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  1. That would be great. What format are they in please? I couldnt find any info on an upgraded 98 set when I looked around, so trying to swap put my bad ones. Next up I need to source a 99 set. Me and my Mrs are working our way through the Monday Night Wars. She wanted to check out the Attitude Era, but I always felt the rise of Austin in 96, the evolution of Rocky Maivia, and the Hart Foundation stuff etc was a big precursor to all of that. I haven't watched Nitro. years, so we are watching both promotions week to week. Good times! Haha
  2. Looking for the episodes of WCW Nitro from 1998, only interested in legit broadcast versions as i already have a network subscription. 5 January - i'm missing entirely. 17 August - Mine has the ending cut off. 28 September - Mine has the ending cut off.
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