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  1. I think it was the Survivor Series match, where if Cena loses he had to leave WWE....that night I really felt they dropped the ball by not having Wade Barret win the title, everything felt it was right, it was truly the time to create a new main event heel, it was truly the time to give The UK it's first World Champion, EVERYTHING was in place. I strongly disagree here based purely on his booking; Consistent main event guy for both WWE and WCW, held EVERY belt in the E except the big one, was signed with WCW with the promise of his title run. The reason he never become champ was because off a)his personal problems and b)Shawn Micheals. When you look at Crush sorta Wrestlemania 9 era its amazing to think this man's career never went anywhere, he literally had EVERYTHING, He looks the sort of guy Vince would push to the moon, he looks like Hogan with hair! The highlight of his career was a brief spell where Kronic were considered 'cool'. I would love a Something to wrestle about him, although I doubt they could fill 2 hours.
  2. It always amused me how angry people got over Charlotte being inserted into this match, it was pretty obvious to me it was the right choice, she was the 'hand' in the match, Ronda had literally debuted 12 months earlier and people thought she could do a one on one mania main event?
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