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  1. Kfogg1991

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    My massive problem with the USA tour just before the last chapter was they changed the tag belts at such a huge time for the division and said the shows won't be uploaded until after the chapter show back which ment you have to read spoilers or you will be majorly confused and I was confused. It just feels lately there priority have changed so dramatically its a real letdown. I echo the comments above though this year has been the worst in the company's history
  2. Kfogg1991

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    What heartbreaking news....dynamite was truly a absolute must see for British wrestling and a true pionee..... Incredibly sad to hear
  3. Kfogg1991

    Vince has BritWres in his pocket.

    I suppose selling out in that case is strong and I agree completely with what you have Said. .. But yeah it's not punk or diy to be openly in bed with the main reason for your company and ethos of setting up and running shows. I guess it's just a real shame with progress and I really do feel personally let down by them because it was them that made me love the business again and I've not missed a chapter since the jimmy havoc as champion days......
  4. Kfogg1991

    Vince has BritWres in his pocket.

    I think progress hasnt suffered so much yet....the last manChester chapter had 3 moty/morn candidates in it....but I can see the bad times coming I'm not completely blinded.....progress made me love wrestling again and it just really baffles me that punk rock pro wrestling who were so about the people and anti establishment sold out without thinking
  5. Kfogg1991

    Who is the least cool person on the planet?

    James corden..... the late late show Is always God awful cringe and throw in some of the car pool karaoke videos he wins
  6. Kfogg1991

    Wrestling things that annoy

    hahaha touche
  7. Kfogg1991

    Wrestling things that annoy

    as a musician and a promoter I agree capitals are way overused
  8. Kfogg1991

    Mams & Dads question

    I know your pain mate, My son is 2 and he seems to be hell bent on killing himself haha He jumps off the couch......he bounces on our bed and always falls off..... (never hurting himself I need to add) its scary how fast they grow up man but just keep one eye on them and sometimes they have to fall and scrape there knee per say to learn not to do it again. Since going to pre school he has come on so so much talking, saying please and thank you ext. These are the years that are truly special and mean so much
  9. Kfogg1991

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    So the doug Williams retirement In European wresting lasted 2 months Wrestling for all star in Woodville halls- gravesend
  10. Kfogg1991

    The Official ICW Discussion Thread

    I agree something had to happen when it was at its peak. I mean as someone in the music industry and booking certain size venues I know for certain that the UK tours they were doing in venues such as academy 2 is not cheap. That's when they should have been picked up and ran with I'm not putting it down I feel genuinely sad it didn't happen for them
  11. Kfogg1991

    The Official ICW Discussion Thread

    The same happened with pcw though that was the next big company at one point
  12. Kfogg1991

    The Official ICW Discussion Thread

    What a great shame that is honestly I was so drawn in at that time with icw and now I don't think I've watched anything for maybe 2 years ish. It's mental isn't it progress i suppose took over?
  13. Kfogg1991

    The Official ICW Discussion Thread

    Would it be fair to say icw has lost all hype. I was on time hop the other day and 3 years ago me and my missus went to manchester cracking night but soon after it all just faded away