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  1. The rumours are so strong for cm punk coming back to the ring tonight. Personally i really don't know if he will step back into the ring
  2. Christ I'm not being a dick I'm in the music/entertainment industry and thought I would give you some constructive criticism
  3. Absolutely heartbreaking to read another celebrity takes there own life to suicide. Just getting more and more common
  4. I wasn't being horrible and I genuinely am sorry if it came across this way I just thought it wasn't at all researched and just felt quite unorganised
  5. So I saw this and was genuinely interested and excited to listen as 1pw and Steven was so huge and let's face it controversial for so many reasons.... The interview is such a huge missed opportunity. The questions asked are just so basic and genuinely at times sound like you have not seen a single show, done any online research on everything from the cards the wrestlers and matches. You guys come across as genuinely happy to just be interviewing Steven not using the platform to get his side of some of the really dark and gritty things that happened. im genuinely not being horrible I wanted to listen but this is such a huge letdown
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