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  1. Adam is proof you can still book a true wholesome blue eye on top when it's done right and he doesn't need to be the angry vengeful dude, I think he hits that even better than Bryan did vs the Authority
  2. That'd be the weird as fuck backstage after party.
  3. Aren't the CC subs actually subbing the English dub and not the original Korean? But yeah I really enjoyed it overall, it's been weird seeing people proclaim that it's the only show ever to have such an anti-Capitalist slant but that says more about peoples watching habits than anything else.
  4. I can't see it, that mini push he got a while back really exposed 10 as being completely green and he came across as shit scared when given time to talk.
  5. CM Punk calling a match a banger? Hi, Phil.
  6. I think I preferred the women's division when it was just Kenny booking his favourite schoolgirls, the matches and feuds on the main shows have been dogshit rough ever since DMD became champion. And I'm not putting the blame on Britt, it's the booking and the mad idea to push the likes of Penelope and The Bunny over so many others on the roster.
  7. That match took me back to Bryan vs Morishima in 2007(?) in that I thought there was going to be another detached retina like situation.
  8. Their actual online service for multiplayer is still fucking shit tho, even with ethernet on the new dock speeds are limited to something absurdly slow for 2021 and don't get me started on voice chat which has been done perfectly elsewhere since like the OG Xbox.
  9. Think I'm gonna pass on those n64 games.
  10. Alexis Marshall from Daughters had been named as an abuser by Lingua Ignota, this is something that's been known by a few over the past few years with threats thrown out to any who would call it out, silencing survivors. But now with one of the biggest names in independent music openly stating it it's out there and gaining traction.
  11. I mean, I have no love for any billionaire but I'm finding it entertaining and can't wait Hog Mild at a BMX convention. He's better than Dixie fucking Carter.
  12. Pretty sure I've heard similar things from her over the years, for someone that puts on a stage in the name of Sophie Lancaster they sure show a lot of hate and book sketchy bands most years.
  13. There should be a limit of one spooky goth prick per company, Black's doing ok so far and hasn't gone over the top with the mumbo jumbo and I like Amenra who do his music. Also, I fucking love Adam, have I said that before?
  14. Cody's a comic book nerd, right? There's a reason he decided to dress up just like Homelander from The Boys.
  15. Nick Gage was on Jericho's podcast and talked about the stuff he won't do and shitarse deathmatch workers that go to those extremes for no reason, you know you're shite when Gage looks down on you.
  16. With all the talk about Tony's tweet you can add the video just uploaded by Forbes about him and AEW where he ends it talking about going against the WWE in the ratings. Big money Tony is on the warpath.
  17. So leading to Hangman v Mox? Complete wishful thinking on my part, I feel like they could have a right banger if Jon goes full sadistic heel on the way there.
  18. Onita picks his words very carefully during many parts of that episode, he comes across as a right sly cunt when talking about Hayabusa and Arai. He's one of my favs of all time a but I've heard so much bad shit about him as a person over the years, this kind of just cements it a little more.
  19. The first thing I do is take over Impact and give The Good Brothers a new pair of gimmicks.. now who gets the Mr Pogo treatment?
  20. Yeah Cole's theme is just far too generic metal shite for me, it's just that fans can go "boom" in time with everything which gets it over. So it does it's job, can't complain too much.
  21. I'm really not buying the idea of Punk & Danielson tagging any time soon, they've both made it real clear that they're heading in different directions. What an ending, what a pop, what a fucking man. The brawls with Mox felt like they were partly there to gauge the reaction, I can see a full on fued there at some point with Mox being more and more heelish recently.
  22. The first thing I did was unlock Kiryu and instead of bananas you collect bottles of Staminan X!
  23. If there's a split I'd imagine it being Omega being booted out, Cole & The Bucks have their own seperate name and already feel like a closer knit bunch.
  24. Isn't there a side line of Rap Ramen too?
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