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  1. Thank you. I hate having my photo taken and usually instantly dislike any photos of me, but I'm actually happy with how this one turned out. I attribute it to 90% my wife and 10% my beard.
  2. They're a lot more comfortable than normal shorts. Lighter material and not as snug. I guess pyjamas is probably the wrong term if I don't wear them to bed (although I do occasionally). I suppose they're more 'loungewear'.
  3. Unfortunately I can't find my proof of purchase anywhere. Hopefully a complete reset or software update will sort it. On a seperate note. Has anyone had any experiece setting up a Netgear AC1200 access point/wifi extender? I'm following the instructions, but I'm falling at the first hurdle. It's connected to my router via ethernet and it's switched on, but when I go to the login url (aplogin.net) it just says 'You may not be connected to your Router’s WiFi network...', even though I definitley am. I've tried to get to the login page via different devices all with the same outcome. Any ideas?
  4. I've started wearing pyjamas when out in public. It started as just general trips to the shop, now it's even when I go food shopping. We went to the Harry Potter tour on Sunday. Wore my pyjama shorts, t-shirt and sliders. Far more comfortable than normal clothes. I love the freedom. Normal clothes are for chumps.
  5. That's a good shout. I got it from John Lewis, so maybe still in warranty.
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