I'm genuinely glad I stayed up to watch this what a fucking fantastic card all round. There were some amazing fights and some questionable fights too. The main event was absolutely incredible and went completely the opposite way to how i called it however gaethje was on phenomenal form and his post fight interview went the opposite way again and he completely dismissed conor as he's retired and he wants a real fighter so expect 50p to be put in conor tomorrow.
  5. Something else even though the police apparently did nothing and he's been let go surely there is no one in the wrestling industry that would work with a guy that has quite clearly done shit with underage girls anyway
  6. Fuck me what have I just read.... I've only heard bits about edler but jesus Christ what a next level detestable cunt. You realise you tried to make people feel sorry for you because you got depressed and tries to jump in front of a train then 3 posts later you wished death on a young woman...... I've seen and heard some fucking awful things but that really is disgusting. You came on here to try and defend yourself and in about 10 minutes you have shown everyone first hand what kind of person you are. Wow
  7. I didn't mean statement sorry something was put up saying that they were all set to put them all up then nothing came of it
  8. Didn't they put out a statement ages ago saying they were putting up velocity
  9. Dana said in the post fight press conference last weekend that they are going to make a belt for the fight specially however it won't be defended
  10. Unfortunately I don't expect anything from them music wise for a good while anyway. They are amazing guys I've just recorded the first episode of my new podcast and I talk at length about working with them and how it was
  11. Ahh no way that's pretty cool. I grew up with Henry Cox the lead singer for Boston mannor we have been close friends since we were 5. I seemed to have got alot of positive responses from my post about mallory, I was talking about this last night with my fiance when we were upstairs after the show we were drinking jack Daniels and eating pizza and talking at length about everything and at one point it got really deep and I almost felt like is this happening should I be here sort of thing. Alot was riding on this new album for them they had been putting so much work into it for nearly 2 years and as soon as I saw the review in kerrang i knew what was going to happen.....im going to the Manchester show to see them one last time and get the interview re recorded....I'll be totally honest I hate pop punk....rock...mainstream radio 1 "rock" bands it's just not my thing however when it came to the festival I was booking for the fans not me so I was excited to work with them however I wasn't overly hyped to see them live cos it's not really my thing however they were unbelievable and really did go on the stage and prove there point that the band wasn't the way they are cos of mikey
  12. Oh really....the only thing I've posted about tonight has been about future shows and mallory knox haha. I've literally done nothing wrong for once in my life
  13. Fair enough I have no idea why you seem to have some problem with me and feel the need to throw stuff like not wanting to listen to my podcast (which by the way is fine my podcast is about the music industry not pro wrestling). Maybe I don't really get fourm mentality I just to about it like everything else and talk snd treat everyone with respect
  14. I called you a cunt for your little jab at me for no reason to my knowledge I've never done anything wrong to you.... and you give your opinions when I haven't...read above I wrote alot about it..meaning still the way you decided to reply to me was unnecessary
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