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  1. Punk doing commentary and constantly shitting all over Josh Matthews, Maxine and Johnny Curtis being one of the best double acts modern day WWE has had, plus that gobshite Low Ki being paired with and overshadowed by Laycool were all excellent. Far better than most of the programming NXT or the main rosters churn out these days. Bryan's promo when he was eliminated on the 1st season was great too.
  2. Latest 2 series of Sunny have mainly been duds bar one or two episodes. Mac being roided up and Dee & Dennis's noticeable plastic surgery procedures have taken something away from the show too.
  3. Drew was always bland as fuck anyway (bar his 'don't give a fuck, I'm on the way out' 3mb character, which I loved) so giving him promo time every week was always going to expose him. He should just knock about backstage in his leather jacket looking broody, drinking scotch and studying tapes of Lesnar or something, anything but the gurning Cena-lite babyface schtick. That Garza fella looks good, very Guerrero like. Other than that, fairly meh Raw.
  4. DCW

    Standup Comedy

    I saw the same shows in Leicester Square Theatre last October and thought they were brilliant. I think it was a 'work in progress' show too so imagine he's only improved them since then. Was my first time seeing Stew live and he did not disappoint!.
  5. Zayn, Cesaro and Naka are instant skips for me these days. Pity cos Sami seemed slightly interesting when he returned, but his berate the crowd promos never really developed (plus Bryan had done a better version anyway) and he's beyond stale at this point. He looks terrible too. Ceasro is a dullard, and his new gear is hilariously bad, even for someone who's had some awful outfits over his time in WWE. Naka's just not arsed anymore. Fairly meh show aside from Miz/Morrison. Also didn't realise XFL was starting this week, interesting to see how badly it does!
  6. Subscriber numbers are down 10% on last year apparently, which makes sense considering the streaming market has become so saturated and people are going to pick maybe 2 or 3 services at most to subscribe to. Add in the fact that most network era 'PPV's' feel like extended versions of TV as opposed to the unique PPV's of old and you can see why WWE might be inclined to take any decent guaranteed money on the table at the moment. Long term it could definitely fuck them though.
  7. I usually skim through SD on watch wrestling and was planning on doing so this morning. After skipping through the intro shite, first thing I stopped on was poxy Michael Cole screaming "and here comes da big dog!!"and I just said fuck that and went back to watching Seinfeld.
  8. Minute made is orange juice, rubbermaid is the bin lids
  9. Ariel's arse was the only decent thing about December to Dismember. Any of the UK only PPV's are worth a watch for sheer horridness. The summer 2001 one that 14 year old me stumped up 21.95 for stands out particularly. Steph or Shane came out at the start and replaced pretty much all the previously announced decent matches with stuff like Albert vs Scotty Too Hotty instead. Even as big a WWF kool aid drinker as I was at the time, I knew I was being fleeced! Didn't learn my lesson though, as I ordered Rebellion 2002 which had Paul Heyman working in the main event.
  10. Enjoyed the two Rumbles, I hardly knew any of the women cos I don't watch NXT, but that Bianca one looked like a star. I thought Bliss did well do, given that I assume she's not known for her in ring ability. No interest in Charlotte winning though, she doesn't need it and her and Becky for the zillionth time is not an interesting story. Santino stuff was bizarre, I'd much rather have had him in the mens match cobra-ing people instead of dullards like Anderson or Gallows like. Mens rumble was really good, Brock was quality. Loved the spot where he used Big E as steps to clobber Mysterio (that they didn't show a fucking replay of for some reason) and was nice to see Edge back, he looked so delighted when he was walking down the aisle. I'd be well up for him and Christian working a few handy tag matches, he's surely in better knick injury wise than Edge. Bit underwhelmed by McIntyre winning as I've always found him dull (dull promos, dull music, dull attire basically a Scottish Sheamus) aside from his 3mb days, but I suppose at least they're giving someone new a go.
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