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  1. Ah! Thought you post was a response to King of Swing saying they lucked out on a console recently. My bad!
  2. Sorry to chip in. I got mine via the ASDA Direct website. I joined a Discord server that seemed to have people in the know where stock was dropping and when. I was gobsmacked when I got mine first go in March. Spent about four days thinking, “The money’s gone out of my account. The order’s been placed. It’s going to get cancelled any second now, though…” but nope, it turned up and a day earlier that estimated.
  3. Looks like the first frog splash I ever did in training. I remember the “feedback”: “What was that? Don‘t do that again or your going to have no knees left.”
  4. I’ll be sure to have chips and rice tonight.
  5. What exactly is “less commercial” about a show produced by a multi billion dollar company and a subscriber base of millions…?
  6. I imagine it’ll get updated in the coming weeks once a few episodes are in the can. Just don’t think they wanted black and gold, “NXT 1.0” footage in their “NXT 2.0” opening.
  7. The good ol’, “Every wrestling fan’s a sweaty, non-functioning, virgin nerd. Apart from me of course” pejorative.
  8. Bless ya for thinking it’s just AEW trying to capitalise on any quote.
  9. Keeping things on-brand, but No Mercy on N64. I didn’t have a N64 (was firmly PlayStation from launch) so don’t think I’ve ever played No Mercy. So when it’s touted as the “pinnacle” of wrestling video games, I just have no frame of reference of what is actually so good about it or why it is touted as the be-all and end-all when it comes to wrestling gameplay.
  10. Yeah, I’ve been watching the odd episode or two of M.O.D.O.K. here and there so nearly through it. It’s humour is very much Robot Chicken and passes the time. I enjoy it, but it’s not compulsive viewing like WandaVision was.
  11. Surely the answer for this has to be Jinder Mahal being elevated from bottom-of-the-card comedy act to WWE Champion because of some overseas TV deal.
  12. Funnily enough I reported that competition earlier today as my dad shared the post. Reported the spam links to Facebook, Facebook reply back with, “Nah, it’s fine. We’ve taken no action.” The original post was mind-boggling. Something about owners not picking it up, so to stop the campers going in the bin… Yeah, because that’s what you do with unsold vehicles. Just chuck ‘em in a bin.
  13. My favourite is when a radio station interrupts music to tell you they play music, with no interruptions.
  14. My go-to for music-related questions is “Baroque”.
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