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  1. I dunno I sort of just knew I suppose. I never knew the inner workings til I stumbled upon power slam when I was 11 or 12 when the newsagents didn't have my usual raw or wwf magazine in stock. Then my mind was warped by Fin Martin and I became an annoying teenage know-it-all for a few years.
  2. I'm sure he's a nice lad, but anyone half decent would have slotted into the angles ECW used him in. Someone who was a better promo would have made them a lot more memorable too arguably. Even his 'I'm hardcore, I'll take em both' is shitly delivered.
  3. That one legged Zach Gowen lad. Could have been a great overcoming the odds story to win a title, but he was in and gone in a few months, never even got him in one of the videogames of the day! Thankfully his memory will live on forever thanks to that vignette of Brock hoofing him down the stairs. Modern day WWE would cream themselves for the social media likes he'd generate.
  4. There's nobody near Reigns at the moment, lad has got it all. Would be a good idea to have started building up Big E with post Mania season in mind, but WWE don't plan that far ahead these days.
  5. Has to be Joe wanted to wrestle again and they weren't having it. Kay was naturally funny but WWE naturally aren't, so that was never going to work. Peyton probably did herself no favours with that crap 'shoot' promo a while back and besides having a nice bottom (but then again don't they all) is no real loss. I don't know Green, Tucker or Blake & Bo did well to remain employed for so long.
  6. Has Gallows ever been entertaining on an actual wrestling TV show? I enjoyed his Sex Ferguson 'shoot' stuff with Domino and Freight Train and his pods about Nigeria with Cabana, but he's been dull as fuck on anything else as far as I can tell. Anderson's always been useless.
  7. I haven't watched an episode of Raw since about 2006 and have no intention of watching the current one, but still enjoy coming on here and reading how badly the current iteration is going and the obvious ways it could be improved. I think deep down I'm hoping to come on here one Tuesday afternoon and read that they've finally cracked it, Kevin Dunn has been drowned in a vat of toothpaste and Raw is must watch (or even just watchable) again. It's the hope that gets you I suppose!
  8. Thought it was a grand show & great to see a bit of normality, even the weather delay was a nice change from something covid related. As all of ye pointed out, that womens tag result is baffling unless proper stars come back and plow through team useless dullard.
  9. Jesus, that was a pitch perfect fantastically executed promo by Bryan that explained everything behind his motivation for Mania, didn't belittle his opponents either & hyped the shit out of the match. I would bet money it wasn't written by a team of writers or mad auld Vince either. Great stuff.
  10. Is Paul Burchill still in the business? could break out that rope entrance one last time sure.
  11. Was the GM ever revealed? I stopped caring about those sorts of things by that point. I remember crap King Sheamo alright, mainly due to that awful getup.
  12. Hopefully Fonzie and his poxy whistles won't be invited! Heyman or Foley to induct him I'd assume?
  13. I enjoyed Edge's rise up the babyface ranks after the initial roster split (winning tag titles with Hogan & Rey, great feuds with Angle, Eddie & Jericho) but then he got the bad neck injury & was gone the guts of a year. They brought him back with no hype as a bland face and he floundered until the shite with Lita/Matt which turned him mega heel and led to the title win and the entertaining feuds with Foley, Cena & Flair as well as the brief team with Orton. He was grand for a while after that but once that ran its course & they split him and Lita & they tried it
  14. I only watch the Edge/Bryan/Roman bits every and think they've made it work pretty well in the end. The set up and execution this week was very good for modern WWE standards. As long as they don't do something daft like put the belt on Edge and the in arena fans at Mania shite all over it then I'd chalk it up as a success. Its the only match I've any interest in at Mania anyway, barring a Brock return.
  15. Lance Storm being a tosser, as usual:
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