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  1. After a lot of fucking around, I've synced it with my LG tv. Rather than Google opening the smart apps though, you have to ask it to ask the LG voice assistant, which then carries out your instruction. The problem with the LG voice assistant though is if I ask it to, for example, 'play Red Dwarf on Netflix' it just opens the screen to play the next episode, so you still have to pick up the remote and press play. I need to spend some more time with it and see what works well and what doesn't. I did have a nice chat with Dustin from Stranger Things though.
  2. Ha! Brilliant. I don't have any of these fancy smart energy devices, so my usage will probably be limited to Spotify and Netflix, with the occasional Google search. Or I might just fall in love with her if she sounds like Scarlet Johanson.
  3. I've got myself a free Google Home Mini courtesy of my Spotify account. Are these devices any good? Do they integrate well with smart TV's and the like? I'm pretty new to this era of technology.
  4. I've pretty much avoided anything Ricky Gervais has done for several years. I only ever revisit his early shows and stand up. Through boredom I decided to watch After Life and found myself enjoying it for the most part. It's hammy in parts and a few recycled gags from his early work, but I found it quite endearing. And quite relatable in a way. He obviously had to throw in some racism and homophobia. As usual, completely unnecessary and really not needed. Shit like that just diminishes all the good things in it. I particularly enjoyed his scenes with Penelope Wilton.
  5. I would imagine the reasoning behind them coming forward now is to make sure everyone is aware of what a disgustingly horrible person MJ was, and as they have said on the documentary, to hopefully give other people the courage to come forward. Not just about MJ, but about anyone who has abused them. As far as the money goes, that's the only option they have now in terms of reparation. Wade Robson can't be short of cash given his career. I can't imagine he wants to come forward now just for money.
  6. I've already got the banners printed and tattoo designed.
  7. We just finished part two. I was in tears with that. I hope the cunt suffered a long and painful death.
  8. That's pretty much what I was getting at and what I wanted to say. But you have articulated it much better than my attempt.
  9. Watched part 1 of Leaving Neverland this evening. Very difficult and uncomfortable viewing. Whilst I don't disbelieve them, what I struggle to comprehend is if he didn't do the same thing to Makauly Culkin and his nephew (I forget his name), then what stopped him? He was clearly lonely and extremely childlike and craved that friendship, and if what the two guys saying is true, he also used his position to fulfill his adult sexual tendencies. So why not do the same to MC and nephew? Were they perhaps more protected because of who they already were, so he had to limit his relationships with them to just friendship? Or, which is incredibly upsetting, they were abused in the same way and simply cannot bring themselves to come forward about it. From what I've seen so far, there's nothing that makes me think these guys are lying. I'm also contemplating not watching part 2. I don't think I can watch any more of it.
  10. But you only know what you know based on what you've read and seen in this documentary. It doesn't make it fact. I've not seen the doc yet, and when I do I may well be in the same mindset as you. But I genuinely hope it isn't true. Not just because I want to keep and continue to listen to his music, but mainly because if it isn't true then they'll be no victims.
  11. Yup! Only R Kelly track I have. That and 'I Believe I Can Fly' are the only tracks I know he's done.
  12. So should I remove all MJ and R Kelly tracks from my playlist now or wait for Spotify to do it for me?
  13. I won't watch anything that has Sue Perkins, Tim Minchin or Miranda on it.
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