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  1. @Rule OneFantastic answer thank you! Such things always fascinate me. I guess with so much information being put there and readily available, it's the finer details and lesser known things that I find enjoyment in learning about
  2. Looking for night 1 on DVD if anyone can help.
  3. Odd one. But I'm curious as to what thickness the plates are on the old 90s WWF title belts. I see a lot of replicas around and those vary in thickness (4mm, 6mm, 8mm). And the Euroshop replicas are awful and not thick at all. Just curious how the thickness of all these compares to the real deal belts.
  4. How much of XPW TV is out there in circulation? I know there's some crap quality digital files, and the 3 retail TV sets they put out. But is there a full set of TV recordings out there?
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