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  1. I think it's just supposed to be rubbish. You can get Megabus from Orlando to Tampa, it's really really cheap, takes just over 2 hours. The departure times might not be great though. I used Megabus from New York to Washington and had no complaints.
  2. Even if he did that doesn’t excuse what they did.
  3. The Cruiserweight match being included made me think 205 Live might become NXT: 205 Live or something and be shown live on the Network before NXT each Wednesday from Full Sail, as they haven't said anything about 205 Live moving to Fridays and they have said they want to have a live weekly show on the Network and it being from Full Sail will improve it so much and then they can have the Cruiserweights appear on NXT and as part of its roster and rather than someone like Kushida for example changing brands from NXT to 205, they can just appear on 205 Live, a bit like they do occasionally now anyway, still part of NXT, just as part of the Cruiserweight roster.
  4. The Simpsons is a good comparison. In 2002 it was getting 10 million viewers a week more than it does now. Yet it makes massive money still, the actors are all paid 3 times as much as they were in 2002 etc
  5. You seem like you have a really good understanding of wrestling, so I'm surprised you don't seem to understand that these guys are both heels. You have a point with The Miz though, but most everyone in WWE seems to be really easily distracted and easy to defeat just because some music's playing or whatever.
  6. I'd imagine it probably happens more often than we know about. I'm sure I read a while back that there was a Raw where D-Von Dudley and Billy Kidman ran it because neither Triple H or Vince McMahon were there.
  7. Sorry if this isn’t the correct thread for this but I don’t know where else to put it... why are so many wrestling fans complete pricks? Just been to a show and a pastry faced potato head fan had a megaphone with him, saying 2 everytime there was a 2 count but also doing commentary, luckily not throughout, but like you would with your friends, he was alone of course...but the occasional remark about the match, calling out moves etc. He also said “what’s next” after each match. All through a megaphone! How desperate for some attention can you be?
  8. You’re the one who reported it you melon. It was never reported anywhere else online that I saw. Just here, by you.
  9. He wasn’t doing it during Kushida’s match.
  10. I was at ‘the Garden’ tonight. Don’t know how it was on TV, obviously, but live that was a bloody good show.
  11. Reading that during the same match Bodom spat at a fan too. That fan wants to look at getting the police involved in that.
  12. He still posts his bollocks on other forums.
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