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  1. Duncan seems pretty well rounded from what I have seen. Heavy hands and nasty ground and pound. He got majorly fucked over because he did his full weight cut 2 weeks ago, his original opponent missed weight and then pulled out the day of the fight with a sore tummy. Looks like he has stayed in Vegas and done the weight cut again for this opportunity. Interesting to see if that has any impact. Some of these DWCS have more interesting matches than a lot of recent fight nights but then again I would rather see prospects than the likes of say...Sam Alvey.
  2. I think they recently got an FPS boost if you are on Series S or X so they will be buttery smooth.
  3. From what I could gather, a lot of the missions where you need to kill a target have brute force or more interesting / stealth options.
  4. Finished Deathloop last night. WHAT A GAME. Really loved it from start to finish. Once all the different threads start to weave together you get a real sense of how smart and intricate the design of the story is. There's a hell of a lot of replay value too as many of the more crucial missions have several different ways to complete them. There's also a lot of different load outs to fuck around with. I've started Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut now. I already finished this on PS4 and it's probably my favourite game of that whole generation so I had no problem double dipping on this one. I feel sorry for my girlfriend right now as she's often sitting working from her laptop and putting up with me going "look how beautiful this game is!" and demanding she joins me in marvelling at the graphics. Starting to get very, very hyped for Metroid Dread now. Wish they had dropped Fusion and Zero Mission onto the e-shop in advance of this though.
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