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  1. I haven't watched any of Raw yet, but was it announced they've just signed contracts? Or just that they do have contracts? Because before they first appeared it was announced a new faction would be debuting tonight, so it'd make sense that they'd been signed to contracts at that time, obviously WWE executives didn't know the chaos they would bring, but also that'd mean they should have known who they are.
  2. The episodes of Velocity going up today are just random episodes it seems, rather than any kind of chronological selection. I guess for a show with no real storylines it doesn't really matter, but seems like an odd decision to have made.
  3. The question is why do they always have one camera that they only cut to when Retribution are in the ring? Why would the producers of Raw set that camera up, then ignore it for the 3 hours, the poor operator is probably bored out his mind, but then uh-oh, they've showed up, wake up Billy, shake that camera about a bit please.
  4. Next Monday I think they'll be uploaded.
  5. Probably why they've done it now. All the morons would be cheering him. You only had to look at how many of the virtual audience were clapping when he won at Payback.
  6. NXT UK’s big announcement was they are doing an 8 man trophy tournament where all the matches will be traditional British rules.
  7. I watched that last night. Really liking the Timeline series. Nice for them to cover some feuds without doing a full on documentary type show like "Rivalries"
  8. In the unlikely event no one has seen it, Beyond The Mat will be on Netflix next month.
  9. I've never seen anyone say that, but it wouldn't surprise me. Those people are idiots obviously.
  10. I think you just answered your own question there.
  11. London show is now May 3rd 2021. It's Raw instead of Smackdown now too.
  12. Just read that Molly Holly and Tamina Snuka are the same age. That seems impossible. Had no idea Molly Holly was so young.
  13. Was that ever in doubt? Or was it newz sitez running click bait headlines to make it sound like something it wasn't? I thought it was pretty clear from the start that it was only their gimmick names they're not allowed to use.
  14. Do you count the Raws that were Tribute to the Troops before that became a seperate thing?
  15. It was the match stipulation. Winners get a title shot, losers have to break up, but I don't know where the stipulation came from as I only watched the highlights. They were originally upset about the loss and breakup, but then Peyton threw Billie into Jessamyn Duke, so most likely blames her for losing the match and they'll probably end up feuding.
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