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  1. Bret Hart's fucking lucky.
  2. He's Tony Khan's best mate, apparently. So, I'm done with AEW now. Sorry Dustin.
  3. I'm a mod, I can see everyone's IP, press it and see where they are posting from according to their IP. The IP for that post appears to be Nevada. But the ones during the show are from London. Any other Mod can confirm that.
  4. To be fair to Tilde (this once) MPDTT didn't go, unless the MGM Grand's IP address has a mask on it to make it appear as Bermondsley.
  5. Dustin Rhodes carried Cody to the best match of his career by some distance. He's an absolute freak. Really solidified himself in my top 5 all time.
  6. Anymore live discussion will be followed by suspension. Actually, I know what'll be easier, closing this thread. A new thread can be made AFTER the show ends.
  7. Because it leads to shit content with no context. Just shite like "What a match!" popping up randomly - which could be about anything if the day later you don't know when in the show it is. It's a rule in place since about 2010 or so. Before I became a mod anyway, and it works fine. The thread's closed til show's end.
  8. Biology is a strong 2 for me, clive. But that hook in Love Machine is pure summer and takes tge trophy home for me
  9. News from the UKFF. "Met Kevin Nash, sound guy. Queue to meet him was only three people long and he was first to leave. Went to the double or nothing press conference but had to leave not long after a fan brought his girlfriend on stage to propose I went back to find don after you posted the photo and I was gonna make him hold a Ukff sign but he’s gone" "Oh also, everyone seems to fucking hate Jericho. People have been avoiding him and not telling him where they are drinking 😂" After seeing him on the piss in wrexham i can see that
  10. News from the UKFF Las Vegas front. And it ain't MFI.
  11. Cheers for reminding of the Deuces Wild tournament. That's if MFDFSisn't reminded by generation me at the Las Vegas cottaging site tonight.
  12. Searching for wwf toyota Australia is a treasure trive of top advertsising. The highlight is the one where Steve Lombardi and some other jobber try to stop SD Jones and Paul Roma's Hilux with grease. "Unbeatable Traction!"
  13. Wow. I was just watching a 1992 episode of WCW Worldwide on youtube and it had Dustin Rhodes in it.
  14. £15. Worth it though, I'm in bed now and it's only 6pm.
  15. ARRIVAL. They threw ina free garklic bread too. This is the greatest thing I have ever eaten. Easily. Full now. Going to bed.
  16. DOUBLE POST ALERT. It's been ordered. Review to come.
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