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  1. Bruce Prichard's been using it for years on his podcast when doing impressions of Vince McMahon. Just watched the FFFH segment. If I'd watched that at 3am and then gone to sleep I would have woken up this morning convinced it was a dream.
  2. Putting the quality of the show to the side....I quite liked Wrestlemania being 2 nights. Hopefully they do that every year from now.
  3. Today's episode of WrestleMe was horrible. Why did they push Miz instead of John Morrison? Why didn't they use Yoshi Tatsu "correctly"? Come off it. If they expect people to pay £8 a month for more of that then they're dreaming surely?
  4. They've got "essentials" now. There's 5 or 6 of them on there, but I think it's just match compliations....no promos, moments, interviews etc.
  5. It’s been moved to Paramount.
  6. Last week’s isn’t even showing for me.
  7. PWInsider has confirmed one of those names. I read something about one of the others, but can't remember where, so can't give the source for that.
  8. Even if it was available, the quality of their DVDs was so bad it made them almost unwatchable. I remember that Burridge/Cabana vs. Williams/McGuinness match being really good.
  9. They were in a tag team match against each other on that show, so probably the one you're remembering.
  10. They've been trying to move Takeovers away from weekend sharing anyway, I think Summerslam this year is the only one (Mania would have been, obvs) so possibly next year they won't do a Takeover Mania weekend.
  11. I think next year will end up being a 2 day event now. By doing it 2 days this year it's an easier transition to do it next year aswell.
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