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  1. I haven't bothered to read through the thread so apologies if anyone else has mentioned it, but Bruce Forsyth as a game show host in Magnum PI pisses it.
  2. Lost it In June. I was like Al fucking Jolson in May
  3. I may have a video on my old laptop of this from ecw. If not @Guy Bifkin or @King Coconut may.
  4. Just number 3 to 8 in the order from being the best test team in the world (in English conditions) Unfortunately Buttler had a knock so that has barnacled him forever again in the side. Broad was amazing this series though. Took the YJB attitude to being dropped. Was unplayable, the one for his 500th
  5. My mate Lars has just brought me a load of pouches of baccy back from Ibiza saving me a fortune so fuck all of yous who are anti foreign holiday. #whatsreallyimportant
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