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  1. I watched nitros clash's and ppv from 9-96 they were mostly enjoyable ..I but I skipped ahead to late 97 in to 98 it was a hard watch the cheeseyness of Hogan was unbearable
  2. The only thing I'd be afraid of is what happens to the UK market I cant see them keeping the network internationally long term unless the do something similar Maybe do a deal with Amazon or if NBC peacock Is lunching over here in the uk.
  3. I remember Strong style tapes selling this at the time.
  4. I loved the nitro game on PS1 that and wcw Vs the world.
  5. With el Rey gone now do you think WWE could buy the lucha underground library?
  6. There used to be a shop out my way that mostly sold books but for some reason the would always get the wcw videos in for sale thats how I got my wcw fix and I bought starrcade 98 as well as others
  7. Anyone else having problems logging in to the WWE network on Roku today?
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