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  1. The next episode isn't until 14th June. Why the 3 week wait?
  2. With fishing and golf, whilst distancing is pretty much standard, I would think the reason they were banned along with everything else was so it didn't encourage other sports to continue. One rule for one etc. I've absolutely missed my fishing. It's the only thing I do outside of the house (other than work) and it really helps with my mental health. But I was happy to give it up whilst all this was going on. We've been told that we can start fishing again from tomorrow. But I'm still going to give it a few weeks before I do a full day. Most places will be rammed. I'll just do a few hours of an evening when it's quieter.
  3. Do you still need help with the questions? I've been fishing since I was a yoof. For what it's worth, I would have thought the most common carp in British waters would actually be, the Common Carp. Mirrors are very popular, but there's a reason they're called Common Carp.
  4. So is Steve Ray a secret love child of DDP? Practically identitical.
  5. I couldn't find an appropriate thread to ask or post about all things tech, so thought I'd start one. Point me in the right direction if such a thing already exists. If not, then if you've got a general tech question or want to post/share something cool that is tech related, here be the place to do that. My question though: I'm wanting to connect my laptop up to my amp via optical cable, apropos achieving surround sound. My amp does not have a HDMI port so that's not an alternative option. I have limited knowledge on upgrading laptops, other than hard drives and ram, so I have no idea if the sound card can be changed. I have seen though that external sound cards are an option, but I'm seeing mixed reviews. Has anyone used these before? Do they work? Do they sound good? Any particular model you can recommend?
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