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    This is a thread for lovers of real food. As me and NEWM have discussed several times on Social Media, the more things you fit into a tin the better the meal. So I'm going to keep you updated on my food inttake and would love for you all to chime in with your favourite real foods. This is no place for pansie foods like Big Spud's posh stuff. These are real mealks. The kings of Real Food are the Westlers company. And today I sampled their delectable Beans and Meatballs. As you can see, it's MUMS CHOICE if you've got a mum that loves you. And at a very reasonable £1.09 who can argue with the value? So, I slopped it into a microwavable container and you can see a rich and dark tomato sauce along with promisingly fatty meatballs. Processed, but that's what makes them great. 3 minutes later they are served with 4 pieces of lighlty toasted medium sliced white. A pint of scalding hot tea and 4 or 5 cigarettes on the side gave this dish a delightful finish. Out of 10? I'd give it 11. it was fucking gorgeous. The perfect accompaniment to The Daily Politics. So yeah, here be where we discuss real food for real men.
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    Vince has BritWres in his pocket.

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    I just proclaimed pepperoni to be total dogshit, why would I have it? Thye lack of pepperoni actually improves the pizza massively, meaning I don't have to pour off or dab with a kitchen towel shit pepperoni water off the top of the pizza.
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    The Christmas Song Thread

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    I perked for a 15" half and half. One half is just Cheese and Tomato with extra cheese, and the other is ham, bacon, smoky sausage and meatballs with extra cheese,
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    You spelled frozen wrong.
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    While I wait for a Pizza I've just ordered from the local Kebabby, I was wondering what's the best and worst toppiongs? Worst is pepperoni for me Massively overrated.
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    Random Thoughts III.

    Apropos of nothing, someone on a Queen forum reckons he stood behind the British Bulldog waiting for a hotdog at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in Wembley on April 20th 1992.
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    Get a halogen oven too. I swear mine is the greatest thing I've ever boiught. You can cook a big roast chicken in next to no time.
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    The Cricket Thread

    "That's gone many a mile!"
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    The Ongoing Celebrity Spotting Thread

    Seriously? That could be a thread winner. Did you bother him? I would have.
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    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Amokachi looking like an Alt Right comic book character there.
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    The Christmas Avatar thread

    While rapey Mistar Urdd is already xmassy by way of colour type, can you xmas him up any more?
  14. Sit with Carbomb in the "For fucks sakes" corner please.
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    The DUP will never vote with Corbyn in a Non-Confidence vote, or any vote for that matter, in a month of Sundays. So 208 is more realistic. But, tbh, the non-confidence vote is more about pressure than trying to actually get her out.
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    Something something something raped his niece made her pregnant.
  17. I'd probably go with Plaid Cymru again. I think they're currently the only party with a proper socialist leader (even though he doesn't sit in the HoC). Or at least a socialist leader who's not roundly hated by his own parliamentary members.
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    Was it May who said they had to stop being seen as "The Nasty Party"?
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    Little Tommy Robinson

    Closest is probably Hope Not Hate, I suppose. But they're not heavy.
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    Fucking hellfire... https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/sex-text-mp-andrew-griffiths-13724875
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    In lighter news -
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    Little Tommy Robinson

    Dave Nellist ruled.
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    Yeah, you can change parties and keep your seat as far as I remember. I think a few did it during the Major years.