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  1. Funnily enough I started Bloodborne last night. After being killed by the first werewolf about ten times I decided to peg it past it up to the door at the top of the stairs. I ended up in trouble when I mistakenly took the door opening sequence to be a safe state and ended up shouting "fuck this!" waking up my girlfriend when the wolf got me as the doors were opening. Might consult some tutorials before I go back in.
  2. I want to see the alrlternate thread where people need to be on the lookout for a man following young boys with a keen interest in nature.
  3. It's definitely pretentious nonsense but there's a good story in there and it's an interesting take on it's subject matter. But yeah, anytime Marling acts out of type she's comically bad. Edit Just finished this and man you have to see the ending to believe it.
  4. Nearly finished The OA part 2. All I Want to say is Brit Marling manages to be completely captivating and really bad at acting at the same time.
  5. Everyone has their limits though and the fact that his wife is clearly suffering with bad PND doesn't negate his feelings. There is hope though, you need to talk to your wife in a really reasonable tone, preferably during one of her more positive spells and explain how you feel, what changes you have seen and how you can both start to improve the situation. Feed her information and help her see what she's going through and reassure her you're the person there to help. Deep down she'll know and she'll feel guilty for feeling like shes letting you and your son down even though her feelings and actions are completely common and normal for her situation. For God's sake don't mention the daily log you kept though!
  6. I read Devons as "Even Seinfeld" which was as impressive as it was confusing.
  7. Overlord was decent. Thought they could have done a lot more with it and I was amused when my lady finally clicked it wasn't 'that' kind of war film but it was alright like. I think I'm a fully paid up member of the Jordan Peele fan club as I adored Us and I seem to be the only person who didn't mind I heard some dweeb in the cinema saying it was too comedic and was nowhere near as scary as Get Out but the main scary bit that's played out in all the trailers is up there with Haneke for tension.
  8. That Deadwood TVM better be fucking great and successful because the world needs more McShane(well, even more) and Olyphant!
  9. I've booked to see it tonight. I got to lead my good lady a merry dance as we did a "I've booked for Us tonight" "What are seeing though?" back and forth until she clocked on. This coupled with The OA second series should make a great weekends viewing.
  10. Who doesn't love balls of savoury pork covered in gravy. I bet the hi-vis bibs are being ordered as we speak.
  11. Evra saying his words were misinterpreted did raise a chuckle I'll admit.
  12. It was less than ten years since Everton were a great side. The Wimbledon thing was the highest achievement in the club's history. Big Nev Is alright like.
  13. It's up at the usual nefarious sources if you fancy catching it that way. Like i say, its fine. My tatses in horror can differ wildly depending on mood and expectation but this felt a little bit light on depth for the type of film it tries to be. Seana Kerslake did well with what she was given and she would score pretty high on Branqueys lip scale I reckon.
  14. It needs to start with the disclaimer that " The following events of this film are 100% predetermined" then just tell the story exactly how Hogan says it happened with suitable tongue in cheek. Skulleted Hemsworth is money. Coked up Cooper as Vince is money. Todd Philips is, well Starsky and Hutch was alright.
  15. I caught The Hole in the Ground this weekend. It's fine. I was hoping for more Hereditary/Babadook vibes than it gave me but it certainly tries to be in that kind of unsettling vein. It switches to convention pretty quickly and I think it's worse for it.
  16. I'm on to the fifth Dark Tower audio book. King seems to love writing about stiff nips in this one. In my head the Gun Slinger is Ed Harris and Eddie Dean is Christopher Moltisante. They're great books but they're hard work at times. At their best it's like I'm playing a brilliant action adventure rpg in my mind. The audio file is shit though and there's no way to skip forwards or backwards without moving on to the next/previous book/file so if I'm 7 hours in and do that then I can't go back to where I was I have to play the entire thing through. I'll probably give up if that happens at this point.
  17. Triple Frontier was decent enough. I think it could have done with a few extra shoot outs/set pieces but there was enough there for me to stay invested. Hunnam manages to sound less American the longer he spends over there.
  18. Say what you want about J-Lingz but I don't for one second believe he'd be so unprofessional in his career as an influencer/young entrepreneur. Incidentally TAA is big mates with him apparently, bet that makes your piss boil Porky.
  19. I'm more shocked that you are shocked that obsessive fans on the internet are shocked about something they're obsessive fans of.
  20. To be fair it's not been all hatred and bile towards Captain Marvel. I hear Ben Mendelsohn, Samuel L. and the (presumably male) cat have were all positively received.....
  21. They're called a whirly around here and I had two of mine stolen at my old house. (One after the other, I didn't have two on the go like I'm Rockefeller or some shit).
  22. The fact all these parents were ok with these super fun time sleep overs makes me question their morals but not as much as the morals of the man having the super fun time sleep overs. You only have to see Capturing the Friedmans to see how parents can be fucked up in exaggerating an already very sordid truth. I doubt we'll ever know for sure but I think there's enough evidence to give Billy Jean the skip treatment.
  23. I'm someone who's easily annoyed but never offended but even I drew the line at Derek. How anyone thought that was coming across as anything but Gervais rips people with mental disabilities is beyond me.
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