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  1. Witcher 3 on the Switch should be fun then.
  2. Mr_Danger

    Chippy Tea

    Say's he of curry and ketchup fame!
  3. You know you're a 80's child if.... It's not just recency bias though. It's such a great time to be a gamer with all bases being covered from big AAA games down to indy kick starters. When i was a kid you either had a Nintendo or a Sega and you got about 3 games a year. I mean, I don't have any time to play all these great games but I love the idea of it!
  4. Done and sent. A mixture of recency bias, nostalgia and a terrible memory blocking other stuff out.
  5. I was just about yo lay in to you adult goons tearing up at Toy Story but then i remembered nana Coco, Bing Bong, the beginning of Up and well, Toy Story 3 and I thought better of it.
  6. I'm definitely putting too much consideration in to this and I'll miss the deadline.
  7. I think that's definitely the better one but for me 97/98 holds the most dear memories. Other than those two they all kind of blur in to one another. I remeber the one where Batigol had signed for Roma being a goodun but couldn't tell you if that was Footy Manager or Champ Man. As for wrestling games, it's gotta be Here Comes the Pain. I was unbeatable with Angle, I even beat two of my managers in a handicap match.
  8. I read City were dropping £50m on Cancelo. A back up right back. What a time to be alive, Steve Nicol would be worth £100m.
  9. Mr_Danger

    Chippy Tea

    Generally I'd agree but if the gravy is that of the steak and kidney pie then I'm all over that shit with ketchup.
  10. I thought a lot of the complaints about Days gone were typical things a critic would complain about due to the way they'd have to play it. Repetition wouldn't bother me who would play it over a couple of months but i imagine doing a 40 hour gane in a week would definitely enhance the repetitiveness. Game bugs will always get patched after the reviews. I'm happy to wait and buy a cheaper working copy.
  11. Updating Windows 10 has been a fucking headache but I've finally got Game Pass working on the laptop. Football Manager 2019 and Minecraft will be the only use i ever get out of it on pc.
  12. It's not really football related but this bit on Big Nev doing a talk for Unison is a demonstration on how bloody great he is. I'd happily swap him for Brucie https://www.unison.org.uk/news/article/2019/06/localgov-southall/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Is it Bubble Bobble thats impossible to complete in single player? As in you get to the end and it won't let you finish it without a second player. Might be the other way round.
  14. Only if they haven't played God of War god dammit! It's definitely a three way battle between RDR2/GoW/BotW for me.
  15. I watched both of these in the last week. Well to tell the truth i punched out just over half way through on the Sandler one as it's utter shit, as per. Mystic Pizza surprisingly still holds it's charm after not seeing it since it was on Sky Movies all the time in the early 90's. I actually pointed out how good looking Vincent D'Onorfio is in it too.
  16. Fucking millionaires in here. If I'm particularly flush I might drop in on my way back from PB (cheese/sausage bean pasty) and get ine of their fancy donuts. Bloke in work wont step foot in a Pound Bakery since they put the price of traditional pasties up to £1.35 for two.
  17. How is Maleficent a prequel? It's just an alternative take on the Sleeping Beauty story. It's not even that different. It's shite though, total waste of Sharlto Copley who should be in much more than he is.
  18. Mr_Danger

    Chippy Tea

    In my house a round is a slice as in one piece of bread as in one half of a sandwich as in if you had a loaf of bread and sliced a piece off it would be one round. Hope that clears it up.
  19. You mean they won't market it with 8 minute trailers that don't really tell you what the game is about?
  20. He so nearly landed it as well. It's like he finished the story then realised he forgot to put a couple of his most miserable tropes in so tacked them on. I said to the lady that it was uncomfortable viewing because it was clearly so personal and i felt like i was a fly on the wall of his miserable life.
  21. If its one of the many compatible games it will transfer over, my Peggle did! Think I'll stump up for the top tier gamepass. It'll mean I can stick the kids on Minecraft on the laptop and carry on stockpiling games I'll never play. So far on my adventures in XBoxing ive started Halo (holds up surprisingly well) Mass Effect (not so much) I dabbled in Sea of Thieves (one friend request from a guy talking in character turned me off) Forza 4 (no local multiplay is shit) but the one that's caught my eye the most is The Outer Wilds. I'll deffo be throwing some time in to that. I did the first two chapters on Uncharted 2 and it already feels like an improvement on the first. Bryan Cranston will be a great Sully.
  22. Sorry Ralphy, go back a step. What the fuck? Explain yourself.
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