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  1. Never really thought about before but I have to admit I think you're right with guys like joey, private party, kip, and the King of developmental Shawn spears
  2. I want dream vs Adam cole for the main belt.. So I could see roddy beating dream tonight... Something is gonna happen tonight
  3. Any word on when itv 4 will show it would it be Thursday or Friday night 9-11 pm slot
  4. The show name is... All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite
  5. Well she has an indy name but there is a wealth of indy talent not signed just look at any of the shows on highspots network i know aaw/new use a lot of contracted talent but there are some guys not under contact to major companies
  6. Ring of honor is the shits right now it was a good move signing Martina they need to cut a lot of fat (Tracy Williams.. Etc) and try to sign indy names that have a buzz about them or on the verge of becoming a name indy talent
  7. Even in the states ticket sales are poor for there shows I think at this point impacr are drawing more people than roh... Are these shows gonna be live on honor club?
  8. So will next week's 1st hour on USA be uploaded to the network the following day
  9. Is the the best place to ask about a vpn and netflix and can anyone recommend one
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