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    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    So the WWE Power Rankings, then?
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    Did you have a go at the wrestling, then?

    I trained most of my teens, primarily with wZw up here in the North East. First at their Thornaby school which was crash mats in the corner of a leisure centre. My first bump in the ring was off a hip toss from D’Lo Brown—I travelled to wZw’s Newcastle base in 2004-ish for a seminar. I did train on and off after stopping with wZw. I did a session at BCW’s school in Scotland, RDW in Lincolnshire, and then regularly again with a group called UWA in South Shields. I did attend a session a couple of years ago (after having not trained another couple of years before) and found I was horribly out of shape. I always enjoyed training but never had a “proper” match. I never had a character in mind. UWA wanted me to do a trainee show but just didn’t have the confidence in myself to go from doing drills to working a match, in front of an audience that would be judging me. I did think about training again with the view to having a match by the time I’m 30, but I’m cutting that fine giving that happens next month 😂
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    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    They’ll sting for sure, but I imagine taking those on-the-apron bumps are worse for your long term health. That bad landing Toni Storm took a few weeks ago is just a sober reminder that it’s not too long before something goes horribly wrong.
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    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    I don’t think it was planned. I don’t know what they were trying to do, but Coffey leans backwards and loses his balance. Seemed to be an accident given they tried again a couple of minutes later, with exactly the same thing happened, but Coffey taking Dunne with him the second time.
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    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Bruce will probably be exclusively contracted to UFC; Michael charges stupid for appearances. I remember an episode of NXT having a table-in-the-middle-of-the-ring contract signing, and it not ended in a physical altercation. Was a breath of fresh air. Can’t remember if it was this thread of another where someone mentioned NXT tried bucking on-screen tropes a few times, such as announcing a card but having a single match go the entire episode. I’d like to see more of that and get away from the formulaic, predictable feeling of shows.
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    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    The question I was left asking myself after that Devlin match was: do WWE have anything for Travis Banks other than his opponents injuring him before matches? The UK tournament had a mini-story around his arm/shoulder being injured, then Devlin injures his knee in a pre-match attack and he doesn’t even make the match. Like, what now for Travis?
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    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Was there live (sat almost behind the guy in the vintage FWA t-shirt in the second row). The show was great from start to finish. Finn definitely got the biggest pop—the floor was literally bouncing when the lights went out and his music hit. The only disappointment was, no cold open promo to start the show like previous Takeovers. Though Triple H did come out and flap his arms around on the entrance stage after WALTER came out and (presumably) the broadcast finished. Everyone also thought Joe Coffey had died when he fell off the top rope to the outside. The crowd went eerily silent. He then fell again, but took Pete Dunne with him trying the same spot a second time. Ouchies. They were also not holding back. At one point Pete was stomping Joe’s head/neck and was not pulling back on them 😂 Also, the shots of the wrestlers in the crowd are weird. They’re literally escorted to the end of a row, turf a fan out of their seat, get the wrestler to sit there whilst the camera’s on them, then escorted back. Almost feels like, what’s the point? We had Luke Menzies and Charlotte put a couple of seats away from us.
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    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    So yesterday I had a crack at what an All Elite Wrestling website may look like: www.yourfightsite.com/news/2019/01/11/all-elite-wrestling-web-design-mockup
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    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    17 matches? Wow. I imagine there were angles as well, and not just start-to-finish matches? How long did the show run in total?
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    The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

    New Zealand recently put a ban on foreigners buying property because it was jacking up house prices, so I would have called bollocks: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/new-zealand-foreigners-home-buyers-property-market-ban-a8493161.html
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    Crypto Currency

  12. Your Fight Site

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Next time you’re on Google, search “how to copy link to image”
  13. Your Fight Site

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    No commentary? OK, then. One hour wrestling clip show that constantly cuts to Ant and Dec peeking from Gorilla giggling at botches, looking shocked after top-rope moves etc. Surprised ITV didn’t try that format with Wor… W.O.S.
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    Quitting Social Media

    Even if you say, exercised your right to be forgotten under GDPR, I imagine companies like Facebook would “forget” to erase all of your data, or they would have just happened to have been a bug at the time you requested your data be erased that made sure it wasn’t fully erased. And even if they did erase all of your immediate data, they’ll have extrapolated so much metadata from it that as soon as you re-registered they’d be able to identify you and re-create those links and connections so you start seeing the same pages, adverts, friend suggestions, and so on. Besides, you don’t even need to be a Facebook user for them to track you. Just the other day, The Independent had an article on how they’re tracking users through other, third-party apps such as Duolingo on Android: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/facebook-android-privacy-data-tracking-skyscanner-duolingo-a8708071.html
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    Quitting Social Media

    ¿Que? What Instagram account is this that you speak off? I love me some pics of NYC.
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    Quitting Social Media

    I did prepare to close my Facebook account about four years ago. I un-friended everyone, then realised I administrate a handful of Facebook Pages. I slowly began the awkward practice of sending new friend requests to close friends and family, but it was a good cull in the long run. My friends list is still close friends and family. I also have customers as friends, but add them to the “restricted” friends list so that they only see posts, photos etc marked as “Public” (which is very little). I don’t use Facebook as a “social” tool as the news feed is just adverts and family members sharing racist/anti-Brexit shite for me. Twitter I’m a lot more active on. Instagram, not so. I have a profile but must post like, three pictures a year. And not into following “influencers” who exist solely to make me jealous of the lifestyles and money they (seemingly) have. TL;DR: It’s looking unlikely that I’d quit social media in the near future.
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    Happy Fingerpoke Of Doom Day!

    Also the 20th anniversary of Tony Schiavone’s infamous “That’s gonna put some butts in the seats” line, which I didn’t realise was on the same edition of Nitro until Wikipedia-ing it.
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    UKFF Dolt of the Year: 2018

    You named yourself after a maker of toilets.
  19. Your Fight Site

    DEFIANT Wrestling - PAC vs Starr

    I haven’t been to any events after they changed the name. Is it still the same content (i.e. What Culture personalities interacting with wrestlers)? Or is it now more wrestling-focused?
  20. Your Fight Site

    AWW now available on demand

    A lot of you may know that I run a video on demand platform for wrestling promoters. I’m pleased to say that the West Midlands’ Alternative Wrestling World (AWW) have signed up and uploaded their 15h Anniversary Show as their first video release. Additionally content will be coming over the coming days. AWW join other wrestling promotions such as Pro Wrestling Chaos, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Shropshire Wrestling Alliance, and others. Soon, the platform will also be offering free trials for you to try out a channel and sample its content before committing to a subscription. I’m also looking to make content available on additional platforms, starting with Roku. If you’re a wrestling promoter looking to sell video content on demand as either rentals or part of a subscription, then get in touch and I’d be happy to talk you through the platform and how it works (it’s pretty easy). The platform is free to use (there are no set-up or monthly fees) and commission is paid monthly! —Martin
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    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    No. More likely someone she shared the photos with. Encryption can’t do anything about photos and video in the hands of a third party.* Tech companies did step up security after the swathe of leaks a couple of years ago by getting people to enrol in multi-factor authentication. But photos in iCloud (and I imagine Android since they go up to Google Photos) already were encrypted. * Leaking intimate photos and video without permission now falls under “revenge porn” laws, so I hope the perpetrators are identified and prosecuted.
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    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Whats encryption got to do with someone uploading nude pics?
  23. Your Fight Site

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I’d love if roster members were announced in the same way as football signings. Insert picture of wrestler holding football shirt.
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    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    You still need a hit counter, though.
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    It's all forgiven now ...

    Guess he’s doing the rounds. He was on The Crystal Maze the other night, too.