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  1. The buffering got a chuckle out of me. Wish we'd seen more of that side to Corbyn. He's definitely got a decent sense of humour.
  2. Similar experiences with people I know or work with. Only people that still talk about Brexit are those that were already obsessed with the EU/immigration. None are indicating that they will vote Tory with some indicating that they won't vote at all. The one ones that would probably be considered "traditional" Labour abandoned the party long before Corbyn's leadership and have long been lost to the cult of Farage. They are also the ones that currently show no interest in voting. One of the few LibDem I know starts every political conversation with "I'd never vote Tory" which I always consider a red flag. He's also very reluctant to criticize the Tories outside of Johnson himself. For balance there isn't much love for Corbyn in my social circle. Though some have moved from "he's an idiot" to "he has some good ideas but some bad ones" which is somewhat positive and almost identical to what I came across in 2017. Of course I live in a relatively safe Labour seat which obviously is unlikely to reflect national vote intentions.
  3. Got 60% Labour with the other 40% mostly being between Green and Dem.
  4. Harper in New Japan would be amazing. Luke Harper Vs. Lance Archer? Yes fucking please.
  5. I can believe the Tories currently being ahead but %43 seems too high to me. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but I still believe that the result will be tighter than people are expecting. I'm certainly not comfortable putting any money down on a result.
  6. Infamous Second Son. Fuck this game. Just deleted it off my PS4. The part where you have to jump on containers being carried by helicopters is among the worst missions I've ever played.
  7. If Johnson gets a majority them I'm adopting a use any and every dishonest trick in the book to get elected stance from then onwards. If the public want corrupt liars in office then so be it. As Loki says. Fuck em.
  8. V Wars. Eight episodes in and it's an enjoyable binge watch but feels like they are burning through multiple seasons worth of ideas in only ten episodes. Whoever come with that show name though needs sacking. Daybreak. All over the place and like the above burning through ideas but I'm a massive sucker for post apocalypse based shows. Plus Matthew Broderick is great in it.
  9. I wouldn't be shocked if Kenny actually does end up fucking off back to Japan eventually. You Western fans just don't get me.
  10. He blocked Brian Zane (Wrestling With Wregret) on twitter recently over a comment that wasn't even directed at him. What a snowflake. https://youtu.be/d-7mpZkmd8w Audio of "Liberal" Cornette casually throwing the n-word around featured in the above. Don't recall ever hearing that before.
  11. If Cornette had just apologized it would have blown over. Sure myself and probably others would still think he's a complete and utter cretin but he'd probably still have his cushy little NWA job. Only time I've found Joey Ryan tolerable was in DDT and I think Osprey is a prick.
  12. Yeah those idiots are best ignored. Probably just me but Mando reminds me a little of Karl Urban's portrayal of Judge Dredd.
  13. They should have got Spears back at the desk.
  14. Commentary was shocking in parts. JR in particular is clearly lost at times without Big Tony keeping him company. Like the look of The Butcher, Blade and Bunny. Agree that JR and Excalibur ruined the whole debut though. Love the Dark Order segments which are a good blend of wrestling camp and creepy undertones. Jericho is AEW's ace and Moxely is a star. Women's match was pretty dull. On one hand I hated the Joshi comedy spots (and I usually like that stuff) but on the other it did turn the crowd against Sakura who finally felt like a heel. What the hell were they thinking sending Shida out there with a random in a losing effort though? Considering she went through the trouble of moving to the US from Japan, you'd think they would protect her more. Women's division is all over the place even though I like most of the wrestlers.
  15. Us moaning about Mauro here is one thing but Graves publicly taking a shot at a colleague on social media when his mental health issues are common knowledge is a total cunt move. Also Graves has been fucking shit since he left NXT and has a cheek criticising anyone. Only highlight of his career is that time Saxton told him to shut his gob.
  16. Dark is such a fun show. TH2 get a lot of shit but imo they are perfectly fine as a mid card heel team. Really enjoyed Jack Evans Vs. Kenny Omega. The Kong/Brandi pairing is growing on me. Surely their antics have to lead up to a hair match? Spears is a pretty decent commentator.
  17. I can appreciate what he's done in wrestling but it's clear that he's just a horrible bastard. That hanger on of his (Brian?) can fuck off as well.
  18. Even though they lost to NXT their viewership wasn't even down much right? Read about a 6000 drop. Unless we hit another boom period or they shit the bed I reckon AEW will probably stay where they currently are, with a spike and dip here and there.
  19. He's great at what he does but sadly will always be a liability to any promotion he works with imo. He just can't or won't change. However I do agree with others, that the joke should never have made the air in the first place.
  20. Jim Cornette is gone then. Took longer than I expected. Good riddance.
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