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  1. @tiger_rickyou are spot on with 'Confusing presentation' . It has a WWF New Generation look to a lot of it with the graphics and gimmicks like 'Skaters' and 'Hikers' but then you have parts of the old nxt seeping through with backstage attacks and some of the promos and then you have Mandy Rose who just looks and acts like she is out of the attitude era. It's an enjoyable enough watch though despite it's problems
  2. This entire defense falls apart when you actually look at Professional Wrestling companies and realize they are not major cooperation's... If you were applying for, say, to become a firefighter then the argument of 'my DBS check came fine so I'm allowed to work' would be justified, if a Promoter who is putting on a show in front of a hundred people on the weekend doesn't care what the DBS check says and doesn't want to employ you, you haven't got a leg to stand on. It's not a god given right for everyone to be allowed to wrestle, if a promoter doesn't want to book you based on appearance, skill etc they can, if they don't want to book you because several people online have accused you of serious sexual abuse they have the equal right to. What do we think happened? "Hey can i wrestle for you?" "Didn't you get accused of being a sexual pred?" "I did but me DBS is fine mate" "Oh that's ok then " *Internal Thoughts* Best say yes in case he gets the union involved. TBH it absolutely amazes me how so many British Wrestlers who were so outraged by Speaking Out are happy to wrestle for progress in 2021 considering how terrible they acted at the start of the year, they pretty much said "As long as DBS checks are fine you can work at our shows".
  3. This is hilariously the same stance Progress took earlier this year with paul robinson. "DBS Checks came back fine so he is definitely 100% safe to work" 99 % of people named in Speaking Out DBS checks would come back fine, if that's the benchmark then nobody would be blacklisted. I agree that it's unreasonable to expect those accused to disappear into a cave and never be seen again but at the same time find something new, the wrestling business doesn't want you and even if you manage to sneak back in you're just embarrassing yourself by working for promotions nobody has ever heard of or empty school gyms in Mexico. The BIG issue for me is how the locker room(s) stayed quiet.
  4. The absolute madness of him using the el ligero mask, How egotistical/thick do you have to be?
  5. Why wasn't the new Scream called 5cream? I hate they have called it 'Scream' when it's clearly a continuation of the series.
  6. Home Alone is a real low key big franchise isn't it? Most people think of the first 2 and that's it but in reality its like 6/7 movies, video games and I'm sure there are novels also. Basically every generation of kids gets an installment. New one does look awful though
  7. Yeah i don't think there is going to be any serious thought about bringing in Crowbar full time, I second the motion of using 'local legends' on the road. As clunky as the match was at times i thoroughly enjoyed watching it
  8. It bugs me that with season 4 part-filmed that they can't create some part of a 2/3 part finale? Might need a day or 2 additional filming but it wouldn't be hard to do surely? The cast have all been very public about wishes to wrap the story up
  9. Imagine thinking it's a good idea for John Laurinaitis to be managing young women backstage
  10. That's so sad, an important footnote in American Wrestling History
  11. I think fans reaction to Hangman losing the 10 man and leaving etc is quite frankly ridiculous when you read he REQUESTED time off because his wife was having a baby. Fans are so hung up because they had this 'perfect storyline' in their head , they act like they think having a perfect title win is more important to him than becoming a dad. /Rant
  12. I'm really enjoying the new NXT, it has that feeling off 'throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks' but I would rather that than the extremely over produced segments we get on raw each week. Breaker has huge potential but like others said I worry he will lose that momentum on the main roster. I don't think the mojo reference is fair since Mojo just never came across as likeable where Breaker does. Mandy Rose as the backbone of a women's division is not something I had in my 2021 bingo but here we are. And to her credit she is carrying it very well.
  13. How does Xander Cooper tie into the jack Gallagher accusations? Were they not separate incidents?
  14. Let's be honest-there's a good chance he's hit the bottle again.
  15. Probably the most epic opening to a wrestling tv show ever, at least i can remember anyway. Bored of these Punk promos now but thats a personal thing. MJF v Pillman was a good outing and chance for Pillman to have a spotlight. I really enjoyed Cody v Black, Yes Cody was hated but he was in with a smart mark favorite, I wonder if they will think twice about who they book with Black going forward? great seeing Brandi back. FTR v Sting/Allen was a good tag but after what felt like 2 main events it was hard to get into it. Main, I thought, was a good choice to close the show. It was both a 'big match' and a 'cooler' and Britt got the chance to be a heel (still get annoyed by how they keep flipping her heel/face), Ruby came out looking strong despite the loss and Baker little gang actually looked effective for once. All in all, a damm near perfect wrestling tv show
  16. Do we actually think he is staying retired? Or is he headlining Triller against McGregor in about 4 years?
  17. A so so episode, saved by a decent main event. I'm not a massive fan of Diamond Mine but its good to see them sticking with them, kinda feels like the title change should have happened on the big debut episode though? Two women squash matches were meh, Lopez feels like she has huge star potential. Grimes v Gacy did nothing for me. Toxic Attraction promo was a decent 'What we are about promo' but Christ, STOP SWAYING! Genuinely felt sea sick by the end of the promo. Good tv main and a nice little 'new main event scene' match. A week of set ups really, which makes for great headlines on twitter but not the most entertaining watch
  18. Let's be honest-Meltzer's opinion on this situation is the last person any reasonably person would want. I have always thought meltzer struggles to separate the characters the women play on tv to the real person. Ie, if they play a shallow bitch on raw he thinks they are that in real life and it's probably the same a little with something like this, he see's her as 'playing the victim' whilst a backstage segment showed she's a heel really. A thought i have had, with everything that has happened to Dreamer, do you think it has killed the series? This time last week he was very well respected in the business with a comfortable position in Impact, now his future is working high school gyms down south. Some of these old timers might look at him and think "if i say one thing wrong it could ruin me" (especially when a lot of them probably agree with his comments...)
  19. Jim Cornette is mostly a work. He knows what his viewers like to hear and he plays to it. The best thing that happened to his brand in the 21st Century was AEW and he knows it.
  20. This is kinda my take which makes me think is there something I haven't seen?
  21. So I have seen a ton of tweets referencing 'When will they do an ep on Jericho?" and their seems to b the odd mention in this thread, what EXACTLY is his dark side in thoery? I always thought for years it was because he was MAGA guy and had an affair with kelly kelly (and no doubt others), is there an allegation (s) I have missed? I'm just a little confused
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