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  1. Yeah I absolutely agree with what you said there with people making excuses for Conor and saying well it's because he's not been as active ext ext. I think it's actually more the case that while Conor has been fucking about doing 1 fight in a year, Retiring, Trying to get another worthless fucking boxing fight that he has no hopes of winning at all, And all the while guy's like Dustin ext has remained active and training extensively getting better and concentrating on being the best he can be and a genuine title contender based on his hard work and wins. Whereas Conor has relied on his previou
  2. Oh dude I actually 100% get you with regards to Tyson fury. I don't watch boxing and as a stand alone sport It bores me so I'm not at all knowledgeable about any names really bar the big ones that pop up everywhere and on TV shows like a league of their own and Jonathan Ross ext. But I had heard bits and pieces about Tyson fury and some of the weird and wonderful things he has done at press conferences ext and in the media with his drink and drug habits. So I didn't have much of a high regard for him, until I saw his interview on the Russell Howard hour of all places and he spoke out about his
  3. I'm so tired I'll make a proper post talking about the show later but I don't know if any of you guys have watched the post fight presser yet but Dana was out first and he really didn't look happy at all, in fact he looked super disappointed and bummed out. You quickly found out why when he was asked had he spoke to Khabib after what went down on the show and he said yes he had and Khabib basically said he is several levels above everyone else so there isn't any reason to come back and as he promised he won't hold up the division. So I'm taking that for what it is and seeing it as Khabib is st
  4. If your talking about educating yourself on Conor McGregor I would absolutely suggest watching his film "the notorious" and there is also a 6 part tv documentary that was made during the period of him fighting Jose Aldo/Eddie Alvarez also named "The notorious" Which is really interesting also dude. If you want to see behind the scenes/build up stuff about Conor from the days he was all about being the best UFC fighter and not just in it for the money.
  5. Thank you very much for confirming those sir. I had planned to set my alarm for 12:30 get myself wake and sorted which I think I'll stick too. The first half of the fight pass show is usually them talking about the main card anyway so getting up at 12:30 means I should catch at least 1 of those fights if not both. I need to ring sky up just to make sure everything is good and ready with the PPV because weirdly when I go to the box office part and click on the show it says rented but it's not allowing me to record it for some reason which didn't happen for the last PPV I bought on BT sport box
  6. It's weird now were nearly here I'm slightly excited but not nearly as much as I thought I would be and have been for previous McGregor PPV's It might be down to me now being in recovery and not drinking or doing anything else But I've stocked my fridge full of cola and Monster's. I'm just dreading already that alarm going off to wake me up for the show, I'm hoping and praying that this show doesn't go anywhere near the amount of judges decision's. With that picture of the line up you just posted does that mean the fights start at midnight not 1pm?
  7. Also when Conor was coming out to the stage the announcer said the first ever 2 weight champion & the owner of the fastest knockout in UFC history........ ermmm sorry no he's not Jorge Masvidal has the fastest knockout in UFC history.
  8. So the press conference did have fans & it was pretty much a carbon copy of the Conor vs Cowboy press conference. The reported quite respectfully I thought asking Conor about the new allegations/police report that has just come out and having the fans in attendance boo the reporter and Conor himself looked really pissed off with him asking about it but come on now let's be fucking honest he has had so many sexual assault allegations be pointed at him over the past 3 years and he has got away with it pretty fucking smoothly when it comes to doing interviews and press and them not mention
  9. I was having this exact same conversation with my mate last night!! This is pretty much spot on with how I'm feeling about it and when I sit and think about the sheer levels of excitement I would be at a few day's before a Conor McGregor PPV compared to what I'm feeling now it's a massive drop. Conor will always have his cult like hardcore fanbase that refuse to accept he has done or can do any wrong but I think this does show the decisions he has made and several other important factors has had a impact overall. I have to go pick up Chester from nursery at 1 so I won't be able to watch it
  10. For anyone in here interested the Conor & Dustin press conference is happening today at 1pm (You will be able to watch it live on Youtube) However I just read online that apparently there aren't going to be any fans there for the press conference which I'm shocked about as even Conor said in his interview with BT sports & Ariel that there were going to be fans allowed in for the presser.
  11. Ahhhh well I just said to my partner that although I'm really really really enjoying the detective route for the second mission, I know that whatever route I chose when i replay it will be way way harder as you won't have that 1 disguise that pretty much let's you roam around undetected and unbothered for the entire mission. Also I 100% agree with you on your opinion on the smaller missions, The one I enjoyed the most (I think it was from the last game) was the mission where your on that nice quiet housing estate while the entire neighbourhood are enjoying a BBQ/Get together at one of the hous
  12. I don't know about anyone else but even with this being a nice early start for us, This show ended up being incredibly hard to get through and really fell way under the expectations going into it. Pretty much the only guys in that arena last night being put to work and really earning there pay check was the judges. 8 of 14 fights went to the judges yesterday and unfortunately 2 of those fights that didn't go to the judges were on the fight pass prelims. With the majority of the show going that way I think the main event panning out the way it did and being pretty much 25 minutes of a grapp
  13. So I woke up at 4am this morning and jumped straight on it. My personal Thoughts on it so far is It feels like the gameplay does flow even more smoothly than the second game and that's saying something as the second game was really impressive. I completed the first mission in just under a hour and although it was far from a bad mission Personally I think the second mission is miles more entertaining and fun without giving any spoilers for it, The route I have gone down with the second Mission while it in some ways is way more Ideal as the disguise I've gone with gives you access pretty much an
  14. I'm not able to import my Progress from the previous Hitman games anyway because I played them on my Xbox. I'm playing this on my PS4. I will say though I wanted to get used to the controls on my PS4 for the reason I just mentioned above and I've had 15 minutes on the training mission and I'm pretty sure it's the exact same Training mission as the first or second game was. I've defiantly seen it before because I knew exactly where to go
  15. The story by far. This is the final game in the Hitman trilogy and there have been little hints dropped that there are huge twists within the plot of the story It's been reported that the final mission and story surrounding it will shock the fans that have followed and played the first 2 games.
  16. Only 1 hour and 4 minutes to go until Hitman 3 is launched. I had a look at a couple of spoiler free reviews of it yesterday and it looks absolutely breath-taking. I am genuinely so excited to get stuck into it and see what this one has to offer
  17. No way did that actually work??!!
  18. I understand it's a global launch dude. I thought when it's release day for a game it's there for you at midnight the day of release. I understand a global release for a game doesn't happen with every game on launch day. I only found out about the time of release once I had paid for the game. This is a forum dude I was just talking about being disappointed because my original plan was to wake up jump on the game before my mental health meetings for a few hours but because of the time it lands on unfortunately i won't be able to do that now. That was the point I was making.
  19. Tomorrow is the big day if I'm correct??!! 20th of January is the inauguration ceremony and trump is out as president!! It actually shows how much power Trump holds in regards to social media. Since he has been banned he hasn't had that audience to play too and has been forced to finish up his term without any more controversy and disasters.
  20. Even though this card was meant to be the fight I've been desperate too see for months now, I just took a look at the full card and this is a fucking tasty set of fights for a midweek early show. While the main event might not exactly win any awards for biggest/best/most exciting of the decade I think these first 2 shows have been more built around showcasing the up and coming talent and If your a true MMA fan that is something that does excite you because 9 times out of 10 those lesser known fighters go out there and try to make a name for themselves. This show has it's exciting elements
  21. It absolutely sucks that I won't be able to wake up first thing in the morning and jump straight on Hitman 3. They are doing a global launch for it which doesn't land here in the UK until 1pm in the afternoon. The great incentive to pre order a game is you spend money so you get the game bang on release day but we still won't be able to play it till 1 in the afternoon and what sucks more about that is I have my mental health/Recovery meetings until half 2 then it's the UFC show at 3pm so I won't actually be playing it until Thursday at this rate anyway. Bit of a bummer when you have shelled ou
  22. I'm genuinely gutted I can't use VR due to my epilepsy and being blind in my right side. It just iduses a fit and severe headache. I feel like i'm missing out on the next level game playing experience
  23. I've just switched my Playstation on and it's now downloading. I am genuinely so excited for this game man the locations look absolutely breathtaking.
  24. What it's downloading for you!!??
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