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  1. Petesy Carroll's Eurobash relaunches next week on a new platform, it's been rebranded 'The Bash'. Should be a good listen:
  2. ahh sad news πŸ˜” like you Wand. last i'd read he appeared to be getting better.
  3. Ryan Hall has a fight!
  4. only Teddy Atlas could compare Poirier/Hooker to Captain Kirt and the Starship EnterpriseπŸ˜„
  5. yeh makes sense. We may see these Fight Island cards thin out because unless its like a situation above where two guys in the same division can match up, there is no chance of them getting last minute subs in like they have been doing in Vegas, fights will just be cancelled.
  6. if they can sort that out it'll be a hell of fightπŸ˜€
  7. New Miller interview. Fair play to the interviewer here, he doesn't sugarcoat his questions or dance around the issues.
  8. did anyone else find Michael Bisping a bit unbearable on commentary on a Saturday night? way OTT, too loud and him shouting WOW! when something big happened, it was a bit much. I aint a fan.
  9. I scored the main event 49-46 for Poirier, i only gave Hooker round 2 but i could see how rounds were given to Hooker. It was a ridiculous fight, i guess when you're that tough you have the right to tell someone else that they are made of marshmallows. I thought Mike Perry looked pretty poor against Gall, Gall himself looked worse after having a decent opener. Perry's post fight interview was a revealing one, found myself feeling a bit sorry for the bloke. It also give abit more of an indication of why he's gone on his own, sounded like ex-coaches might have screwed him over, and he's clearly made some poor financial decisions himself, along with a marriage breakup. Guy was almost in tears.
  10. i think a lot of people are gonna be disappointed when they tune in and seeing it look like any other UFC event.
  11. No love for Erosa/Woodson? that was a hell of a fight too, especially as Erosa was coming in on such notice. So many good fights on this card, what a show! dunno if anyone caught the Boser/Lins fight on the prelims? that backhand was nasteh.
  12. well my double sank without trace and Lins let me down on my acca for 86 queen quids, the bastard.
  13. Gian Villante getting a taste of that Ray Longo love, just like Aljo got a few weeks back:
  14. Got a feeling Till beats Whitaker, just favour him against a very conventional striker like Whitaker. Gotta wonder what that Adesanya loss has taken out of Whitaker too, hes been on the end of some hefty punishment the last couple of years.
  15. Hooker addressed this on Submission Radio, he said he has no idea how they've got that image of himπŸ˜„
  16. here we go again. Had to go with the Gall/Hooker double tonight, Β£10 on returns Β£106. Then ive gone for the customary Β£5 acca: Greene, Allen, Lins, Worthy to win, and Poirier/Hooker to go more than 1.5 rounds. Returns Β£86.
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