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  1. I don't think Bryan would go down the bashing/anti WWE route in promos anyway, even if AEW let him do/say whatever he wants. He's not a bitter person and he surpassed all expectations in WWE anyway. 2 Mania main events, multiple time world champion and he met his missus there. I don't think Punk could resist the urge to have a pop, and in fairness as much as I found him bland as feck in ring, he is a cracking promo. Heel, money grabbing bastard character Punk would be fantastic. I'm happy if we get either, but again like many here I'd lean slightly towards Bryan if I had to choose just for the line up of matches possible. Great times to be a wrestling fan anyway, cheers Tony!
  2. Balor had potential when he debuted and was treated like a massive deal, but he was fucked when he got injured by poxy Rollins in his first universal title defence. All the momentum was lost from that and he was just another lad occasionally playing dress up (no explanation really given why he does that) and prancing about in with an long, overly choreographed entrance when he returned.
  3. Finn coming out to interrupt Sami but still doing his perfectly choreographed entrance looked a bit ridiculous. Why wouldn't Sami (who was losing his rag with the crowd before the interruption) just cut him off? I dunno, was good seeing fans back but the whole show seems so sterile and played out. I'll stick to dipping in & out of AEW I think.
  4. DCW

    2021 holidays

    Bit the bullet & booked flights and accommodation for August to visit my pals in Edinburgh & London who I haven't seen for 2 years. I'm fully pfizer'd and we're opening up non essential travel from next week so hopefully I'll be able to make it over before the inevitable lockdowns again. Even the minor change of scenery will be a big boost at this stage!
  5. I love the 2000 Raw era set with the two slim trons either side of the giant tron screen, and before they had the electronic spinning WWF logo behind where the wrestlers walk out. Reminds me of us getting Sky in and finally being able to watch the whole show and not rely on Superstars & Metal of a Sunday morning, well the months the bill got paid anyway!
  6. I always thought the contract signing segment with Punk & Vince (Cena only really shows up at the end) the week later was better than the pipe bomb promo. Watched it the other week when it popped up on Youtube and the chemistry between Punk and (a still human looking/acting) Vince is fantastic. But yeah, WWE managed to balls up any intrigue the whole 'Punk leaves with the title' had by having him show up so soon after walking out. Then dropping it to Del fucking Rio of all people and the subsequent HHH/Nash shite. MITB is so meaningless & watered down now that I couldn't tell you who won any of recent years ones. The last MITB I can properly remember is Punk winning it during the Ric Flair retirement Mania in Florida, which must be 12/13 years ago at this stage.
  7. DCW


    Assume if you're not a Lego VIP you'll have no chance of getting one?
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