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  1. That's what its been for a good while already in fairness, they may aswell try and make some money off it.
  2. Omagh bombing was 21 years ago today. Cunts like Johnson & the rest of the Tories should be made to watch this video whenever they flippantly dismiss concerns of a return to the troubles in Northern Ireland thanks to their shit brained policies. The policeman to the right of Ronnie Flanagan from 2:17 onwards obviously struggling to hold it together gets me every time. https://www.rte.ie/archives/2013/0815/468279-15-years-since-the-omagh-bombing/
  3. I still play FM07 the odd time, I've a Crewe save from started in 2011 that I still dip into, have them in the PL & UEFA cup. I've tried the newer games but there's far too much going on for my liking!
  4. That was a very good show, nice amount of storylines and some great performances from Buddy & Reign,s plus Bryan is absolutely fantastic on the mic and in those segments. Liking the Orton/Kofi feud too, Orton looks motivated and in top quality condition at the moment.
  5. Jesus, that is horrifically stupid shit to be doing. The powerbomb through the back window in particular looked so bloody dangerous.
  6. Her bottom looked a bit nicer too in fairness, must have been doing more squats or whatever.
  7. I had to go to court the other day for something to do with my job, and the barrister dealing with the case was an awful dismissive cunt when I tried to talk to him outside beforehand to ensure our thing went quickly, as it was being put back for a few months anyway as his client was doing an unrelated 2 or 3 year sentence. Usually the legal lads are glad of this cos it means they can head off to another court and get paid for another case. I sat down next to him at the benches near the front and he tapped away on his laptop looking very important until the case was called. I got up and said my one sentence to the judge about it, and then he got up and spoofed on for about 20 mins with the outcome being the same as if he'd just got on with it. While sitting there I noticed his laptop was plugged in and charging, and even though it was charging the battery light was flashing orange indicating to me that the battery was probably fecked. So I decided to turn the power switch on the socket off and see what happened, and sure enough the laptop shut off near instantly. I like to think he was working on something important and hadn't had time to save it before he got up to do his grandstanding. Needless to say I had the last laugh!
  8. With a man with all his faculties running the company Graves would have been directed to proclaim his love for "the real Sasha Banks" or something along those lines, basically what Lawler would do when someone turned heel in the attitude era. The shite he was spouting last night achieves nothing, as going on about Instagram feuds or whatever doesn't add any heat to her new heel character at all. The whole commentary team is cack and doesn't know when to shut the fuck up and let an angle breathe a bit. Another minor point, but one that annoys me is Sasha should not have been wearing her ring gear, but her normal clothes or a new style or whatever. Something different preferably.
  9. Had a great season with him at Ajax in FM07, won the Champions League with himself scoring a free from the edge of the box against Inter to clinch it. Then the board flogged him to Barca for £30 million, breaking my and lots of imaginary Dutch people's hearts.
  10. DCW

    Summerslam 2019

    Enjoyed the majority of that, besides the Kofi/Orton wank finish. The Fiend is incredible, hopefully they won't ruin his mystique by having him wrestle random faces on Raw every week until we're sick to death of him. Amazing production and fair play to Bray for committing totally to the character. Hilarious that the dullard Balor wanders down all smiles and no mention of his demon gimmick etc, his stock has dropped massively in such a short period. Hopefully that's all from Trish, even her hometown weren't all that arsed about her. Unbelievable they are actually sticking with that annoying twerp Rollins, 2 clean wins over Brock to boot. Brock is a beast though, proper star.
  11. Bloody Jamie Carragher overload on Sky this weekend. Out on the pitch at the awkward standing desk, in the studio messing about with the touchscreen shite, interviewing players with his giant microphone and then doing commentary as well. Sick of the chap already.
  12. My favourites: 1989- Uncle Buck 1990- Home Alome 1991- The Commitments 1992- Patriot Games 1993- Groundhog Day (we made a shit short movie version a decade ago for some competition, I'm the lad saved from choking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caIFVGgnLEY ) 1994: Shawshank 1995: The Usual Suspects 1996: Trees Lounge 1997: Boogie Nights 1998: Buffalo 66 1999: Election 2000: Almost Famous 2001: Ghost World 2002: Bourne Identity 2003: Lost in Translation 2004: Sideways 2005: Lord of War 2006: Little Miss Sunshine 2007: Zodiac 2008: The Dark Knight 2009: District 9 2010: Four Lions 2011: Drive 2012: The Hunt 2013: Dallas Buyers Club 2014: Chef 2015: Room 2016: Paterson 2017: Wind River 2018: Can You Ever Forgive Me 2019 (so far) Diego Maradona
  13. Jasmine Jae seems to be quite popular when I search for Brit stuff on the dodgy Russian grot torrent site I use. She wouldn't be my cup of gee, but each to their own.
  14. Cena won't take the Saudi blood money will he? so would have to be Mania.
  15. Austin is canny enough and I don't think he would risk injury going in there with Goldberg, unless he does literally fuck all and doesn't take any of his offence. Him vs H or Shane would be a safer option or a tag of some sort involving Reigns and or Brock. I watched that Raw re-union day of there, and it's amazing how much of a bigger star Austin looks just talking shite with Joe/Cena/Becky than that little raspy voiced twerp Rollins does. Loved diva botherer Foley playing to type by ruining Rollins/Lynch date night too.
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