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  1. I think the rumour was stronger this time than usual because of the promos Drew McIntyre cut on the tour. It just seemed like it would be a really daft thing to say if there wasn't the intention of it happening.
  2. As suspected, Summerslam is not happening in London or Cardiff as they've just announced it's happening in Nashville. They have though announced there will be a PPV on "September 3rd or 4th" location TBA - so I guess it's possible that could be a UK one. Doubtful though.
  3. Michael Cole after the women's triple threat. "oh my, we have the Smackdown women's champion on Raw and the Raw women's champion on Smackdown.....how on Earth is this issue going to resolve itself, this is an historic moment in history" He's just awful.
  4. No. But then I am a wrestling fan. He did say "correct me if I'm wrong" to be fair.
  5. You're wrong. There wasn't one in March 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014.
  6. Whenever Bron Breaker is not on screen, all the other wrestlers should be asking "where's Bron Breaker?"
  7. Smaller arenas don’t have enough space backstage for all the equipment they need to put on the show.
  8. Is there a reason, beyond a creative decision, they're calling it Queen's Crown rather than Queen of the Ring?
  9. If it happened and it's a big if, I can't see them getting more than about 50,000 people. But you never know. With the promos Drew did on the tour last week, I think this is very possibly going to be happening, even though the rumour comes up pretty much every year.
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