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  1. Isn't that what Excalibur does though? I'd be happy with Excalibur and Tony on permanently and the third spot a revolving door of wrestlers, managers, special guests and JR for the main events (or matches he will probably enjoy and put the effort it).
  2. When Don Callis was in WWF back in 97-98 he had major backstage heat due to being perceived as arrogant (other people since have just said that he was reserved/kind of quiet which was interpreted by some in the locker room as arrogant). Undertaker in particular seemed to take a real disliking to him to the point that he forced a young Jeff and Matt Hardy to break off the keys to his rental car in his door during a show, thereby stranding him in some random town and leaving him with a hefty bill from the rental company. So he's always been an arsehole, basically. I'd rather work in an env
  3. Was it that he didn't need the belt or that he was never a big enough draw that he was worth putting the belt on and building the company around?
  4. It's not even just that. He can barely form coherent sentences anymore. He's either being pissy and complaining or stumbling and talking complete shite. He sounds like an old man whose just been woken from a nap most the time. Confused and annoyed.
  5. Probably no wrestler ever highlighted how fake and dumb wrestling is more than The Undertaker.
  6. I was one of those who loved Becky Lynch and her rise was what got me back into WWE after a few years of not paying any attention. Also, how they utterly fucked up the build by shoe-horning in Charlotte and involving the McMahon's into the story which literally no one wanted or liked than finished with a dull triple threat with a botched rollup ending was genuinely the last straw and convinced me they will never tell a satisfying story ever again. I haven't watched a full show since. If AEW hadn't come along I very probably would have given up on wrestling forever.
  7. New entrance music is fantastic news. WWE have been really lazy at changing up or developing entrance music for the past decade. Back in the day it always felt important when a midcard wrestler on the rise jumped to a new bigger theme (especially if it added vocals) as a signal they are now a big deal.
  8. They still haven't revealed who attacked Mox backstage that time. My guess is a debut of someone new (possibly from New Japan) costs Mox the match, reveals themselves as his attacker and is Mox's next feud. Wasn't Kenta calling Mox out on Twitter a while back? I'd love him to have a short run in AEW.
  9. My guess is Revolution will look something like: Mox/Omega rematch Young Bucks vs Good Brothers (maybe a 3 way with Lucha Brothers) Orange Cassidy vs Miro MJF vs Sammy (w/ Jericho as guest referee, the Inner Circle as lumberjacks or something similar) The confirmed Sting/Allin/Team Taz cinematic match. Some version of Dark Order and Adam Page vs perhaps Kingston and family. Shida vs Britt Baker Lance Archer vs Pac And finally some utter bollocks with Cody Rhodes.
  10. He's been wrestling for almost 21 years now, I think that ship has sailed.
  11. I remember Xavier Woods doing a podcast with someone and was called out on the locker room playing video games and he responded "how's it any different than playing cards which is what the boys used to do all day and night?" which I thought was a perfect response.
  12. He's definitely arrogant. As are Austin, Rock, Cena. You need to be arrogant to be a top star. But he's definitely not a brain dead right wing cunt like Vince's cronies tend to be.
  13. It seems that any wrestler in that close, loyal to Vince circle is inevitably an absolute massive prick. Road Dogg, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H etc.. Bunch of fucking sad and arrogant weirdos. The top guys who have the sense and guts to step away and realise their own worth outside that cult like system: Austin, Rock, Cena, Bret, Nash etc. They all seem like cool, levelheaded normal guys in comparison.
  14. The wide eyed incredibly enthusiastic innocence and positivity of John Silver is absolutely fantastic and the perfect character to interact with the lonely, sad cowboy Page. Just absolutely brilliant stuff. The early, cut off celebrations was one of the funniest wrestling moments in ages.
  15. Some good stuff this week but more bad than good overall I think. The Good - everything from the entire opening segment was perfect pro wrestling. Exciting, funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking. Poor Hangman, the most likeable and sympathetic character in wrestling. Really, really hope this isn't the end of this story. I want that feel good moment of Hangman and John Silver hugging it out. - I enjoyed nearly all the backstage stuff throughout the show. Don Callis attempting to pay off the Bucks to not be friends with Kenny any more was gold. - Solid Moxley match and promo.
  16. Yep I was in loads in my teen years instead of going outside, socialising or being active. My main characters were: Strobe X - dressed like a ninja. Incredibly serious man who swore a lot. Finisher was a double shooting star press. Manik Carnage - hardcore guy, basically a Mankind rip off who loved pain. Shane Impact - cocky, flashy guy who everyone loved because he was so cool in the most generic ways possible that a 14 year old could think of. Wrestled in a white tshirt and Adidas trackies. Juno Demon - coked up luchadore who wrestled to pay off his debts to the Columbi
  17. In WWE he had some cracking matches though was mostly on autopilot for most his run. Most his best matches there were in his first year. I'd recommend going back and checking out his PPV bouts vs Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker and triple threat with Austin and Angle all from 2001. They hold up very well.
  18. First episode is incredible. Every other episode is pretty meh after that sadly.
  19. What happened to that Shane McMahon fight club thing? Is it finished? Did they just stop doing it with no explanation or was there a storyline conclusion? I already know the answer to that don't I...
  20. MLW is a weird one. Seems like a good place to go for experience if you're a wrestler but it's almost a void in the wrestling scene. No buzz or excitement around it. I've never heard of an MLW match being anything above average. If you're a green wrestler it's probably good for a short stint to learn how to work the cameras, TV matches and get ring time with some veterans like Savio Vega, La Parka etc. But why anyone would choose to sign a contract there over any other promotion (including Impact) I've no idea.
  21. Tony Khan said in October that AEW was profitable. I'd imagine they aren't very profitable but I think that they even managed to survive the pandemic let alone maintain an audience figure TNT is happy with is a huge success. They were dangerously close to going under before they even got going. As for papering audiences I think you have to expect that sort of thing from a new promotion running decent sized arenas in their first year when most people haven't heard of them. WWEs audience figures were terrible before the pandemic too. The crowds at AEW always seemed hot though. I think if th
  22. To be fair both Riddle and Goldberg looked like a pair of fucking idiots when this happened.
  23. It's a couple of hours, mate. You'll be ok.
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