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  1. Interested in seeing Jericho Vs Cabana this week. Pity it's not in front of a proper audience.
  2. DCW

    Covid-19 Megathread

    My neighbour has been having BBQ's and loud late night drinking sessions with loads of his mates the last few days in his back garden. He also filled up a huge inflatable swimming pool yesterday despite there being a hose pipe ban here now cos it hasn't rained in ages. I've never been so tempted to report someone to the cops/council for breaching the regulations, but I know it's not worth the hassle in the long run. Hopefully he'll just fall in the pool when he's pissed and drown one night.
  3. Ah that's brutal. Ted Roach was a great character, up there with Burnside and Bob Cryer. Glad they put The Bill out of it's misery when they did, it had basically turned into Hollyoaks with uniforms by the end.
  4. Its mad how he was whining about not having enough time in his match where he beat Cena clean. He said something like 'I trained for 45 and only got 5' to someone backstage after the match. You just had a new hip put in mate and were knackered in your match the previous year, no way you were getting more than a quick match.
  5. Used to hang around the central bank in Dublin on Saturday afternoons as a teenager, it was where all the cool, rock band hoodie wearing kids knocked about from all over the city. I was neither cool or owned such a hoodie, but went anyway with few rollerblading friends from school in a vain attempt to meet hot rocker girls. When you went to an all boys Catholic secondary school, every such opportunity had to be taken. Becky Lynch was there most weeks with her group of friends. She was quiet enough, definitely not OTT or obviously marked as a star or whatever. I saw her a few years later in the old Eamon Dorans (pub all those folks graduated to when 18) and we exchanged awkward "howyas" at the bar. She definitely stood out then though. Other than that, I got Mick Foley nicer chocolate bars at a meet n greet for one of his books, cos he didn't like the assortment of Dairy Milks the shop had laid on for him. Think I came back with a Yorkie and Mint Aero. His security lad gave me 2 euro for them, which I doubt he saw back from Mick!
  6. D-Von is universally praised, but is that because he seems so pleasant in comparison to Bubba, who's supposed to be a miserable cunt? Daniel Bryan seems like an extremely nice person in any podcast or interview I've ever seen him do. He came across as a happy go lucky, easy going lad in the Wrestling Road Diaries doc too. Have never heard anyone say a bad word about him really.
  7. Fair play to Martha for firstly simply managing to survive such an awful thing, but then going on to raise two well adjusted kids and have a great career herself. Plus setting up the Owen Hart foundation all while taking on Vince & the WWF in the legal system. It's actually sickening the lies WWF and some of the Hart's spread about her. I'd never seen footage of that presser either, Vince acting the cunt with the reporter is ridiculous and in such bad taste at a time like that. That line Taker had in network doc about "taking a bullet for Vince" if he had to is needless, I'd say Vince would be quick enough to push him in front of it anyway.
  8. DCW

    Shad Gaspard dead

    Jaysus thats absolutely brutal, doubly awful for his poor son too. Always thought Shad was a decent working big lad with a good look. Surprised WWE never did much with him.
  9. I started off getting pissed every day I wasn't supposed to be in office working, but then one morning got called into office unexpectedly and was fucking dying hungover, I had a shower and everything before going in, but could still smell the beer sweating out of me. After doing what I was called into do, I went and sat in the disabled toilet for 40 minutes trying not to puke but ultimately ended up having to jump off the bus home and puke into a hedge. So I knocked the weekday drinking on the head totally after that. Besides that I've been watching crap old TV on Youtube (latest find is a 90's BBC docuseries called X Cars about undercover police in Manchester who drive hot hatchbacks and have Max Power posters up all over the station) and episodes of Always Sunny I've watched a million times before. I also emailed a mobile bike mechanic about getting my bike fixed, but he wanted some ungodly amount so I just bought a puncture repair kit and cheap pump in Aldi and did it myself. That was on Saturday, and I still haven't bothered cycling it. I've no attention span for anything anymore I've found.
  10. DCW

    Aldi Lager

    I get fierce hangovers whenever I drink the little medicine bottles, Saint Etienne or Biere D'ore or whatever it's called. My favourite Aldi gargle at the moment is the silver cans of 1079 project. Feckin delish and you thrown them back so easily. Around 3 odd quid for 4 of them aswell.
  11. DCW

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I know for contact tracing purposes over here, you're only considered a 'close contact' of someone diagnosed positive with the virus if you've been in close proximity (face to face, within 2m) of them for 15 minutes or more. Maybe they've heard similar and got it muddled up. https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/testing/contact-tracing.html
  12. Irony of comparing 'The Last Dance' as a credible documentary piece when Jordan's own company produced it and he had last say on everything included. Both shows are propaganda pieces spinning their own biased narrative. MJ making himself look like less of a cunt and WWE making themselves look better than they are.
  13. Why do that segment in the ring? makes it so much more awkward and cringeworthy. Just emphasises how stuck in a routine they are, even when there's no fucking fans in the building. Have a short but sweet backstage sit down interview and then show a highlight video of all Edge/Orton matches throughout the years. Anything a bit different! That T-Shirt shows how uncool the Edge has always been too. Grit? feckin hell like.
  14. I'll give it a watch so
  15. DCW

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I decided to sit out in the only front garden bit that gets direct sunlight and do a bit of reading this afternoon. In about an hour I witnessed two couples arguing loudly with each other walking by, and 3 separate sets parents of dragging their teenage kids home, while kids have breakdowns and call parents every name under the sun. I won't be reading in the garden again so!
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