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  1. Cesaro has to be there a good 10 years now too, not a snowballs chance in hell he'll ever be able to deliver a decent promo at this stage. He was most entertaining when he was tagging with Swagger and Dirty Dutch did their talking for them. Did he have Heyman as a manager at some stage too? Cesaro is so bland I can't honestly remember. Rehashed Dean Malenko music, the stupid tear away suit, berets, Cesaro section, and the annoying ambulance theme tune. So many low effort attempts at defining some sort of a persona and none ever worked.
  2. Only Taker run I enjoyed was when he was acowardly heel (where he turned on JR and made him kiss Vince's hoop) in late 2001 up until the Flair match at Mania 18. He became far too 'I'm the big dog and this is ma yard' tedious after that, and then when he came back at Mania 20 as the deadman with the interminable entrance I wasn't arsed with him at all. I suppose feuds with Khali, JBL & Big Show etc during that era didn't help. Also remember him being singled out as being an utter prick to the WCW lads during the invasion as well, plus he inflicted his Jay Leno like big chinned ex wife upon
  3. RVD was having very good TV matches with the likes of Rock, Angle & Austin around that time too. He was clearly still motivated and a breath of fresh air compared to the bang of shite off the rest of the alliance duds. RVD apparently turning down a storyline where he bangs Steph (cos it would upset his wife in real life) and his habit of cutting lads open with his kicks seem to have put paid to his initial push, despite the popularity. They should have really just had him win the title at that No Mercy 01 triple threat and then drop it during the unification tournament in December if it wa
  4. DCW


    Work finally sprung for a laptop for me, so 10 months after everyone else I finally get to work from home. Well for the 2 days a week when I don't have to go to court. Today I woke up at 11 and answered a few emails, then went and got a coffee and a massive sausage roll and sat in the park for 2 hours delighted with meself!
  5. He looked about 40 when he was a heavy for The Greek in The Wire in 2002 or so. Fair play to him.
  6. Aye Austin as a face when he came back mid 2000 was stale as fuck compared to Rock, who had usurped him as top face when he was out for the year. Heel turn was desperately needed to freshen him up a bit. Austin as a face champ would've been interminable. I'd have kept the heel turn, but fucked off Austin palling around with Vince altogether. Just have him as the paranoid angry bastard he played toward the end of the alliance run from the get go. Feuds with a face Triple H til Rock gets back, then faces Rock at Summerslam and drops the title to him then or at the September PPV. Triple H can h
  7. DCW

    Top Twitter

    I asked the young folk in work if tiktok was a bit like Vine and they hadn't a bulls notion what Vine was. At least I didn't ask if it was like Tout I suppose.
  8. DCW


    I think Prichard said the same sort of thing on his pod with Conrad (that I can't believe I listened to for so long in retrospect with both of them being such annoying pricks) kinda mocking her even though they know how sad her life panned out. I suppose it was also bad timing for Chyna with her contract coming up for renewal coinciding with WCW going out of business. If it was a 6/8 months prior she probably could have gotten a decent deal out of a desperate WCW I'd imagine, or at least leveraged Vince for money closer to what she was asking. A prima-donna heel run and eventually losing
  9. DCW


    Been reading and watching a lot of stuff from 99-01 the last few weeks & I forgot how much of an attraction/over Chyna was during that era. Was thinking what would've happened to her career in the fed if HHH hadn't been off with Steph on the sly, and she re-signed in 2001 instead of her contract not being renewed. Do you reckon she would have eventually gone back to wrestling men (seeing as womens scene was dire back then & Chyna saw that as a demotion) and having another IC run in the next few years, or had she achieved all she was going to by 2001? she still had a fair bit of name v
  10. Was watching an auld Premiership years or some shite like that in a Youtube rabbit hole the other day and it showed Roy Keane giving out that Wayne Rooney was involving himself in wrestling and all that nonsense. Apparently he had a confrontation with Wade Barrett when WWE was doing TV over here. I've no recollection of that happening at all. I remember Shane pointing out Mourinho in the crowd back when Jose was at Chelsea alright. I can recall WWE pretty well up til about 2004 and have progressively lost interest from then on. No interest at all in current day stuff as its all so fucki
  11. From Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle: Alan's interviewing some lad who scavenges from bins and skips, and is quite impressed that he has a nice kitchen Lad: "My wife's a lecturer" Alan: "Aren't they all"
  12. AJ seems devastated that he's been outed. Fantastic stuff, never heard of this before. Just makes you like Bryan even more!
  13. Always thought Spike Dudley standing up for Molly Holly to freshly turned heel Austin in 2001 was brilliant and crowd were into it too, think Spike even got a title match out of it in the end. Way more entertaining than Austin's first heel feud with Taker/Kane.
  14. Are these lads legit? good bit cheaper than the PS Store which makes think its a swindle for suckers like me!
  15. The whole never ending 'breaking the code' vignette hype return, only for it to be same old Jericho with shite short hair and sparkly vest was worse than throwing (what to him must be pocket change) to Trump/republicans!
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