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  1. Maybe I'm completely off in my judgement but I'm not even talking about like the build quality (I think in that case the suit looks fine it's just the mask that looks a bit shite) - but the design influences don't look inspired by anything modern you'd expect them to have familiarity with, more in line with what people in their 30's and 40's were reading as kids.
  2. My biggest issue with it so far is that it looks awful - if you wanna do a superhero thing because it'll pop the kids and sell merch you'd expect the design to be a lot more like modern Marvel in it's look, but everything about this feels dated. In 2021, when superheroes are part of mainstream pop culture, you shouldn't look less modern than The Hurricane.
  3. I think it's more that you picket outside shows - not to dissuade people from attending that specific show but because it's the most direct way to get in front of the eyeballs of people currently spending money there. You're unlikely to get them to not attend this one, but it's a more direct way of highlighting things many current fans won't like but maybe aren't engaged on Twitter to see.
  4. I don't believe that's true, both in the sense that the majority of people attending wrestling shows aren't first-timers who don't know anything at all (not directly in wrestling but having worked in events & marketing for a decade I'd expect 60 to 80% of ticket buyers are previous purchasers depending on how fast your event is growing) and also most people can absolutely differentiate between brands. That said, even if you were to concede the truth of that - that protesting and pushing back against the wrestling industry allowing known abusers and keeping the conditions & standards
  5. If you've had your first you should be able to book your second at any time without waiting for a text. A lot of people I know who were on 12 weeks waiting cancelled and re-booked and got it closer to 8 weeks.
  6. Jesse


    I think there's a lot of pressure to do it, in a well-meaning way. If you're working in a company that's trying to be progressive, say, and everyone does pronouns then looks to you and you don't want to do it, you either out yourself by your reluctance or make yourself look like a bigot. You see it a lot on social media too, where the call for cis people to put their pronouns in their bio has morphed among some people to mean not putting them there means you're a bigot, forcing closeted people to out themselves or be ostracised. The company I work for now are mostly decent about it, we did
  7. If you got the AZ one then I'd say there's at least good hope for your second one. Mine were both AZ and that first jab was horrendous to the point I've been dreading my second, but the second one I just had a nice lie-in, took a couple of ibuprofen and felt fine since.
  8. I presume it's because being told by the person in charge of talent is better than finding out by checking the WWE Twitter account
  9. Jesse

    Chippy Tea

    Apologies if this is old ground but what's the opinion on getting cheesy chips as part of a chippy tea? I'm a recent convert but every time I order it I feel a secret shame, like I'm letting down the traditional chippy tea
  10. Got my 2nd AZ vax yesterday and promptly passed out for about 12 hours overnight. Not feeling too bad today, tired and run down but not had the fever and aches of the first time. Celebrating with a full chippy tea tonight.
  11. I've genuinely gone back just to rewatch that entrance four or five times in the last day. Watching Mox lose himself in the moment and Kingston laughing at him fills my soul with joy
  12. I was almost lost after the Cody/Ogogo mess but Miro throwing the snake back up the ramp and gurning for the camera afterwards brought me right back into it. Just looks like he's having the time of his life.
  13. Folding Ideas on YouTube did a cracking video that's ostensibly about flat earthers that segues about halfway through into Qanon
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