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  1. any predictions then? Im going with McKee. He's been flawless as a bro and has breezed through good opposition. Pitbull has found himself in some tough fights but always seems to find a way to win, but i just have a gut feeling that McKee will get the upperhand and wont let him off the hook. If McKee wins this it'll be a bit of a starmaking performance. 17-0 in Bellator is some record.
  2. Fight Camp starts tomorrow then. The lineup has divided opinion but theres lots to like, plus im real interested to see how Matchroom present the show on DAZN. Absolute kicker that they lot Benn/Granados as that was the fight that would hace generated the interest but whats left is solid. Still its abit of a blow for the launch show. They are hoping to get Benn/Granados on the August 14th show.
  3. yeh iplayer live tomorrow night, then available on demand
  4. yeh i just think thats just Sean Strickland. I think David's "an idiots who happens to know how to throw hands" sums it up.
  5. the only place i see a live stream for tonight is on the MMAholes youtube channel. Theres the link above ^ It's gonna be some dodgy fan watchalong with alternative commentary. The official XMMA youtube channel will be showing it too but theres no link as of yet.
  6. Id love to go but i have a stuff on around the date. Would love to goto a Bellator show one day though.
  7. Not sure. Bellator always used to hold shows on Fridays then do their biggers shows on Saturdays, but they'd stopped doing that in recent years. Maybe they've gone back to it.
  8. this has to be one of the most injury ridden cards they've ever had
  9. another quality couple of weeks. Turcios/Liudvik was just bananas. Turcios has been the find of the season, so likeable and charismatic, then fights like an absolute wildman, i love the bloke. Hope people realise the star potential before the finale and get some buzz going for it.
  10. Ariel reporting that this is likely gonna be moved to Vegas.
  11. this event is taking place right now in Georgia, outdoor in the pissing down rain: 😲
  12. id set up Modafferi/Barber II. Barber got a little backlash after last weekend but got back into the winners circle and getting a chance to avenge one of her losses would make a decent story coming off of it, especially considering she got injured during the first fight.
  13. Well here it is. This is arguably the best fight has ever put on. Not the biggest, but in terms of relevance in the grand scheme of things and how this thing was thing was built from the ground up as a true Bellator original this is right up there. I'll keep this thing bare bones and add bits and pieces during the week, but here's a couple of promo videos that are worth your time. if you dont know much about Pitbull:
  14. that promotion XMMA we spoke about above has its second show this weekend. This sucker will be streaming free, so ill try finding links before Friday and i'll get them up. The show has a lost a few of its original fights including John Dodson's first post UFC fight after he had that horrible car accident. Here's whats left: Like we said before, this just has an old school feel. Lots of UFC and Bellator vets spread across it. There used to be lots of shows like this but with the more hectic UFC and Bellator schedule you dont see so many. I at least wanna see the top half of the card. 10 of the top 12 fighters listed are UFC or Bellator vets.
  15. the boys! Dan Severn looks exactly the same as he did at UFC 4.
  16. are all these McGregor tweets even real? genuine question.
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