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  1. Bizarrely Hogan appeared on Going Live with Sarah Greene the Saturday morning the week before Mania and he said he would end the event holding the tag and world titles.
  2. Anyone else think JR was grumpier than usual this week?
  3. Night two thoughts - did hogan come out and say “ho ho ho” initially? Those boos were outstanding though, well played Tampa. Should have had Gobbledy Gooker in that box. Live crowd seemed to like all the hocus pocus in the first match. I’m being incredibly generous here but maybe I view The Fiend negatively the same way some people probably thought The Undertaker character was a load of bollocks early in his run with the entrance and “methodical” pacing to his matches. Heard either Tamina or Nia say “lay it in” I’d be wary saying that to either of them. Match went way too long and
  4. Just watched the Jericho Broken Skull Sessions episode; a really interesting watch
  5. Anyone else think they’ll have Hogan come out in the NWO gear tonight so the audience are “reacting correctly” by booing a heel character?
  6. Jericho ballsing up the line about Wardlow being stupid was superb, also tickled me how much JR shit on the Godzilla Kong tie in. Was Matt Jackson sweating hair dye or fake tan?
  7. I had a feeling Vince would have been the first person out in front of the crowd. Vince sounded a bit pissed especially when trying to say “tirelessly” and he can’t say WWE for love nor money. It would have been brilliant if they’d had The Fiend in full Yeti outfit out there with his head bowed for the national anthem. Would have been handy if Jonathan Agnew had been available on commentary for the rain delay. Rollins promo made me chuckle. Titus slowly Dad dancing to Real American was incredible. Lashley put over strong, the distraction just made Drew look like a mug.
  8. That tag team match was sensational
  9. Worth bearing in mind this isn’t the usual Mania audience; none of the “international fans” who react differently than Vince wants them to
  10. Rewatching Wrestlemania 8 as the final stop on my nostalgia tour before I exit the network after next weeks Mania. Vince had swapped from a stadium to a arena show the previous Mania due to poor ticket sales. What gave him the confidence to run a stadium show for 8? Was it the introduction of Flair?
  11. I hadn’t been interested in the QT Marshall and Cody storyline however I thought the angle in this weeks show was well done. Didn’t take long for The Pinnacle to be made to look like jobbers.
  12. Apologies if it’s been done before. What are the awful matches you’ve seen in an otherwise superb event? Currently rewatching Rumble 92 with its legendary main event however there is a match between Bushwhackers and the Beverly Brothers that is a permanent stall. It goes on and on and on. Plus Jameson.
  13. This is probably old age and my eyes going but does Matt Sydal have a look of Dolph Ziggler? Why would Excalibur point out that someone kicked out of the “one winged angel” outside of AEW? Shouldn’t the whole point be to build up that move to such a point that when Hangman kicks out of it; it’s as massive moment as possible. You could just tell Schiavone gave JR a huge shit eating grin when he said “the d-d-tay for the three conti”
  14. I see Apollo Crews has done a reverse Kofi Kingston with his accent. A lot of the backstage skits are just plain awful. That Orton-Bliss thing was dreadful. However, it is superb to have The Yeti back in wrestling. Bryan genuinely looked like he was having a whale of a time in the main event. They’ve got to add him for Mania haven’t they?
  15. As part of my farewell to the WWE network tour I’m watching some of my favourite events each Saturday night until I get shut after Mania. Rewatching Summerslam 92 the first live show I attended and I’ve never noticed until tonight that when Perfect and Flair come to ringside during the World Title match one fan gives an exuberant “Nescafé handshake” towards Perfect.
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