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  1. That's ridiculous why didn't she have house insurance expecting us marks to pay for his mother's home... Just because I like him as a wrestler he expects us to pay for mams house Twat.
  2. The wwe network is uploading more mid-south from 84-85 on Monday im looking forward to it
  3. kidzero

    NJPW World

    What dose that mean
  4. kidzero

    NJPW World

    I enjoyed the show I'm an roh fan boy but I don't agree with the signing of the Beautiful People or by the looks of it Enzo and Cass smells of desperation for main stream press just trying to get hits on twitter or tmz... But the good points of the show the great múta amazing i popped when he came out and I wanted Kenny to win the rumble the opener was very good as was the tag title match was have to say tama Tonga is the man and that pco power bomb bump was insane... I loved the Jr title match glad dragon Lee won all in all new japan out shined roh by far but it good show it will be worth a rewatch it a few months time with fresh eyes
  5. Just read that mlw signed a deal with Freesports in the UK and Éire just noticed on Freesports website it's on 10 pm on Tuesday
  6. Is Excalibur gonna take the mask off? no one give a toss what he looks like. I can understand him using it in pwg but not on a wider scale.. As for Jr being signed I like him but I thought the would go for a fresh voice
  7. kidzero

    NJPW World

    Shame I love Big Mike but I'm sure he land on his feet and will end up on tna, mlw or get a contract will one of the big companies wwe, roh, aew
  8. I value my honor club subscription just as much as I value my wwe network subscription... I think its great.. I also have a highspots-network and rev pro subscription and I love all them... I will probably resubscribe to progress and njpw in the summer.. I'm just trying to support indy wrestling and brit wrestling.
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