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  1. I don't think it makes much difference at the moment really, most people in the US have already picked a side and any who haven't will most likely only be swayed by how the debates go.
  2. You only need to watch a non-Lucha Underground Mil Muertes match to see how truly great the editors and producers of that show were.
  3. Sucks for Archer. Kingston vs Mox is a hell of a match though and actually makes storyline sense with him not actually being eliminated from the battle royale.
  4. My WWE viewing habits are based entirely on watching some YouTube clips while having my morning dump. Is it fair for me to think this is sufficient viewing time to slag it off?
  5. T-BAR SLAPJACK MACE Unbelievable. The names of henchmen ripped out of a low budget 90s action movie. Also, aren't Retribution basically the same gimmick as Sanity?
  6. I don't care for the weird "two weeks later..." type stuff inbetween posts but overall it looks a bit nicer.
  7. There's no where near the number of top level available female talent that there is for men so it's not surprising really that AEW couldn't put a half decent division together. Additionally, WWE has invested massively for years to get its female roster to its current level. AEW are nowhere near that and it's unlikely to get better in the near future. I agree with tiger_rick, they just don't seem that bothered. I'm not that bothered either, the male roster is absolutely stacked and filled with guys I'd rather get TV time than any of the women on the payroll.
  8. No, he's definitely been onscreen at least once previously. Khan was already looking to get into the business and approached The Elite when he saw the big money and press they were making with Bullet Club shirts, BTE and All Out. Before he even met either the Bucks or Cody he was already having conversations with people in the television industry he knew about a new wrestling show and whether they'd be interested.
  9. Jake Robert's is always drenched in sweat and massively out of breath just walking to the ring. He's great in pre tapes but in front of an audience on live telly he constantly looks moments away from a heart attack.
  10. Sunshine has some fun in it but it's actually really difficult for a Mario game and feels weirdly unfinished and broken in places. The whole water shooting backpack aspect of it never really works quite right.
  11. I'm a bit surprised at how shitty the card is, you'd think if they were hoping to get some post NBA playoff audience they'd put on some better matches than Brandi vs Ana Jay. Chuck Kenny Omega vs Matt Sydal or something on there.
  12. Jesus that's absolutely heartbreaking. From my understanding there are some groups that work directly with the police and don't publicize the work that they do. It's the ones that are public facing that name and shame which are the ones using dubious methods and tactics. And because they don't have legal training often the good work that they do do isn't actually usable in court.
  13. I don't follow Dave Meltzer so this reference is lost on me, I'm afraid.
  14. I feel like it's inevitable that Cage is going to cost Archer the title and they'll move into their Godzilla feud and I'm all for it.
  15. It's mid-30s with something like 80% humidity so I can forgive a guy for wearing shorts in that shit.
  16. Fucking hell, what an absolutely miserable take. Cheer up, wrestling is supposed to be fun. The ending was hilarious and fun as hell, I had a massive smile on my face. Loved that whole main event so much.
  17. AEW is the only wrestling I watch properly, what brought me back to wrestling after being so bored and fed up with it for so many years, it's not even close to perfect but I love it and look forward to it every week. If Mauro turned up on it I would be fucking heartbroken. In other news, this is very wholesome and lovely:
  18. I disagree. Ranalla not only sucks the life out of a broadcast, he actively makes it difficult to watch because he is painful to the ears with his invasive endlessly convoluted calls. The guy had no dial, he's constantly on 11 for every fucking thing. He's exhausting and there is no joy to be found in his commentary. JR might be a grumpy twat but Ranallo ruins the stuff he commentates on.
  19. I despise him because I think his voice is terrible sounding and weak. He elicits no excitement when introducing a wrestler or a match from the crowd/viewers. He offers no gravitas to anything. He looks like a twat and I want to punch his smug twat face every time I see it. His voice reminds me of shit episodes of Smackdown. The only thing he will be remembered for is the stupid, annoying way he pronounces the name John.
  20. If they took off the AEW logo off the front I reckon it would sell pretty good with non wrestling fans who are hipster types.
  21. Yeah Ilum became Starkiller Base. The weapon was built in the mining trenches the Empire created when digging up kyber crystals for the Death Star. Or at least that's how it was later retconned by the Lucasfilm Story Group when they realised they had created what appeared to be 3 separate locations that were all remarkably similar.
  22. Very exciting. All in on an underground alien fight club. The ice planet looks a lot like Ilum, the planet from Clone Wars and Jedi Fallen Order. It's home to an ancient Jedi temple built on top of Kyber crystals the Jedi used to build their lightsabres (later harvested by the Empire for resources to use for the Death Star laser and invaded by the First Order to build Starkiller Base). It would make sense for The Mandalorian to visit to find clues on the Jedi order. Love that the trailer didn't really give anything away. Can't wait to see what handsome bastard Timothy Olyphant is up
  23. Apart from a brief and fairly unmemorable run in ROH, what did Adam Pearce ever really do in the business? I've never heard of any must see singles matches he's ever had.
  24. None of this makes any sense. Fucking Tories.
  25. LaGoosh


    The existence of any form of alien life being discovered in my lifetime is basically my dream so I'm desperate for something exciting to come out of this rather than some shit about gases or whatever.
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