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  1. From an outside perspective, that seems like an odd move. He fit the Powerrr aesthetic perfectly. When I first saw him on the programme, I found myself trying to figure out if I'd seen him before, he looked that much like he was straight out of the 80s. He looks like several prominent 80s wrestlers (and maybe Steve Corino) all merged into one.
  2. Ah, shame. Not particularly bothered about the Furys, but he's a fellow half-Mauritian, and we're normally shit at sport, so was hoping he might be worth keeping an eye on. With the way boxing's going, I wouldn't be surprised to see a celeb-driven pro/am divide sometime in the next decade or so, so maybe Tommy's the Fury family's way of getting their "franchise" into the nascent celeb amateur division.
  3. How did he look against them? I'd imagine, looking at the fights Tyson had on his return, that Tommy's career path is being rather tightly managed by his family, arranging fights deliberately to gradually build up his experience and confidence. I just hope he's got that Fury technical wizardry too.
  4. That's how I felt about Jamie Foxx' standup. Superb actor, but something about his standup delivery just didn't work - even then, he seemed more like a movie star than a comedian to me.
  5. Wouldn't Fury piss it, though? He's surely been training as a boxer for much longer in his life, plus presumably has an older Fury as his trainer.
  6. Ah, my misunderstanding. I thought you'd posted a link to something saying he was slated to compete at WW, rather than just making an observation on his size.
  7. The fuck?! He kept missing weight at MW, how the hell's he going to make welter?
  8. YES. Would've been a Cena-at-the-Rumble moment, with people momentarily forgetting they wouldn't cheer him and just popping for the shock appearance.
  9. This I very much agree with. With the best will in the world, it would be difficult to describe him as anything more than an intriguing signing because of the past twenty years in WWE, so it strikes me that AEW haven't really gained anything by announcing him - they could really have ramped up interest with an "anything can happen in AEW" moment by having him show up unexpectedly by ripping his way through the canvas or something.
  10. The Return of the Musketeers. Reunited that stellar cast from the first two films, and added Kim Cattrall to it, and it was not only a disappointment, it killed Roy Kinnear too.
  11. I agree with the rest of your post, but I would argue that this point doesn't necessarily follow, as boxing has been around for decades, and in the 80s in particular it was the smaller guys getting the majority of the spotlight outside Tyson - McMahon was able to convince people to buy the idea that athletes who looked like Sugar Ray Leonard or Tommy Hearns wouldn't have a chance against bodybuilders. Hell, he had Floyd Mayweather, the best boxer on the planet at the time, having to cheat against Big Show.
  12. Carbomb

    NJPW World

    Very much this. This isn't about "internet justice" - nobody's talking about having him arrested, or meting out jail sentences or the death penalty. We're a bunch of fans talking about what we know and how this affects our actions, for which we don't need to go to a court of law, because nothing we say or do will affect their freedom or right to life. The entire point about the #MeToo movement was to highlight and attempt to force a change in predatory behaviour, and the culture that protects/supports it, that the justice system simply misses. There are no criminal laws dealing with what
  13. Oh, absolutely. It's why I personally think a series of vignettes to try and address that irrelevance might be the best way to go with him in AEW. Kind of a "reset" via marketing, without having to go down the predictable and overused "WWE held me back and now I'm free" line. If they could establish a narrative in the promotional material that his long-term malaise was down to him never being quite right physically or in terms of training (especially with Cody trying to lay down what appears to be a narrative for an MMA-style training gym system that would reach across several promotions), the
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