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  1. Having seen so many called up from NXT development recently become successful. I was wondering who people think in the last 12 years (post orton, Brock, cena & Batista) who could have really benefitted from this platform? I think Elijah Burke for 1- great promo, yet was found wanting on the main roster in ring dolph ziggler - needed to get his personality over and more promo time
  2. I thought hc dyer was leroy kincaide. Someone corrected me. Whatever happened to that guy?
  3. I don't even know what levin shows are
  4. Jericho has been superb recently with his latest character reinvention. I can't think of anyone who has reinvented their gimmick this many times to adapt to the times. Only downside with Jericho is he rarely has truly great matches. Being that I am on a bit of a Jericho buzz once again I think we should discuss some of y2j's finest bouts. Triple h at fully loaded 2000 is one of my personal faves. Jericho a lifelong mid carder to them challenging the top boy in company who also happened to be the authority too. A great back and forth match showing triple h at his very peak: drawing us in to really believe that Jericho could win the big one. And then finally suplex through table. They both lie motionless and on the count of 9 trips somehow gets up to collapse again. Great match, great ending. Both elevated as a result
  5. New to the network so unsure whether payback will show on Monday or can I only watch it live?
  6. New to the network so unsure whether payback will show on Monday or can I only watch it live?
  7. Yeah we can all pin point feuds and runs but this is a thread about best years. Not just people posting fucking lists of everything they've liked in wrestling for the past 10+ years without any explanation or detail. Okay mr key board warrior. I apologise for not taking it seriously and devoting myself to it like you have
  8. I can't pinpoint a year. What I can do is pin point feuds and runs. Smackdown 6. Brock lesnars initial run Ortons viper Batistas elevation Cenas initial rise Return of Ecw Rated r era Jeff hardys rise Jericho vs HBK The run up to each mania Summer of punk Nexus Daniel Bryan's rise The shield Bischoff Austin raw struggle The HBK return Flails retirement
  9. I am from at way originally. Moved to Nottingham 6 years ago. Not much of a wrestling scene to follow down that way
  10. Toothache is one of the most irritating things!!
  11. Tell me about it Arsenal fan so might not be able to attend my own show lol Yeah I did think that. Your feeling the pain just as much. Hard when you have to book the venues so far in advance to avoid such things
  12. Southside in nottingham always always clashes with other big events. I remember it being on same night as froch vs groves, froch vs Kessler, something else and now fa cup final/big boxing card at O2 arena
  13. Joe being linked with WWE got me thinking on what themes other promotions have had over the years that wouldn't sound out of place in wwe. Most of the themes used in other companies are utter bollocks but on occasion there's a gem. I think joe theme would suit him in nxt although may need some adapting Aj styles theme Abyss theme And the original LAX theme suited their gimmick down to a tee
  14. No one on here is really missing him at the moment and his absence is allowing more stars to be made. But on Sunday we saw BRock and Undertaker have a fairly mediocre match. Rewind to last year and both had match of the year candidates with Punk. Plus the only man to have an exciting bout with Henry in recent times. Maybe we are all moving on a bit quick, however the longer he is off our screens the more his stock will rise. I for one am excited if he does come back, if only he stayed of screens for the summer of punk 2011. Thoughts on when WWE should try get him back for and who to programme against?