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  1. Becky will probably main event so Vince can blame the women if/when it the shows performs poorly. In all seriousness though, that's the most unappealing card I can recall.
  2. Yeah he probably just kept using it until it got over. That's generally how it works.
  3. Starrcade 90 features a decent brawl for the tag titles if I remember correctly. Doom Vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham. Otherwise the shows a bit shit from what I can remember. Not seen it in years.
  4. Ogawa has always come across as being all about the money, so nothing really surprised me watching him. I thought Fuka came across a bit better but I think she's out of the business now. I'm actually surprised by the amount of access Vice were given.
  5. Just watched the Vice documentary on Stardom and I was expecting a massive hatchet job on the promotion, based on some of crying I had seen online. It was anything but imo and I thought it did a pretty good of balancing the good and bad of the Joshi scene. Footage appears to have been recorded in 2017. If anything it doesn't really cover anything most fans didn't already know, outside of Mayu Iwatani going into her personal life. On Mayu, I don't see her ever leaving Stardom. The stuff about her father no longer remembering her following a stroke and an incident (doesn't go into details other than two men were arrested) that resulted in her becomming a recluse for two years is awful. Rossy Ogawa though distant and business minded, didn't come across nearly as bad as I was expecting him to. Even if it was business decision he allowed Mayu Iwatani to crash at his place rent free, when she moved to Tokyo. Back to Mayu I was surprised that she basically ran away from home to become a wrestler. Thankfully it worked out for her. Kris Wolf did a good job explaining the difficulties of being a foreigner living in Japan. I also got the impression near the end that she was already thinking about retirement back then. Touches on Idol culture. Nothing we don't already know. Briefly brings up the "ghastly match" from 2015 but doesn't really go into any details outside of it resulting in some wrestlers quitting and something vague about change being needed. The segment with a random punk band felt out of place. In the end I really don't know what people were crying about. I thought the wrestlers all came out of the documentary looking good and the host seemed to respect their effort and dedication. He doesn't half butcher Io Shirai's name though. Worth a watch
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/sep/13/tory-meps-criticised-by-jewish-and-muslim-groups-for-hungary-vote Tory cunts.
  7. Don't forget Windrush. Perfectly highlights what a bunch of cunts we have in government.
  8. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and Judgment (PS4) That's my already lacking social life completely fucked. Loving both so far but Judgment was a given since it's basically a Yakuza game with a new character. I was obviously going to love the game. If you like Castlevania, then you will probably be a fan the of Bloodstained. Think it was crowd funded by one of the original Castlevania devs.
  9. I've always held the Tories in complete contempt. And always will.
  10. Tag Started off thinking it was a bit shit but was completely engrossed by the end. Really need to do more catching up on Sion Sono films.
  11. I know I'm probably in the minority but I can't stand Hoshiki. Something about her just irritates me. Decent match but about as predictable as it gets. These days I much prefer Hazuki's under ten minute sprints, she's done a superb job of resurrecting the high-speed title. The main event scene just doesn't interest me lately, outside of the odd faction match. Doesn't help that they suddenly stuck the red belt on Bea Bloody Priestley with zero build.
  12. Sadako Vs Kayako. Utter dog shit and I tapped out at the halfway point.
  13. I can't wait until Shane McMahon wins the WWE Championship.
  14. She had a few poor matches in Stardom, I think she suffered an injury early in her brief run there though.
  15. The English commentary was priceless after Umino's dive. May as well.
  16. To be fair she only said what everyone thinks, right?
  17. Sadly no. Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. Forgot to add that it's only free until early July (8th or 9th I think), also increases the level cap to 80.
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