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  1. Yes Handsome Butch it's this. What's up with that is the best. There's 7 of this sketches and Jason Sudekis wearing the sweet track suit I own makes it better. What's up with that is the the best
  2. Let's all shut the fuck up about AEW and drafts and things and just enjoy Big E.
  3. Looking forward to watching Djokovic in the final. I can't see anyone usurping him at the top anytime soon. World class.
  4. Just had a pint with Bryn Law. We're in agreement that Wrexham are the best.
  5. Paul McCartney? That's Ocean Colour Scene and Levellers levels of tripe. Boooo!
  6. I used to get a Jethro tape every christmas. They were shite.
  7. Pamela Anderson got her norks out to it in a Playboy video as well.
  8. Nah, it's this one. "In the early 90s he was run off stage in Middlesbrough in the first few minutes of a show. At the height of a child abuse scandal in the town, he opened his show by saying "I'm surprised there are so many of you here - I thought you'd all be at home fucking the kids"."
  9. After the first post I was going to mention Homes Under the Hammer and was usurped several times when it comes to the only man in football with a cock as big as Michael Oakes'.
  10. So, Bluey has been reimagined in Australia. Would watch.
  11. So, Bluey, an Australian drama about a handsome lithe detective who takes no shit was to the Channel 9 cricket theme music.
  12. So a company of shit pathetic cowboys who are fuck all like Stan Hansen, CM shite, Chris Jericho, all of a sudden Adam fucking wanky Cole, have finally given me a reason to watch. Bryan Danielson is a ten from len. But the title on him and let him rule the place.
  13. My mates on here are alright tbf. All others are the dirt worst.
  14. Got seasick reading the first post, but Alex Riley is a rare example of someone who was less over than his music.
  15. Supporting Wrexham is the absolute best right now. https://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/19555141.ted-lasso-sends-50-boxes-biscuits-wrexham-afc-apology-rob-mcelhenney-ryan-reynolds/
  16. It was the Hour of Power. Sky Star Search was a true highlight of sky. The worst talent show of all time hosted by Keith Chegwin.
  17. Also let's not forget Wife of the Week with Christopher Biggins and King of the Midlands Bob Warman hosting the All New Price is Right.
  18. Shit loads of Diff'rent Strokes and Punky Brewster.
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