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  1. I'm going for Issy/Figgy/Nate to win although i wouldn't mind seeing how the co main plays out. If it's anything like the first then I'm happy with either man taking it
  2. I dunno what it is because I'm really not into this new format on the ultimate fighter, With the random flash back to home sequences they have put in over the past few seasons instead of it being all about the gym and the house shit. It just feels stale and they haven't really done anything to update it have they?
  3. I see what Alexander was saying on the run up to this coming back Ortega comes off like a massive weapon during the entire first episode. I'm still unsure what the point of bringing this back with the contender series being a thing now but I guess we will have to see if it's worth it and works out
  4. Okay so my fiance is going to fucking kill me when she wakes up to the news I've just ordered this on box office but the main event is just too good not too watch even for a non boxing fan like me......... However I must ask the diehard boxing fans a really important question??!! Is it normal for the co main event on a fucking PPV/Box office event to still not be announced with only 3 day's to go till the show........2 till weigh ins because that seems very weird to me
  5. This could go in either the wrestling section or normal life, However I was talking to someone the other day about my time in wrestling when i was 13 (As I've mentioned some of the stories in the #meto thread) But there were things i used to sit and remember and smile from ear to ear feeling quite proud or happy that I was apart of XYZ. But things weren't as they seemed. For example I was young and quite excitable but I was so passionate and dedicated (at 14 I used to travel for shows in Grimsby from Bolton at 4:30am by myself 3 weekends a month at one point) So when I was on a show with
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