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  1. I always considered Frampton to be small at super bantam yet there he is competing for a world title at Super feather. What a career though - won ring magazine fighter of the year which is a rarity for brits. He's one of the best pundits out there, fully honest and that came across in his post fight interview too. Fun story - quite a few years ago when he was a novice pro he came to spar Jason Booth in Nottingham. I didn't know who he was and ended up doing some body sparring with him. I remember none of it as I didn't give it any thought as I was more concerned with Barry Mcguigan
  2. Post wrestlemania it genuinely seemed like the Tag team of Sheamus & Cesaro was gonna take off massively. Watched it back on TV and it just didn't come across on screen. Whether they used wizardry to drown down the noise who knows.
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