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  1. American Pie 2 is significantly funnier than the first. Die Hard with a Vengeance is better than Die Hard 2. So is Die Hard 4.0 to be fair. Neither are better than the first though. Rambo is better than First Blood Part 2 and Rambo 3.
  2. I had a major crush on her when she was in Eastenders.
  3. Thank you all. As sad as we are, we've been happily reminiscing this evening. Looking, laughing and crying at photos and videos. We loved every minute we had with him.
  4. He brought so much joy to us. Even the little things like the wag of his tail when I come home from work, those are the things I'm going to miss the most. He turned 17 at the beginning of August. A fantastic age for a dog. He went naturally and peacefully at home, which is exactly what we wanted for him. His name is Rocky and was an absolute fighter to the end. We already feel lost without him.
  5. The absolute best. We're utterly heart broken.
  6. I couldn't find an appropriate thread to ask or post about all things tech, so thought I'd start one. Point me in the right direction if such a thing already exists. If not, then if you've got a general tech question or want to post/share something cool that is tech related, here be the place to do that. My question though: I'm wanting to connect my laptop up to my amp via optical cable, apropos achieving surround sound. My amp does not have a HDMI port so that's not an alternative option. I have limited knowledge on upgrading laptops, other than hard drives and ram, so I have no idea if the sound card can be changed. I have seen though that external sound cards are an option, but I'm seeing mixed reviews. Has anyone used these before? Do they work? Do they sound good? Any particular model you can recommend?
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