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  1. Eddie hearn announced shows for final quarter yesterday.
  2. I think Joshua has years in the game. I'm unsure with Fury - he seems to be carrying on training in boxing and preparing for fights as a tool to improve his mental health nowadays as opposed to for the passion of the sport. It wouldn't surprise me to see him in the sport 5 years from now, equally I'd not be surprised if he's gone in a year.
  3. He's always had a bit of an issue in pacing his fights hasn't he. We went to a copperbox show that had Skeete vs Dale Evans and Yarde on - we didnt leave till 12:30. In theory he should want his 3 attraction bouts on at 8,9 and 10. Unless he's got USA interest to put a fight on at 2am there's no reason to put marquee bout on so late. It probably detracts from people watching his show too, it can make them numb to it. My mrs often watches boxing with me - on Saturday she was moaning midway through Bentley - Heffron asking how many fights left. I said Yarde next to my dismay when ther
  4. Going to pick Heffron KO, Essuman points, Yarde stoppage.
  5. That's quite a transformation. Has anyone asked him directly? he would never be able to deny it, though i've seen some deny it. I haven't heard of a wellness policy being in place in AEW. Who do we think are the users within the company?
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