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  1. I'm hesitant to say yes because it felt like we've already had that discussion once before and they turned it around on us. I definitely want to see Omega/Danielson again but I just know as soon as that handsome cowboy turns up on my screen my fickle heart will be ready to get back on that train. There's almost a chance he comes back feeling like a bigger deal through being away during the debuts rather than being overshadowed by them and people missing him but it's genuinely hard to predict.
  2. Only saw him a few times pre-NXT but it was always just a gimmick that made for a cool visual at a live show. It was more like Mysterio coming out as Daredevil at Mania, usually a cool pop culture thing to make us nerds like him. All the Demon King shite is, as far as I'm aware, a WWE invention
  3. Jesse


    Might sound a bit wanky but writing out the pros & cons for each decision might help to sway you one way or the other, or help identify some cons from your current position that could be traded as away to keep you to stay
  4. Jesse


    I've done that at my current job, but less as a "pay me this or I'm off" and more of a "we're underpaying for these roles, and the proof is here where I've just been offered significantly more to do the same job elsewhere" that ultimately resulted in them changing their pay banding entirely. Nice for me because I like my job and don't want to leave it, but also a good thing that makes it easier for us to get new hires
  5. Feel like the Punk stuff is falling a bit victim to their booking cycle generally being peaks and troughs for each character, but they don't want people to pay for a show and not see Punk, so a lot of what he's doing is wheelspinning in the moments where he'd probably not be on TV or just in a backstage segment or on commentary for a match
  6. In terms of classic anime that hold up visually and plot-wise for me, check out the original Ghost in the Shell and Paprika. Both visually stunning and end up being the inspiration for a lot of western cinema afterwards.
  7. Discords and subreddits have largely replaced forums now, which I think is a shame as it's a much more synchronous form of communication. If you miss the conversation in Discord then it's gone, and if you're not in a post at the start on reddit then your comment is going to get lost way down at the bottom. I much prefer forums and the way conversations can flow over several days, there's just a slower expected pace as part of the form.
  8. I must have been 19 or so when I joined the forum, looking to see if Ben (UK Hat Guy back then) had said my announcing was any good at the FutureShock shows. Even when I fell out of wrestling I still stopped by just to read people's thoughts on WWE, and now I've got a bit of fandom back thanks to AEW I'm trying to be a little more active (also on a new account as my old one was victim of a namechange that ultimately made me feel uncomfortable as an incredibly minor public figure now). That's a good 13 or so years now of UKFF being the first thing I open while I eat my toast in the mornings.
  9. Found out about this from a Dan Ryckert thread on Twitter. I was late to becoming a fan of Norm, not having watched any SNL or much in the way of American comedy. The first time I remember seeing him was on this YouTube event pre-show and he had me in tears from the start:
  10. Do we know how much truth there was to the stuff about Romero's eye going around in the past (if I'm remembering it correctly)?
  11. To be fair that accurately described me for the majority of my hardcore wrestling fandom.
  12. I think it's perfectly fine to not have enjoyed that PPV, but if you couldn't find joy in it then you shouldn't bother watching more AEW. Not in the sense that you're wrong for 'not getting it' but that was probably AEW at its peak of what it offers and if it didn't bring you joy to watch then you're very unlikely to get anything from watered down versions of it on Dynamite & Rampage
  13. I think it's a combination of bad interactions being more memorable than, say, a nice casual chat - and the people in the fandom most likely to start an interaction with a stranger are the ones who aren't solid on social cues/norms (as seen in a few of the examples above). It's not limited to wrestling, having worked YouTuber/gaming/cosplay/TV events for quite a few years this type of fan is common in all fan spaces and for all the good experiences I had it's the bad ones that stick in my brain and make me internally cringe whenever an unprompted conversation starts up.
  14. It largely comes from how good both were in singles back in Lucha Underground. Don't know if it's the different environment or working exclusively tags but it's brought out the worst habits in each other.
  15. It's quite possible PAC has tested positive for covid, which is why he can't fly. My missus needed a PCR test within 72 hours to be allowed to fly to the US for a funeral, so it wouldn't shock me if he's picked it up and has to stay at home for a week now.
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