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  1. Must admit I thought it was ex unlicensed boxer from the 70s Roy Shaw on first glance;
  2. Look at this slime.
  3. Can’t keep up with this shit anymore...
  4. Seems Joshua’s turned his attention to a Fury fight now after Ruiz; Good. I hope it gets made. Even if we have to wait until 2020. Fuck Wilder.
  5. Saturday 29th June in Minneapolis. The UFC is back with an ESPN show and a monster main event featuring two of the most scary yet loveable heavyweights in the history of combat sports. ESPN MAIN CARD Francis Ngannou vs Junior Dos Santos Joseph Benavidez vs Jussier Formiga Demian Maia vs Anthony Rocco Martin Drew Dober vs Polo Reyes Roosevelt Roberts vs Vinc Pichel Alonzo Menifield vs Paul Craig ESPN PRELIMS Sergio Pettis vs Ricardo Ramos Eryk Anders vs Vinicius Moreira Chas Skelly vs Jordan Griffin Jared Gordon vs Dan Moret Justin Ledet vs Dalcha Lungiambula Emily Whitmire vs Amanda Ribas Maurice Greene vs Junior Albini Solid card that. Of course, it was supposed to be headlined by Woodley vs Lawler 2 but I actually prefer this. I was never that keen on the Woodley vs Lawler rematch to begin with. Undercard for this looks pretty good as well. So yeah, Francis Ngannou vs Junior Dos Santos tops the bill. This was originally on the UFC 239 card in July but when Woodley vs Lawler fell apart they shuffled the deck and moved this forward a few weeks. It’s a hell of a fight. It was actually supposed to happen back in September 2017 but JDS got USADA’d. At least we’re finally getting to see it. Although I do have mixed feelings on it. Like I said, these have to be two of the nicest and most likeable men in MMA. The fact that one of them not only has to lose, but they’re most likely going to do so by getting knocked out cold saddens me. On the plus side, it’ll be exciting to watch and at least if one of them does get stopped, it’ll be a good brother winning regardless. Friendly fire, if you will. But yeah, this fight is almost certainly ending with one of these men horizontally, isn’t it? There’s always that outside chance it goes the distance and is either a Hunt vs Bigfoot style war or a Ngannou vs Beast style snoozer. But the smart money is on this ending with a bang inside the distance. They’re both just too powerful and too dangerous. I’ll be surprised if it goes past the second round, maybe won’t even get out of the first. Ngannou most likely wins this but you never know with the heavies. With power punchers it’s often a case of ‘whoever connects first’, and that’s even more the case at heavyweight. I just think at this stage, Ngannou’s bomb is the more likely to detonate first. If Ngannou does win, and especially by knockout, it’s hard to see past him getting the next title shot after this Cormier vs Miocic 2 thing sorts itself out. With back-to-back knockouts over Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos, who’d have a better case for a title shot? Mad to think, considering how the MMA world wrote Big Francis off after the Stipe/Lewis losses last year. Joseph Benavidez vs Jussier Formiga is a fun flyweight co-main. The 125 division isn’t dead yet. Benavidez is actually on a really great run but nobody talks about him because Demetrious Johnson completely whitewashed him in their rivalry and took him out of the title picture. He’s won 8 of his 9 fights since the last loss to DJ back in 2013. And the one loss was a split decision. He even has a win (although controversial) over current champ Henry Cejudo and with the debate over the judging in that one, you have to think a rematch has legs if Benavidez stays in the win column here. Formiga is no cakewalk though. Black-belts in BJJ and Judo, 23-5 MMA record, has won his last 4 and looked a right handful in his last 2 wins over Deiveson Figueiredo and Sergio Pettis. This is a tricky fight and a real potential banana skin for Benavidez. Demian Maia vs Anthony Rocco Martin might be one of Maia’s good ones. I love Maia, like the 2 main eventers, he seems such a nice bloke that if you dislike him there must be something wrong with you. But his fights always seem to go from one extreme to the other. He’ll look amazing one fight, then have an absolute rotter the next. He had 3 duds in a row against Woodley, Covington and Usman which was a proper shitty stretch for him. But he broke that chain and got back to looking his old self in his submission over Lyman Good last time out. Maia probably doesn’t have many fights left. He’s 41 now and he’s hinted that he’s looking to just finish out his current contract and maybe hang the gloves up for good. Hopefully he has a few positive performances to go out on. Martin is decent. He’s a BJJ black-belt himself, although obviously nowhere near the level of Maia in the grappling. He’s 16-4 and coming off 4 wins. He’s the type of guy Maia usually runs through though. And I hope he does. Drew Dober vs Polo Reyes could be alright. Not really a fan of Dober but he’s OK. Got subbed by Beneil Dariush in his last fight but was on a decent little run prior to that. Reyes is mediocre really, he’s never going to be a contender but he’s usually exciting to watch so this could be fun as a filler fight. Roosevelt Roberts vs Vinc Pichel has my interest. Roberts has looked every bit the prospect he’s been hyped as so far. I think he’s got serious potential. He’s 25 years old, 8-0 with 7 finishes, lanky for the weight, aggressive, has shown skills in the standup and on the ground. He’s pretty good. And Pichel is probably his hardest test to date. He’s no world beater but he’s a tough, durable and fairly experienced scrappy fucker. He’s a BJJ brown-belt, has KO power, he’s 11-2 in MMA and was on a 4 fight streak before losing to Gregor Gillespie in his last outing. Alonzo Menifield vs Paul Craig should be worth a look. Menifield is another prospect off Dana’s Contender Series. 8-0 with 8 finishes, 5 of them in the first round. Scored an 8 second KO on DWCS to get in the UFC and stopped Vinicius Moreira in a round in his Octagon debut in January. Seems a likeable guy in interviews as well. Craig’s been very hit and miss in the UFC. Came in unbeaten but he’s 11-3 now with some bad losses in there. He’s kind of become the master of the last minute, pulling a submission out of your arse comeback though. He’s had a couple of those now. Like a lower level, Scottish Big Nog with the miraculous come from behind subs. This looks like a rough matchup for him. If he can get Menifield down he should do well but Craig’s striking looks pretty awful and I can see him getting clobbered before the grappling even becomes a factor. Sergio Pettis vs Ricardo Ramos is probably my frontrunner to bag FOTN. Pettis kind of has his back against the wall in this one. He’s lost 3 of his last 4 and comes into this fight off 2 consecutive defeats. He’s a skilled fighter and still young at 25, but he’s really got to make something happen soon if he wants to be relevant in the UFC. And Ramos is a tough fight for him on paper. He’s only 23 years old, 12-2 and was looking like a potential breakout contender until Said Nurmagomedov stopped his fun in his last fight. Bit of a coin flip fight for me, this. Eryk Anders vs Vinicius Moreira should be an entertaining hoss fight. Two big heavy hitters. Both are coming off losses. Anders proper got his arse kicked by Khalil Rountree and Moreira got done in a round by Menifield. Can see this one being wild. Both might be fighting for their place on the roster. Especially with how the UFC are sacking fuckers willy nilly of late. Chas Skelly vs Jordan Griffin could be bit of a grappling battle. Skelly is a wrestler with a strong submission game but he’s coming off a controversial submission loss to Bobby Moffett in November where the fight was stopped but Skelly didn’t tap. Griffin I’ve seen much less of but he’s 17-6 with a fair few subs. Justin Ledet vs Dalcha Lungiambula is ***WAND’S ONE TO WATCH*** purely because I’m intrigued to see this Lungiambula bloke’s debut. He’s 33, from Cape Town, South Africa. He’s 9-1 with 5 finishes and he’s both the heavyweight and light heavyweight champion of the EFC promotion in Africa. Ledet should be a good first test for him. He’s coming off that 15 second loss to Johnny Walker but he’s got some solid boxing and has about the same record as Lungiambula. Quite looking forward to this. Not that I’m expecting Lungiambula to go on a Goldberg run through the UFC roster or anything, but he could be a fun addition to the 205 division regardless. For a division that was so weak outside the top 3 or 4 for so long, 205 is really starting to get some depth now. Emily Whitmire vs Amanda Ribas is of no real relevance but could be decent. I remember Whitmire was on TUF a few seasons back and had a sad story about being homeless and sleeping in her car or something. So it’s nice to see she seems to be out of that hole now. She’s only 4-2 but she’s won her last 2 and subbed Aleksandra Albu in one minute in her last fight. Ribas is making her UFC debut here. She actually signed back in 2017 but before she could set foot in the cage she was handed a 2 year suspension by USADA. She protested her innocence throughout and USADA later lifted the suspension and ruled that it was another case of contaminated supplements. So Ribas is finally fighting. She’s 25 years old, has a 6-1 record with 5 finishes. Maurice Greene vs Junior Albini might be perversely entertaining. One of those wild, sloppy heavyweight slobberknockers. Greene was on TUF, he’s a big old bastard at 6’7” and has a record of 7-2 with 5 finishes. If you remember Albini at all it’s probably as the big chubby nappy wearer. He’s probably gone with another loss here. He’s lost his last 3 in a row and was stopped in his last 2.
  6. Yeah it’s not a massive shock sadly. Even just with MMA fighters it’s happened a few times now. I remember there was a story of Shogun getting robbed a few years ago, for one.
  7. MMA Fighting reporting that Jessica Andrade and her wife were carjacked and robbed at gunpoint in Brazil. Some right cunts about.
  8. Fuck sake. At least it wasn’t Manuwa vs Rakic. Guessing that will be the co-main now?
  9. This was 93, Pat. There was no Slamboree in 92. And yeah, I had no problem with the legends matches really. Just thought 3 on the trot in the middle of a PPV was a bit much. But it was fun seeing Dick Murdoch do his thing, and I love me some Bockwinkel. But shave a bit of that legends stuff off and I really think we could’ve had a proper classic between Barry Windham and Arn Anderson. I know longer match doesn’t always = better match but it felt like they were rushing a bit at times. I got the feeling maybe the show was running long and Barry and Arn were told to cut it short a few minutes. Still a belter, I thought. But had potential to be even more.
  10. @kidzero I think the PPVs get added a few days after they happen. No more than a week anyway. So 237 would be on there now. All the Ultimate Fighters are on there. As well as documentaries and the fight libraries for Pride, Strikeforce, WEC, GLORY, Pancrase and shitloads more.
  11. Onto the next one. We’re back at The Omni in Atlanta for Slamboree. Billed as ‘A Legends’ Reunion’, and it’s going to be a weird mish-mash of past, present and future. Here’s Dusty telling you why you should watch it; Slamboree May 23rd 1993 Atlanta, Georgia The show opens and the ring is choc-full of legends and old names. Dory Funk Jr, Verne Gagne, Nick Bockwinkel, Don Owens, Lou Thesz, of course Dusty’s there. Quite the squad. Wait a minute, what’s this? Where’s Jesse? I don’t mind Larry Zbyszko but I could never get on with his commentating and he really isn’t going to cut it as a replacement for The Body. ”Time fears only the pyramids and the legends of professional wrestling!” OK then. WHERE’S JESSE?! Oh, Tony says he’s in the hospital recuperating. Doesn’t say why. He’s at it again @BomberPat, Maxx bastard Payne and his guitar. Like a cross between Wayne’s World and Wayne Slob off Harry Enfield. I didn’t know this was a regular thing. Why was this a regular thing? From there some nobodies and jobbers carry out a big throne which is concealed so you can’t see who’s sitting in it. And out steps the old battle-axe... Even in 1993, she looks about 106. I guess pimpin’ really ain’t easy. Schiavone says she’s ‘The Queen Of Slamboree’. Whatever that means. The sight of all these old timers standing around while Maxx fucking Payne is headbanging away on his guitar is such an odd combination. WCW were never right really, were they? We were meant to get Sting vs Scott Norton on this show (more on that later) but it’s off now. While all this waffle is going on the sodding lights go out. Bischoff and Missy buy some time while Schiavone quickly runs out to put a tenner on the meter and we get the lights back on. Now we can proceed. 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs Beautiful Bobby Eaton & Chris Benoit This was decent. Only goes around 10 minutes and it’s pretty much exactly what you want for a PPV opener. Doesn’t outstay its welcome and the action is good from bell to bell. I remember the Scorpio and Bagwell team. They worked surprisingly well as a team but for some reason one of the main memories I have of them is when Jesse used to take the piss out of their matching pink and white tights. Used to remind me of these... Can it get any less intimidating than stepping into the ring looking like a big pair of marshmallows? Yes. It can. Bagwell is trying to dance like Scorpio. Anyway, yeah, it’s a solid little match. I completely forgot that Eaton and Benoit were a makeshift tag team around this time. Bit of an odd pairing but obviously both were brilliant in the ring. This doesn’t come close to the Scorpio vs Benoit singles match at Superbrawl but it’s enjoyable for what it is. 2 Cold and Bagwell come out on top when Scorpio nearly kills Benoit with this...move I can’t name... Christ! He obviously gets the 3 count and Benoit had to be scraped up with a dustpan and brush. Seriously, when you know how the Benoit story ends and you read about the state of his brain, seeing Scorpio land arse first on his head like that is hard to watch. Van Hammer vs ??? Fucking hell. Van Hammer’s still here? Story going in was that Col Robert Parker had arrived in WCW and was looking for someone to manage. He offered his managerial services to Van Hammer (yeah, I don’t know either) and Hammer turned him down and attacked him. So Parker is bringing in a mystery man here to deal with it. Hammer walks out in a generic black singlet for some reason. He looks like he’s never met a steroid he didn’t take. The Colonel comes out now... ”Hammer, you remember just a few short weeks ago, you and I had a disagreement. You physically assaulted me. I told you then, that’s the biggest mistake you’re ever gonna make in your entire life. I also told ya, that you can ride your taxi cab and find you another way down here because I got you a ride for the way home. Bring that gurney on down here!” He then introduces his ‘mystery man’... OH BOLLOCKS. Hammer’s fucked up big time. Big time. Get the fuck out, Hammer. And that’s pretty much the whole match. 35 seconds is all it took. ”This man rules the world. World Championship Wrestling is gonna need a lot of gurneys.” I think you’re right, Larry. I think you’re right. Sid looked like an absolute mega star here. Well he usually did but this felt like something special. The crowd popped big when he walked out, despite him being the heel. And he just looked like the most badass cunt in the world standing on the ramp with his pyro going off. Cappetta announces that we’ve got 3 legends matches coming up now. Let’s see how this goes. Dick Murdoch, Superfly Jimmy Snuka & Don Muraco vs Wahoo McDaniel, Blackjack Mulligan & Jim Brunzell - 6 Man Tag match What an odd looking mix. Snuka and Muraco on the same team, 10 years after their big cage match at MSG, doesn’t make much sense to me. They do tease some dissension but nothing comes of it. This actually wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Fun for what it is. Highlight is definitely Murdoch hitting a sweet flying headscissors! Well Murdoch in general actually. He’s man of the match for me, no doubt. Finish is a mess though, they all start scrapping and the ref just throws the whole thing out. No contest. Surely one of them would’ve done the job? FUN FACT - We’re only 3 matches in and already we’ve had 2 matches featuring murderers. Thunderbolt Patterson & Brad Armstrong vs Ivan Koloff & Baron Von Raschke Talk about the odd one out. Brad Armstrong there. He’s subbing for his dad ‘Bullet’ Bob who’s out with an injury. This is really short with everyone just getting a little moment to do a spot or two. Patterson pins Baron with a chop to the throat. Nothing match but it’s short and inoffensive enough. It’s the ‘A Flair For The Gold’ segment next. I loved these as a kid. And it’s that one. You’ve got two choices, you either fear him or respect him. It’s up to you. This is weird. Flair is having a sly pop at Tully to explain him not being there. Ole is in a tuxedo trying to act all suave and flirting with Flair’s ladies. Then Flair brings out Paul Roma as the 4th man and, if it wasn’t for Flair constantly shouting, you could hear an ant piss on candyfloss. Maybe the audience were just too scared of Roma to make any noise. Flair manages to claw something out of it and end it on a positive note, throwing down the gauntlet to Austin and Pillman, so that’s something to look forward to at least. But Christ, this went down like a fart at a funeral. Dory Funk Jr vs Nick Bockwinkel They hype this as NWA vs AWA. Funk is accompanied by Gene Kiniski, Bockwinkel comes out with Verne Gagne. It’s slow and methodical as you’d expect from these two. Nothing technically wrong with it and they both looked decent for their age. But it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Kiniski keeps interfering for no reason as well, presumably just to get some attention for himself, which makes it a bit of a chore to watch. Ends on a 15 minute draw and they get a nice reception from the crowd. It’s nice that they were given this stage and the finish made sense as it was about raising both mens’ hands at the end of it. It was just a little bit too slow moving for me to really get into. Give me Bockwinkel vs Hennig any day. This, not so much. But it wasn’t bad. Bockwinkel didn’t shake Kiniski’s hand after the match, which makes me think Bock wasn’t happy with him inserting himself into the match so much. And that’s pretty much the legends bit over with. Back to WCW 93. Dustin Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki vs Ravishing Rick Rude & Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff FINALLY! He’s back. For the first time since the Clash in November 92, Rick Rude is back in action. And that’s not the only good news. The ‘tache is back as well! All is right with the world again. ”Second verse, same as the first. A little bit bloodier and a little bit worse. See ya soon, Dustin.” I’ve missed Rude. His absence on the last few shows has been really noticeable. He’s got the US title back as well. He took it off Dustin on Worldwide but it was in controversial fashion. He was declared the winner but both mens’ shoulders were down. This resulted in them battling it out for most of the spring and summer of 93. Orndorff is now the TV champion, having won a tournament in March where he beat Erik Watts in the final. Rude and Orndorff both have lovely blue robes on. And Rude even switches up his pre-match bit to include Orndorff here, telling the crowd to keep the noise down ”while me and Mr Wonderful take our robes off and show the ladies what a couple of real men look like.” The match itself here is OK but Sasaki was either green, awkward as fuck or just really struggled to communicate with Rude and Orndorff because he’s repeatedly off with his timing and positioning. It’s not just a one-off either. It’s good when Dustin is in but Sasaki just wasn’t much use. Almost everything he does looks so clumsy and clunky. Rude and Orndorff get the win when Rude hits the Rude Awakening (which Sasaki fucks up) and pins him (which Sasaki tries to kick out of). Jesus wept. Can we end this WCW/New Japan relationship now please? It’s just not working out. It’s not me, it’s definitely you. I think we both want different things. Shall I ring you a taxi? Gordon Solie is here. The velvet voiced little bastard. You can hear the ladies pants just falling off as he speaks. He says there’s going to be 4 inductees for the WCW Hall Of Fame. Wait, there was a WCW Hall Of Fame? Anyway, Flash Gordon announces that Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, Mr Wrestling II and Eddie Graham are going in. This was pretty cool. There’s a lot of bits with Missy interviewing the legends between these matches but they’re pretty awful so I’ve started skipping them. But I’m not skipping everything that’s awful... Sting vs The Prisoner So yeah, this wasn’t the original match. Sting was meant to face this monster... Scott ‘Flash’ Norton had only debuted about a month before this show. I have vivid memories of him squashing the fuck out of the poor enhancement wrestlers on Worldwide during this time. He was killing them all dead in seconds and looked like the most scary intense beast I’d ever seen. I thought this was the new Big Van Vader at the time. Maybe even scarier. Norton terrified me. And is there any wonder? Just look and listen... And shit yourself. Sadly, this run was seriously short-lived. Within just weeks of signing with WCW, Norton quit. From what I read he wasn’t best pleased about being asked to job to Sting after just a few weeks in the company, so he bailed and fucked off back to Japan. Hopefully taking Sasaki with him. Norton was in a good spot in Japan at the time and was a regular in big matches with the likes of Muta and Hashimoto over there. Probably making some good coin so I can see why he didn’t fancy lying down for The Stinger so soon into his run there. So to cut a long story short, Sting is up against The Prisoner instead. Who is, of course, Nailz from the WWF. Same gimmick, look, ring attire. Just a different name. He’s even carrying the Bossman’s nightstick. This IS Nailz. It’s like Phil Mitchell turning up in the Rovers, as Phil Mitchell, and offering Steve MacDonald out or something. He doesn’t have entrance music and just stomps down the ramp looking like the total psycho that Vince McMahon found out the hard way that he is. We get somewhat of a kayfabe explanation for the opponent switch from Schiavone; ”Apparently, yesterday The Prisoner and Scott Norton had a run-in. And just by looking at The Prisoner you can tell who came out ahead on that one.” Nailz vs Scott Norton in a Brawl For All. That’d put butts in seats. Well, I’d have been up for it anyway. This is more dire than Danny. Only lasts 5 minutes but it felt much longer. Lots of this... And not a lot else. He does offer a variety of chokes though. The old double hander as above, which is likely how he throttled Vince on his desk. He also chokes Sting with his boot, with some cable and with the ropes. Quite a range to his repertoire. Even when Sting fires back, Nailz barely sells it and when he does it looks so awkward. He can’t really bump, can’t take an Irish whip properly. He’s making Van Hammer look like Eddie Guerrero with some of this. I can’t help but laugh. Eventually, Sting puts himself and everyone else out of their misery and gets the pin with a clothesline off the top. Sting’s already halfway down the ramp before Cappetta has even finished declaring him the winner. He’s so done with this shite. Surprisingly, this was one and done for Nailz. He was gone and never to be seen again in WCW. He did pop up in New Japan in 1994 though, for an epic against El Gigante... Meltzer gave it 5 stars and by all accounts WCW regretted letting him go. From that to this... Ox Baker and The Crusher interview where Crusher just rambles on about wanting to face Ox in a cage or something while Ox stands there smiling, patting his belly and messing with his jacket. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on anymore. Bischoff looks every bit as bewildered as I am. What a strange show this has turned out to be. Hollywood Blondes (c) vs Dos Hombres - WCW & NWA World Tag Team Titles Steel Cage match The show gets weirder and weirder as Dos Hombres are out now. It’s meant to be Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas but Douglas had left WCW by this point forcing WCW to scramble for ideas. And you know WCW and ideas. So we got Dos Hombres. Although they come out to Steamboat’s music and Cappetta introduces them as Steamboat and Douglas. You following? Anyway, it’s the Z-Man under the second mask. The commentators just have to pretend it’s Douglas. It’s the best WCW could do under the circumstances, to be fair. Austin and Pillman are the full-on Hollywood Blondes now though. The name, matching ring jackets, matching tights, the lot. And they’re the champions, having beat Steamboat and Douglas on Worldwide back in March. They had a tremendous series of matches between January and about April but mostly on the TV and house shows rather than PPV and Clashes, so we’ve skipped over a lot of that stuff With Douglas gone from the company though, this would serve as the blow-off. It’s a really good match. You can’t go wrong with Steamboat vs the Blondes. And Zenk plays his part as the knock-off future Franchise just fine. Austin especially bumps like a madman here. Bouncing about and getting thrown into the fence a bunch. There’s one spot in particular where Austin gets backdropped into the cage and lands right on his neck. The big moment in the match comes when Steamboat takes his mask off and climbs to the top of the cage; The Blondes kick out though. Steamboat DDTs both Austin and Pillman and Dos Hombres get another near fall with double dropkicks. But then Austin catches ‘Douglas’ with the Stun Gun out of the blue and it’s over. The Hollywood Blondes keep the gold. Barry Windham (c) vs Arn Anderson - NWA World Heavyweight Title This can’t be shite. Surely this will break the run of underwhelming NWA title matches we’ve seen so far. They get right off to a fast start and Arn is all over him. He keeps hitting Windham with different moves and going for pinfalls, trying to catch him off-guard early on. Within a couple of minutes he’s already hit the big DDT and come close a couple of times with 2 counts. I love heel Windham from this period. He’s such a nasty bastard. It goes back and forth but the big turning point comes when Double A smashes Windham’s head into the railing and busts him open pretty bad. Yeah, Windham’s head is pissing blood. But this swings it back in Big Baz’s favour and Arn’s hurt his knee now. Man, this is a proper battle. And it hasn’t even been going that long. Momentum shifts again as Arn hits the spinebuster! But he’s too hurt to follow up and Windham bails to the floor. He wants out. He’s grabbed his belt and is fucking off down the ramp. Arn brings him back in the ring and is taking it to him but he knocks the ref down, allowing Windham just enough time to whack him with the belt and knock him out. The ref recovers and Windham gets the pin. Really loved that match. My only criticism would be it was a tad short at around 10 minutes and I wasn’t a big fan of the finish with the ref bump. Hell of a match while it lasted though. No foreplay, they just got straight down to business. I think if they’d had just a little bit more time to play with and had a better finish, this would be a match that would be talked about a lot more. Big Van Vader (c) vs British Bulldog - WCW World Heavyweight Title Main event time. They’re not messing about with Davey Boy are they? From Bill Irwin to Vader in 2 PPVs. Vader was fresh off destroying Cactus Jack here. The memorable (although not for Cactus) incident that saw Vader powerbomb Cactus on the concrete and left him wondering around Cleveland not knowing who he was. This is a fun power match with the story being that Bulldog is the first man Vader has faced who is strong enough to consistently chuck Vader about. And that he does. He throws Vader all about the gaff here like nobody else has before. He even hits Vader with that delayed vertical suplex, which is such an impressive visual and the crowd goes nuts for it. Vader does finally take over though and he beats Davey Boy down in typical bully fashion. Lots of punches in the corner, clubbing forearms and big splashes. Fuck me. Bulldog was an absolute tank in 93. He hits Vader with the running powerslam but Harley Race yanks him out of the ring by the braids. Bulldog goes after Race and suplexes him on the floor. So Vader just comes and twats him with a chair for the DQ. Bulldog wins but Vader is still champion. Scorpio and Bagwell run in to stop Vader doing any further damage but he just mows them all down with ease. Finally Sting makes the save for for new buddy Bulldog. Odd show really. Proper mixed bag. Enjoyed the main event but the finish was disappointing. Windham vs Anderson was the match of the night for me. Loved that. The cage match was really good too. As was Sid’s (re)debut. The legends stuff went on a bit too much for my liking though. Probably would’ve been better if they just kept it to one match and the HOF ceremony. Doing 3 legends matches in a row kind of killed the show off, right when the crowd were buzzing coming off Sid’s return. Regardless, moving forward we’ve got Rude back, more of the Hollywood Blondes, more Sid to come. And Regal should appear soon, he’s been in the company since January.
  12. Yeah, on its own I’m actually interested to see that fight. I think Aspen Ladd has some real potential and this’ll be her first time in with a proper seasoned striker and her first 5 rounder. But as a main event it’s just dead on arrival. No getting away from it. They’d have been better off just sticking the Faber fight on top, even with Ricky Simon not being well known. Faber will almost certainly be the biggest star on the card, he’s the hometown boy and his comeback will be the main talking point going into the show anyway. That will be the ‘peoples main event’. The crowd will probably be dead after Faber’s fight. Some probably won’t even stick around for Ladd vs GDR. I suppose one of the reasons for not putting Faber vs Simon on top is maybe that they didn’t want to put Faber straight into a 5 rounder in his first fight back. But fuck...I get wanting to give a prospect like Ladd some spotlight but you can do that by sticking her in a featured fight under a big fight. Even her prelim fight with Evinger, that got more attention than it probably would’ve usually because it was on the Khabib vs McGregor card. Oh well. They’re not all going to be blockbusters. That Sacramento show’s on my birthday as well. Could’ve given me something a bit better. Edit - Just looked up the card on Wiki. They’ve got Josh Emmett vs Mirsad Bektic and a really intriguing Darren Elkins vs Ryan Hall fight on there. They’re the standouts so far for me. But yeah, it’s not the best of cards.
  13. Probably been posted already but thought this picture of Dustin and Cody was pretty cool;
  14. Didn’t even know he was doing MMA. Eddie Hearn has started following Ross Pearson on Twitter, for whatever that’s worth. So maybe expect Ross to get his brains scrambled on a Matchroom card near you in the not too distant future? ☹️
  15. That and Jaffa Cakes aren’t a fucking biscuit! The clue’s in the name. Cake. And there isn’t any sodding biscuit in there.
  16. Wilder’s tweeted this... They couldn’t have just waited a few days to see how Joshua vs Ruiz played out before deciding their next move? The prevailing narrative seems to always be that AJ is ducking him but this smacks to me of them making sure Wilder is tied into another fight before Saturday night, so they have yet another excuse not to take the fight. While I don’t think any of the major parties are blameless, I think it’s pretty clear at this point what the main reason is for Joshua vs Wilder not getting made. The Yanks can keep going ‘just fight Wilder’ to AJ all they want but how is he supposed to do that when Wilder’s dancing around the question after the Brezeale fight, then signing to fight Ortiz again just days before AJ fights? Somehow this will still be spun as AJ being terrified of him and Hearn dodging it. But the way I see it, as slimy as I find Hearn, at least he seems to want to talk about the fight. In practically every interview he’s done over the last couple of months he’s saying he wants to sit down with Wilder and co and get the fight made. Wilder either doesn’t comment at all or when he is point blank asked about it like post-fight against Brezeale, he’s all non-committal. At this point, I hope Ortiz beats him and we somehow get Joshua vs Fury instead.
  17. Fuck! Never seen that before. Jericho had a few scares in his WCW days. This one with Gedo at Halloween Havoc 97 could’ve easily been another Droz situation; Actually, it’s the tights isn’t it? They must be his unlucky tights or something.
  18. I was even half expecting something like Faber vs BJ Penn. As sad as that would be at this point. It’s a name fight and a kind of ‘seniors’ match that Faber would almost certainly win. Then with the rust off, maybe look at other fights. Yeah, another go with Barao might’ve been decent too. I’d get this more if Dillashaw wasn’t suspended. Faber vs Dillashaw is a natural fight, although Faber would’ve most likely got proper battered. Like you, I just don’t really see where this leads. He’s even saying himself he’s not necessarily looking for a run at the title. So what’s the crack? It’s not like there’s really any obvious money fights about in his weight range. And the top boys at 135/145 will smoke him at this point. Fair play if he still wants to compete but I don’t see it ending well for him. I kind of felt like he was one of the few guys who did it right and retired at as close to the perfect time as possible. And on a win in his hometown to boot. I don’t see him ending his career any better than he did then.
  19. It’s really good. I think you’ll like it. I don’t know what I was expecting but Cactus Jack and Paul Orndorff isn’t really a combination that you’d necessarily expect to work but it did, brilliantly. And it was a nice change of pace seeing Orndorff in that kind of match. Orndorff is someone I really didn’t appreciate fully until years after he retired but every time I’ve seen anything of his 93-95 WCW run he’s nearly always been a highlight of any show he’s on. I only remember Pretty Wonderful vaguely but him and Roma were an ideal fit really. Much better than Roma as a Horseman anyway.
  20. Sergey Khandozhko who debuts on this card on Saturday...
  21. Bit surprised if that’s the case. Judging by how Hardy was hinting at it in that video I posted I thought it must be something juicier than that. A biggish name or something. Although nobody obvious is springing to mind. Ricky Simon might beat him, to be honest. I thought he looked a bit of a beast when he beat Rani Yahya (who’s never been easy to beat or look good against) on whichever show it was a few months back. And Faber never looked very good really in his last year or so fighting. Unless becoming a dad has really lit a fire under him like with Cerrone or something, I find it hard to see him having much success in his comeback.
  22. Superbrawl III February 21st 1993 Asheville, North Carolina Again, only seen a couple of matches off this, the main event and Scorpio-Benoit, but never seen the whole show before. Looking at the card as a whole now it looks really good. What this show is most remembered for though, is clearly the ‘White Castle Of Fear’ promos. What exactly was this bollocks?; 😂 Anyway, continuing with the weirdness... We’re met with this sight at the top of the show before handing over to the announcers. And Jim Ross has finally fucked off to get his toga on. It’s Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura at the desk now. Bill Watts has also gone from the company. It’s all change in WCW land. Here’s Watts talking about how and why he left WCW; I’m assuming this interview was done before he found God? Fuck me. We’ve got Maxx Payne doing a version of the national anthem with his guitar now. Look at the state. Stunning Steve Austin & Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Erik Watts They’re still not officially known as the Hollywood Blondes yet but they’re sort of halfway there. They have the matching tights now with the stars on their arse but no snazzy silver waistcoats yet. Pretty good show opener. Goes around 15 minutes and it’s a decent match in spite of Bagwell still being a bit green and Watts’ all around crapness. It’s amazing how Austin and Pillman clicked as a team so quickly. They’d only started teaming a matter of weeks before this and already they feel like a proper established tag team. The Blondes win when Bagwell hits a fisherman’s suplex on Pillman and, while he’s bridging, Austin comes off the top with an elbow to the ribs. Pillman gets the pin and it’s over. Best thing in WCW at this point. 2 Cold Scorpio vs Chris Benoit Saw this on the Benoit DVD years ago and remember it being good. These two wrestled a lot in Japan in singles and tags so they have that chemistry and their timing is pretty much down to perfection. Oh fuck, Jesse and Tony are making their predictions for this match. This line from Jesse hasn’t really aged well; ”I’m gonna go with Benoit. You know why? He’s got a little more of the killer instinct in him.” Little did we know just how much he had that in him. Jesse ‘The Prophet’ Ventura did. This is the first time we’re really getting to see what 2 Cold can do. Up until now he’s either been in short matches with bigger opponents or he’s been saddled with shitehawks like Scotty Flamingo. This is his first real opportunity to shine. And shine he does. This is such a fantastic match. Like Pillman vs Liger from the previous year’s Superbrawl, this is the kind of match that would’ve blown my mind and been a real eye opener if I’d seen it at the time. Nobody else in the WWF or WCW were having matches quite like this in 1993. Benoit is a vicious little shit in this match. While most of Scorpio’s offence consists of high flying and flashy attacks. Despite all the fancy stuff though, they still manage to make it feel like a struggle and a fight. It’s not just flips for the sake of flips. There’s a 20 minute time limit and as we go deeper into the match, 2 Cold starts to pull ahead and comes mega close on a few near falls. With about a minute left on the clock Scorpio lands this...whatever you call it splash and nearly gets the win. In the dying seconds Benoit gets control again. He goes for a dragon suplex but Scorpio reverses it and rolls him up for the 3 count with ONE SECOND TO GO! Scorpio wins! 19:59 is the official time. Tremendous match and the finish was really well done. British Bulldog vs Wild Bill Irwin The British Bulldog is here, whether he wants to be or not. He probably didn’t really, to be honest. He’d been let go by the WWF in late 1992, along with the Ultimate Warrior, because steroids. I remember seeing him pop up on Worldwide one Saturday afternoon at the time and being in shock. Obviously this was pre-internet and I was only 7 years old. I didn’t know he was gone from the WWF. Looking back, this was probably my first time experiencing a big name switching to the other promotion. I just remember that even back then, seeing Davey Boy in a WCW ring was surreal. I don’t think I ever got used to it and I don’t think I ever will. It still looks weird to me now. This is his big debut so they give him a squash match. Bill Irwin is probably mostly remembered for his stint as The Goon in the WWF in 1996. He’s doing a sort of a discount Stan Hansen gimmick here, coming out wearing a cowboy hat and whipping everything in sight with a big strap. Not much to this match. It’s purely an introduction to WCW for the Bulldog. Although the fans know exactly who he is and he got a big reaction on his entrance. Interesting exchange between Jesse and Tony here. Wonder who they’re on about; Jesse: You’ve been doing your homework. Tony: I sure have. You’ve gotta be prepared. Jesse: No-one’s more prepared as an announcer than you, Schiavone. You know, some people can lose their jobs not being prepared. Back to the match, this only goes about 5 minutes, with Davey basically just doing a medley of his signature moves before putting Wild Bill away with the old running powerslam. Easy money. Oh, get the popcorn out. The Bulldog’s about to do an interview. ”Well, Tony Schiavone. What a welcome it’s bin for the British Bulldog. Right here in Asheville, LIVE ON PAY PER VIEW! I’ve come to the WCW for one reason. That is to become the world...championship heavyweight champion of the world. But let’s get down to it. Big Van Vader, I’m lookin’ forward to your match tonight...with The Sting...and the strap. But Van Vader, if you ‘appen to keep that belt tonight, just remember one thing. The British Bulldog is here...in the WCW. And the British Bulldog is ‘UNGRY...and he’s comin’ after you. All 400lbs plus. I’m ‘ungry and I’m gonna eat you up Van Vader. With all the support of MY FANS...” Bischoff is with Paul Orndorff for an interview now for our next match but before Orndorff can even spit a sentence out, Cactus appears with a big fuck off shovel. It’s on. Cactus Jack vs Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff - Falls Count Anywhere match Never seen this before but I bloody loved it. Proper wild brawl. Cactus seemed well into it as well. The babyface turn seems to have rejuvenated him. They start in the aisle and Cactus is chasing him around with the shovel like a lunatic. They scrap around ringside and Cactus does that goofy sunset flip spot off the apron to the concrete. Makes me wince every time. Orndorff is great here. Looks double hard and he seems totally in his element just battering Cactus all about the place. This was my favourite bit. This is like one of those Attitude era arena-wide brawls you used to get with Austin and Rock, but years ahead of time. Cactus gets the win with a shovel shot in about 12 minutes. Great stuff. If you haven’t seen it I’d highly recommend this match. Rock & Roll Express vs Heavenly Bodies Yet another really fun match. This was originally going to be the Rock & Rolls vs Wrecking Crew, so this is actually a vast improvement. No Jimmy Del Ray I’m afraid though, this is the Tom Prichard/Stan Lane version of the Bodies. But yeah, a really enjoyable match. They don’t even do anything special it’s just really good old school tag team wrestling. Cornette is his usual antagonising self at ringside and all 4 men in the ring are still quality at this stage. Finish comes when Bobby Eaton interferes, accidentally costs the Bodies the match and Gibson gets the pin. Sadly this was the end of these lot in WCW as the deal/angle with Smoky Mountain went tits up when Bill Watts left. Of course, Smoky Mountain ended up having a working relationship up north instead and the Bodies and Cornette were in the WWF by the summer. Dustin Rhodes (c) vs Maxx Payne - WCW United States Title Bit of backstory here. Rick Rude was stripped of the US title and Rhodes won the vacant belt by winning a tournament, beating Steamboat in the final. Apparently this was meant to be Rhodes vs Simmons but Big Ron’s shoulder is still knackered. This was the first actual bad match on the show. Even Dustin couldn’t polish this turd. He tries his best but Payne just looks well out of his comfort zone here. He’s much more suited to the brawling style stuff he was later involved in when he was teaming with Cactus. In this kind of match his flaws are exposed big time. Even with someone as good as Rhodes in the opposite corner. Dustin just can’t really do much with him at all. After years of having the likes of Rude, Austin, Anderson and Eaton bouncing around at a high pace, being paired with this big, plodding, fat Jo Brand lookalike must’ve been a bit of a shock to the system. And to top off a crappy match, we get an even crappier finish. Dustin has Maxx in an abdominal stretch (does Maxx even have abdominals?) and Maxx shoves the referee as he breaks out of it. That’s it. Dustin retains on a DQ and I’m just glad it’s over. Why couldn’t we have had the Rhodes vs Steamboat tournament final here instead of this mess? WOOOOOOH! He’s back. This is fair to Flair. Schiavone interviews him. It’s not as good as the Bulldog’s money promo but it’s decent. He basically just makes it known that he’s coming to regain the belt he “never lost” and he’s joining Tony and Jesse as a guest commentator for this next match... Great Muta (c) vs Barry Windham - NWA World Heavyweight Title Another match I don’t think I’ve ever watched. But this one has always intrigued me. Big fan of both so I’m looking forward to seeing how they mesh here. Muta looks fucking badass in his entrance get-up with the big gold belt. Has a real superstar presence about him. Like I said before about the Sting vs Vader matches, there’s a big fight atmosphere at the start of this one. Despite the previous NWA title matches with Chono being cack, this still has a feel of importance to it. Unfortunately, I found this match a real disappointment. Nowhere near as good as it should’ve been given the talent involved. Whether they just didn’t have good chemistry or what, fuck knows. But this just didn’t hit the spot. It goes 24 minutes and for the most part it’s just a bit dull and boring. I mean, it’s not the worst match you’ll ever see. There’s nothing actually technically wrong with what they do, it’s just that not much happens. A massive chunk of it is spent exchanging long headlock sequences. It picks up a little bit towards the end though. The finish comes when Muta goes for the moonsault but Windham gets the knees up. A jumping DDT later and it’s all over. Barry Windham finally holds a major world title. Shame it was a belt that meant little at the time and in a match that wasn’t very good. Windham deserved better than that. Flair straps the belt on the new champion post-match. Windham looks surprised when he sees it’s Flair putting the belt on him but it all goes by without incident and Flair leaves Baz to it. What exactly was it with these NWA title matches being so underwhelming during this time? Chono vs Rude at Halloween Havoc was shite, then Chono vs Muta at Starrcade was a bit cack, now Muta vs Windham falls way short of what it could’ve been. All these matches looked good-great on paper yet they were all letdowns in practice. Big Van Vader vs Sting - White Castle Of Fear Strap match It’s a non-title match for some reason, despite Vader being the reigning WCW champion. Ah, it says this is ‘non sanctioned’ by WCW so that’ll be why. Vader continues his tradition of wearing wacky accessories on his entrances for these Sting matches. At the Great American Bash it was the big smoking elephant mask thing, at Starrcade he went all gangsta with a black bandana, now this ensemble; They’re 1-1 in big PPV matches at this point. This is a ‘rubber match’ of sorts. And once again, they deliver. This is fucking incredible. Probably the best match in their series so far for me. I’m not usually much of a fan of strap matches but these two do it properly. Vader starts off in control but Sting manages to get the upper hand. He hits 2 big splashes off the top then starts whipping Vader to bits with the strap until his back is bleeding. His back is red raw. Sting has him in trouble. Vader does finally turn the tide though and Sting catches a proper beating for a bit. Vader lands a Vaderbomb splash, returns the favour whipping Sting’s back with the strap and kills him with a big Samoan Drop off the top rope. Sting has brief moments of hope but Vader snuffs them out at every turn and keeps the punishment coming. Sting’s getting fucked up. Sting rallies though and makes a big comeback with a release German suplex, a DDT and then repeatedly punches the crap out of him in the corner. He nearly touches the 4 corners but falls at the last one. Vader is a mess, bleeding badly from the ear. Sting’s also bleeding from the forehead. Sting is spent and Vader manages to touch all 4 corners for the win. Vader wins. Barely. Sting attacks him with the strap after and Vader looks like he wants absolutely no part of it. Here’s Vader not too long before he died talking about the series of matches with Sting... The bit about his son wanting to live in the ‘White Castle Of Fear’ 😆 We get a quick promo from the new NWA world champion Barry Windham before the credits roll; He says no championship belt is safe, he’s coming for them all. And we’re done. That was a hell of a show. Dustin Rhodes vs Maxx Payne was the only outright bad match. Aside from that and Muta vs Windham being a bit of a bore, it was all pretty great. Vader vs Sting, Cactus vs Orndorff and Scorpio vs Benoit especially were all tremendous. Slamboree next. Fucking Nailz is on that one.
  23. Faber’s actually been on about fighting again recently. And he grappled at Polaris the other day. He’s always got something on the go, old Arse Chin. This is worth a watch; Oh, Faber’s actually saying he’s already accepted a comeback fight. The UFC are back in Sacramento this summer so that would make sense.
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