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  1. If they're on the books they'd be able to get loans/grants won't they? I've got self employed mates who've paid hardly any tax due to creative accountancy over the past few years, but they got a few grand off the government due to Covid. And my mate Steve Trucks who's fully legit got a covid windfall of about 20k. As I understand it, small registered companies got what's essentially a rebate based on their declared earnings and tax in a couple of chunks. Surely WAW's turnover and tax is such they'd qualify for help? I've not looked them upon Companies House, but surely they'd be turning over
  2. There's no anger mate. And I don't remember anyone saying anything about Mumsie, and Brah. So there's no gimmicks stolen from you. That's in your head. At no juncture have I seen anyone have a pop at you for using either of those terms. Mumsie was your mother and if anyone did ever have a crack at you for that they'd not be on here forum now mate, trust me. You just happen to say you aren't gay after talking about big hulking homosexuals with ripping muscles and veiny throbbing dicks whenever gay folks were mentioned, especially when they've been called deviants in the past by peo
  3. RIP Johnny Briggs, you're now reunited in heaven with Razzle.
  4. Spurs fan level banter from spurs fan. Back to your North London hovel
  5. So, Rob Mac has personally pledged 250k to be shared amongst Wrexhams squad if we go up. All of a sudden we're winning 4-1. It amazing what the promise of cash will do.
  6. When Shawn The Syrup Stasiak broke from PMS in 1999 I thought he was going to be the future. Then he went bald and was shit.
  7. At the moment I'm pretty embittered with the Independence movement to be honest. It's striking me as neoliberalism and exclusionist.
  8. Fair point, well made. There's not much material there, is there? Especially with the Ed Smith rotational system. When Root eventually steps down, they'll just give it to Stokes and ruin his averages.
  9. Also, let's not forget the Mooen situation on this tour, Publicly blaming him for going home when it was previously agreed he was anyway just after playing a blinder. He wrote once in the Guardian a few years back that he's never felt like he fit, and Root on telly going on about it being his decision when it wasn't and him and Silverwood had to apologise in the press when he finally looked a test cricketer again. I still say it, and always will. Root is not a captain.
  10. I still feel he's better than Buttler as a test match cricketer, but his head has to be in the right place (Feeling slighted). But for my money, I'd happily take Foakes all day. I'd rather a great wicket keeper who bats well, than a good batsman who's alright with the gloves.
  11. I just want his mobile number so I can call him a useless cunt on the phone before the next test so he knocks a century. It's the only time he plays these days when he's getting knocked by everyone. Moreover, I used to love him as a technically sound batsman, but you can bowl him underarm onto his stumps and he'd get himself out now. I know they sent him to Yorkshire to sort it out, but he scored a shitload and he was straight back in the squad as County seems to be pretty much fucked over the past few years, will be even worse this year. It's like when Harmison woulod be dire then go back to
  12. It's petty and unfair to moan about the pitch, as we do the same. You know what you're going to get wherever you play. It's hardly as unplayable as the day even Walsh and Ambrose said it wasn't fair, and India knocked the chase off at a fair clip. If anything it showed great naivete playing that many quicks, two being medium fast bowlers, on the subcontinent hoping for cloud with the pink ball. When Root is taking 5/8 it shows lacking the second spinner. Also, we've no-one who can play spin. First Class (if it's even a thing these days) tends to produce result pictures over here which are gre
  13. Two songs today, but this was next after that on my phone and it'd be a shame not to share one of the finest songs ever recorded.
  14. That's a bit of a shocker. I always had him down as a WWE lifer. I assumed he'd still be under a WWE contract, to be honest.
  15. Apt that one of the biggest shithouses in football history is playing for Kool Keith's boys there.
  16. Are there many better sights than David Speedie being throttled?
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