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  1. I'm excited it's in Tampa. People loved New Orleans as a host city and I think for the reasons people liked NO, people will like Tampa (not as much though obviously). From my fairly limited experience of Tampa (been there twice), much like NO, there's 2 main areas where fans are likely to converge in the evenings after/before shows, which I think will make for a really fun party atmosphere, which you didn't get as much in NY for obvious reasons. Plus the amazing weather we'll most likely have. The bonus of the arena and the convention center being near each other and right in the centre of downtown Tampa, right on the riverwalk. It's gonna be great. I would think they're more likely to do the Hall of Fame on the Thursday and NXT on the Saturday, but who knows. Gonna be fun going to Smackdown as a pre-Mania show (unless there's a really great indy show on at the same time of course).
  2. Those too, but those fans don't seem to go to Wrestlemania for some reason.
  3. They do it every year so they obviously think it's worth it. And who, if not the fans who are willing to spend thousands of pounds/dollars travelling from around the world to watch their shows and spend thousands more on merchandise, do you think they should be asking for the opinions of?
  4. Not that I agree with what Ricochet is doing or disagree with what Ospreay had done for him, but bit of a difference in losing your home to a fire and buying a new car.
  5. Just being in the match with Rousey was "the rub". Charlotte vs. Becky would not have gone on last. Neither would Becky vs Asuka, Charlotte vs. Asuka, Bayley vs. Banks or any other non Rousey match and you're mad if you think otherwise.
  6. I don't think it was ever explained in the GM World to begin with. Is it a draft? Is it a lottery? Is it trades? Can the Superstars just move where they want? They've never explained it. At least when they did the win a match win a wrestler for your brand thing they explained how it worked.
  7. WWN have already announced they’re running at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC.
  8. Pretty standard arena Riverside. Tram stop right outside. It's actually bigger than the Barclays Center in NY. I went there for a Smackdown in 2013. Really nice area around it though. When it's full of wrestling fans that will be a really great atmosphere. Hotel's booked. Time off work is booked. Can't wait!
  9. I had tickets for 2 other shows but didn’t go due to dyingness. Best show...I’d probably have to say Wrestlemania 🙂
  10. Sat in JFK Airport. It’s been a blast. Went to 15 wrestling shows in total (including Axxess) over a 9 day period. A couple of times I thought I was dying from exhaustion. Can’t wait to get home to my shitty normal life.
  11. How anyone can argue that the best wrestler of all time isn’t qualified to write/produce/train a developmental brand is insane.
  12. Just on my way back from Spring Break. That was the most insane wrestling show I’ve ever been to.
  13. People like to whinge about WWE’s camerawork, but I watched some clips from the Impact show on Youtube and was shocked by how bad it was. Not bad like WWE make a choice to do it in an unpopular style, but bad like it was from an indy show from 2005.
  14. Also, The Revival got to choose their opponents and chose Hawkins and Ryder because they want the easy win, which explains how Hawkins gets a title match. He didn’t earn it, Revival are cocky dicks.
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