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  1. Decided to start increasing my 4K collection so picked up The Dark Knight Trilogy and Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition. Films look and sound great. Watching Rises again for the first time since the year it was released and though I no longer dislike it as much as I did back then, I still believe that it's a massive waste of potential and that is what is so infuriating. Cut the Talia and League bollocks and simply make it about Batman battling Bane over an isolated Gotham and it could have been a really good comic book movie. Instead it's a bloated mess with some really good scenes and ideas.
  2. On the way in pretty much because it was played at my father's funeral. On the way out because fuck it.
  3. God I hope that's true. Wrestling needs more marks. I'm getting the feeling that the IIconics were probably the first choice for the belts, but they held off until Wrestlemania. It's shit if it's true that Banks and Bayley were blind sided over the title change but they should know full well how things can quickly change. Especially Banks who's short reigns became a running joke.
  4. Stardom have re-uploaded some early 2018 shows, following the site upgrade and I was quickly reminded of just how shit Io Shirai's NXT music is.
  5. Fucking hell that's rough. Can't stand Nia but wouldn't wish injury on her.
  6. These days I rather a wrestler with an over inflated sense of self worth, than a wrestler that just accepts any old shit that's thrown their way.
  7. There is/was a theory on Reddit that you can tell if Sasha is losing by how miserable she looks during her entrance. Can't confirm it's accuracy since I have hardly paid attention to her in ages. Since maybe her feud with Charlotte.
  8. Watch it be the shit two in the MMA Horsewomen.
  9. Sakura Hirota. I have an incredibly high tolerance for Japanese comedy wrestling but she has always been instant skip material for me. Absolutely hate her shitty cosplaying of better wrestlers. And yes I know being shit is basically the whole point but like the thread title says irrational hatred.
  10. Most of those wankers (the ones stinking up comment sections especially) probably won't even pay to watch AEW anyway.
  11. Hogan's appearance was cringy and tired as fuck. I couldn't even muster a nostalgia smile from his appearance and I got into wrestling in 1990 largely because of Hogan.
  12. Absolutely nothing on the card made me want to watch ROH. Kelly Klein is shite. Might have to watch Mayu Vs. Konami again to scrub that match from my memory.
  13. They'll probably just cheer Sami anyway because as The King put it. Daddy Vince isn't telling me what to do.
  14. Which is why I said that the Vince is scared shit can fuck off.
  15. Gonna get it for this but I thought that Sami promo was shit. Even if I did find myself agreeing with the content.
  16. She's good from what I've seen of her. The one thing I'm hoping from AEW is that it gives wrestlers that fall outside the WWE bubble a decent platform. Interested to see how the DDT deal works out. This "Vince is scared" shit can fuck off though. He's probably mildly annoyed at best.
  17. Been freelance for ages I think, guessing it must have been a decent offer. Wasn't she rumoured to have been on WWE's radar at one point? She's got a decent following in Japan I think. Not sure about internationally.
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