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  1. I'm not a disc hoarder. I only play one, possibly two games at a time anyway (not simultaneously). When I'm done with it, it's gone. Most of the time I sell them for pretty much what I bought them for. On the odd occasion, more (I bought FIFA 19 for £18. Sold it for £30). I'll occasionally purchase a digital copy of a game if it's cheap.
  2. I used the money from selling it the first time round to buy other games that I wanted to play. I've finished with those games now, sold them and used the money to buy RDR2 again. I'm about £4 up and have played through 2-4 games with the same money. It's pretty common that people do this. For the life of me I'll never understand why people buy digital only games when they cost so much more and have no resale value at all. Literally doing yourself out of pocket purely for convenience.
  3. As in, I bought it on release, sold it when I finished with it and have bought it again to play for a second time.
  4. Is there a reason why you're buying it brand new and not second hand? I recently bought it again and got it for £14 off ebay. I was a tad lucky with that, but they're still going for around £17-£20.
  5. Not that it should make a difference, but had we already qualified for the CL then I would hope we would take that stance. They're obviously putting the club first, and I can understand that to a degree, but clearly the right thing to do is stand by the player.
  6. A cripple as king, a dwarf as his hand, a queen of the north and a girl saving the world. The icing on the cake would have been Greyworm being offed instead of Missendai, and she leading the Unsullied back home.
  7. I've been looking at some of the comments and meme's doing the rounds. Some are dumb, some are funny, most are petty. This comment, though, made me belly laugh. Absolutely no one: Sansa: Brans dick doesn't work.
  8. I don't think Bran was being smug. You have to have a personality to be smug.
  9. I was a little disappointed at Bran being chosen, but Sansa taking the North made it more bearable. Once Bran and the gang were sitting at the table, I warmed more to it. They're good people (in a way) and having that humerous dialogue helped to accept that good people ruling is what it needed to draw a line under it. Really, the problem is the actor playing Bran is fucking dull. That's what takes the shine off of it. Jon never wanted to be King of the North, let alone the Seven Kingdoms. Him becoming king would have made less sense. He's gone to live out his day's with his winter chums. Arya never fit in with the whole royalty thing, so her going on an adventure is also quite fitting. Overall I'm not dissatisfied. It could have been better I guess, and I will totally understand those that won't like it. Ironically I think this season could have done with a couple of extra episodes. There were couple of bits that seemed a bit rushed. Maybe it will come off better with a binge watch.
  10. That kids gonna grow up a tory. The little fanny.
  11. Agreed, but it was still great to watch the reactions. I watched it with no sound and it still sent a shiver down my spine.
  12. Arya to kill the Night King AND the Mad Queen? I don't see it. I also can't see Sansa killing her either. I think she'll off herself in a moment of realisation and grief. Maybe after Dullworm gets got because of another shit decision. Jon to take the Throne in an effort to repent and repay for the innocents killed at Kings Landing. Sansa to become Queen of the North.
  13. The only player I want gone is Mustafi. Don't care if we don't replace him. No defender is better than one Mustafi. I have no quarms if Mikhi, Xaka and Ozil leave (the latter purely for financial purposes) as long as we replace them with better. Having Bellerin and Holding back next season will help towards our defensive issues (they'll be like new signings lolz), and adding a decent defender to the mix will hopefully help. Just stick Kos on a legends contract so he only comes in for the big games. If he gets the backing he needs, it's a big season for Emery next season. Unfortunately I'm not confident on the backing.
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