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  1. I remember interviewing Cage and it's clear he love Kanyon. A lovely guy. Cage is also out with an injury currently which is why the angle hasn't moved forward.
  2. Everyone is very "omg piss off Cody crowd hated you", but Im pretty convinced that we saw a subtle heelturn for Cody in that match and AEW have executed it perfectly. He responded to the negative chants, and the ending had Cody pushing a official. Hell AEW knew that Brandi squaring up to Black cross leg was going to get a negative reaction. But what was really telling was Cody collided into Arn but it didn't really effect Cody's chances of winning. Watch Cody blame Arn and slap him down on TV next week.
  3. I listened to a Cornette YouTube video where he said "I'm in a quandary, how to I respond to compliment from someone whose shit" or words to that effect. What an ass.
  4. As in wrestlers who were called out. Obviously it's handled on a case by case scenario. But basically if someone got called out, or has a reputation for inappropriate behavior, (and there is enough weight behind it) they are not welcome to perform.
  5. I would encourage people to take a look at Deathmatch Downunder, a promotion I work for in Aus. I huge focus is on inclusion, respecting Aboriginal sovereignty, creating a safe space for the LGBTQI+ community, the exclusion of those who were called out during standing up, and generally has a very positive and cooperative backstage atmosphere. Ultimately it comes down to the mission statement behind the promotion.
  6. You're absolutely right. I made a error on my post which I've fixed. But yeah, I basically meant right wing thinking is profit comes first for business.
  7. I think everyone is over thinking the comparison. Ultimately it's just an interesting (and daunting) "did you know" type fact. I think it also goes to show why WWE are married to this deal; for a right wing publically traded company, it's harder to justify why you shouldn't have a deal with Saudi Arabia.
  8. Fair. I suppose if there was anything legitimately shady they'd have him drop the belt direct to his successor.
  9. Weirdly that gif was the first thing that popped into my head when I read that.
  10. Strangely I thought myself this is an angle you go on. He comes in and is welcome into the Dark Order in a pally and friendly manner. Meanwhile you have guys who know him, like Bryan Danielson going "hey guys .. just be careful yeah? He's a bit of a dick. Don't want you be taken for a ride ok?" Then you have Bray doing the "I'm not telling you anything you don't already know" type role and breeds dissension amongst the Dark Order (and the wider roster) because he really is manipulative dick who is in it for shits and giggles.
  11. I'd love this "self indulgent" aspect of Cody to facilitate a heel a fuss with CM Punk. I know someone else mentioned it on here, and I think it has real legs. Position CM Punk as a lockeroom leader who has a interest in supporting the new generation of wrestlers. Then have Cody cancel a scheduled match on Dynamite for a few up and comers so he can announce his wife's brand new shoe store (or any other frivolous reason) and then let Punk rip on him for elevating himself. There is your fued.
  12. Holy shit that is so bad! How did this make it onto the YouTube channel? It's proper dick swinging and them trying to take advantage of the other. "I'm Ric Flair's daughter.... (slap)" "Fuck you The Rock's my cousin.... (slap)." I hope someone pulled them both to one side. That was tragic. (Watch from about 30 seconds).
  13. But why not though? I mean they had Jarrett walking around with the US NWA Championship at roughly the same time.
  14. All totally fair. Im just trying to put myself in their boots. They definitely could of done better with the whole concept and execution.
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