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  1. You do remember reading about it, but you almost certainly haven't seen it. They did have a match in June 1995. I was convinced for years that there was an episode of Raw in 1997 where a new faction debuted, there was 3 of them, they won a jobber match and then we never saw them again. Didn't happen though.
  2. Funny that people have spent the last 2 decades moaning that WWE have too many PPVs and should go back to having 4 like they did when they were a kid and now AEW are doing that, people are moaning that AEW aren't doing enough PPVs and and the TV shows aren't building to anything. Almost like wrestling fans are really hard to please and moan about everything.
  3. My memory plays tricks with me because I have a very strong memory of walking into the living room and both my older brothers were watching Wrestlemania 7 and I had no idea what wrestling was and I sat down and watched it with them. But I also have a memory of kids trading the cards and stickers at school and me not knowing what they were. I specifically remember someone having an Ultimate Warrior card and being amazed by it. I think both those things probably happened at around the same time, probably the cards first, not giving it much thought afterwards and then walking in on my brothers, putting it together that this was what those cards were for and going from there. Specifically the match I walked in on was Nasty Boys vs Hart Foundation, but I do seem to remember The Undertaker's match really being the one that caught by attention.
  4. Or someone in the pub told him about it.
  5. They don’t need to do them both anymore, so I suspect a Raw tour later in the year. It being a Friday, a bank holiday and only one show rather than 2 will surely mean an increase in attendance for Smackdown.
  6. They didn’t debut until 2006, so that’s probably why they weren’t tag team of the year 2005. That honour was given to The Dicks I imagine.
  7. If you don't get it, I can't see that you truly belong here.
  8. Yeh, I can't believe they didn't make the Highlanders world champions on their debut with a 2 year long undefeated streak. Buried, they were.
  9. I paid £99 for a seat in the top section, but I'm 4th row of the top section and dead centre with the ring, so pretty good price I'd say.
  10. There is, they’re already selling tickets for it.
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