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  1. Probably because that's not what USA Network are paying for. Raw is a live event show and that's what USA Network want on at 8pm on a Monday. They have other shows, This Week in WWE etc, plus endless YouTube videos, that cover all that stuff you want If that's what you want to watch, it's there for you.
  2. Why do you feel sorry for her? I thought she’s been given time off she asked for to finish her studies.
  3. That “Sign Guy” twat I saw him walking around in his stupid outfit one Wrestlemania week and someone asked him for a photo and he obliged but was properly acting like he was a celeb, like OK but I’m really busy, I’m surprised you’d want to meet me I’m not famous, while wearing his outfit he only wears cos he’s desperate to get noticed and recognised.
  4. Alberto del Rio "main evented" Wrestlemania 7 months after his debut, but whether you want to call that main eventing or not is definitely up for debate. I met Bianca Belair's mum at Axxess 4 years ago. She was sitting next to me and when Bianca came out for her match she was going mental. She then told me, without me asking, that she was Bianca's mum, as an explanation/apology for her over excitement. The pride and joy of seeing her kid wrestling in front of 400 people who don't really know who she is in Orlando was crazy. Can't imagine how she's reacted seeing Bianca main
  5. As Natalya is coming to the ring Michael Cole says she's decided it's time to stop living off her family's name (the only thing she's ever had going for her). I assume this is something she's said in a promo recently. This is as she comes to the ring wearing pink and black and to a remixed version of Bret Hart's theme. She also went to do the Sharpshooter in the match, although she didn't do it. Has there ever been someone so shit for so long that for some reason WWE/other wrestlers talk about as if they're one of the greatest of all time? And they pair her with Tamina, the on
  6. Kane describing Knox County as the greatest place in the world was a good one. It's probably not even the greatest place in Tennessee. A mayor who loves his town though is probably a good mayor. Some of the speeches were cut to be way too short. I don't think people's complaints is speeches being too long, it's that there's too many long speeches. If they inducted 4 people a year and let them talk for 25 minutes each I don't think anyone would have any complaints.
  7. Not her first Wrestlemania technically, if you count kick off shows or not.
  8. If they couldn’t find any footage of her they could have just not inducted her at all. It is possible some very old tapes they bought were mislabelled and someone who would have no idea didn’t notice and just went with what it was labelled as.
  9. Didn't she do a shoot interview DVD, where she just said nice things about everyone (the opposite of most shoot interviews) and donated all the money it made to Crash Holly's family?
  10. Also... Why do they have to have everyone on Mania making the show 6 hours long? then Why have they relegated the tag team title match to Smackdown? Those guys deserve to be on Wrestlemania, the show can be longer.
  11. I suspect most people going will be locals. Without Axxess, Raw etc I can't imagine many people flying across the country to go, although obviously some are. Although the amount of indy shows taking place is still surprisingly high. It's been said that about 40% of people who go to Wrestlemania usually are from the host city. I don't think the quality of the lineup matters much to people choosing to go this year, like it ever does anyway. People go to Wrestlemania for the experience, rarely for a specific match or wrestler and this year is going to be a unique experience for sur
  12. Am I understanding correctly that even though night 1 of Stand & Deliver is on the USA Network, it is on the WWE Network aswell? (unless it's in the USA only?) And Night 2 is only on WWE Network?
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