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  1. I would go as far as to say she looks exactly like Milhouse.
  2. I think my paranoia will inevitably force me to go local in the end, unless I find a difinitive answer that says it's allowed.
  3. I'm struggling to find an answer to this question, so someone might be able to help me with it. We've been taking our cars to be serviced and mot'd at the same garage for years. They're trustworthy and very well priced. The garage is 30 odd miles away though, and I don't know if it's OK to still travel there. There's no justifiable reason why I can't take it somewhere local, other than it's my preference that I take it there. Is it allowed does anyone know, or should I not risk it?
  4. I need to know, otherwise this thing is going to spiral out of amok.
  5. What is this word, spa? I feel like you’re starting to a say a word and you’re not finishing it. Are you trying to say spaghetti? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?
  6. We've had one negative result back. Just waiting on the other 3. My wife and son are hoping we get them all back by 9am tomorrow so they can go to work.
  7. We had a nice family outing this morning to a drive in test centre. Just waiting for the results to come through now.
  8. I don't see the point in playing games if I don't care about what's happening or what's going on. Despite how great the mechanics or gameplay may be. TLOU is a great example of this. Pretty basic gameplay, and quite dumb at times. But absolutely compelling, and wanting to know what happens next made you want to play more.
  9. I'm currently playing through Horizon Zero Dawn. It's quite a good mix of Witcher style mythology and futuristic machines. The melee and dodging mechanics are a bit shit, but the weapons are pretty good. I'm enjoying it for the most part. It's available on PS Now too atm.
  10. Similar gameplay/style is just the action/adventure elements of the games. What sets them apart is story, character and personality. The Uncharted series has them in abundance. TR is just a dull, boring affair in comparison. Lara Crofts monotone dialogue made me skip all the cutscenes in the end, and I just did not care about the story at all. The gameplay was OK, and not significantly different from Uncharted. But it completely lacks what makes Uncharted superior. Lost Legacy is a very scaled down open world puzzle game. It's good fun. Worth playing through.
  11. It's really, really not. They're both action/adventure games. That's where the similarity ends. Comparing the two is like comparing GTA with any other open world game that's not an RPG.
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