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  1. Miz/Christian/Truth promo from Raw all them years ago. Thought it was gold. You could argue that Truth alone has lots of great moments that aren't talked about enough.
  2. Week 30 fixtures Premier League Burnley 2 - 0 Bournemouth Crystal Palace 2 - 1 Newcastle United Sheffield United 2 - 0 Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton 1 - 1 Aston Villa Leicester City 2 - 2 Manchester City (5:30pm) Women's Super League Birmingham City 2 - 0 Bristol City w/Fog Dude (Sunday 2pm) West Ham United 1 - 1 Liverpool (Sunday) Austrian Bundesliga Admira Wacker 0 - 1 Sturm Graz (4pm) Austria Vienna 0 - 3 Red Bull Salzburg (Sunday 4pm) Eredivisie Vitesse Arnhem 1 - 3 PSV (Sunday 1:30pm)
  3. That's the problem these days, back then you might have Irish/Scottish following due to certain players, nowadays with players from different countries City might have a huge following in say South America but that doesn't fill up stadiums (not sure how much money they make on merchandise). It's not just Man City though, I've seen empty seats at Man Utd & Arsenal this season, assuming that's down to price of tickets/current performance though.
  4. The only rule I can think of and this might be because I am a fussy eater (sometimes) is when someone cooks for you (e.g mum in law) but doesn't actually tell you beforehand what they are cooking, then when you don't like most of it and don't eat much you get funny looks and questions. It's not quite as bad if food is in the middle of a table and you take what you like, its when its just put onto your plate. I've had some terrible experiences with various ex girlfriends parents, family etc. I hate to waste food as well, so its awkward on a few levels.
  5. Week 29 fixtures FA Cup Fifth Round (Sunday) Chelsea 2 - 0 Liverpool (12:30pm) Arsenal 5 - 0 Lewes (1pm) Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Brighton & Hove Albion (2pm) Leicester City 0 - 2 Reading (2pm) Manchester City 4 - 0 Ipswich Town (2pm) Sunderland 1 - 3 Birmingham City (2pm) Championship Charlton Athletic 2 - 1 Blackburn Rovers Preston North End 2 - 0 Millwall Queen's Park Rangers 1 - 1 Stoke City Macedonian First League Renova 1 - 2 Sileks w/@RoryFice (Sunday 1pm)
  6. I read rumours (I know I know I shouldn't) about Sting possibly coming back for one more match against The Undertaker at Mania. If that was to happen you would need a lot of smoke and mirrors for that match given the age of both, not to mention who would go over in that match. If Bray lost to Goldberg then maybe have Bray disappear until Mania and then get involved in that match (either taking both out or them teaming to take him out during the match). That way Sting/Undertaker don't lose (The WrestleMania moment would be the standoff anyway), Bray has something to get involved in & Goldberg faces Reigns.
  7. One from recent times. Fandango/Breeze Always thought Fandango & Breeze could have gone a lot further. Decent/solid in the ring, good characters that seemed over with the live audience, always thought they had the potential to be a modern day Edge/Christian. Maybe there is still hope yet.
  8. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/11/cody-rhodes-comments-on-if-he-the-reason-wwe-changed-up-the-662570/ Cody did initially get it changed in fairness.
  9. Can't believe I forgot last week, didn't even realise the Real Game had kicked off either, but anyways.... Week 28 fixtures Scottish Cup Round 5 Aberdeen 2 - 0 Kilmarnock Ayr United 0 - 2 St Johnstone Inverness Caledonian Thistle 1 -1 Livingston St Mirren 1 - 2 Motherwell Falkirk 1 - 3 Heart of Midlothian (7:20pm) BSC Glasgow 0 - 4 Hibernian (Sunday noon) Clyde 0 - 4 Celtic (Sunday 2pm) Serie A Parma 0 - 2 Lazio (Sunday 5pm) Internazionale 3 - 0 Milan (Sunday 7:45pm) A Primeira Liga Porto 1 - 3 Benfica w/@Briefcase (8:30pm)
  10. Premier League Burnley 0 - 2 Arsenal Spurs 1 - 3 Manchester City w/Vegeta La Liga Real Madrid 3-0 Atlético Madrid Eredivisie Ajax Amsterdam 3- 1 PSV Eindhoven
  11. I was surprised that Michael Cole mentioned Drew's past (3MB, leaving WWE etc) during the closing shots of the show. On one hand I get how they wanted to do the whole 'He's come back and improved' but WWE also have a habit of not mentioning things like that.
  12. I'm not Drew's biggest fan but those rumble moments have won me over. Also it's nice to have someone different win the Rumble. I look at it that Drew has nothing to lose with this being a bit of a wild card match, whereas if Reigns or Seth would have won then it would have been the same old status quo main event match we've seen before, same build up etc. I know it probably wouldn't happen but imagine if Drew did a Goldberg, Claymore inside 10 seconds and takes Brock out. What a moment that would be and hopefully the next big star.
  13. It's hard to tell if that's a surprising moment without a fan shot though.
  14. Loved the mens rumble match as well. Brock was brilliant during this, I wouldn't even mind if next year he attempts to win it again and goes through everybody, thought he was gold in the first half of the rumble. Drew taking out both Brock & Roman was great, I had a horrible feeling Roman would win so Drew taking him got a pop from me just to stop Reigns winning it but am pleased for Drew too. Those Claymore kicks looked brutal. Didn't really enjoy the Women's rumble, maybe because it was predictable that Charlotte would win, after a great year last year the women's division feels very flat at the moment. Shame.
  15. WWE might be clever and put on a WrestleMania preview show on Mania morning to try and entice viewers to purchase the show/sign up to the WWE network. If ratings are good they might be able to do the odd special like that anyway.
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