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  1. Dreamer doing his attempt at the serious face saying the cabin crew lady shouldn't have taken the settlement if she was so upset is fucking nauseating. What an absolute tosser, I'm glad his most memorable run in WWE was drinking barbicide & eating Taker's chewing tobacco. Cunt. You can see why JR has had such a long and successful career in the business too, he's very cute/clever at being two faced.
  2. Heyman has been saying/acting the same way for about a decade at this stage, on TV anyway. Probably not his fault, just more laziness on WWE's part and him wanting an easy life.
  3. I loved that show from start to finish. Callis is far better than Heyman these days too. Dying for next week. What a run they're on.
  4. I remember in Geography or Economics knowing that Wisconsin was famous for cheese & Idaho for spuds thanks to hearing it on wrestling. This was 2002 or 2003 before the internet was ubiquitous, and when someone asked how I knew that I said I heard it on That 70's Show instead of the truth, that I got it from that 'gay wrestling' that nobody watches anymore. I suppose I liked Limp Bizkit & Kid Rock for a while thanks (!) to wrestling and I did once consider buying a Creed CD in HMV, but was afraid it would ruin my (zero) chance with the hot rocker lady working there I fancied/stared at on Saturday afternoons so chickened out.
  5. That's terribly sad news. His SNL weekly update was probably the last time that show was regularly entertaining and relevant and Michaels still canned him. Any time he was on Conan was always a treat too, the 'Chairman of the Bored' and his telling of the Moth joke in particular. I'll miss the old chunk of coal. Must get round to reading his book actually.
  6. Corbin, Sheamus, Nia Jax or some other dullard will come down and batter Big E just before the cash in then, so everyone can be sent home miserable at the end of the night. That's good shit Pal!
  7. Is Cathy Barry still in the business? she was one of my faves when my only source of grot was free Television X on a chipped ntl box in the early 00's.
  8. Prichard said on his pod that they were very close to getting George W Bush to ring in or appear by satellite to give strength to the nation or some such bollocks. Even a clod like Bush would've known to steer well clear of the WWF I'd have thought. Always thought the photo below was hilarious too, A sombre Vince, Rock & Perry Saturn with a miniature American flag, of course!
  9. Vince definitely won't trust him to take over now. Mad prick probably sees having to have heart surgery as a sign of weakness, like how he sees sneezing!
  10. Punk in the crap tights was an odd choice on his part, but match was better than I expected. Delighted Bryan is there too, don't give a shite about Cole in all honesty and him debuting directly before Bryan and diminishing his pop was a bit annoying. Could've debuted Cole on Dynamite/Rampage and it would've felt bigger and more unexpected and not took anything from Bryan's arrival. Still, very good show and AEW definitely have serious momentum now. Interesting to see how mad Vince reacts.
  11. Seeing Joe Rogan's annoying face every time I open Spotify and having no way of blocking it even though I pay them a tenner a month!
  12. Anyone watched and stuck with Ted Lasso? I watched the first two eps and found the writing lazy and the whole show a bit too schmaltzy. I can already picture the Coldplay montage when he eventually wins everyone over.
  13. Fuck sake, brutal. Such a sad way to go.
  14. I've hated all of Orton's themes. The shit 'Burn in my Light' song he got after Triple H booted him out of Evolution for being too good/cool pretty much did for his (slim) chances of getting over as a face champion, and the voices theme is just so dull and slow. Evolution were cool as fuck with that Motorhead theme as well, despite that being bang in the middle of H's 'in this business' 20 min opening promo segment era.
  15. Very sad. What was she saying on instagram yesterday?
  16. We got Sky One on cable (piped TV as it was referred to) from the early 90's up until about 1994 when there was a disagreement and the cable company dropped it til 96/97. I sorely missed my early morning episodes of DJ Kat in those years. When we got it back it was the most watched station in our house. Married With Children weekdays at half 6, ER and (the god awful) Nanny and 3rd Rock on a Thursday night. South Park on a Saturday night (even if most of the jokes went over my head, it was rude and I wasn't supposed to be watching it damnit!) and then Sunday with 90210, The Simpsons, King of the Hill & later Futurama. Was a few US shows that weren't successful that nobody else in the house (or who I knew) liked except me. A cheesy cop show called High Incident, The Eddie Murphy claymation sorta show The PJ's and Titus (don't be a wussy!) Also where I got my first taste of WWF with the recap shows and then later Smackdown! on a Saturday morning,
  17. Charlotte's face is so surgerised that it was hard to tell what her expression was supposed to be when she kicked out of Jax's pin attempt. I think she was aiming for an annoyed look, but ended up with a slightly robotic looking father dougal like surprised expression on her face. Either way though, this scrap was the most enjoyable thing in WWE since the rain stoppage at Mania
  18. They fecked up the nwo so quickly, WWF were in panic mode in 2002. Hogan crushing ambulance bound Rock with the truck and Hall and Nash attacking Austin's knee with the naff disintegrating cinder block. Either feud didn't need any of that OTT shite. Madness and they're lucky that Hogan/Rock match was magic in Toronto otherwise they'd have pissed away the return altogether.
  19. It sounds like dialogue lifted straight from one of those shit cut scenes from an early PS1 WWF video game.
  20. I just don't understand WWE throwing away two returns, unadvertised on PPV people have already bought tickets & a sub for. Fair enough if you want to do Brock to have one, but at least hype a Becky return and give her a reason for coming back. It's just so stupid and encompasses the lazy and short sighted booking they are guilty of. She'll be just another womens wrestler in an overwhelmingly stale division in a months time.
  21. I hear, see and talk through some awful stuff in work which I've to sort of put in a box and leave there in order to get through each day. So consequently, I blubber at the slightest heart wrenching moment on screen. I wept at a part of that mediocre new Matt Damon film 'Stillwater' in the cinema the other week even! I didn't cry with Punk last night, but definitely had the goosebumps/hair standing up feeling. Not had that since Rock came back in 2011 I think. I've a feeling Punk's comeback will be a lot more satisfying than Rocks run that time too!
  22. That was fantastic all round from presentation, commentary (no, 'could it be?' type shite) Punk jumping into the crowd and then the promo itself. Sting and Darby looked cool as fuck up in the rafters too. Excellent stuff. There's just no comparison between the fetid, over produced bile WWE queef out and AEW at the moment, & I'm very glad they exist as a viable alternative.
  23. I'm more excited about Bryan coming in because of the potential matches & to see what he's like without WWE scripts and the like, but will be cool to see the pop for Punk all the same. What's the best way to watch this live?
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