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  1. So, Smackdown on Saturdays and Raw on Sunday. I wonder if Smackers will be the previous night's show....I'd assume not and it will be a week old as Raw will be 6 days old when it gets shown. Pretty good deal for WWE though as I'd assume BT Sports has a much lower viewership overall than Sky Sports, so getting something on channels everyone can get for free, even if it's a week old and highlights, that's still going to allow for more casual eyes to catch it.
  2. Just to quote myself from the AEW thread. I don't read or listen to much of Meltzer, but this clip cracked me up. The context was Bryan Alvarez saying we hadn't seen Nakazawa for 4 weeks since Pac beat him up in the locker room and clearly jokingly saying he must have been in the dressing room for 4 weeks and Meltzer with every strand of seriousness in his body replies saying that's not possible because they were in a different city 4 weeks ago.
  3. He's more likely to be taking Canadian Destroyers from Marko Stunt.
  4. What's that based on? Bea Priestley above Tommaso Ciampa?
  5. Only just read about this match today. From a 2003 Video Game Awards, during the ceremony they did a match.
  6. Bryan: "Apparently he has been in the dressing room for 4 weeks" Dave: "Nah, they're in a different city" Meltzer really is a classic.
  7. Big Show will no doubt turn on Kevin Owens within the next couple of weeks. Probably cry while he's doing it.
  8. Either way, he hasn’t wrestled on NXT or 205 Live (also removed from the 205 Live opening) since October, so he’s not part of anything at the moment.
  9. I can see Barthel and Aichner winning.
  10. He looks as old then than he does now, which given what he's been through is pretty incredible. I remember getting the 1998 or 1999 calendar as a Christmas present and it had Sable on the front cover lying almost naked on a beach and some of my family were a bit surprised that I'd got that as a present...had to show the them the inside of the calender to prove it wasn't porn. They were much happier when they realised I would have half naked men on my wall instead.
  11. Though tomorrow is a highlights of the year show.
  12. So Randy Orton intentionally lost a match and wasted hours of doctors time and made his friends, employers and fans worry about his potential career ending injury, just so he can do an RKO on AJ Styles? I suppose he sees it as more of a psychological advantage he now has over AJ, but I'm sure he could have found an easier way of doing it.
  13. https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/español/20191228-comunicado-cinta-de-oro-nuevo-director-de-desarrollo-internacional/# Sin Cara has been appointed Director of International Development for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Bit of an unusual piece of news.
  14. The Dart

    WWE in 2020

    I’m counting Axxess.
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