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    I'm terrible at maths but post tax & other deductions you'll be down like £140ish a month. So long as losing that isn't going to make things too tight to survive on, getting into a better place for your health, for time with your son, and potentially seeing your effort paid off in more job growth in future sounds absolutely worth it.
  2. Tony Khan is a terminally online forum poster, and it's been great to finally feel represented at the highest levels of wrestling for once.
  3. With the title eliminator happening we'll know Hangman's first challenger coming out of Full Gear, right? So presuming it's Mox (as the most likely candidate and tying into the finish og the Casino Ladder Match) we'll probably just get promos and the like rather than fucking about in each other's matches in the lead-up.
  4. From memory he made a joke about not knowing where was more dangerous in AEW - the ring or backstage
  5. Considering Twitter has been conflating 'estimated net worth' with what AEW is paying people I wouldn't necessarily put my faith in it as a source
  6. Yeah, I wasn't clear enough - I meant that it's likely due to covid that crowds are likely to be down due to a combination of reticence and people's income having taken a hit, and it could still be worth it for a business to continue booking big arenas while expecting smaller crowds in general to keep that relationship going. Like EGX still running the ExCel this past week even though they didn't have the attendees/exhibitors to justify the required floorspace.
  7. There's also relationships with venues to consider - if it's somewhere you run a couple of times a year it's probably better to have an empty looking show and maintain your good relationship & deal with the venue than pull out and find yourself paying more - or not even getting your preferred date - next year when crowds are back to capacity.
  8. Must be feeling like a pretty good scenario if you're AEW. If you lose, you were going up against the established brand who have a way bigger deal than you - it's not like a TNA where you've moved to Monday night to compete, you're on your usual night in a one-off 30min competing slot. If you 'win' the ratings you look like an amazing deal and is a massive boost to your back-end business, if you 'lose' it's just a 30-min rating against a competitor who should be doing a better rating than you anyway.
  9. And we've seen this in action - with Miro and the "They're selling out your t-shirts because we didn't make many of them, and anyone that supports you is doing it ironically" or whatever their excuse was
  10. It's also a structural problem across the industry (and our society in general). Wrestling is something that takes investment to get into - you spend years losing money on it - and black people are generally less likely to be able to afford to do that. Then, with biases present from the racism that pervades our culture, less of the black people that are able to invest that time & money will be given the opportunities of their white colleagues. Then you make it to WWE, and they have a history of not getting behind & sticking with anyone that doesn't fit a mould of previous stars - so it's even easier for one word from a colleague higher-up (say, Randy Orton) to make sure they don't stick behind you. So you've got roadblocks at every step that statistically your white colleagues have less of (which is why it's important to look at generally and not as individuals - there are plenty of white people who won't make it past the time & financial investment, or who have been cut off by a more powerful colleague's word) and it becomes easy to look at the end result of all those roadblocks and say of WWE (and AEW) "There aren't enough Black stars." It's on us as consumers to argue for the companies to counteract those systemic roadblocks by putting in effort over and above the norm to make those Black stars. (As an aside, I would also make the argument that it's on the company morally to do that, but I'm aware many people disagree and think a company's only goal should be financially motivated.)
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    You don't owe a recruiter anything - this is about deciding what's best for you and your future. For the recruiter it's a one-off annoyance but either way they'd basically forget about you once you've got a job. For you, it's potentially years of your life and finances. Take the better job.
  12. I'm hesitant to say yes because it felt like we've already had that discussion once before and they turned it around on us. I definitely want to see Omega/Danielson again but I just know as soon as that handsome cowboy turns up on my screen my fickle heart will be ready to get back on that train. There's almost a chance he comes back feeling like a bigger deal through being away during the debuts rather than being overshadowed by them and people missing him but it's genuinely hard to predict.
  13. Only saw him a few times pre-NXT but it was always just a gimmick that made for a cool visual at a live show. It was more like Mysterio coming out as Daredevil at Mania, usually a cool pop culture thing to make us nerds like him. All the Demon King shite is, as far as I'm aware, a WWE invention
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    Might sound a bit wanky but writing out the pros & cons for each decision might help to sway you one way or the other, or help identify some cons from your current position that could be traded as away to keep you to stay
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    I've done that at my current job, but less as a "pay me this or I'm off" and more of a "we're underpaying for these roles, and the proof is here where I've just been offered significantly more to do the same job elsewhere" that ultimately resulted in them changing their pay banding entirely. Nice for me because I like my job and don't want to leave it, but also a good thing that makes it easier for us to get new hires
  16. Feel like the Punk stuff is falling a bit victim to their booking cycle generally being peaks and troughs for each character, but they don't want people to pay for a show and not see Punk, so a lot of what he's doing is wheelspinning in the moments where he'd probably not be on TV or just in a backstage segment or on commentary for a match
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