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    Gig Etiquette

    I love the slight menace in this, like you'll hammer them into the ground if they step out of line. That "hopefully" carries all the threat that barely needs to be spoken.
  2. I genuinely had to check Wiki, because I thought Kimo was dead. Not that that would stop Triller, of course.
  3. Without being too self-fellatory, I think the reason why topics like this always end up a bit vague in definition is because this particular forum has a different understanding of how wrestling works than the rest of the IWC. This kind of discussion usually becomes a commentary on the indy fans outwith, who do dole out star ratings in proportion to the number of degrees flipped, armlocks reversed, and headdrops counted. This thread and the replies it's generated should come as no surprise; it's long been consensus on here that Hogan, Nash, Sid, etc. are not shit or overrated. Based on the terminology above, one could argue that most Keffers are "smark casual".
  4. Given Watts', Mahal's, and Corbin's presence on that list, it does read as companies overpushing them being the metric - I don't think I've ever heard or read any fan rating any of those three ever.
  5. I'm leaning towards Yan winning this, but I'm less confident in it happening than I was last time. In an odd way, Sterling has had possibly the best "seasoning" he was going to get for a guy like Yan - most people learn from losses and build from there, but Sterling got to win while actually losing, so he gets the belt, and the experience to give him enough of an idea of what to train for in the rematch. Assuming that Sterling is training properly (and, given where he is, I don't see any reason to think otherwise), he could be a real problem for Yan this time around.
  6. Fair points - I was just under the impression that, unless Bellator (or UFC) saw something special in them, or unless they were running a particular programme like TUF or DWCS, that debutants and inexperienced fighters would have to carve out a career in the VanaraMMA Conference Leagues first, before moving to the Bellator Championship or the UFC Premier League.
  7. I think, like with so many things, it's a bit of one thing, and a bit of another. Bohan makes a good point about people with social anxiety/awkwardness, and there absolutely has to be some latitude given for that, especially if they're not really imposing on anyone else. Certainly a large part of the contempt is a lack of charity on some people's part - wrestling fandom, like any body of people, isn't a monolithic whole. That said: When you particularly take into account everything that's come to the fore in the last few years regarding what women in general have had to put up with across the board, and not just in wrestling, it's understandable that people's view of fandoms, and wrestling fandom in particular, might now have moved from seeing them as harmless oddballs to full-on bike-saddle sniffers, even if that view is being unfairly applied to the entirety.
  8. Just for clarity, at no point in my particular post did I make any reference to flippy moves or technical wizardry when criticising Warrior, because I'm not a dribbler. As Pat #1 has pointed out, there were plenty of comparable wrestlers throughout Warrior's career who didn't do any of that either, and were still several orders better. Hell, a big chunk of this thread has been spent agreeing in detail with the praise for Hogan, mainly for the fact he did so much with so little! Pulling out the "he didn't need to do Canadian Destroyers or SSPs" argument as a response to criticism of him being an incredibly limited worker belongs in the same box as calling all wrestling fans virgins who've never touched boob.
  9. There isn't one, and there probably hasn't ever been one - it'd have to be a workers-run co-operative. Mind you, there are probably a few that have decent ethics; Pro Wrestling EVE, from what I've heard, seems to be quite good.
  10. Agreed about Alejandra Azul Lara - stunning woman. As to the rest of the card, maybe the more well-versed posters here can clarify: I was under the impression Bellator is, or is aiming to be, one of the top MMA promotions in the world - I see two fighters with losing records, i.e. Rhalan Gracie and Jon Adams. Initially, I thought the Gracie was just getting on the card because of his name, but then saw Adams, so I don't know what's going on there. But surely a promotion that purports to compete with the UFC shouldn't have fighters with that kind of record on their roster? Debutants, I'd get - AJ McKee, for example, has only ever fought for them, so he'd have had to be 0-0 at some point, but 0-2? 0-1-1?
  11. My weirdo memory in play again: I remember a while back some now long-banned poster kicking off and calling Devon something like that, and somebody else just shot it down with the response of "But he's a father of nine!" I didn't realise they were exaggerating at the time, and thought D-Mal was some top Mormon shagger or something.
  12. Carbomb


    Either that, or he thinks you're the best person to train them up - in which case, it's a specialised and valuable position that he should make into a new job, and pay you commensurately more for it, especially if you're doing it in addition to the regular job.
  13. I can't agree with the Warrior one at all. The only examples given of him having a good match are the ones with people famous for being able to carry people, i.e. Hogan and Savage. It's not to say he had absolutely nothing at all; he had presence, charisma, and a shit-ton of (albeit chemically-fuelled) energy. But outside squash matches where he didn't have to do very much, he had stinkers - his second run and his run in WCW demonstrated that. He knew how to get over with character, but he certainly couldn't work a match without an experienced hand, and even then it wasn't always guaranteed. That WCW match with Hogan might have even made him look ridiculous. Presumably this all hinges on how criticised or overrated he was. If it's those saying he had nothing at all, they're absolutely wrong - but I don't think there are actually that many saying that; it's quite clear he accomplished a lot with what he had. If it's those saying he wasn't really very good, then I'd say they're bang-on. His career taken as a whole, it's fairly evident he was a one-trick pony who held on a bit too long, enough for that trick to be exposed.
  14. I'd argue it's easier: a purportedly left-wing company wouldn't be able to justify it by any means at all. The most commonly-stated justification stated by the capitalist right wing is that the only responsibility a company has is to make a profit, for both its owners and its shareholders.
  15. Quite a few of the wrestling lot are from there - Dave Mastiff, Saul Adams, and Luke Phoenix are a few that come to mind. I remember reading in one of the music mags that Mann was from Wolverhampton too, so I found it a bit odd when Hannibal called him a posho.
  16. Was that why the Olympics this year didn't have them? It seemed like they'd decided to ditch amateur rules.
  17. Ah - I'd not heard of them, had to look them up. Fair enough.
  18. It was the weirdest fucking thing; Jas Mann was hyped as the next big thing on the basis of that one track, with a whole load of media speculation as to what he was going to do next for the follow-up album, not to mention the pretentious, wanky interviews he did for the music mags of the day. He then went and did fuck-all after that. Has anyone ever been as over-hyped following a debut single as he was?
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