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  1. Nah Cro Cop’s done. He had a stroke a while back. Plus the first fight with Overeem didn’t end well for Cro Cop. His balls got scrambled.
  2. It’s a longshot but I just thought, imagine Lawler vs Paul Daley? Like I said, unlikely unless Lawler ends up in Bellator and even then Daley’s close to retiring himself. But Christ, that’d be an explosive one even now.
  3. I hope they never do Lawler vs Rory 3. For one Lawler is already 2-0. And the second fight is one of the best in not just UFC history but MMA history as a whole. They’re both still capable of fun fights with the right opponent but today’s versions of them will never come close to their last fight and if they do it’ll probably kill them at this stage. Lawler vs Pettis is about the best fight for both outside the UFC. As for Overeem, Sakakibara was asked and sounds up for Reem joining RIZIN and ending his career in Japan. D-Von, get the horse meat ready!
  4. Yeah, like JDS, he’s coming off 4 straight losses but I still think he’s worth keeping around. His last 2 losses were to Covington and Magny, who are tricky for most fighters at 170. And one of the other losses was the Askren one which was a weird fight all round and Lawler was giving him a hiding for most of it. They’ve been shite at matchmaking with Lawler lately. Nobody wants to see him ragged about by top contenders. He’s not in that mix anymore. The Mike Perry booking for late last year got me hoping they’d realised that and would match him with guys like that going forward but it fe
  5. Don’t know where it started and I’m yet to see it anywhere I’d consider really reputable but there’s all sorts on Twitter that Robbie Lawler has been cut now. I mean, I get why. I get why. But still. Not Slobberknocker Rob. Urijah Faber’s the other name going around but meh. I can live with that.
  6. I think the writing was on the wall with that one, to be fair. He’s coming off 4 stoppage losses in a row now. Overeem’s gone as well. Whether he’s been ‘cut’ or this is part of him retiring, I don’t know. Either way he’s gone. I’m guessing it’s more Overeem’s decision in this case because he was on a winning streak before the Volkov fight. I don’t think they’d have just cut him loose off that one loss.
  7. That can’t be real can it? Surely they’ve chucked a photo from 2008 up or something. He doesn’t even look like a 205er there.
  8. I haven’t given the fight a lot of thought really. It’s weird though it seemed like this was still a way off and then bam it’s here. I’d say there’s not much point in Adesanya bulking up anyway though. He’s not going to be as physically big naturally as Blachowicz no matter what he does and adding unnecessary bulk probably wouldn’t play to his strengths and lend itself to his style anyway. No doubt if Jan sparks him on Saturday then the Sunday morning hindsight pundits will say he should’ve bulked up but I don’t think that’s the answer. If Adesanya wins on Saturday then it’ll be because o
  9. How dare you? Don’t ever compare Joe Rogan to the great Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gaultieri.
  10. Fuck me. What next, Khabib and McGregor at theme park together? Batman and the Joker having a pint? I preferred this...
  11. Matt Brown’s fighting Dhiego Lima in June. Dan Hardy’s now calling out Nick Diaz. It’s a nice idea and it’d be fun but I can’t see that one happening at all.
  12. I’m not saying fights were better or worse before. It’s just the way things are at the moment.
  13. You can’t not allow something like calf kicks just because they’re too effective. It’s a perfectly valid and legal technique. And banning them because they work too well would not only be unfair on the fighters who are really good at them, it’d set a precedent and open up all sorts of silly talk about banning other techniques as well. I’d say there’d have been a better argument (slightly) for banning those push kicks to the knees just because it’s directly on the joints and could cause serious injury or even be a career ender in extreme cases. But even then, I’m not a fan of taking weapons out
  14. @Egg Shen No because McGregor is shite at defending against them and it might happen again. I can’t get on board with banning anything that hurts this twat so much it makes him walk like Robocop needing a cack.
  15. Calf kicks led to Conor McGregor getting knocked out by Poirier. They’re great. Leave them the fuck alone! And yeah, Tanner Boser kind of summed up the main event for me;
  16. Ah, cheers Al. Now you’ve made me gutted that we could’ve got another 2 rounds of Munhoz vs Rivera. Although no doubt Rivera is grateful it was only a 3 rounder. I hope their inevitable rubber match is 5 rounds. I’d be well happy with that headlining a Fight Night sometime. Doubt it’ll be next but after 2 fights as good as they’ve had and with them tied at 1-1, they’ve got to complete the trilogy at some point.
  17. Same. At least it’s over quick. Rivera’s going to be suffering for days, if not longer, from those kicks. Any time I’ve heard fighters talk about their experiences of damage they’ve taken from leg kicks I shudder. The worst being Randy Couture’s account of the havoc Pedro Rizzo (who’s basically the OG of leg kicks) caused his legs in their first fight back in 2001.
  18. Yeah, I love Bisping but he can sod off as well. I wasn’t just on about Dana in my post. I look at this like Cain’s fight with Kongo or Stipe’s fight with Roy Nelson years ago. Not the most exciting to watch but a valuable experience builder and a necessary step towards growing as a fighter. Gane’s got time.
  19. Not having a go but do you actually watch the fights or are you looking up the results, seeing most of the fights went the distance and deciding the show was a dud based on that? It wasn’t the best show I’ve ever watched and the main event didn’t deliver like everyone hoped but the show as a whole wasn’t shite and fights going to decisions doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad either. And fuck Dana anyway. The big baby. This was the first time either Gane or Rozenstruik have been in anything resembling a boring fight and he’s spat the dummy. Doesn’t surprise me, he’s always been the big
  20. Squash matches are fun sometimes. Love watching Canelo. This was a nothing fight but I don’t care. He’s just beat Callum Smith in December. Having a little easy tickover in February is fine as long as his next fight is a proper one. And the Saunders fight is confirmed for May.
  21. Yeah it’s on the Edwards vs Muhammad card on March 13th now.
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