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  1. DCW

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Ageing Vince is losing his marbles, that is fairly obvious and accepted. But he's not so far gone that he's sweating an indie outfit led by pudgy mid life crisis Jericho and Cody Rhodes. A promotion that, despite leaking rumors to big Dave about how close they were to an amazing TV deal about two months ago, have yet to confirm anything at all about it.
  2. DCW

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    The majority of the women don't seem and aren't presented as important anyway. Only Ronda, Charlotte and Becky are portrayed as stars, throw in Asuka at a push. The rest are interchangeable just like the majority of the lads roster are outside Lesnar, Bryan, Rollins and Styles etc.
  3. DCW

    Romance angles

    Heel Austin was at his best when he was bullying mid carders. The Spike/Molly stuff was infinitely better than his actual title feud with Benoit and Jericho at the time. "She's a bimbo Spaak, look at her!" Maxine and Johnny Curtis from the old nxt were an entertaining couple too, chloroform and all.
  4. DCW

    Which was better - WWECW or ECW

    WWECW by a mile. Remember buying Heatwave 2000 on VHS in HMV as a teenager, and being shocked at how crap the commentary was. The overall shitness of the presentation was a surprise too, especially after reading in Power Slam about how great ECW was. For a lad raised on Vince's production values there was no way I could take it seriously. WWECW was great though. Gave us the rise of Miz, Punk, Sheamus and the likes of Goldust, Bob Holly Regal and Christian teaching the inexperienced lads how to work. Also saw them try to get dullards like Paul Burchill, Kevin Thorn, Vance Archer, Elijah Burke and Big Zeke over, which I always am up for. Plus, bandana Vince as ECW champion was a riot. And all the lads cheque's cashed every week, something BO Heyman can't say for his time in charge of ECW.
  5. DCW

    Dean Ambrose leaves the ukff

    For all those saying he's been misused, I call bollocks. He most recently came back knowing he only had a few months left to run on his contract and he still went and played along with all the daft shite Vince told him to, the mask and sirens, smelly audience promos etc. If he was that bothered he would have said "sod it I'll try and get my own way as I've nothing to lose" But he couldn't be arsed, the same way he wasn't arsed during the podcast with Austin. Bryan managed to get Vince to let him do his vegan character for feck sake, if Ambrose really wanted to, he could've at least reduced the shittiness of his current character. He's a bland looking, awkward promo mid carder and I certainly won't miss him. Playing wrestler with those super kick twats, lispy Cody and tubby, mid life crisis Jericho in AEW might be his level.
  6. DCW

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    After the promo between Becky/Ronda last night, there is clearly no need for Charlotte to be involved. Would only serve to dilute things. Also, now Becky has chosen Ronda, does this mean she's on Raw now?
  7. Henry's cool aura ran out in 2009 when he was exposed as a big cheating bastard. Delighted to see he's been sacked.
  8. DCW

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Charlotte, Asuka and Ronda are natural athletes, I don't think Becky is. But as was pointed out above, her ring work isn't what people are interested in her for.
  9. DCW

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I suppose the rest gave Rey's body a chance to recover from the years of working a full WWE schedule, amazing the difference it has made. Fair play to him for returning motivated too, he could have easily gotten away with half arsing things and still be great compared to most of the roster. Echo the love for Bryan , really helps the character that you know he believes all the stuff he's saying, to some extent. He's the most relevant, modern sounding character in WWE by a mile too, which is amazing compared to supposedly 'cooler' dullards like Balor, Rollins, Ambrose etc.