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  1. Well, it won’t be Sgt. Slaughter filling that role…
  2. As if GTA V is in there. Rockstar must have made a mint on game sales and Online stuff.
  3. Punk’s just jealous Miz got his WrestleMania main event, and got to go over Big Match John.
  4. Netflix doesn’t really feel like the service to watch weekly, episodic stuff. They’re more, binge-watch series/movies. I think if AEW were going to head to a streaming service, then Prime Video would be a more likely candidate. Amazon seem to be dipping more into the live sport arena with coverage of tennis, football, etc. Stands to reason they’d pick up a pro wrestling show if there were money in it.
  5. Seems too few matches to be a full card (saw the screenshot from his story, too).
  6. And yells “Who’s next?!” immediately after…?
  7. Christ, that’s a gash and a half. That’s got to be from clashing heads and not a punch, right…?
  8. “I only made sex to her once” 😂
  9. I guess because pro wrestling is an entertainment avenue where the more boisterous and outlandish the better, and back in the ‘80s you didn’t have the Internet or geeks who would fact-check every thing you said, so you got away with telling larger-than-life stories to keep the gimmick up. Also…
  10. There’s a HHH that parks over the road from my place.
  11. WrestleMania pretty much already is an all-weekend affair, with the fan access and NXT TakeOvers and whatnot.
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