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  1. What angle does a babyface go after Sami with without looking like a twat? the promos are great and all but can't see how a feud is going to actually work
  2. I know Dave didn't have much credibility to begin with, but he's really embarrassed himself working as PR and fanboi for AEW the last while. Hope he actually is at least getting paid by them.
  3. I've nothing against her. She's sloppy in the ring sometimes, but so is every other woman not named Charlotte Flair. She has been given no semblance of a character since she's been on the main roster, which is a huge problem. I didnt/don't watch NXT, so when Michael Cole squeals "it's boss time" every poxy week when she comes out, I've no idea what that's supposed to mean. Same with Bayley really, who is portrayed as being mildly retarded for all intents and purposes, unless you watched NXT I assume.
  4. Feeling rubbish since last September after relationship/engagement went to shite. Been a massive struggle to drag my arse out of bed every morning for work and to stay out of it when I get home lately, so went to gp today who gave me a 3 month script for venlafaxine, 75mg this week up to 150mg the week after. Anyone any experience with this medication? I was on citalopram for a while in my early 20's when I was unemployed and it didn't do much for me besides making having a wank a numb, pleasureless endeavour, so am skeptical of the whole antidepressant thing in general really.
  5. f Reckon crazy Vince has all those tissues there to try and trick someone into sneezing, so he can sack them for being weak. (Photo is Vince & Taker's daughter at Mania apparently)
  6. Rollins. Just find everything about him irritating. His stupid face, his stupid laugh, his stupid outfits, his crap nicknames, his crap music, his crap catchphrase. He's one level above that twerp Ziggler on the shitometer.
  7. "Have you heard of Nutrisolutions?...no, no, it's not a pyramid scheme.."
  8. Just finished watching the bits I was interested in there (Miz/Shane, Brock/Rollins, Bryan/Kofi, Angle's sendoff, HHH/Big Dave, and the main event) Thought all of the above were good. Sad to see Angle not losing to someone decent on his way out, and the fact that he could barely lift his arms for his entrance. Kofi/Bryan was outstanding, a credit to all involved. The main event was a bit sloppy and let down by the cop out, awkward finish. Becky/Ronda was 100% the match that should have been presented, but still delighted Becky got the big win. Couldn't pay me enough to sit through all the other guff on the rest of the show.
  9. Very first memory of WrestleMania...: Hearing buzz in about a wrestler called Steve Austin who was going to batter Mike Tyson, who had recently eaten Evander Holyfield's ear. Favourite WM is...: WrestleMania 19. It was the first Mania since I became a fan that I could watch live as our Sky hadn't been cut off (I listened to Mania 17 as Sky Sports was scrambled but still had audio) Loved the Limp Bizkit theme, loved HBK/Jericho and loved Vince/Hogan. Least favourite WM is... Wasn't a fan of Mania 18. Whole thing felt a bit meh. I wanted Rock to batter Hogan for hitting his ambulance with a truck, not shake hands with him! Plus the god awful Jericho/Steph/Too muscular Trips main event. Favourite Mania match is... HBK vs Flair, Mania 24. Out of this world emotionally. Worst Mania match is...Sting vs Triple H, one of the recent Mania's. Think the commentary ruined it more than anything & Sting's post match embrace with Hunter after being sledgehammered. Favourite Mania match for a midcard title (if not mentioned above) is.. Big Show vs Raven vs Kane for the Hardcore Title. Great, stupid fun and the peak of the Hardcore division Favourite Mania Gimmick Match: Big Show vs Mayweather. Excellent piece of gimmicky celebrity booking, great fun all round. Most under-rated Mania match is...: Batista vs Taker at Mania 23. Well exceeded my expectations for what relatively inexperienced Batista could pull off, wrestling a bigger guy. If you could change one Mania match result...: Taker beats Brock. Streak should have remained unbroken, or at least used on someone who needed it. Which Brock didn't. Favourite WM set/setup was...: 17's setup blew my mind at the time. Looked so big time compared to the regular TV stages. Loved outdoor 24 also, particularly the fireworks for Flair's swansong entrance at dusk. Favourite WM image is. Flair/Shawn- "Love you, I'm sorry" Just iconic, and sad!
  10. Heyman was a big part in how over RVD was in 2001 as well I think. RVD never got near to that level of popularity again. The standard of commentary dropped considerably once King was brought back, and JR resumed phoning it in for the most part. Heyman really seemed to push JR's buttons. He even made Michael Cole almost tolerable when paired with him on Smackdown back then. JBL's first stab at commentary in mid 2000's was really good too, did wonders for MVP when he was called up initially, despite his crap superman outfit. Same with Finlay when he came out of retirement. Can't think of any wrestler of today's era the shitty announce teams have helped, which is a bit crap.
  11. Who ran over Stone Cold reveal turned out to be exceptionally shitty in the end given the length of the angle. Ruined fun Rikishi, and attempted to give Triple H more heel hit he didn't need at the peak of his powers in 2000. Plus that horrendous forklift car drop angle at Survivor Series, and Austin going around for a month or two sulking, stunning everyone and generally acting the cunt.
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