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  1. Exactly. Looks as if that hotel lookig building has been levelled.
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    I am not a regular contributer to this amazing place but I can not find a relevant place to ask this. What the fuck was that explosion in Beruit earlier. It looks on a Buncefield level of destruction; if not more.
  3. I will look at that later; thanks @BigJag So beautiul to read the tribute on WWE Facebook page.
  4. In tears at this. In my opinion, having watched wrestling since 1977 he is the greatest of all time. Rest in Peace Mark Rollerball Rocco.
  5. I saw a twitter conversation between Lenny McBride and the journalist Angela Haggerty recently. Unsurprisingly it was religion centred. He seemed to stop posting here after his, seemingly frivelous, employment law court case was dismissed. Christ, I feel old.
  6. There definately is a cut; I think the neck and neck comment was included in the WWE DVD
  7. Hope this is OK to ask. What did Ric Flair say in the final Nitro promo that was cut from his WWE DVD release and was there any reason? Thanks
  8. Enjoy yourself, be safe and good luck. Well done mate
  9. Christ. That puts my shame over the one I shuffled out to Christine Hamilton into insignificsnce.
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