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  1. Broadchurch and LOD are the only two shows I've consistently watched this year, along with Brooklyn 99 for brain off viewing. Won't know what to be watching after tomorrow's LOD finale. Catch up on Better Call Saul I suppose.
  2. Steve Buscemi and Steve Martin seem like decent skins, I've never heard anything bad about either of them.
  3. Passed Titan Towers on the bus from Boston to NYC yesterday, arse killer of a journey by the way but worth it for 12 quid. Liked to imagine Vince was looking out the window on the top floor quietly muttering "we make movies" to himself as I passed.
  4. I don't think O'Neill or FAI trust Everton to be truthful when they say a player we called up is injured, so we call them up anyway and get our medical staff to assess them. This tiff between O'Neill and Koeman has been going on since last October, both of them are stubborn pricks. All much ado about nothing anyway, seeing as James McCarthy is a passenger in the majority of matches he plays in. Similar shite was going on when Martinez was still manager, remember Keane having a pop at him before the Scotland qualifier in 2014.
  5. Skim through Raw and SD on watch wrestling on the firestick. Same with the PPV's. Not bothered with NXT or indies or the cruiser show. Life's too short for pre/post shows.
  6. I don't tell anyone I like/watch wrestling. Been a fan 16/17 years now, started watching just as it's popularity peaked in late 1999. Never really grew out of it like every other lad I knew. It's just my thing I suppose, and I'm happy enough to keep it that way. I'm not a die hard anymore, I just skim Raw/SD and the PPV's really. No interest in NXT or indies. I do like the podcasts (Cabana, Jericho, Austin mainly) and stuff like OSW review, but that's for nostalgia more than anything. Same with posting here I reckon. Doesn't help that whenever I've met an overt wrestling fan about and about wearing a WWE shirt or whatever, they've been the stereotypical annoying, neckbearded twat that I'd never want to be associated with.
  7. Ah, I think Holly deserved a decent pay day after what happened him, wouldn't begrudge him that temp main event run at all. Build up was only 2 or 3 weeks, and Rumble was always going to be the main attraction of the PPV anyway so not like business would suffer.
  8. Fucking hell, Coleman's leg looks far worse than Larsson's horrific break back in 2000. Bale should've walked too, fucked O'Shea's shin up badly apparently.
  9. Talking to yourself now. That's a new one.
  10. Kenzo Suzuki. Both brands were in the shitter at the time, but Suzuki actually got a mild push and was US Champ and tag champ for a while if I remember right. Remember him winning a three way with Mysterio & RVD at one point. Smackdown was legitimately horrible at the time, filled with duds like The Basham Brothers and their S+M themed manager from Tough Enough, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, Heidenreich & Animal, Chavito and his da, Fucking Renee Dupree, and his dog with Tazz doing stupid commentary whenever he did his crap dance. Just a depressing time.
  11. Cheers for that, great episode and podcast in general. Never heard of it before.
  12. Jesus that's awful, poor Jim.
  13. There's no way Maryse/Bellas are genuinely pals again. Some of her insults were really on the bone. Fair play to herself & Miz though, really enjoyable watch. I've no problem with Shane/AJ either, and AJ seems to be enjoying himself and full of confidence. Very good Mania payday coming his way I suppose.
  14. Vince crashed his Bentley near WWE HQ this morning apparently, http://www.tmz.com/2017/03/21/vince-mcmahon-wwe-bentley-car-accident/
  15. Meh, I don't mind their shoddy booking of Rollins. In my mind he's a one note, insufferable, annoying twat so he deserves it. Actually love it when Trips slags off his hilariously bad nicknames like Seth 'freakin' Rollins & the architect too. Hope he gets the full CM Punk treatment, Nash would surely be up for one more payday.