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  1. Has any promotion signed up to those pledges yet? Also, I'm sorry but it's pretty clear progress and ICW have basically been the main consultants on this and are trying to manipulate to their advantage.
  2. I like Courntey, I think she is a character but she isn't going to be around long is she? She is just the result of Eddie Hearn hype machine, put her in with a lass who actually has in-ring IQ and she will be schooled. She'll be on the celebrity big brother/coach trip circuit within 2 years I'm predicting.
  3. I think TV Ratings are almost not important anymore, obviously they matter to a degree but social media seems to play just as big as a factor in terms of 'success' . They can always spin "Ratings may see low but we are number one trending on twitter every week so people are talking about the show on your network"
  4. The thing about the Charlotte promo was she was kinda right, outside of Banks v Belair every other woman match/segment at mania was poor. There is a scary big gap between the elite women wrestlers (Flair, Banks, Bayley, now Belair) and everyone else. Watch that mania tag gauntlet and tell me who is on their level? Like anywhere NEAR their level?
  5. I put it down to pacing, nothing on smackdown is stretched out, because of time restraints almost everything serves a purpose, so much on raw is clearly booked with the message 'take your time about doing it'. Raw definitely needs freshening up in terms of format. RAW Underground was naff but i enjoyed the idea. The WWE network documentaries are so superb you would think they could work out a way to bring them into production and produce segments (especially in the Thunderdome era), 3 hours of wrestling and promos doesn't work in a landscape where there is just so much wrestling.
  6. oh god please no, Is there anybody more hatable than him? I hate the term 'White privaledge' but him and Noelle are that in a nutshell. He is just that guy who thinks he's awesome despite everything finding him very annoying. He's basically the real life Miz
  7. Just a really odd show, it felt like it was written and not re-read, what we saw was first and final draft. Simple thigs that would have made the show ALOT better- -Lashley v Riddle announced on WWE.com during the day and headlined first hour instead of stupid set up segment and 15 min squash to start the show. -Main Event announced in opening of show then spend the next 2 and half hours hyping it up, having each guy do a promo. -Charlotte returning at the end of Rhipley v Asuka, taking them both out THEN doing that promo. -Not having
  8. Actually would have been a good change of pace on night 2, you know Bayley would have made it an entertaining as hell 5 minute match. I found night 2 an odd show, on paper it was the 'main' night but it really did happen without much sass or sizzle. I kinda feel like Belair stole Rhea's thunder, we had a major star born on Night 1, there wasn't enough room for another on night 2.
  9. The dates of this tour are actually talked about in detail in the same episode, Conrad pretty much points out everything you just said. Bruce's explanation is Hogan was the draw not the belt so he didn't really need to keep it (Conrad pointed out how stupid this logic was when he got the belt to tour with) and Bruce's reply is regardless what we later thought those were the reasons and I get where he is coming from, In my job we make loads of decisions which appear to contradict earlier decisions but its a case of 'what we aimed for at the time'. Also worth remembering Vince is notorious for h
  10. I shamefully laughed out loud at this. Honestly, what a terrible human he really is.
  11. Apparently Trip H was a big Hogan mark as a kid and was actually quite up for it but the plan was for him to take the belt back at next PPV but somebody (I'm guessing Vince) thought it would be best if Hogan lost it to Taker. One of wrestling's great mistruth's. Hogan was bought in specifically to win the belt from Yoko so they could get a high replay buy rate and then tour with him as Champion in Europe. Bruce Pritchard details it in an episode of STWW. I'm pretty sure Bruce also said something along the lines of 'If Hogan wasn't up for it, somebody else would have beaten Yoko, Vince
  12. brilliant post @BomberPat, hit so many things on the head there. Something I'll like to add is a big problem with WWE in not understanding any demographic is everything has to 'go through Vince' who is famously out of touch. There is that story that when Paul Burchill did the pirate gimmick he thought kids loved it because of Long John Silver and had never heard of Pirates of the Caribbean. My biggest gripe is he is convinced putting the belt on Brock is 'best for business', when the idea of a big muscular bloke squashing people is just about the complete opposite teenage fans want
  13. I think a lot of this Main Event hangs on the hype Masvidal can bring, The Fight island hype was the biggest hype for a UFC PPV not featuring an Irishman I can remember, I can remember some bloke at work asking me who do I think would win? And I was like, I didn't even know you watched MMA? Masvidal just has that cult following, he's the 'casuals dream'; Famous Knockout, Footage of him backyarding and he has a pro wrestling persona. If you watch UFC 3/4 times a year, he's a fighter you can instantly gravitate to . And that's why he's here. I honestly don't even think he
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