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  1. Just restarted Judgment and I'd forgotten just how much of a slog the first chapter is.
  2. On the whole definitely a better show than last week.
  3. I reckon an Omega heel turn could work if he turned on Page in front of an actual crowd. They fucking love Page. In the current climate though it would die on it's arse imo.
  4. Hasn't Io still got a few years left on her contract? Bushiroad going to have to wait and then probably have to throw silly money at her unless she's desperate to return to Japan by that point. I'm all for one last Kairi run in Stardom.
  5. Of course that cunt has. Give it'll a few more weeks and it will be the NHS's turn.
  6. Kenny's hammy antics are the kind of thing that seems to go over well in Japan but seems to fall flat for many people elsewhere. Personally I found found a lot his routine pure cringe in New Japan, especially his cleaner stuff. Always assumed it's basically the Japanese version of the goofy foreigner gimmick. I have enjoyed some of his stuff with Page but I'm giving the Hangman all the credit for that.
  7. I happily shit on both the American and Chinese governments. And ours.
  8. I'm a bit of a Sono fan but do find him pretty hit and miss at times and can see others not being a fan. Speaking of Prime I only lasted one episode of the Vampire series he did that's on there. He's at his try hard worst with that rubbish. Tokyo Vampire Hotel I think it's called.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/jul/03/david-starkey-dropped-publisher-racist-remarks-harpercollins David Starkey reminding people that he's an utter cretin.
  10. Almost as if the government never actually wanted any kind of shut down in the first place and wanted everything "back to normal" as fast as possible, consequences be damned.
  11. Going off topic but being frank any promotor that believes a word from WWE management after all the years of them doing whatever it takes to maintain control of the industry is asking for trouble. NOAH and Stardom management had the right idea and didn't sell to WWE which severely damaged their expansion plans.
  12. Can't comment on NXT since I haven't watched it outside of the odd clip in ages. Be interesting to see what numbers the Fyter Fest shows draw. They've pushed those pretty hard and it would no doubt be a big disappointment if those shows underperformed. Saying that though it's good that both AEW and NXT are still pulling in over half a million viewers.
  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-bournemouth-beach-major-incident-22251849 Sadly predictable.
  14. Kip Sabian and his broken shades was an unexpected highlight. Maybe it's just me but FTR have been bland as fuck so far. Happy to see the Lucha Bros back though. Enjoyed the video packages, even the cheesy Kiss/Joey one though that was mostly because of the Johnny Cage style nut shot. Britt Baker was obviously another highlight. Matt Hardy should be kept in tag matches and his match was by far the low point of the show this week.
  15. Because Jimmy ran off to rehab before he could face the music. Unless something changes he's almost certainly getting binned off once he finishes his stint there.
  16. What a complete and utter prick. Edit. Osprey of course though I can't say I'm surprised.
  17. Dark is is over the place time/match wise. Only theory I can think of for the amount of matches sometimes is that it may be a way of giving people some work. Not really an issue in the grand scheme for me though since I don't usually bother with Dark and just wait for the individual matches to be uploaded.
  18. Managed a couple of hours of Last of Us 2. Boring as fuck.
  19. Japanese schoolgirl has to be one of Cornette's shittest put downs. Anyway JR clearly doesn't give a shit about a good chunk of the roster and that probably isn't changing so no point even moaning about him anymore.
  20. That's proper pro wrestling level bollocks from Trump. He'll be claiming that they changed the venue due to "threats of violence" next.
  21. Hopefully that means a PS4 port is in the works and I will finally be able to get shot of my Vita and PSTV.
  22. They really are astoundingly thick. Nice to see the protesters play them so easily instead of giving them the fight they wanted.
  23. Raising Arizona because it's the only one I have seen.
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