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  1. I'd rather keep paying £10 a month and keep what we have, than get it slightly cheaper and get the toss that Peacock sounds like. Maybe it'll get better in time though.
  2. All fair points and no I don't judge her for taking the money at all. But if she believed in what she said that much then she wouldn't have gone back.
  3. Her values, beliefs and principles didn't matter as much to her once she started earning less money.
  4. People in the crowd have said it was the loudest pop they’ve ever heard.
  5. It was AWA. Only 7 episodes though.
  6. When I was play wrestling with my brother in the living room we'd always have matches where we play as real wrestlers but then we'd do one match where we were ourselves, and for that match I always used House of the Rising Sun by Muse as my entrance music.
  7. I reckon that's pretty much it. He doesn't need the job, so if they start telling him to act more like Vic Joseph, he'll just say "ok, see ya". I was going to say earlier though, him being as good as he is just makes Michael Cole even worse to listen to.
  8. But funnily enough the first person to actually appear in front of the crowd was Harry Smith.
  9. 14,000 tickets sold for their New York show in September already apparently (tickets went on sale today).
  10. Just saw this horrific statistic. Natalya’s been in WWE as long as Bret Hart was.
  11. I don't get it....I can understand them deciding to not make any new documentaries for whatever reason, but this and the Luger one and perhaps the Nexus one, have already been made, so why wouldn't they show them? And if the reason is they want it to be on before a PPV so more people watch it....do people really watch WWE Network like that? Surely not. PPVs sure, but are people sitting waiting for the debut on the live stream for an interview show? You'd just watch it on demand when you fancy it. The fact they still have a 24 hour live stream I find strange enough. Also what happened to the second half of the Ruthless Agression series? Surely that's already been made too.
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