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  1. "How many Hogan Ultimate Grills can I put you down for, brother?"
  2. He looked awful during his final stretch (understandable considering the health he was in) and I reckoned he probably got out at the right time to not piss all over his legacy. He looks in great nick these days though, so I wouldn't be opposed to a short comeback run. May as well get Lita back too if she's still presentable, his best run was when they were proper bastards. Feuds with Flair and Cena were tops. I don't think he'd be the type to take the Saudi blood money either honestly. Seems to have a head on his shoulders.
  3. Why even bother announcing dullards like McIntyre and Natalya etc have been drafted? the crowd aren't going to react cos they're nobodies and the people at home don't care either. Would have been nice for some reaction shots of the people being drafted (like Taker going mad after Flair picked him during the original draft) instead of the endless shots of fake executives. Should have an entertaining host doing it too, instead of poxy Steph. Total rubbish, amazing how badly they get basic stuff wrong. I'm sure Fox are delighted with their investment.
  4. Yeah Moxley is continuing on his dullness in AEW. Can't seem to translate his personality from offscreen interviews and podcasts onto a main show. Just a giant meh. Pity. Jericho was fantastic, and looks like he is having the time of his life which always helps. Fair play to him.
  5. DCW


    We had our budget for 2020 announced today. No income tax cuts or sweeteners in an election year cos government have to put 500+ million aside for (what looks like an inevitable) hard Brexit fund due to all the fuck ups it will cause to our food, farming and tourism industries and the trouble it will cause on the border. Was also reading today that lots of UK citizens who retired in EU countries will lose healthcare entitlements. Was one woman undergoing cancer treatment in France whose oncologist and pharmacist separately asked who will be paying for her treatment once a no deal happens. Incredible the damage this idiocy is causing to so many people.
  6. Thought 'Can You Ever Forgive Me' was a great dark comedy. Richard E Grant was excellent in it, and Melissa McCarthy has good comic timing.
  7. Lawsuit with Cabana has been settled too at the request of Colt, according to Punk's Twitter.
  8. Who'll be first to slag Punk off for his UFC endeavours? Hunter is the obvious choice, but my money is on Steph and her shit eating grin getting the nod. Be good to see Punk back anyway, he's a moany, contrary little cunt, but at least an interesting one.
  9. Be better than the deal they have got with ITV and fite!
  10. I'm sure Sky could pick AEW up on the cheap (or even convince moneybags genius business guru Khan to pay them to air it) and use it to fill the vast chasm of airtime on their sport's channels when there's no football on. Sky have lots more channels on lots less football coverage than they used to, so would be handy to pad out the schedules once WWE go to the land of Michael Owen.
  11. I thought Mauro was exempt from slagging cos he's always going on about his mental illness on twitter. I think he's shite too. Not embarrassing Striker level shite, but not far off either. Not a decent announcer on WWE these days. They all seem to be overproduced to the umpteenth degree, and trying to force a classic call. It doesn't work that way, you think they'd have copped that by now.
  12. They couldn't have used some of the Saudi blood or Murdoch money for once off pyro for Kane's surprise entrance? for fuck sake like. Duelling chairs between the women was shite looking too, at least give them weapons that they can lift comfortably.
  13. Watched a Costner film recently where he played a grizzled, maverick coast guard rescue lad who was too gung ho to be trusted on the rescue helicopter anymore, so they gave him a job teaching the recruits in the swimming academy. Ashton Kutcher played the star recruit so I'd guess it was made in the early - mid 00's when he was flavour of the month. The dad from Home Alone/Tony's corrupt detective from Season 1 of The Sopranos plays a coast guard general and is good value in the role. Kutcher is a class swimmer, but has a mysterious background and is too much of a risk taker, so himself and KC don't like each other at first. He's too muscular for KC's tastes too, and is informed in no uncertain terms that "muscle don't float". After KC's wife leaves cos he's too married to the job or something like that, he takes an interest in Kutcher's background and finds out he was the sole survivor of a car that crashed into a lake in high school that all his pals died in, and has joined the coast guard out of guilt. Auld Kev respects this naturally, and they become drinking buddy's and bond over a fight with navy lads at the local pub. There was some banal love interest for Kutcher, and he graduates from swimming school and is allowed out on the choppers. Then there's a bad storm and a fishing boat is in trouble out in the Alaska sea. KC won't let Kutcher go out by himself, so even though he's supposed to be retired, he goes out with him. This obviously ends badly for Costner, who is lost at sea during the heroics and presumed dead. The film ends with Kutcher saying that legends goes that some folk believe Costner's spirit is still out at sea, helping rescue people who are in trouble. A nice cheese fest all things considered, and Costner was very believable. 7/10 Edit- It's called 'The Guardian' apparently.
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