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  1. Bought it digital. Edit. Lost Judgment. 10/10 game of the year.
  2. Also lucked out on a PS5 recently. Wasn’t planning on buying one but thought fuck it, since I'm working again. Nice system (disk version) but fucking chunky. Just starting Lost Judgment because of course that was going to be my first purchase 😁
  3. Fucking hell Roll For It from S1 looks rough. Guessing that was a B-team episode.
  4. Thunder Rossa is great wrestler, Adam Cole kiss my ass. God bless Big Tony.
  5. I'd rather listen to Alvarez these days. Someone slap me.
  6. Eddie should be the hype man for every AEW show.
  7. No shame in enjoying HUSTLE. Was a glorious car crash of a promotion.
  8. Some more random observations when watching Dynamite with the casual relative. He absolutely hates Tully Blanchard or as he calls him that old cunt. Hates MJF and wants to see Wardlow batter him. Started off not liking Orange Cassidy but has become a fan over time. Most interesting one though imo is that he thinks AEW has too many heels.
  9. Spotting the dodgy animation and continuity errors (multiple Starscream's or other jet variants in the same scene for example) is part of the fun for me.
  10. Making my way through the G1 episodes I never watched as a kid. Good times. Is it just me or does the series feel more "Anime" as it goes on?
  11. Daniel Garcia Vs. Lee Moriarty is worth a watch on Elevation this week. Really fun scrap.
  12. Hook has really developed a bit of a cult following over on reddit which has been pretty amusing.
  13. Maybe the plan for Hayter is to go Big Sid and batter Britt to officially turn her face. If not then yeah the current pairing is pretty bleh so far.
  14. Yeah that was a decent 40 something minutes of wrestling.
  15. The life of leasure was fun while it lasted but it's back to the daily grind next week 😭
  16. With the right story/opponents a Bucks match can be a great spectacle but without any of that they can be a real chore to watch imo. The main reason I loved the cage match was because I went into it thinking those pricks have to lose, it just feels like the right time and that's what happened. So I got a thrilling spot heavy match and the result I wanted which is win/win for me. Being an old fart and still largely stuck in my ways I wouldn't call the match greatest anything but an excellent modern wrestling match. Besides everyone knows that War Games 92 is the greatest cage match of all time.
  17. MJF has some great moments but at times comes across as a bit of a try hard imo. Imo the build up to and betrayal of Cody is still his highpoint.
  18. On the subject of Jack Evans I notice that he's getting the put a fucking t-shirt on mate treatment lately. He always looks completely nackered within five minutes.
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