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  1. I really don't get the cuurent hardon for beer which tastes like Milkshake or generally overhopped or overly flavoured and shit. I had a Beer52 box as it was on;y 4.99 P&P (as opposed to their normally about 20 quid for 8 or 10 cans) and it was all rank shit that's beer which wants to taste like anything else other than beer. I'm looking at you mainly Tiny Rebel. Salopian for example has many cracking pints with hints of grapefruit (Hoptwister), lemon (lemon dream) and general flora (Motherfucking Oracle. The finest ale on earth for me), but it's hints of it, not smacking you in the face with a critus fruit or another flavouring. This current "Let's make beer in annoying looking packaging which doesn't taste anything like beer" phase is doing my swede in. If I want to get pissed on Lilt I'll just buy a 2l bottle of it and pour vodka into each glass I have. And don't even get me started on the race to the bottom to push up ABV to silly amounts.
  2. Steve Davis' band. Yes, that Steve Davis. And it's pretty fucking great. One of the best albums this year, here's a single off it.
  3. PowerButchi

    Chippy Tea

    Though it'd be inherently superior if it was.
  4. When Richard Whiteley's death was announced I was in bed. I remember this as at the time my dad had Bowel Cancer and my mam woke me up saying "guess who's died?". Cheers mam. In a similar vain my father woke me up on May 24th 1999 with "your mate's dead". Owen Hart's not my mate, Dad.
  5. Three Neil Hamburger numbers make up for the Levellers and Ralph's quite frankly fucking shocking musical tastes. Well. Almost. Shame Zip Code Rapists aren't on Spotify
  6. GCSE French was a massive one. Word around the campfire when I was picking my options circa May 1999 was that you couldn't get into University without a GCSE in French. A myth propagated by my French teacher. I picked Drama instead, which was a massive boon in parking the pink bus when I went to University for my Batchelors.
  7. Drayton Manor Park and Zoo for me, Jeff. Unless we're counting the fair run by the gyppos which comes to the village for about 4 days a year which fucks on any permanent theme park.
  8. You should have claimed you were quoting Alan Jackson's Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning? instead.
  9. PowerButchi

    Chippy Tea

    They're my favourite dinosaur.
  10. PowerButchi

    Chippy Tea

    And the lemon. I've never seen that around here, the lemon with it.
  11. I wouldn't. She's an arsehole.
  12. So hoping this isn't just fan art that Gregg Turkington posted on his twitter and Mister America has another string to it's bow. #5Bags
  13. Joe Root keeping himself on after dispatching Smith is possibly the worst of all his awful decisions. Bowling at 9, 10 and 11? Part time spin will break a partnership but you want to be threatening the tail with pace. Not letting Lyon score 25 around the ground.
  14. If thats what Im pretty sure it is its known locally as the long pull and the person who runs past amd falls over is actually a 19 year old Butch.
  15. Everyone shut the fuck up. Something important is happening. The first film of the On Cinema At the Cinema canon has released it's trailer. I was personally hoping for a 4 hour documentary about the Victorville Film Archive but it'll do. Extra points for Gregg Turkington wearing a popcorn classic promotional cap. I give it 5 bags of popcorn and a sequel which is a documentary about the VFA So fucking hyped for this though.
  16. Good old Guto Bebb. I was always puzzled why he defected to the Tories anyway.
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