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  1. Evander Holyfield was a last minute replacement for MVP too, which makes it even stranger.
  2. Apparently more ECW supershows will be next month's classic content.
  3. 2012 that was. I was there for that HOF. And within a 28 day period I saw Primo, Epico, Carlito and Carlos Colon all wrestle live and saw all 4 of them at the HOF.
  4. Carlito I'm guessing? I think other than appearing on an episode of the Edge & Christian show, this will be the first time he's done anything with the company, since leaving. Maybe he's sat in the audience at Hall of Fames, but I can't even remember him being a talking head on any documentaries or anything.
  5. That's pretty much what he said, but the DOA vs. Los Boricuas match was also added as a last minute replacement for the Pillman match, so he was referring to both those matches, not just the minis match. Obviously no one enjoyed the DOA/Boricuas match though.
  6. The trouble is, that shift in focus is only going to have been done in response to the viewing habits of the subscribers. If they upload Evolve and Progress shows every week and no one watches them, they're probably going to stop doing it pretty quickly. If people were watching the classic content as much as the new stuff then they'd probably upload more of that, but as hard as it is for us to believe, the classic content is not watched as much as the new stuff.
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