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  1. Hope nobody’s eating a jam sandwich and coming into this thread. Seriously, that’s ridiculous. Makes Austin at WrestleMania 13 look like he nicked himself shaving. He really went for it didn’t he? Probably the worst I’ve seen since Eddie Guerrero’s against JBL all those years ago.
  2. Dustin Rhodes is class. I haven’t even seen this match from last night yet but when I started watching wrestling in 1992 he was having brilliant matches in WCW. Now we’re in 2019 and he’s got people raving about his latest match. When going through the WCW shows in 1992 recently, one thing that really stuck out to me was how great Dustin actually was/is. Back then he was 22/23 years old and often the most inexperienced man in the ring alongside Windham, Steamboat, Rude, Anderson, Eaton, whoever. Yet he never looked out of place and could hang with all of them. Whoever named him ‘The Natural’ back then was bang on the money.
  3. Just seen that last post. What the fuck Jim? 😂 What exactly was it you were looking for to stumble upon that monstrosity? Anyway, what I came in here for. Cyborg was at that AEW thing this weekend and seemed to have had the time of her life. Look at some of these pictures; Where else would you see a photo of Cyborg and Kenta Kobashi?; With Booker T and Ron Simmons; And with a still quite ill-looking Tank Abbott; Not quite sure what that Cyborg belt is about though. Hardly the smoking skull is it?
  4. This is just days away now. Prelims start at the handy time of 4pm on Saturday afternoon on BT Sport 3. Really like this card but it just goes to show how the relentless schedule these days makes you lose track of what’s coming up. This is a strong card, IMO, but it’s been lost in the shuffle big time. Good stuff here though, and serves as a nice sort of a lead-in to Joshua vs Ruiz in the early hours. 👍
  5. Charles Oliveira is wanted by the police for beating his wife and endangering their kid; https://fansided.com/2019/05/25/alex-oliveira-wanted-allegedly-assaulting-ex-wife-endangering-child/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. His daughter tweeted this. I think he’s fine; Look how happy he looks!
  7. Shit, I forgot how brutal/stupid that Cactus bump was against Mil Mascaras. Christ.
  8. Broken foot... What’s he playing at with these silly excuses? Reminds me of when Chael denied making the Lance Armstrong comments all those years ago, and even when he was shown the audio of it he still brazenly denied it with “I don’t know about you but that guy sounded Hispanic to me”. Difference being Chael was clearly playing it for laughs whereas I really think Conor has convinced himself all this bollocks is true. The telling thing is he went quiet for ages initially after the fight and that’s when a lot of stories of him doing stupid, sometimes criminal, shit came out and more stories of him getting off his face on whatever he gets off his face on started surfacing. He’s trying to spin this as if he lost the battle but ‘won’ the war somehow so he can sleep at night but when you look at the timeline of all this he really didn’t handle that loss well. Here’s Rafael Dos Anjos’ broken foot that took him out of the McGregor fight in 2016, by the way; That’s what Conor and his fans called a ‘bruise’. Look at that Sherman Klump shit. Also, Conor can’t make up his mind. In one breath he’ll say everyone is desperate and begging to fight him for that red panty night payday, in the next breath their faking injuries to get out of that life changing payday. Which is it? Worst thing is, why can I see Poirier getting fucked out of his title shot again here. I know Khabib vs Poirier is expected to headline that September PPV in Abu Dhabi but what’s the holdup making it official? Why have I got a bad feeling that they’re listening to all this shite Conor’s spewing and are fancying the Khabib rematch? And all the sad little Proper 12 arselickers will no doubt be parroting this broken foot thing as an excuse and saying Khabib is ‘terrified’ of a fully fit McGregor this time. The usual pish. It’s all so tiresome. I’d rather see him get knocked out cold by Gaethje or something. Not that that would definitely be the result but that’s kind of my point. If he’s coming back, at least something like McGregor vs Gaethje is a fun competitive fight on paper that you could see either man winning. They could do Khabib vs McGregor 10 times and I’m convinced it only ever ends one way. Where’s the intrigue anymore? It’ll sell no doubt, and I’ll watch. But the fight itself isn’t that interesting anymore. My investment in that would be purely to see McGregor get smashed again.
  9. He’s full of shit. Apart from the shit Khabib already beat out of him of course. He’s flat-out lying. And he’s thick as fuck when there’s footage like this shitting all over his excuses. Just like when he tried to convince everyone he said “don’t be bitching” when they clearly heard him say “it’s only business”. He’s undeniably a talented fighter but he’s a mental midget, a scumbag and he’s become a laughing stock to anyone who doesn’t have a weird mancrush on him. Funny how he and his fans gave the likes of Aldo and Dos Anjos grief for pulling out with injuries yet Conor is now saying he should’ve pulled out of the Khabib fight. He’s even had the cheek to accuse RDA of “bottling out of their fight with a broken toe” recently. While claiming he broke the foot he was stamping the Octagon with. The twat. He’s going to have to smash a lot more phones up to get rid of the footage proving him wrong.
  10. Yeah it’s a different ball game. By mid 2004 when JBL got the belt, there weren’t that many main event heels and Brock Lesnar had just left. On top of that, they’d lost Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Goldberg within the one year span between WrestleMania 19 and 20. Probably a couple of other big names I’m forgetting as well. On Raw you had Triple H and Evolution doing their thing but Smackdown’s 2004 roster was the shits to the point Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki got a run as tag champs, Heidenreich and Luther Reigns were featured players and they did a storyline that went on for weeks where Billy Kidman legitimately injured Chavo with the Shooting Star Press and went around sulking about it, leading to the Kidman/Paul London team splitting. Smackdown was awful in 2004. The JBL title run was actually one of the better things about the show that year. Go back to the late 90s and Owen was never getting a look in with the big belt on a roster featuring Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Kane, Triple H and Mick Foley when they were all in or close to their prime. Owen was great but I never saw him as world champion. And that’s probably because there were always better options at every stage of his WWF career. His best chance would’ve been in 1994 during the Bret feud but he’d probably have dropped it straight back anyway or ended up being the one to lose it to Diesel instead of Backlund. If Owen was still around 6/7 years later when the roster was weaker then he’d have probably had a turn with the belt but sadly he was no longer with us so we’ll never know. Similar thing with Ken Shamrock actually. I’ve seen people say he should’ve got a WWF title run in the late 90s but why would he on that roster? He was great in his role but you’re not going with Ken over Austin or Rock in 98/99 are you?
  11. Ha, yeah I heard that the other day, which must be why I had the Fedora/pinstripe suit thing in my head. That Bisping quote is even better in audio form. Listen here from around a minute in; But yeah, the cheek of him bringing up the spitting! Notice he quickly moved on from that to ripping Paulie and his new hat.
  12. Hughie Fury fight is on Channel 5 tomorrow from 9pm.
  13. I never thought I’d feel that way but I’ve done a u-turn during this whole sorry buildup and I’d be quite happy if Lobov knocked him out now. I’ve always loved Paulie as an announcer/analyst. I think he’s one of the best in the game at that. And truthfully I always leaned more to his side of the argument in the whole Conor drama. But the way he’s gone on since this Lobov fight was announced has been fucking embarrassing. He’s come across terribly to me. He’s the one who’s instigating everything and acting like a complete tit. The wearing a Fedora and pinstripe suit and giving it the ‘I’m an Italian-American from New York so I’m hard as fuck, me’ act is cringeworthy coming from a man with a voice only a notch deeper than Joe Pasquale’s and eyebrows so meticulously sculpted he might as well become an Instagram model. Then the spitting thing was the final straw that just proper made me want to see Artem break his face. Artem has become the babyface here for me, while doing the grand sum of fuck all. He’s the babyface by default purely because Paulie has made himself look like a right little cunt. The thing that’s really stuck out to me as shitty though, above everything else, is Paulie keep banging on about Boxing having more deaths and serious brain trauma than MMA. He keeps bringing that up and he says it like he’s actually bragging that his sport has a higher body count than MMA. What does that achieve? All it does is leave a sour taste and actually disrespect the families of all the boxers who’ve died or suffered serious damage over the years. Then repeatedly saying he’s going to put Artem in a coma. That shit is beyond fight promotion for me. Wilder got some shit for his ‘I want a body on my record’ comments and rightly so. But Paulie’s low road smack talk the last few months has been worse for me. It’s just gone more unnoticed because it’s attached to a bit of a joke event.
  14. As always, I feel dirty linking to Shit For Brains Schaub but this is really good. Food Truck Diaries with Tatiana Suarez; If you’re not familiar with her story it’s really worth giving this a watch. Amazing that she’s bounced back from a severe neck injury and cancer to where she is now. Even if you knew all that, it’s worth your 30 minutes. Really interesting and she comes off really cool and likeable. If she gets past Ansaroff here I can’t wait to see how she matches up with the likes of Jedrzejczyk, maybe Namajunas, Waterson and eventually Andrade. She’s inexperienced compared to the others but I think her wrestling kind of negates a lot of that and she’s bringing something that the rest of the division doesn’t really have yet in that mauling grappling style. You know it’s a good interview when I’m linking to Schaub. These Food Truck Diary interviews are the best things he does by far, IMO. The Ngannou one was class as well and I’ve just seen his got one with Dustin Poirier up now as well. He needs to do more stuff like this and keep his gob shut when it comes to things he clearly knows sod all about. Like Boxing.
  15. All 3 of their facial expressions are class. As is the thread title in a ‘man tries to return the shoes he’s wearing’ way. The stories that parrot could probably tell if it could spea...hold on a minute.
  16. I’d never heard that Scott Steiner stuff but I’d have been all for it. On the WrestleMania 9 talk though, there was actually talk of Hulk Hogan vs Dustin Rhodes, which sounds so odd to me. I love Dustin but it seems a weird choice of match. Plus he was still being heavily featured in WCW in 1993, would he even have been realistic/available to come in at that time? Here’s Prichard talking about it; I’d have preferred the Steiner idea myself. And Dustin was class as Goldust a couple of years later anyway so that worked itself out.
  17. Got to be. You have to assume they have it as well, seeing as it happened before an episode of Raw. It’s not like it was on some random house show.
  18. Wasn’t Owen looking to get out of the wrestling business in the next few years though? I think that’s what Martha said. Could’ve been wishful thinking on her part but he never struck me as a lifer and a few wrestlers have said over the years that he was notoriously thrifty with his money. I always assumed he was just putting the time in and saving his money for his kids’ education or whatever then he’d get out and do something else. He was a natural in the ring but he never seemed obsessed with wrestling to me in the same way Bret was. Fuck knows with wrestlers though. Maybe he’d still be going now. But I think the scumminess of wrestling would’ve eventually seen him take his money and fuck off home. By all accounts (except maybe Steve Austin’s?) he was way too nice for wrestling anyway. Owen vs Benoit happened a couple of times in New Japan in the early 90s. Apparently they also had a dark match in the WWF in 1995 as one of Benoit’s tryout matches. Memory’s hazy but I’m sure Benoit even mentioned it on that Hard Knocks DVD documentary. And I didn’t know until quite recently but Owen vs Kurt Angle actually happened. It was a dark match when Kurt was green and still a few months off being ready for TV yet. Mad thing is the match happened just 2 weeks before Owen’s death. Article on it here; https://www.themix.net/2018/01/before-his-death-owen-hart-believed-kurt-angle-would-become-one-of-the-greatest-ever/
  19. This whole thing is awful. Had a look at her twitter earlier and from her last couple of tweets you’d never guess she was someone so down that she was days away from taking her own life. She was talking about replying to fan mail in one tweet and in another she seems to be looking forward to her birthday coming up. Just goes to show you never know what’s going on in someone’s head. And given the shit she went through in the few years she spent in the WWE, I’m not surprised. Saw something as well on twitter earlier that a few people have set up fake accounts pretending to be Ashley’s daughter and asking for money. Fucking vile to think there are people out there using a tragic situation like this to squeeze a few quid out of it. Reading that affidavit, even knowing loads of stories of horrible shit that’s gone on in wrestling over the decades, this whole thing must be one of the very worst. Proper heartbreaking to know she went through that, was brave enough to speak out and then not only never got the support she needed, she was urged to hush it up. Really is sickening.
  20. This card just got a bit less stacked. DON’T WORRY IT’S NOT JON JONES! Just posted this in the MMA News thread but I suppose it belongs here;
  21. MMAJunkie are reporting that the JDS vs Ngannou fight has been moved from UFC 239 and will now top the Fight Night in Minneapolis that was meant to be headlined by Woodley vs Lawler 2. Probably for the best. 239 is stacked enough that it can afford to lose Junior vs Francis and Lawler isn’t hit with a late opponent switch. There was no shortage of welterweights offering to step up and fight Lawler so I’m guessing he’ll have a fight booked on one of the summer cards soon. Santiago Ponzinibbio, Leon Edwards, Darren Till, Mike Perry, Vicente Luque are all likely in the running. Probably a few I’ve forgot as well.
  22. Speaking of Felicia Spencer, I saw a pre-fight interview with her the other day. Apparently 6 inches “doesn’t impress her much”. ....her loss.
  23. Pereira fight was at welterweight @WeeAl As for the women’s 145 division, yeah it’s a wasteland. Sadly for Felicia Spencer, I can see them feeding her to Cyborg next. She was asked in an interview after the show about fighting Cyborg and she said she’d be up for it. Cyborg then tweeted her saying she accepts the challenge and wants to do it at UFC 240 in Canada in July. You know when you wish you didn’t open your stupid mouth? Felicia probably feels like that right about now.
  24. Rashad impersonations... Mike Tyson; Rashad’s mum, Anderson Silva, Marcus Jones from TUF 10 (Warning - Mike Goldberg is pure cringe at the start); And one I’d never seen until now, Rashad’s Alistair Overeem is spot on!; 😂
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