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  1. Mauro was at his best on the main shows, I assume that Vince was screaming in his ear constantly back then. Only time I remotely enjoyed Striker was when he took a shot at Lawler once. Lawler: Do you even know what it's like to be a world champion? Striker: I don't know. I never owned my own territory. Every time he said my little English muffin about Layla, my skin crawled. Fucking creep.
  2. Just watched the alternate ending and they should have gone with that imo. Was what I expected really, a watchable though not spectacular modern horror. I rarely have high expectations when it comes to horror though.
  3. The new Pet Semetery. Was alright but I never fully watched the original so can't compare. Really liked the atmosphere but some cheap jump scares and an abrupt ending dragged it down a bit imo, also some obvious padding. I smirked at the little It easter egg.
  4. I thought Pre Sequel was alright. Not as good as BL2 but much better than the first game.
  5. Really enjoying Borderlands 3. Also just found out that the Borderlands 2 DLC (minus the recent one) has been added to BL2VR as a free update. Might be more Borderlands than I can handle.
  6. Speaker trying to do his job or have his say. Cunts interrupt speaker. Speaker tells cunts off.
  7. The sight of Bercow clearly passed the point of caring what anyone thinks, was certainly something. Get out, you will not be missed.
  8. AC Obyssey is excellent. My main go to when I want to kill an hour. In my experience the level scaling doesn't really matter when it comes to random scrubs, once you hit the high levels. Still need to complete the DLC.
  9. I could see the Lib Dems putting a serious dent in the traditional conservative vote, if they push themselves as an alternative to alienated members/supporters. Problem with that though is that they risk pushing away their own traditional support, after trying to rebuild after the coalition years. At least for now the opposition parties are somewhat united. Though how long that will last is anyone's guess.
  10. Rudd is gone, quit the party as well as the cabinet. Chrome won't let me copy links for some reason. Had a little sympathy for her after May threw her under the bus in the 2017 election, that didn't last long though. At this rate the Conservative Party will consist of Johnson and Mogg.
  11. Pro tip. Switch to first person view for the last Riddler race. AK actually grew on me over time. Playing through Asylum right now on my Xbox One.
  12. He's outlasted two (as of typing) PM's and I've lost count how many party leaders. And he's only been party leader four years. Mental.
  13. I love me a slasher flick but that looks awful imo. Other than maybe the first Scream I don't think I've really enjoyed a post 80's slasher movie. The genre just feels out of place now imo. Might have to dig out April Fools Day (80's one) underrated as fuck.
  14. I reckon we are days away from Johnson showing up in parliament in his underwear, flinging shit at everyone. He's clearly not up to the job. Didn't think he would implode this fast though. Edit. Cunt.
  15. So now Jo Johnson has resigned. How big of a cunt must you be if even your own Brother quits.
  16. It would have probably been effective if Johnson wasn't being so transparent. He was practically begging Corbyn for an election.
  17. Watched that one a while back. Bunch of people online were acting like it was a massive hatched job, but I thought it was pretty well balanced. Anyone that has watched Joshi over the years will probably be familiar with the "idol culture" that is prevalent. I personally can't stand it but it's not going anywhere.
  18. Ken Clarke has been expelled from the Conservative Party and has laid into a Conservative PM. Just let that sink in.
  19. His last name isn't Churchill so he doesn't count.
  20. Cunt Mogg just lounging about, he should be dragged out of parliament. He's a fuckin disgrace.
  21. Much better than listening to Cunt Mogg waffle on.
  22. Bea Priestley is partly why I've recently sacked Stardom off. Completely worthless. Gave her the benefit of the doubt when she won the red belt but she's been a monumental bore since then and thinks saying fuck is edgy in 2019. Don't particularly care about Sadie either to be honest. Both her and Bea could disappear and I wouldn't care.
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