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  1. 11:30pm is the pre-show rumble, which is free and not part of the PPV. The PPV portion itself starts at 00:30am. Though I guess if you're watching on World, it's one continuous broadcast anyway.
  2. Not correct. Preshow is 11:30pm; main PPV is 00:30am.
  3. Was never officially released, that one, which was disappointing as it was collectively considered one of the group's best shows. Don't think they ever explained why - must've been a problem with the footage. I've seen some clips of some matches, and I recall some footage turning up in music vids, but the full show has never been seen after the night itself. Think I do have that one (unless I'm getting it mixed up with Uprising 1). I'll have a look next time I'm in the loft.
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