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  1. A good description (that I think came from Linus) of Lucha Libre World shows is that they are basically "the latest attempt to market lucha to hipsters as art", rather than being a traditional 'wrestling' show. It's more about soaking in the culture etc. I've enjoyed similar events that were held at the Roundhouse in Camden in about 2008 or so. On this show you'll get a few 'genuine' Mexican luchadors, some with big names like El Hijo Del Santo and Silver King, and some independent dudes, as well as a few matches involving the Lucha Britannia crew underneath (probably a women's match and a multiway men's bout). I'm at least planning on attending the one at Albert Hall in Manchester on the Thursday of the tour (which then takes in York Hall, Bethnal Green on the Friday and Saturday) before heading to the 'Lucha Forever' show in Liverpool the next day (which isn't really lucha at all, but is a good laugh).
  2. EDIT: Scratch that ^^. They're now saying their ticket vendors misled them and tickets for all rows have been held back for the general sale tomorrow.
  3. They've already sold out the entire first 6 rows today during the pre-sale open to their season ticket holders. General sale opens tomorrow.
  4. Some bits announced today: The 10 September show, originally supposed to be at Manchester Ritz, is now their annual 'big' show in London, this time at Alexandra Palace (last year was Brixton Academy). The 24 September show is now an extra Camden show at the Electric Ballroom.
  5. In addition to Jurn Simmons, Chris Brookes, TK Cooper, Travis Banks, Martin Kirby, Liam Thomson and Flash Morgan Webster, also at the try-outs were CJ Banks (who was on ITV's WOS pilot at New Year), Adam 'Flex' Maxted (who is best known for being a contestant on Love Island) and Omari (relative rookie, who does stuff for Fight Club:PRO and Lucha Forever), and I think Stevie Boy/Xavier and BT Gunn from Scotland too.
  6. I'm in the minority that liked the House of Horrors match a lot more than most - I actually enjoyed it and thought it was a lot of fun. I'll qualify that, however, by clarifying that I enjoyed it more from a wacky pro wrestling cartoon goofiness perspective (similar to Austin & Booker in the supermarket, or the Strowman/Reigns/stretcher/ambulance stuff) than anything to be taken seriously. I haven't ever really been interested in the Bray Wyatt character anyway, so thought this was a good laugh. Bray's always been a load of bollocks, though, hasn't he. Since he arrived his promos have always been about darkness this, devil that, serpent shite, without actually saying anything or anyone having a clue what he was on about. I'm not one for fantasy booking or anything, but he's probably beyond repair now.
  7. 'Scrap Iron' Adam Pearce, former NWA & PWG Champion, who had a stint in ROH too. Works for WWE as a 'producer'/agent now.
  8. British Super J Cup, Walthamstow Assembly Halls in London, Saturday 8 July.
  9. Sales were actually looking quite decent (I'd been keeping an eye on them, with a view to potentially heading there for one of the shows), so it is likely the transportation/organisational issues etc. with the India tour so close after (Meltzer/Observer reported last week that they were intending on heading straight from these UK shows directly to India). Friday was selling better than Thursday (EDIT: originally - they seem to have evened up now), and the cheaper seats were selling better than the more expensive ones both nights, but it looked on track to be full or thereabouts. There were even pretty strong rumblings about a week ago that they were going to be adding a third straight night of taping there on the Saturday too. As of this morning (Thursday on the left; Friday on the right):
  10. They're revealed from court papers, filed in association with one of the lawsuits WWE is involved in. It's their planned schedule and they'll have the venues booked, but, you know, plans can change.
  11. With most other programming on Spike UK, the original 'live' airing obviously isn't in HD (since they don't have a HD channel), but then when it goes up on demand in the Spike TV catch-up section (on Sky, at least) there is usually a HD version. It's weird - you're better off downloading it on demand than watching/recording the actual channel.
  12. Is the massive ramp as shown in those aerial photos definitely the one that's going to be used as part of the show, and not just a temporary one to assist with moving staging/equipment/rigging/etc. into place?
  13. That's absolutely it. At a capacity of 3,500 the SkyDome is a 'small arena' perfectly sized for the next 'step up' from the 500-1,200 capacity venues the 'bigger' BritWres promotions run their regular shows in, before you get to the 8,000-9,000 seater arenas like Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds. There actually aren't that many arenas of that capacity and that set-up in this country. Ice hockey arenas, basically (like the Altrincham one WCPW ran in), and some bigger city centre gig venues that might not have the best layout and/or be cost prohibitive.
  14. Though they haven't said, it could be something to do with WhatCulture's show in Manchester tonight. Potentially thinking a lot of Manchester-based fans will be out at that show at 10pm? Probably not, considering by the same logic even more Manchester-based fans will be at work at noon too... I'm not complaining - I was at work and still managed to bag a front row.... ;-)
  15. WWE should at least have done it the old fashioned way and bought out WAW's local TV slot on MUSTARD TV....