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  1. I watched the main event of this this morning when I woke up and I didn't have high expectations going in from everyone's comments about Phil Davis ext but I think he went in here and absolutely showed yoel up in a huge way. Yoel was obviously coming in making his debut for bellator and everyone was saying it was almost a dead cert he was going to win but I was shocked at how bad yoel looked man. He never got slightly out of first gear and when it came to the middle of the second round and definitely in the third Davis knew exactly what he needed to do and figured out what he had to do going forward and just dominated him completely through the third round. I was very very shocked at one of the judges scoring it for yoel even the commentators said they hadn't a clue how they scored that as it was fairly obvious it was a unanimous decision for davis but the real shocker was post fight when yoel was screaming saying he thought it was a 5 round fight??!! How fucking little research has he done into the company he now works for to not know that every fight is 3 rounds unless it's a title fight.
  2. No fucking way that's insane. Why would anyone do this at a show they have paid money to be at? Even if it was just beer it was uncalled for and unnecessary. As if hed pe were the main support for it too they always seem to be over here in the uk. I think they did like 4 tours in the space of 16 months a few years ago. I've been offered a date on 2 of their previous tours but they don't seem worth the gamble for a band that are always playing over here.
  3. Where abouts did alien ant farm play in preston? I worked with crazy town a few times including their show in preston about 5 years ago I believe they played at a pub called ships and giggles
  4. Yeah man it's absolutely classed as doing well because while you're absolutely correct I did put on the show In question however I had absolutely 0 say on any of the opening acts whatsoever. The choice and opportunity was asked of me by both strange bones and calva louise as it was their hometown album release show and they wanted a full hometown bill and they offered me the spot. I didn't at all book myself on it. So yes it was even more of a huge achievement for me to not only put on such a successful show with 2 really big up and coming bands one of which headlined the BBC introducing stage at reading and leeds the week after and both bands are playing a festival In the Czech Republic next year with fall out boy and Weezer. So all in all I'm incredibly proud of it dude
  5. I'm not a karaoke singer I'm actually in a band have been for the past 12 months mate and the last solo show I did do 3 weeks ago was a sold out show which was around 170 people mate so while you might get a quick giggle or high fives off people on this forum I know I'm doing very fucking well with my career and every bit of time/passion/energy I do put in pays off and gets me recognized and noticed by the right people in my industry. So you make your snide little comments and think your hilarious but please try to get your facts straight when you do try
  6. I thought this was a 4 fight card so how the fuck is the David haye fight going on first?
  7. Because at certain shows and big festivals at one point they were unfortunately as much as it kills me to admit it using backing tracks and miming instead of singing live. However they haven't done it in years but haters gonna hate
  8. Why are they posting about it on twitter saying it starts 6pm est if the fights won't start for another 2 hours? And am I mistaken or is this literally just a 4 fight show?
  9. so excited because I'll be fully recovered from covid but in 2 weeks I will be seeing Bring me the horizon in Sheffield. It will be my 7th/8th time seeing Bring me live but I haven't seen them in over 3 years and I got my ticket for Christmas so I'm so so excited for it
  10. I've just read that apparently this starts at 10pm our time. 6:00 est. That really does make it abit more appealing
  11. I went to slam dunk north festival on Saturday and came back and had a horrendous bad throat I thought it was laryngitis but yesterday I got up and felt the worst I've ever felt so did a test and I've tested positive. I have honestly never felt this bad in my life. I've got a rash all over my body, I am struggling to breathe at times and I'm sweating like I've never sweat before I've just got up to go outside for a fag and my entire bottom sheet and my pillow case Is drenched in sweat. My missus said that around day 5 is supposed to be the worst well today I'm on day 2 and I feel like I'm going to die
  12. Apparently Leigh Francis is actually supposed to be a genuinely lovely guy off screen and out of character supposedly anyway
  13. I read the post on Facebook before about her Instagram live last night and how everyone was worried about her but this is horrific to hear she took her own life. Weather you were a fan growing up or not hearing the news anyone has been in such a bad place they felt the only way out was to kill themselves is fucking heartbreaking. R.I.P daffney I hope your now at peace
  14. Wow what an unbelievably sad way for nxt to be going into. I know it's regularly said now how amazing it is to have something like nxt within the wwe corporate umbrella, and for the longest time they have smashed anything main roster wwe have done but it was always only a matter of time before Vince got butt hurt and jealous of them constantly being raved about and getting 4/5 star matches quite regularly in comparison to the shit they push out on a weekly basis. If your triple H right now you have to believe he is absolutely fucking raging at how he has been treated and what they are about to do to his baby and little pet project. We know all to well how quickly they can ruin something good in a matter of weeks. I guess it's no huge shock why Adam Cole hasn't resigned and he's got off before this hostile takeover begins. In one way it's funny that they can't be proud of this project and let it be what it is,.on the other hand it's really sad that they see something different and successful and have to destroy it and make everything in there product boring and depressing
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