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    Get a bookcase behind you like telly people do.
  2. Yeah, I'm OK cheers. Just having a pint in his honour. It's his brother I feel really sorry for. They were closer than close. It's not hit him yet.
  3. My mate Kev has passed away of it. Only 62. Poor fucker.
  4. Try and see if anyone's selling anything on PWO. I assume someone on there might have some found footage.
  5. I'm learning to cook from a real proper chef.
  6. Johnny Swinger for AEW champ, Daddy! Although a working relationship would do absolute wonders for AEW's female division.
  7. The Rascalz are ace. So I hold no hope for them in WWE. NXT or 205 purgatory for them it is!
  8. Me, yourself and @Keith Houchen in the rain at the Etihad is one of my top 5 moments in life.
  9. Often we talk about all timers whe the die, but Pat has to be in the higher echelon. Amazing worker, big draw, a mastermind of the Hogan years, inventor of Royal Rumble, greatest finish guy not called Eddie Graham, found a way to stay relevant during the attitude era on TV.
  10. his major work from 78-81 in the WWWF was as a sneaky and methodical heel, not the king of brawling he became against Sarge. If I remember his turn correctly it was during a feud with Ken Patera, then he became a fantastic brawling babyface. Also. Again. The Alley Fight rules.
  11. The Alley Fight. Wrestling really does not get much better than this.
  12. Sad news. One of the best minds in wrestling. There's a bit of his team with Ray Stevens on YouTube which is top stuff, and who doesn't love the Alley Fight?
  13. Nose swab made me sneeze and tonsil nearly made me puke. Was an ace experience.
  14. Not sounding great, is it? ITV3 for Carry Ons all day again this year for me it is.
  15. Taking the home test is fucking horrible.
  16. Cornette was also doing it in SMW. Rock n Roll vs the Bodies was a main event feud for about 2 years.
  17. @Keith Houchenposted it 9n Facebook so he'll know where it was.
  18. I know I shouldn't laugh but...
  19. Dave retweeted Ash Sarkar. 2020, everyone.
  20. Because it wasn't proper. No footwork. Just strength.
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