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  1. DCW


    That's fairly presumptuous thinking that the EU would even be arsed taking the UK back into the European Union. If anything they'll use ye as an example to any other EU nations who get itchy feet that countries can't just come and go as they please. If ye do eventually get back it will surely mean adopting the Euro as currency, which will not go down well with the Brexit folk in particular who'll spin it as surrendering sovereignty and all that craic.
  2. Nah Cole shouting 'its Boss Time' every time she makes an entrance is clearly enough character development, otherwise they would have thought of something different in what feels like the decade she's been on TV for!
  3. The chicken shit heel run he had when he cashed in MITB on big Mizark was great. I fully expected him to be the first lad to cash in and lose the briefcase too (think Barrett or Sandow hold that honour.) Though Bryan probably wouldn't get away with constantly telling AJ Lee to shut up in this day and age!
  4. He's just a lovely, genuine chap and a phenomenal wrestler. To go from Vince initially hating him 'because he doesn't even eat meat' to being allowed be the eco WWE Champion with a world title belt made from organic hemp is some achievement. I met him at a WWE autograph signing years ago before he got the initial main event run and got him to sign my wrestling road diaries DVD instead of whatever WWE PPV DVD they were insisting you got signed/bought. He laughed when I pulled the switcheroo, read the back of the road diaries box and chatted away for a good minute or two about the fun they had making it. Just a good lad!
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