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  1. I've never understood the wishing of another English club success in Europe, but I don't have an issue with it. Unless of course that club is your actual rival. The point of a rivalry is to want the exact opposite of success. If you don't want your rival club to have back to back relegations and dissappear into obscurity, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Me and m'lady on our anniversary trip to Bath.
  3. I'm not attributing blame to one or the other. I'm struggling with the ethics because they've both done/are doing things that are ethically/professionally right and wrong. This isn't a black and white situation where one party is fully to blame. It's not difficult to understand and accept why someone would do one thing, but also be annoyed at the manner in which they're conducting themselves in another. You make passive aggressive and snipey comments and it comes across as though you're fishing for a reaction.
  4. Why do you constantly look for aggro on this forum? You're a real tedious bore. I haven't contradicted myself at all. My original post said I can fault for him for staying and be paid, Keith put his point across, and I'm now accepting that I can't fault him for it.
  5. Yeah, I can get behind that. I am struggling with the ethics of this. On the one hand he's acting very unprofessionally, and extorting the club by not doing what he's being paid to do, as well as wasting the talent he has to the detriment of the club on the pitch. On the other hand, the club have put him in that position and caused a rift between him and the club/supporters. I guess you can't fault him for staying and getting paid. I can accept that. But if he's going to stay, he should be doing the job he's being paid for.
  6. And you'd be right to be miffed. So what you could do is join another employer to do the job you're good at. I'm not saying Ozil has to leave to save Arsenal from having to pay him. I'm saying do the job you're being paid for, whether it's at Arsenal or elsewhere. If you don't like the job anymore, then do something else. To just do the bare minimum (or less) but collect 100% of the pay is a dick move, regardless of the industry.
  7. That's because you like shithousery. My gripe with Ozil is mostly born of frustration, because he's an excellent player that, as scratchdj alluded to, is wasting his talent. The money side of the annoyance is down to poor management, but the whole situation isn't just because of poor management and the blame shouldn't stop there. Ozil has to take accountability too, because he is consciously making the choice to not put the effort in on and off the pitch.
  8. He is well within his rights to collect the wages as determined by his contract, but do you think there's honour in resting on his laurels and collecting a bit fat pay cheque and making little to no effort to play to the standards he's capable of playing? He was given that deal because he has outstanding ability, but he's not honouring the deal with his performances. We've made attempts to sell him, but he doesn't want to go because he'd rather have the extra cash than play football. He's no longer a footballer, he's a mercenary. If selling him on was going to send him in to poverty, you would understand him wanting to stay just for the money. But it isn't. He'd still earn huge amount of money elsewhere. We've not been lumbered with him just because of poor management, but because he's not performing as he can and should. Earn the money you've been given. And it's not just his performances on the pitch that have declined, but his attitude in training too. This isn't the behaviour of someone who has had a dip in quality, it's the behaviour of someone acting like a dickhead.
  9. Yes you can. He's a football player who's not playing football. He doesn't exactly need the money, and it's not like he'd be on shit wages if he went elsewhere. He's clearly not fussed about playing football otherwise he'd make the effort or move on. It was dumb of the club to give him that deal, but that's all hindsight. He holds all the cards and is holding the club to ransom. He's behaving like a complete dickhead.
  10. I finished it last week and have had difficulty discussing it. It almost broke me. Having had time to digest it, and having read interviews with Druckman, I will be playing through it again with my eyes wider open. I will probably enjoy playing as Abby more on second play through knowing that her uppence will come. Fuck Abby. The cunt.
  11. There's a Mammoth and Saber Tooth Cat on the cover, as well as a human being, so it's pretty obvious that there'd be no dinosaurs.
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