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  1. wand. you really should try and put this greatest fights series into some kind of online blog or create a website/facebook page which allows more people to see it cause its far too good for just us few fucks on here to read.
  2. not arsed about seeing him fight but Mir commentating and doing some analysis stuff for them could be pretty cool.
  3. Next weekends schedule is ridiculous. Im free Saturday night to view some live sports but we are abit spoilt for choice. Bellator Milan on Channel 5 Cage Warriors on Fight Pass Josh Taylor vs. Apinun Khongson on BT Sports Mairis Briedis vs. Yuniel Dorticos on Sky Sports thats all live Saturday evening😵 then chuck in 2 more Cage Warriors events that weekend, The Charlo Twins PPV on Showtime, oh and UFC 253 and you have a silly weekend of fight.
  4. You Can't Kill David Arquette - went in expecting this to be a bit naff but really enjoyed it. Bit of a loveletter to Pro Wrestling with Arquette trying to win some respect in the business by giving another go 20 years after the fact. Some of it blurs the line between fact and fiction but itswell made, suprisingly affecting and Arquette comes off like a real good guy.
  5. Fuck, Razor Rob was a beast too. Everyone needs to go back and watch old school WEC.
  6. Covington vs. Woodley then, ivd gone: Dern, Price, Chimaev, Holland to win & Covington by stoppage. £5 returns £104. Also put £2.50 on a 20/1 Betfair special: Dern/Chimaev by submission & Price by KO/TKO.
  7. An absolute classic. In my early days of MMA fandom that fight was the holy grail of fights you had to see outside of the UFC. The Sherdog boards used to rave about it. I knew the legend of that fight long before i ever saw it. Olaf was the epitome of a cult hero in MMA. Urgan legend had it that Olaf trained for fights by climbing trees😄 That Olaf/Sakurai fight was criminal though.
  8. Horwich is off the charts weird. His fighting style was so weird too, i didnt really look like he'd even trained in terms of technique, just super awkward, he just wandered forward taking ridiculous punishment and would grind people out. Ive seen videos of him recently and he looks abit of mess, poor bugger.
  9. ...that happened on the same show
  10. ahh yeah Radach, always enjoyed watching him too. I thought it was more a trick question though and it was gonna be someone real famous who we wouldnt recognise. As for Radach, the main moments i remember of his career are both him getting KO'd. The first was when the legend Matt Horwich KO'd him in the IFL. Radach was killing everyone in the IFL, Horwich was a grinder with no apparent punching power. Horwich sparked Radach in round 2 with a left hand. Made me a Matt Horwich fan for life. The other is crazier. Radach fought a bloke called Danny Lafever in 2003 in a promoti
  11. yep, i really should watch One. After every event theres an insane highlight reel. I'll hop in when DJ and Alvarez show back up.
  12. who fucking knows how it works, i dont even think they know.
  13. that little 3 fight card at 10pm will be lovely, short and sweet. Great main event too. Was announced to that with the CBS move, alot of Bellator shows are gonna be on Thursday nights, which works out nicely for some next day Friday evening viewing. Like that.
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