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  1. Pretty much everyone has been on dark. Usually used as a way to feature someone at a show when they sent in dynamite. Will suspect both Cole and Danielson will be facing some of the lower card guys.
  2. I friggin hope not. Will undo a lot of good work. Rather have Cody lose, Arn give Cody shit, and THEN Cody finally turns that corner by beating the shit out of Arn.
  3. Because Kahn is a fan at heart, and there is value in having Danielson off tv for a little bit after a year of solid work, then make a big return two months later. One thing AEW does well is understand the importance of not overexposing talent. In a year's time the hope is you can rely less of your Punks and Danielsons.
  4. I think a major component is the booking by committee. Wrestling is better when it's following one man's visions and ideas (or at least a small team). I could totally imagine their being a thousand writers, bookers, middle men and agents resulting in the whole being a vague mess.
  5. Fuck sake. You can tell I've turned 40.
  6. Her "fued" with Liv Morgan was worse. Just kept blatantly excluding her from MITB. They built Morgan as a deserving entrant who was constantly screwed getting in whilst Deville's heel mates (who they never really showed being matey on the show) getting in without having to qualify. Then she just gave it to her right at the end anyway. With zero follow up since :S It's not even that difficult. Just show her being bessie mates with the heels and look down at the plucky underdogs. Hell with a little bit of long term booking you could turn this into a half decent Survivor Series match. Deville's Mates vs Deville's Enemies.
  7. Working in an office alongside female colleagues and being in a position of authority / power as a trainer with women in a physical context, AND with prior history, is VEEERRRRYYYY different.
  8. They've been doing a nice job introducing some formidable heels / potential heels. Adam Cole, Miro, Malakai Black, Cody Rhodes, Power House Hobbs, Jon Moxley. He'll be a fine. They've done a great job preparing for the inevitable face champion.
  9. I actually thought they go the opposite way round, Punk on top and Danielson working up. But honestly this works well. The Omega match was cracking. Personally I would of made plans for Danielson to win the TNT Championship so he could have a series of matches with various up and comers as well the better midcard workers. Maybe he'll go into that role after his run at the top of the card.
  10. Cena was the first to cash in and fail (he won by DQ) to win the championship. Sandow was the first to cash in and lose.
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