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  1. I know not many people would be fond of this though I would love to see heel RVD in AEW. Could see him aligning with team Taz. Worse case scenario he comes in for an AEW open challenge.
  2. If they keep doing things like this making them a very different entity from the stateside brands it could be entertaining.
  3. Interestingly Frank Warren/Queensberry have had a bit of an overhaul in the backroom. So my old boxing manager Jason Mcclory will no longer be doing the matchmaking. The did a WWE and wished him well in future endeavours. Though it could just be Jasons health that's prompted the decision. He will be replaced by a 4 man team of Steve Furness, Errol Johnson and Neil Bowers along with Rick Glaser overseeing international affairs. Neil was the matchroom matchmaker for years, Errol and steve have done shows up and down the country for other promoters so should work out well.
  4. Jazza Dickens and Derry Matthews have failed a covid test despite showing no symptoms meaning Dickens fight with Walsh is off.
  5. Really good show and the main event timing was especially pleasing. The stoppage even better as it allowed me to flick over to WBSS. I think the argument for UK P4P is a very short list - it goes Josh Taylor, Tyson Fury and if you push it out a bit further Billy Joe Saunders. That's it. A fair bit of credit has to go to George Davey. Jeff Thomas made a comeback and he wouldn't be turning up to lose, yet Davey controlled the fight brilliantly. David Oliver Joyce fight was a great watch. Baluta wasn't there to make up the numbers. Frampton as a pundit - brilliant. More of him. W
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