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  1. I really dug him as a lad. His suplexes were ace., It always seemed like they were angling towards him vs Pittman eventually.
  2. And has amazing music. For the true WCW experience for those years give Saturday Night a wide berth. The Syndies are where it's at. Especially WCW Prime with Rhodes and Cruise.
  3. And Joey Maggs and Todd Morton dress like the Midnight Express for some reason.
  4. The earliest I've ever found is a listing for WWF on Sky Channel in 1984.
  5. For me their peak stuff is when they just start bullying Adam like they're a bunch of 7 year olds. Stuff calling Adam a bug who eats dust for 20 minutes, or that time they kept repeating anything he said in a voice as Cool Adam.
  6. I will continue to plug Cum Town until there's more than me and @Guy Bifkinlistening to it.
  7. I doubt get the ban was for using it. There may well have been a film which had the theme in it, but got banned for an other reason.
  8. Shawn Michael's storytelling has all the subtlety and nuance of a sledgehammer to the bollocks though, to be fair. I'm still cringing after seeing "I'm sorry, I love you" 13 years on. Awful.
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