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  1. The story by far. This is the final game in the Hitman trilogy and there have been little hints dropped that there are huge twists within the plot of the story It's been reported that the final mission and story surrounding it will shock the fans that have followed and played the first 2 games.
  2. Only 1 hour and 4 minutes to go until Hitman 3 is launched. I had a look at a couple of spoiler free reviews of it yesterday and it looks absolutely breath-taking. I am genuinely so excited to get stuck into it and see what this one has to offer
  3. No way did that actually work??!!
  4. I understand it's a global launch dude. I thought when it's release day for a game it's there for you at midnight the day of release. I understand a global release for a game doesn't happen with every game on launch day. I only found out about the time of release once I had paid for the game. This is a forum dude I was just talking about being disappointed because my original plan was to wake up jump on the game before my mental health meetings for a few hours but because of the time it lands on unfortunately i won't be able to do that now. That was the point I was making.
  5. Tomorrow is the big day if I'm correct??!! 20th of January is the inauguration ceremony and trump is out as president!! It actually shows how much power Trump holds in regards to social media. Since he has been banned he hasn't had that audience to play too and has been forced to finish up his term without any more controversy and disasters.
  6. Even though this card was meant to be the fight I've been desperate too see for months now, I just took a look at the full card and this is a fucking tasty set of fights for a midweek early show. While the main event might not exactly win any awards for biggest/best/most exciting of the decade I think these first 2 shows have been more built around showcasing the up and coming talent and If your a true MMA fan that is something that does excite you because 9 times out of 10 those lesser known fighters go out there and try to make a name for themselves. This show has it's exciting elements
  7. It absolutely sucks that I won't be able to wake up first thing in the morning and jump straight on Hitman 3. They are doing a global launch for it which doesn't land here in the UK until 1pm in the afternoon. The great incentive to pre order a game is you spend money so you get the game bang on release day but we still won't be able to play it till 1 in the afternoon and what sucks more about that is I have my mental health/Recovery meetings until half 2 then it's the UFC show at 3pm so I won't actually be playing it until Thursday at this rate anyway. Bit of a bummer when you have shelled ou
  8. I'm genuinely gutted I can't use VR due to my epilepsy and being blind in my right side. It just iduses a fit and severe headache. I feel like i'm missing out on the next level game playing experience
  9. I've just switched my Playstation on and it's now downloading. I am genuinely so excited for this game man the locations look absolutely breathtaking.
  10. I'm confused why it's been put out to download on the X-box but not on Playstation yet
  11. Hardy has confirmed on twitter he is coming back and going home to start training. I would be up for seeing him against Robbie lawler or Carlos condit
  12. Ahhh really so it's already available and downloading on the xbox. I'll check back on later to see if it's ready to download on the playstation
  13. Yeah man I looked on the IO interactive website reading up on the new features of the new hitman game and I saw it had a link for the new james bond game which I think if the creators of the Hitman trilogy are creating it, It could easily be up there as good as goldeneye for the n64 but updated and modern. Anywho only 2 days till the launch, However i read online they are doing a global launch for it on Wednesday which lands on 1pm our time. I was hoping to download the game overnight then wake up and launch into it but obviously that's not the case now
  14. You obviously don't watch MMA. Most shows go on for 5/6 hours minimum depending on how the fights go, Last nights card for example went 5 and a half hours top to bottom and they run shows every week that way. They don't market something as the biggest card of the year but split it over 2 days so it's nice and manageable for everyone
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