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  1. More episodes of wwf prime time Wrestling are coming on Monday probably just the normal 10-13 episodes that should take us up to Jan 1990
  2. Yeah I remember reading that in powerslam at the time the wwf did him out of €650 grand or some mega amount because the they ratted him out about making a comeback
  3. When I was a boy I hated him along with the million dollar man and Andre ... looking back the were all great heels.. I loved savage and the warrior and hogan to a less degree...but yeah curt was all kinds of awesome shame he went to wcw in 97 he just seemed to phone it in.
  4. Yeah marked out for that as I said I'm not a massive wcw 98 guy mainly due to the fucking nwo! but raven DDP Benoit matches in wcw 98 were solid .
  5. Yeah I can't stand him and what's with the apple? fucking jobber stink all over him..WWE had better non contracted talent doing jobs on heat in 03 than this guy.
  6. Wade should have been the 1st British born world champ
  7. Yeah me and my brother's would buy the wcw ppvs on VHS and watch then and I enjoyed them at the time but but I think wcw 99 was better than wcw 98 ...but overall I guess I'm a wwf fanboy
  8. Yeah I watched nitro from September 95 till December 95 and tried watching wcw from 98 I used to buy the wcw ppv vhs tapes back then ..wcw was shockingly bad in 98 just way to much nwo and Hogan
  9. I've read both the stampede and brutus books both good reads
  10. Yeah I loved Trent in singles back in the day backseat Boyz were ok but Trent was a star ...that spike must have some alure to it.
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