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  1. Yeah, I thought Crawl was decent fun. The alligators look suitably menacing and some of the gore effects had me a bit queasy, especially early on. Watched it with my wife, who's from Florida, and it turns out she has a deathly fear of alligators so it's the scariest film I've ever shown her.
  2. When I was announcing GPW up in Wigan the promoter made me walk out to this
  3. From what I can find the basic answer is we don't really know, especially with the new variants going around. https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/news/coronavirus-and-your-health/covid-news
  4. Yeah, she argued it back and forth and was finally allowed to self-isolate without punishment after I shared a thing that said the business could be fined £10k. All of this over a single four hour shift, it's just madness. This is the same boss who's told her she can't catch covid because she's already had it, mind.
  5. My wife works at Caffe Nero and when she got pinged she was informed by her manager that the app was 'advisory' so she should ignore it - then she got a call from Test & Trace and her manager told her to call them back and tell them that she has PPE at work so should be allowed to leave the flat to do her job. Now she's back at work she's been told she should delete the app, so I have a lot of faith that retail is going to go well over the next few weeks.
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