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  1. Never seen him in a bad match live myself. Cracking talent, but perhaps it depends on his environment.
  2. What really pissed me off with Civil War 2 is, unlike the first civil war, there was a disagreement between two super hero factions which had a really easy middle ground compromise that seemingly never occured to anyone. The premise is that there is a inhuman who can (seemingly) accurately predict the future to a near 100% accuracy. Captain Marvel wants to take his prediction at 100% face value (e.g. arrest an alledged Hydra sleeper agent for a crime purely because this mutant saw a vision of it happening), whilst Iron Man does not want the future to be so written and believes that a pred
  3. I know this may sound sarcastic or an attempt at humour, but if I were him I'd wait till Vince McMahon has moved on from WWE / this mortal plane and see what happens with WWE afterwards. He would be an amazing addition to any roster. A true heel in every sense of the world. AEW would be crazy to pass up on him, he would be a great addition to the heel side of their promotion. But ultimately I can't see him leaving NJPW for a while yet. Maybe they will move him to their US programme?
  4. I think having one belt would of been massively helpful. There have been periods where you had two really viable world champs (e.g. like now with Reigns and McIntyre) and by forcing one belt, makes their inevitable battle for the single world championship more important. Then you've had time where there isn't a viable second champ and you end up with guys getting token title reigns. Swagger and Ziggler come to mind. The easiest way to do this is to scan the Manias. - Although I thought as a heel it was cool for Triple H to be awarded a world title, I'd of kept Brock as the undisputed
  5. Feels like this is a worthy share from Talking Smack. A cracking understated promo from Daniel Bryan that is pointing us towards the inevitable Bryan vs Reigns match (maybe for Mania?)
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