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  1. It might be a selling point. Am I the only one disappointed that it's normal milk and not her tit milk?
  2. That toilet looks good enough to sit on.
  3. In my former job, we had a client called Vijay Banghard. In the cemetery across the road from me, there's a headstone with the name Manly Johnson. On the day Jose Reyes died, I saw a headstone with the name Rose Jeyes. Weird.
  4. That code doesn't work anymore. But this one does for 20% off. PCIF-MFBZ-XKWD-HWAA7
  5. This is true. If only there were Latino actors that could have been cast instead. I'd loved to have seen Banderas, Trejo and Cheech (basically the cast of Desperado) in that line up. At least with Trejo they would have had a machete to chop the meat up with.
  6. Kathy Burke is great, but fucking hell. You've posted the best (recent) pic of her you could find. That's what she'd look like after 8 pints. This is what you'd wake up to.
  7. Alive Never seen it before. Not likely to again. A pretty poor performance overall. They all kind of acted as if the situation was some sort of inconvenience. Other than the initial crash, I never felt as though they were in any real danger. Also, if they went to the effort of portraying Uruguayans and kept the South American names, at least make a fucking effort with the accents.
  8. I think we all need to move on now. It's run its course. FYI, still shit in front of her.
  9. I might just retract it then and just call them a bunch of hate mongering shitarses.
  10. I've had my twitter account suspended for calling ITV news despicable cunts over it. Apparently I was promoting hate or violence towards a race, religion, ethnic group or some other such bollocks. The irony of course that I was calling out ITV for doing just that. I've appealed the suspension and advise that they suspend the ITV news account. I won't hold my breath.
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