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  1. I think they need a better scouting system. There are some incredible female talent out there, but AEW does seem to suffer from "I'll hire my mates" syndrome. I've seen some terrible matches (regardless of gender) on Dark and this shouldn't be happening for America's number two promotion. I remember one female match ended with Wrestler A being hit with a RKO, but when Wrestler B covers her, Wrestler A completely no sells the cutter, and reverses the roll up into her own pin for the win. Like what the duck? That's some serious greeness that shouldn't be on the 2nd top promotion and a m
  2. So following up WWE have clarified that wrestlers can run their own third party platforms under their own name. https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/09/07/report-wwe-clarifies-restrictions-on-third-party-outlets/?fbclid=IwAR0ZyiPbpXPV7c8HTMyAeEBcKyAltfLXpcauzGo8Fzk7hTrLdodJRK8BMRY To me that's a fair compromise.
  3. No. However some people in the business are and they also have to agree to the exact same limitations during the period of that contract. It's really not as unusual as you might think. Don't get me wrong, I think the whole independent contractor thing is complete bollocks and they should be classified as employers. No argument whatsoever. However regardless of whether they are independent contractors or not, the point still stands. You can still be a independent contractor and sign a contract that limits your activities outside of that job. The WWE trade off is simple... continue to
  4. It depends what's in their contracts. There's a lot of presumption that their contracts don't cover this, but I'm willing to bet my left nut that it does and they've only just decided to exercise their right to effect it. At first I was a little "Vince is a bastard", but have to admit after thinking on it there is a lot of entitlement going on here. Paige can tweet "nope" as much as she wants, but the reality is that if it wasn't for WWE she wouldn't have the platform that she has now. And frankly Lana has been coasting for years so she can sod off with her cringey advert. It is admitt
  5. She's a former WWE wrestler! Was apart of the Straight Edge Society along with CM Punk. And she became a coach at the performance center. She'd be a great hire. I did get a chuckle in that match where Jim Ross goes.... "WOW! I have to say... ah... well... I'm probably going to get into trouble for this.... but this is actually a good women's wrestling match for AEW. They should hire her."
  6. I think it'll also send a message that AEW is on the same level of WWE's main shows and not just NXT. And Angle Fan, I wasn't keen on a Brodie Leigh vs Lesnar fued, but after to admit, having Lesnar murder the entire Dark Order would be some amazing tv.
  7. Hell yeah. Lesnar vs the Young Bucks two on one, Lesnar vs Omega and Lance Archer vs Lesnar are super tasty. Plus who wouldn't love super face Adam Page defeat the beast Brock Lesnar for the AEW Championship???
  8. I thought the Triple Threat, two falls match for the IC and Euro belt was a highlight of that PPV. Be a shame to lose it. Plus by having Angle defend them individually you lose the ability to keep Angle protected from losing the belts without being pinned. Plus storyline wise I don't think you need to have Jericho and Benoit wrestle twice; the story was that Angle's manager at the time (Bob Backland) was over confident and accidentally screwed him over by putting him into the triple threat. You could easily change that to "you're the best Kurt, which is why you'll defend BOTH championships
  9. Having read the results, it sounds like it was a decent PPV. Would anyone recommend?
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