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  1. Hadn’t heard of these until two days ago when a song from their last album popped up in a random Spotify playlist. Instantly became a fan, so thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  2. If you don’t mind me asking, Ralphy, what do you consider binge eating? I must be honest, a while back when you went into detail about how much you were eating, it really didn’t sound like that much, especially for somebody who walks miles upon miles a day. I do appreciate that’s easy for me to say, of course, but it would be interesting to know.
  3. Check out The Forgotten West Memphis Three too. It’s a four-part docuseries released earlier this year featuring a podcaster who essentially promises to find the real killer. A mammoth promise, but one which reveals a few new developments if nothing else. Also, Mark Byers, the eccentric father who was an early suspect, died in a car accident a few months ago.
  4. If it’s anything like my subscription, it’s a monthly debit/credit card payment rather than a direct debit. It took me phoning the bank and requesting them to block all future payments for my subscription to be cancelled. They’re pretty awful and almost impossible to get hold of.
  5. Well this is my favourite thing I’ve heard in some time. Is this common knowledge?
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