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  1. BIG E looks quite small lately since they’ve been putting him in with the likes of Roman and Drew. I hope they go full Kurt Angle gold medal gimmick with Gable Steveson but with this companies history we’ll be looking at a match soon with Chad Gable where the loser has to go by Shorty G.
  2. I’d honestly give the guy a mega push ASAP. Can you imagine the reaction if Roman has run out of opponents and is out giving it big licks with an open challenge then this guy comes down and beats him? Overnight superstar. I believe the reason they didn’t go for the Steiner name was the difficulty in the trademark - not sure if Scott or Rick own it. They also didn’t go with Rechsteiner as it’s very difficult to meaningfully trademark someone’s real name.
  3. MJF would be pretty poor in WWE. His whole act is cheap heat through swearing and being an absolute prick. He’d be limited on that in WWE and just be another ordinary heel.
  4. I think he’ll be the last ever in WWE that they are forced to change the belt to/give that big moment due to his popularity. He was getting those natural reactions the way an Austin naturally got over back in the day. You just don’t really hear noise like it in WWE anymore. To be honest, I don’t think it’s wrong to say how he was misused. He achieved so much but yet he’s probably the reason crowds in WWE are so shite now. He was the catalyst for WWE no longer following what the fans wanted in terms of deciding the big star and even though he got his moment at Mania, the entire debacle was ridiculous. CM Punk is probably the only reason he got that moment ironically as I don’t think it would have been in the pipeline if he hadn’t walked. A absolute top star who despite getting plenty of opportunity deserved a hell of a lot more.
  5. It'll come as no surprise to anyone that Chris Jericho replied to him, "Forgiven!" I am absolutely happy to forgive people for mistakes but much like other posters have said, he's apologising for offending people, he's not apologising because he thinks he was wrong.
  6. The impact of being sexually abused can send you on a bad path in life as you struggle to cope. You often see the victim become a criminal and in some cases (not here) committing the very crime they were the victim of. I'd say the majority of criminals didn't just decide to do it because they were bad people, there's usually been a trigger somewhere in their life that has sent them on that path. All that "research" does for me is further the argument that Ric Flair sent her on a downward spiral as opposed to discrediting her story.
  7. I think how much Cristiano Ronaldo has gotten away with it sums it up. Even his account of what happened has the woman telling him to stop and how he just apologised afterwards. He scores goals for someones favourite football team so it’s alright though, eh? Wrestling is much the same where people don’t want to face their favourite being a scumbag. There are still people who believe Chris Benoit is entitled to go into the HOF based on his wrestling skills.
  8. Bit bold to assume every woman would want to sleep with them just because they are good looking guys.
  9. It’s made pretty clear he was there on the doc.
  10. Didn’t she drop the Flair about two or three years ago?
  11. Nowhere near as bad as what Flair done but Lesnar seems to be getting off with his part too thanks to Flair. The whole thing was grim to be honest. Maria Kanellis is on Twitter today saying 'no sell it' is just the norm for women in wrestling for lots of things with other women replying that it's true in the comments, it's something that really needs more attention. It seems the Speaking Out movement just wasn't enough, ICW selling out in about 20 minutes shows that not enough people really care.
  12. I've never been an every day type of poster but I often come here to read views on shows etc. as it's an interesting insight even if I haven't replied on it. For all every one is a miserable bastard, the place is rarely not interesting reading.
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