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  1. PowerButchi

    Exposing the business.

    Here's a strange rarity. Ron Garvin, Ron Wright, Bob Orton Jr, Boris Malenko and Bob Roop come clean about the business being a work all the way back in 1979. I think they were all working for Poffo's ICW at the time, so I dunno if it's cnnected to them.
  2. PowerButchi

    Let's all laugh at the Oscars: 2019 Edition

    My favourite moment of Oscar.
  3. PowerButchi

    Let's all laugh at the Oscars: 2019 Edition

  4. PowerButchi

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    I was in West Yorkshire s'appens. Hebden Bridge. Aklthough tye bloke who called them that was from Tarn.
  5. PowerButchi

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    Someone calling a bap a Teacake in Yorkshire pecked my head. Teacakes have currants in them. Not ham and cheese.
  6. PowerButchi

    Is David Platt massively underrated as a footballer?

    Some absolute scorchers
  7. PowerButchi

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    Mine came up on the North Wales/North Wesst border which is completely sppot on.
  8. Yes. I don't think anyone else scored for England between 92-95, and he was part of a Sampdoria team from 93-94 which I'd let run a train on a family member. In the hole behind Mancini and Gullit. Cock hardening stuff. That team is why Sampdoria is my 2nd team after the mighty Wrexham. And he didn't score bad goals either. 27 from 62 caps From midfield is a hell of a record. But he rarely gets talked about. Why is that?
  9. PowerButchi

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    I would like to hear from Richard Boyd.
  10. PowerButchi

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    He was a heel being an arsehole. It's a great promo, you anus. I wouldn't throw my toys out of the pram about an antagonist being a homophobe in a film so I'm not about to in wrestling. Never been called thick before though. Its a strange feeling. I better go and eat some soap and think about it. I hope AEW fails.
  11. PowerButchi

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    It gets worse.
  12. PowerButchi

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    No it hasn;t. It's still an amazing promo wikth Jerry Lawler spitting hot fire. Ditto when he did it against Jimmy Valiant. It puts over his hatred in the way we all say rum things we mightn't always when we're angry and hatefilled. I hope AEW fails.
  13. PowerButchi

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    It doesn't work that way. I watch a shit load of things on YouTube, dailymotion, watch series and stuff that I'd never pay for. That's why I watch them on the free sites. Also, Raw is on basic cable in the states. All in was on PPV. Its like comparing apples and toilet roll.
  14. PowerButchi

    Make the most uninspiring WrestleMania possible

    You're all doing this wrong. By adding stipulations to matches you're making them more interesting than they need to be.