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  1. probably because hes been TKO'd twice in 4 months.
  2. will the UFC bring him back? wasn't he out of contract?
  3. oooh, may have to make the trip for those wotsits. Oinks i aint big on though, i love that range but Oinks are my least favorite of the bunch. Speaking of the range, anyone tried Cheeseburger Quarterbacks recently? they've changed them for the worse, i aint too happy about it.
  4. Dave Branch is on some shit
  5. i don't disagree about not defending titles. His record is very solid though, not to mention that he has put away very good fighters with relative ease. Just stopping two UFC champions in title fights puts him up there. Bouncing between divisions and boxing has prevented him from putting together a Max Holloway type run, but thats a luxury he's earned, he didnt have to go the traditional route.
  6. That was harsh, unbelievable that she fought through it. Part of me thinks the corner should have pulled her out though, she yelled in pain a few times after hurting it early in round 2. That doctor check between rounds was weird too.
  7. Thiago Alves found his new home:
  8. yep, that was me. Ive only got to see the fights today as ive had a lousy few days back and fore the hospital with eye problems, couldnt even see the TVπŸ˜” That was a ridiculous return from Conor though, it couldnt have gone any better really to re-establish his name in the game. Come out unscathed, left Cowboy a bloody mess in 40 seconds and did it in unconventional yet spectacular fashion. Despite Dave thinking it, im no Conor fanboy, but that was impressive. To say he's not an elite MMA fighter ecause he's not beaten a few mid-level grinders on his way up is ridiculous though Dave, fuck me. Did anyone else think much of the rest of the card? i enjoyed it all up until Holm/Pennington sucked the life out of me. Roxanne Modafferi was the MVP for me. I feared for her safety going in, that was unreal. How does she not get a bonus award? i know there wasnt a finish, but she dominated a fight as a 12/1 underdog. Surely that's worthy of 50g's. Maycee Barber deserves one for gutting it out too.
  9. Dreamers face is melting. He's starting to look like that bloke from Ghost thay helped Patrick Swayze kick a can.
  10. it makes it all feel a little dated to me, Golberg's lack of effort in researching the fights he's watching is obvious. The tired "it is all over!" catch phrases dont work anymore either, its like he pushes a soundboard everytime a fighg ends.
  11. hopefully AEW dont go the way of ITV's PPC boxing coverage. It started well as did AEW's, they promoted PPV's and put shows up on the hub but slowly shows started getting skipped over and eventually stopped getting shown altogether with no announcement or explanation.
  12. 4.30 at the absolute earliest, more than likely around 5 though.
  13. As the week's gone on the more im starting to like the card. It still piss poor from a PPV standpoint but im interested in all the remaining fights above the Fight Pass prelims. The highest stakes for any other fight probably comes in Barber/Modaferri. If Barber wins that impressively, she could be rushed into a shot with Shevchenko. Dont think thats a wise move but Barber has some star quality about her.
  14. 100% They need Jimmy back in the booth. Not to replace Goldie because hes the play by play man but they need Smith back. ...and sack of Goldie anyway.
  15. is the lady there the one that Dana gave a job for stopping a shoplifter in some shop in America a couple of weeks ago?
  16. yeh, im a lot less annoyed at Romero getting the shot at Costs than I am Aldo getting the shot at Cejudo which is just ridiculous. If Moraes was out hurt id see how they could spin it, but how they can have Aldo leapfrog the guy who beat him for a title shot is beyond me. Awful shout that.
  17. Robin Black has signed to do work with Bellator, tremendous.
  18. Kelleher/Osbourne has been moved to the main card. Honestly, i'd take that over Gadelha/Grasso.
  19. the only fight preview show you need ^ (oh, youtube videos are embedding again).
  20. I dont fully disagree, but the reaction in general was mixed. Alot of people simply didnt get what they wanted.
  21. Ahh i'm all in now. It may have something to do with the lack of fights this past month adding to it, but ive been listening to podcasts all week and its got me excited. Im even up for the rest of the card as weak as it is on paper. The reaction to the press conference is interesting. For every fight where the guys ham it up you'll always get the detractors saying "whats this? WWE? they'll be hugging afterwards", yet when they come out and keeo it civil you get a crowd saying "whats this nice rubbish? talk shit to other". Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  22. The Danis fight is off next week's Bellator card due to injury. His MMA career just aint happening is it.
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