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  1. Wasn’t there a story years ago that someone was wanting their opponent to cut their thumb off during a death match?
  2. There must be more to this than, “the match is off because PAC’s upset he’s been asked to lose”. He can’t have signed with a company as a wrestler and now upset he has to do the job. If Dragon Gate are sticking their oar in, then they need to reign it in. If they’re that protective of their championship then they should have signed PAC to an exclusive contract. If they’re not “big enough” to offer exclusive contracts, then they should stick to their lane and not expect to influence PAC’s booking elsewhere if he’s essentially freelancing for them.
  3. I hope Triple H is laughing in his face at the Performance Center whilst thinking, “I wonder if Vince still has the DX tank?”
  4. The sad part is, that’s the second “reality” show recently where contestants have killed themselves after (didn’t a second contestant kill themselves after Sophie Gradon?) yet no one’s really up in arms about ITV taking advantage of these people for viewing figures. ITV are just going to issue, “Our thoughts are with their family and friends and this time” and just go on like it’s business as usual, and this episode swiftly forgotten.
  5. I’m really not warmed by the prospect of a Undertaker/Goldberg match. As @BomberPat says, not in 2019, any way. I can see Goldberg hitting a spear and then waiting an eternity whilst Undertaker writhes around on the mat, gasping for air and mustering up the energy to get back to his feet.
  6. It’s missing the “You suck” chants.
  7. Not sure if you’re using the example of a building site also employing ‘80s working rituals as justification for continuing them today and in other industries, or highlighting how stupid they are.
  8. That’s just McDonald’s for you. I decided I wanted a McDonald’s breakfast before a road trip a couple of weeks ago. Went to nearest drive-thru (Byker), ordered porridge with jam (yep, I’m one of those). Drove away, reach into the bag and find a dry bagel and strawberry jam. Actually wanting porridge, headed to a McDonald’s just over the river in Gateshead. Placed same order, got the porridge… with pancake syrup. So I did manage to get what I wanted by combining two incorrect orders.
  9. Not so much as holiday, but heading down south, Portsmouth-way to see some of the other half’s family. I am, however, off to New York in July for a joint conference–holiday. Conference is two days, but staying for six nights.
  10. I think it’s just an analogy. Moxley’s been in “jail” since 2011 and has now broke free.
  11. Nah, they’re not 1PW. They haven’t gone through three new owners in the space of as many weeks yet.
  12. A Kevin Sullivan, but not that Kevin Sullivan. There’s a Kevin Sullivan that’s not the Taskmaster that does video production (which is the channel that video is on).
  13. Kudos to him rolling over and make the count, despite his foot pointing south.
  14. Something akin to Lucha Underground. Short (i.e. not three hours) regular episodes with stories that don’t take themselves seriously nor insult viewers, but give the wrestlers reasons to compete against each other. Wrestlers who have characters that are marketable. Prongs in all forms of digital media: YouTube; social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc); video games that could get the promotion visibility on things like Twitch in some way (be it competitions, roster/feature reveals, or whatever). Tapping into the zeitgeist as much as possible to get people invested in wrestlers as much as (and I loathe to) say, an X-Factor or Love Island contestant.
  15. I noticed it in Thor’s cabin. What’s the deal with the Scottish references? As Infinity War had Scarlet Witch and Vision stood in front of a sign for deep-fried Mars bars or something, didn’t it?
  16. I think Endgame is a big enough topic to warrant its own thread any way #deathtothemegathread
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