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  1. Baring in mind they had both the same parents so same surname too, the line “Fuck off Gleeson I’ll shag your mum” still makes me laugh.
  2. I’ve been called a bin dipper by an Evertonian who lives in the next welsh town over from me. I don’t think he’s mocking my socioeconomic status, he’s just being a thick cunt football fan. Regardless of intent it is a bit Tory and just because I don’t take something a certain way it doesn’t mean everyone else should. Still not as rough as the house I lived in in Connahs Quay where Purple Aki was hiding in the bushes waiting for the lad next door to come home.
  3. David Harbour being married to Lily Allen still blags my head.
  4. Exactly. People from Manchester taking the piss out of people from Liverpool for being poor is the definition of daft and illogical, like my mate who used to take the piss out of his brothers mum who is also his own mum. It’s an interesting time in football fandom. The times are catching up to the sport and things that have slipped under the radar for years like the Chelsea rent boys chant are being looked at through a modern lens and the wankers are being called out. Luckily I can rest easy in my North Wales council villa and look at the scores on Live Score like a normal person.
  5. Since when has it been unacceptable to take the piss out of your rivals for being poorer/shitter/smaller than you? You can’t claim to be the club of the locals then moan about only local people turning up. It’s like Evertonian’s taking the piss out of our Norwegian fan base then bemoaning not shifting any merchandise on their tour of the States. There probably is something to it being poverty shaming and ripping a team for having fewer supporters than you when you are the primary reason for that is illogical but as always logic and decency go out the window when it comes to football.
  6. I played up to my first encounter with an Eternal last night. Machete’d them in to tomorrow! Feels like I’ve finished the tutorial phase, I can’t wait to get back in and explore. Loving it so far.
  7. I was in the right mood for I Think You Should Leave and binged it all. Just good daft humour. The hot dog car was one of my favourites and The Night Robert Palin Murdered Me still cracks me up with his last line.
  8. “I want you to draw me like one of your French girls”
  9. Saint Maud Happy I’ve seen it, never watch it again. Morfydd Clark is great in it, really channels her inner Sissy Spacek.
  10. You’ve obviously seen more of him than me, what are his numbers like? He seems like a classic MOTD highlights player to me. Looks sensational taking on 6 players before blasting it in to a crowd. I’d take him over Origi in a heartbeat though, that potential is pretty high and although I think he might shrink a little with the burden of constantly pressing there’s every chance playing with better players would allow him to work on end product or create more space for the better players. Probably be good for him to steer clear of Arsenal in that respect. Best player at running in straight lines for sure.
  11. Is there a better player who doesn’t actually produce anything than Saint-Maximin? He’s got £70m Arsenal player written all over him.
  12. Oh in terms of sales the Wii will absolutely be outsold eventually but I meant in terms of a system catching on like the Wii did. Entire families playing together, Wii’s in pubs and waiting rooms, Nan’s bowling! The Switch picks up all the handheld market as well as being a home console (we have 4 in our house alone) so it has one up on the Wii in that respect.
  13. At Christmas I got referred to a local dentist for an emergency appointment by NHS direct. When I rang her she asked why I needed a dentist (fair enough), what I expected her to do about it then told me there was a pandemic and I shouldn’t even ring her. (I had the tooth removed later that day by another dentist). This week that dentist had her parcel dropped at another surgery by a patient (both surgeries are on my round) and the receptionist asked if I would pop it over for her to which I inspected it for postage and told her I couldn’t possibly deliver an unstamped parcel. She gave me a knowing look of understanding and as far as I know she still hasn’t received it.
  14. There’s no void left by Wii is there? I feel like the Wii was a moment in time, absolutely everyone had one even Nan’s. It was a wonderful little novelty but when that wore off you were left with a shit control pad and a series of games ready for a jump to better hardware. Nintendo will undoubtedly come up with some mad shit again but it’s hard to see them ever reproduce the magic of the Wii.
  15. Candyman A really neat retelling/rebooting of the Candyman story that was a little lacking in the execution for me. Gentrification and police brutality are the big themes but instead of taking a show don’t tell approach it pretty much does both. It’s looks and sounds fantastic though, really surprised it wasn’t Phillip Glass because it captures his sound perfectly. I just wish it had a bit more story and horror. Points deducted because Yahya Abdul Mateen II doesn’t hang dong in it either.
  16. Sandman Act 2 is out on Wednesday if you didn’t already know.
  17. In a world where Martin Scorsese has to shill to streaming services you can’t blame Nolan for making hay whilst the sunshine’s. Even if his hay is shit spray painted yellow.
  18. Frogger actually looks better than what I imagined when I heard they were doing it but even then I’d still have had time for people falling off inflatables in to water. Looks way better than The Void.
  19. Hawke has done his fair share of paycheque films himself, he could have been the centre of the MCU and starred in every film it still wouldn’t mean what he was saying was wrong. The thing is, unlike Westerns very few cape films, if any, have broken out of the genre and stood alone as a great film. Funny that it came up when talking about Logan though because that’s Western as fuck.
  20. Very disappointed that 5 Pints didn’t knock them all out, get a round of applause, get off with all their girlfriends and say that was 15 years ago and we’re still together now. I’m off to the YouTube comments section for some real satisfaction.
  21. This bit he does about Cosby on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is doing the rounds on Twitter. It’s the grin on his face whilst Seinfeld Is probably already editing it out in his head that makes it for me.
  22. I fucking love Invincible. It’s like someone took everything I loved about super hero cartoons when I was a kid and made that but for someone pushing 40.
  23. The Leeds fans were their usual delightfully selves but the tackle and subsequent injury clearly wasn’t intended. It’s a shame for him but he’s young enough to bounce back and it being a dislocation hopefully means it won’t have any lasting implications.
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