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  1. But all those guys have had “good” stints in NXT. Chad and Jason Jordan were super over a couple of years ago. As was Sami. AOP and Baron played their heel roles to a tee. Sending these guys to NXT for a few months is no good if when they go to the main roster again, they’re put in stale programmes. It’s amazing WWE are signing every wrestler who’s mentioned in the same breath as AEW, and have however many hours of programming to fill, yet don’t seem to be able to cultivate stars out their roster.
  2. Yeah, I binged series three last week. It does seem to have focused on characters, but not for the better. Everything was so rushed. There were lots of things started but then never touched on that could have made for interesting stories. Two that immediately spring to mind:
  3. Well, when y’all stick “WRESTLING” at the top of your posters… I kid (somewhat) 😄
  4. What actually happened to Ryan Smile? He was everywhere at one point and then… not.
  5. What’s Terry Funk up to these days? Because I fail to believe he’s actually retired.
  6. What were you expecting? It’s a service with over a million customers that is—from accounts—having a widespread issue.
  7. Well, yeah. The “real” Macho Man was cremated over eight years ago!
  8. What a bizarre thing to say. Do British porn stars have a reputation for not being able to keep it hard or something?
  9. Fuck it. Just go fuck-on Attitude-era WWE vs. WCW. Steve Austin vs Goldberg Undertaker vs. Sting The Rock vs. DDP: Battle of the “People’s Champions” There’s three marquee matches with star power that will keep the Saudis happy.
  10. I guess that’s why kids these days seem to use telephones by holding in their hand in front of them when talking, and constantly moving it from their mouth to their ear to listen for responses, but constantly going “You wot?”. Like, where has this come from and why do kids seem to think it’s a better way of using a phone than the “traditional” way of holding it to your ear?
  11. Yeah, it’s a bit weird to keep buying things you don’t like. Like, I don’t like tuna. Do I keep going to Morrisons and buying three tins of John West tuna chunks, making tuna pasta, and going, “Yuck!”? No.
  12. So are these TV shows any good? Or have they themselves realised not and now just getting actors with recognition in roles to draw the marks in?
  13. I guess that disqualifies my bumping into Jeremy Irons attending a premiere in New York as well then…
  14. Went to Waterstones in Newcastle for a coffee and a browse yesterday. Headed to basement to find Terry Deary (author of Horrible Histories series) was down there doing a signing. Funny chap.
  15. I thought this was the case already with NXT UK talent and streaming?
  16. Just looked her up on Wikipedia, and turns out she was born in Newcastle upon Tyne! Stan Lee’s wife was a Geordie! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Boocock_Lee
  17. I’m loving the random and quirky photos in this conversation…
  18. Has someone from PROGRESS or ICW actually confirmed they’ve signed contracts that allows the big, bad WWE to buy them out in a moment’s notice? Like, where has this line come from? Has it come from the horse’s mouth or is it just hearsay and people have ran with it?
  19. Why is there only three names on a picture of four girls?
  20. I had to after seeing that priest push video…
  21. And they say Coronation Street is fake…
  22. A WWE UK superstar will win the WWE Championship, whether they want to or not.
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