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  1. nope, never. Australian boxing is crazy. They have absolutely no issue with throwing washed up stars in there with decent fighters either. Just a few weeks ago they put Michael Zerafa in with a 45 year old Anthony Mundine. Mundine got smoked in a couple of minutes, similar kind if story... https://www.news.com.au/sport/boxing/disgusting-truth-about-anthony-mundines-tragic-final-fight/news-story/28d6a8c5fcf112d272bf6efaf650ccbf
  2. nah, that was all above board Jim (supposedly) https://wwos.nine.com.au/news/boxing-paul-briggs-truth-behind-danny-green-ko/e546397f-1c4f-4c5a-bb43-2ad1e05835c9
  3. It just exists in its own little world, with its own stars and attractions. The fights always seem to end in round 1 too πŸ˜„ I should have lumped some money on Gallen yesterday morning, he was a 2/1 underdog somehow going into that. Browne is about as shot a fighter as you'll ever find.
  4. Im taking Oliveira too, as much a fan i am of Chandler i think if he doesnt get this one done early he may find himself tied up in knots with Olives.
  5. the bookies favorite to fight Paul next is Joe Fournier who fought on last weekends undercard. He's got a nice record on paper, is in the ballpark weight wise, has celebrity status and is already in with Triller so i could see that. On the undercard i fully expect to see Tyron Woodley vs. J'Leon Love.
  6. thanks for that, ive been collecting that stuff bit by bit from elsewhere, but that link will be handy. Incredible work.
  7. Fully expecting a Canelo win here. As i i mentioned in a seperate thread the other day, i just dont see a path to victory for Saunders. Question is whether or not Canelo can stop him, i think he might late, Canelo is a punisher at Super Middleweight.
  8. It took time for Oliveira to really earn any real credibility in the UFC. A couple of shady stoppage losses early had him pegged as a bit of a bottle job. He's long since shaken off that perception though.
  9. Kid Galahad/Jazza Dickens for the IBF World Title is expected on this too
  10. yeh, full muay thai rules too. There will be blood.
  11. the Holzken/Parr fight should be good too. The winner of Gafurov/Yoon is fighting Eddie Alvarez on next weeks show (tonight show is pre-recorded so he has more than a weeks turn around). Here's the link to tonights show:
  12. i'm with you Bifkin, ive been riding the Masvidal train a long time. Unfortunately i can't see him winning much here. Maybe take the opening round or something but i expect Usman to dominate. Only way i see Masvidal losing this is if Usman fights outside of his comfort zone to try proving a point.
  13. sloppy superbowl of a heavyweight fight down in Australia this afternoon...
  14. Rumble has gone through some body transformation
  15. the Anderson/Bader semi final isnt filling with with much joy
  16. Yeah, its a weird thing. Maybe it was more a sign of the times, but i cant recall anyone ever being outraged at the mismatches that were being put on consistently at the time. MMA purists loved seeing guys from other disciplines come into MMA and fail miserably.
  17. Couple of harsh cuts there, but going along with the downsizing of the European shows i guess.
  18. Frank Mir tweeted this regarding the stated of Oscar De La Hoya during his fight: I hope they pull the plug on his comeback.
  19. Right then, PFL Seaon 3 starts Friday. The schedule will come thick and fast so I thought id start a thread. The names added to this seasons roster are probably enough to warrant abit more interest than prior seasons. The inclusions of Anthony Pettis, Fabricio Werdum, Rory McDonald, Claressa Shields etc. is gonna do them no harm whatsoever. Chuck them in with the current PFL Champions and a few wildcard inclusions and the rosters look pretty solid. As for the UK viewing. Prior shows were just aired live on facebook for free, im not so sure whats happening this year. There's an MMA TV
  20. Yeah, that's true but its the celeb aspect that completely dragged the show through the mud for me. Nobody likes a freak show type fight more than me. Ive been into weird matchmaking ever since i got into the combat sports and i'll be into them going forward. No MMA fans were complaining when their beloved fighters were battering hapless pro wrestlers, actors, other sportsmen in Japan. Now the shoes on the other foot its touched a nerve and created the whole Boxing vs. MMA thing again which is abit silly. My whole issue with what i saw Saturday night was the way the celebrities
  21. yeah nice to see Daley get the win, sounds likes gonna continue fighting too
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