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  1. There seems to be VAR controversy in almost every game. I long for the days of taking 5 minutes and multiple zoomed angles to determine if someone's elbow was offside.
  2. You know that old adage, where if you purposely make a shit cup of tea then people will stop asking you to make them? I reckon that's what they're doing with VAR. People were screaming out for video assistance, but I think they're purposely fucking it up just so they can scrap it and have people stop banging on about it. It hasn't improved at all from last season. If anything, it's worse.
  3. That's an incredibly piece of ingenuity for the time. Especially all those bricks falling in to place from out of the sky. Amazing.
  4. I see that making this thread Arsenal and Spurs free hasn't helped it to improve much.
  5. Invent a function where your posts and replies are in a locked spoiler tag, and people have to pay to unlock it. Don't ask me how. I'm just the ideas guy.
  6. The Shield. He won the game, but lost it all. It's a solid show throughout, but the finale was insanely well written.
  7. I couldn't find an appropriate thread to ask or post about all things tech, so thought I'd start one. Point me in the right direction if such a thing already exists. If not, then if you've got a general tech question or want to post/share something cool that is tech related, here be the place to do that. My question though: I'm wanting to connect my laptop up to my amp via optical cable, apropos achieving surround sound. My amp does not have a HDMI port so that's not an alternative option. I have limited knowledge on upgrading laptops, other than hard drives and ram, so I have n
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