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  1. The correct answer is Stranglehold by Ted Nugent.
  2. I think that's as close a win as I'll ever get. I'll take it.
  3. Can I just shock you? I like Dodgeball.
  4. Fucks sake. The Wire was an absolute game changer for TV drama. Omar Little elevated it to that level. Michael K. Williams made Omar the king. I highly recommend his Vice documentary, Raised in the System, from a couple of years ago. It's a real eye opener and he's great in it. An absolute tragic loss.
  5. Not a theme tune as such, but the young girl dodgeball team in the movie Dodgeball, were introduced with Bob/Crash Holly's entrance music over the top.
  6. Kane. All variations of character and entrance music are fucking shit. Never got the gimmick.
  7. Do I even need to say anything?
  8. It's just this site and it's not on desktop view. Strangely, it's only posted text that doesn't change size. When I'm posting, the text size changes. Very odd.
  9. Does anyone know how to change the text size on this forum? I've got a new phone and the text is quite small. Changing it in the browser settings has no affect on this site, and I can't see an option for it in the site settings itself.
  10. If you don't want your rivals to suffer relegation and shame, you're doing football supporting wrong.
  11. Since the start of the season, we've had the following players missing from at least one of the 3 games: Auba, Lacazette, Partey, Pepe, White, Saka, Gabriel and Odegard (who's just joined). That's almost a starting 11. Most of these have missed 2 of the 3 games, and couple have only just started training. I'm not defending Arteta as such as I do think that the experiment has failed. But I think any manager would struggle for results with that bad hand being dealt. That said, if we can buy a RB before Tuesday, and have a full strength team back, 4 of our next 5 PL games are all winnable. The Derby could go either way. I think Arteta has to win 4 of those games to keep his job. But of course, he could also be gone before the derby if he doesn't get results.
  12. Not an album, but have a listen to 'Harvest Moon'. It's a pleasant little ditty.
  13. Born to Run. Springsteen can't sing. Deal with it, Mulv.
  14. I felt the same way when I fucked my PS4 up. But I was actually able to break even in the end. I sold my broken PS4 on ebay for £100. Bought a second hand PS4 for £150, but with 2 games and 2 controllers. Sold the 2 games and additional controller for £50. Might be worth selling your broken Xbone and seeing what you get for it. It will at least part fund a second hand replacement.
  15. Correct thread this time. Sharing for those that were talking about it earlier in the thread.
  16. To be fair, the thread title does state 'no shit banter'. Mikel Farteta.
  17. Fair point. Surely it can't be worse than the last 2 seasons?
  18. TIL that there's going to be a new season of Dexter.
  19. I liked 5 too. And New Dawn was a great addition to that.
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