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  1. yeah good performance. I thought it could have been stopped about round 8 onwards as it was quite clear spelman wasn't going to win, nor doesn't have the history of knockouts so felt it was needless punishment. even so both fighters come out with credit. Arthur Yarde will be tasty, and Spelman is definitely the gatekeeper of the domestic division now. Which is a good role to have. Delboy Chisora has been the world level gate keeper for years
  2. Joe Joyce vs a banger would be a really interesting. Imagine trying to walk through Wilders shots? Some good fights over both nights this weekend.
  3. The talent pool is shallow in womens boxing, and with covid it's even less. Maybe it would have been better for no fight at all than to put this out there, yet they feel they need to get their fighters active.
  4. I remember being a commentator for a local show myself (boxing though), and someone got knocked down. My angle was clear i saw their knee pop out, knowing that even if they had their bearings they'd not be able to stand properly. Ref let them stand, hadn't seen what i saw and let it continue. Went exactly as expected. Person damaged ligaments in their knee. Refs are human. Herb has far more good stoppages than bad ones. As unprofessional as it was, it's nice to see that from Dan. Unlike Bisping he often toes the company line, and here is something he's really passionate about. Stoppages in MMA are far harder to determine than boxing too. You could get knocked down and grab an arm bar. Think Herb got this wrong.
  5. Good Dynamite. Kingstons promo was real. He'd be a great 3rd man for a good tag team or even reunite him with his old team in the inner circle. Great talker, can be of use in a hardcore environment too. Those plucked eyebrows though? take away some of the meanness. Young Bucks vs Butcher/Blade falls count anywhere was loadsa fun. An enjoyable fun match, and thats all wrestling needs to be at times. Jurassic Express and Inner circle again fun. Was surprised to see Luchasaurs take the cover, he's taken a few recently. Great to see Sammy back. Going for some real slow story telling with Hangman & Omega along with FTR and elite. Hopefully by the time the trigger is pulled fans are in. Overall a great show.
  6. Till is a strange one. I think a few people have hit the nail on the head with him needing to drop a few levels, get a couple of impressive confidence boosting wins before stepping back up to these levels again. He can hold his own with the upper levels, yet just can't seem to push to get the wins. Clearly good enough to pick up a belt, against the right opponent - I could see him beating Whittaker if he changed tactics. Couldn't see him doing enough with Adesanya. Faded names or gate keepers should be his next bouts. Werdum Gus was quick. Didn't expect it and was looking forward to seeing Gus in the heavies. Will be interesting to see if he continues. Shogun Nog was as good as all their previous bouts. 2 evenly matched guys just beating each other up. Chimaev is a machine. Felt for Mckee. Herb Dean came in for some flak. You know its bad when a fighter doesn't punish his opponent waiting for the ref to intervene only to have to make the ref intervene. Just like sports people, I think ref's probably peak and go over the hill. His best days are likely behind him.
  7. I enjoyed this weeks show. Jericho was great throughout, the moment he jumped on commentary i find myself watching the matches I'd normally fast forward too. Had no issues with the OJ juice after the Omega situation. Both were different enough and fed into the stories. Last match, i think the finish was as good as they could conjure up. Where the booking was a bit iffy for me was cage doing a beat down after when he should have been selling the arm. The Jurassic express vs Elite was loads of fun. As was FTR vs Lucha Bros where they finished it in such a way that they can go again. Plenty of good within the show to leave me happy.
  8. I really like Bisping. He was outspoken about steroids, all along he never towed the company line and kept true to himself. He has continued in that vein since. Got to admire the character of someone who takes so many set backs and perseveres until they get the title. Did it with one eye too. He's british, and has a sarcastic sense of humour so it'll come across more being in an american dominant country. Besides if someone said that and they'd been on PED's when they beat me some of the stuff I'd say could be similar. Or i may just say - something showing I'm not bothered. Maybe he could have handled it better,
  9. I would disagree with the unlikable comment. He probably has gone with unlikable as opposed to likeable. People aren't rooting for him to lose, nor are they rooting for him to win. The times they care is when one of their favourites is in the opposing corner, or someone they dislike such as Colby. if you're not offended, you're trolling. You've reverted to calling me a twat to attempt to get a reaction. If you're an Usman fan fair enough, maybe be open minded and diverse enough in modern day culture to think others have a different opinion to you and that's okay.
  10. I agree with Eggshen - Usman is uninspiring. You could say it's down to his style, maybe the manner of his performances or even his personality. I don't think people dislike him, nor do they like him and therein lies the problem - they're indifferent to him. People hate Colby Colvington but they'll pay to watch in the hope of seeing him get what's coming to him. Don't feel it's a race thing either. Cormier for years treaded water, yet when he started doing commentary, showed emotion post fight and did the chicken jingle a lot of people suddenly warmed to him. Usman's respectful personality isn't that different to GSP - yet what everyone remembers with GSP is he was exciting early on then adapted and his level of dedication along with being a complete martial artist. Stylebender engages me completely, his style, personality and the way he carries himself just pulls me in a bit more. I don't feel you need to apologise Eggshen, if someone is offended then that's their issue. You have a right to your opinion, and the cancel culture woke brigade shouldn't try guilt trip people into agreeing with them.
  11. I wrote a few for boxing websites over the years so will post them below. I love a good article so will read these ones. Mart Turley used to do some great boxing ones for instant boxing. I think these were my finest (ironically links to wrestling story telling) https://www.britishboxers.co.uk/2017/03/boulevard-of-broken-dreams/ https://www.britishboxers.co.uk/2018/02/the-perfect-ending-knowing-when-to-bow-out/ https://www.britishboxers.co.uk/2017/08/snakes-ladders/ https://www.britishboxers.co.uk/2017/08/making-an-entrance/
  12. Ah wicked.Talk about dream jobs. I'm in comms for an energy company, doesn't bring the same level of satisfaction that yours will. A friend of mine was working in a similar role for frank before. I used to be signed to Jason Mcclory who's his matchmaer. The Katie Taylor fights a wicked one, happy to part with £15 for the show given how long its been for boxing t return. Is Fitz going down to do with domestic abuse?
  13. Do yo Normally do journalism stuff? The pandemic is forcing them to put decent fights on. With the board only allowing 5 fight cards, they're sticking on competitive match ups. Buncey tweeted that its the most boxing shows we have ever had over the month of July and August.
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