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  1. Any word if rampage is gonna be on fite?
  2. I wonder if it will launch on now tv
  3. Anyone have any idea if we're getting classic content this month ?should normally be due around this coming Monday .
  4. There is a go fund my page currently at $12 grand of an $18 grand goal..it's supposedly set up but Mr wonderfuls daughter in law...I'd rather donate to the ads on itv 4 about donate £2 a month to adopt a monkey/donkey/tiger etc.
  5. Rip Mr wonderful...But I think it's terrible that his son is looking for donations to pay for his funeral I mean why can't the son pay for it ?or did Paul not have any savings to cover the cost? what about WWE royalty checks coming in? Like it's sad news..but I would rather make a donation to someone that is on the bread line that needs the money more than someone who main evented wrestlermania
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