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  1. Sorry, but speaking from a fan's perspective, there is absolutely no way you will get 750-1,500 people willing to pay an increased price for tickets (to cover the test) and then go through the additional hassle of testing, waiting, etc. just to see a wrestling show. They simply won't bother. Or, at least, they won't bother in anywhere near sufficient numbers to make it worthwhile. You'd need an elite-level super-drawing import at the very least, and that isn't happening in the middle of a pandemic with quarantine restrictions.
  2. It's not available on Fire TV in the UK, but it is in the US (so, potentially could be accessed on Fire TV via VPN?). As well as Roku devices, it's available on Sky Q and Now TV in the UK too. The Roku Channel is free, but there's not much worth watching on there (mainly reality TV series, cartoons and some older movies).
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