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  1. It's also a massive arena. 4th biggest indoor arena in America. They're used to it though. Most Smackdowns and the occasional Raw have no one on the hard camera side, other than a few rows on the floor, but it's never happened at a PPV before that I can think of.
  2. https://www.itv.com/news/2019-06-21/fyter-fest-and-fight-for-the-fallen-available-in-uk-ireland-through-fite-tv-in-collaboration-with-itv-box-office/
  3. They're going to have a PPV with almost the entire camera side blocked off. Has that ever happened before? Tickets are just far too expensive for most people/families.
  4. You're right in a lot of cases, but using Mike & Maria Kanellis as an example doesn't make sense, because they are being used on 205 Live most weeks so they obviously do have a use for them.
  5. Tapped? You mean taped I am guessing, as in it is a Smackdown TV....yes, it 100% is.
  6. TIL Chris Morris from Brass Eye is from the same place as me. Saw Nick Aldis on there too as well as the ones you've mentioned.
  7. I don’t think anyone doubted that there was 4,000 people there. I’d say it was a bit more.
  8. A dog didn't invade the pitch, it was there for the whole show. It was a security dog. It was probably getting bored so its handler let it run about a bit. The area where the show was taking place was about 1/8th of the pitch and the dog was running around in one of the other 7/8ths.
  9. He's actually had 7 matches in the last 12 months according to cagematch. I'm sure WWE will put a stop to the use of the WCW name and logo if this is a legit thing that's going to happen.
  10. Seemed to work out OK for them.
  11. To be fair on that, it was 50 wrestlers who didn't wrestle a match, not didn't appear. And I don't understand why people are complaining about that, when people have spent ages complaining that the wrestlers get no time off, are overexposed etc, have matches each week just for the sake of having a match, then as soon as a few people go a few weeks without appearing, they complain about that too. Surely it's good to have a bit of a rotation on the undercard, so it's not the same wrestlers every week.
  12. WWE book most their venues a year in advance. It's not beyond belief that they booked this venue 5 months ago. Also, "Download would ordinarily be a house show". This is the first Download since NXT UK begun. Given they've done TV tapings at Axxess, them doing it at Download doesn't mean anything unusual. 6th most watched show on the Network last week. 3 of the top 5 were one off specials. More viewers than 205 Live. Saying no one watches it is silly.
  13. R-Truth just lost the 24/7 title to Jinder Mahal then won it back at a golf course. Jinder was in his ring gear, naturally.
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