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  1. Yes, it's worse. The Stephanie McMahon heel character was one of if not the most detrimental to getting babyfaces over in wrestling history. Her never ending belittling of every character around her for years just made everyone look like complete shit. I can't think of anything worse than her Authority run. Terrible terrible terrible.
  2. Yeah I'd definitely go for a Proud and Powerful title win and a heartbreaking Eddie Kingston title match loss in New York. Imagining a beaten Kingston on his knees in the centre of the ring crying his eyes out while 17,000 New Yorkers chant his name.
  3. Considering that's about double their current largest attendance I'm very intrigued by what they've got planned for this. The only thing I can think of that would possibly fill the place up is a CM Punk or Daniel Bryan match.
  4. Had my second AZ this morning. I hate Maccy Ds breakfasts but I had one afterwards anyway.
  5. He's got another squash lined up for Dark this week too. Cut a good promo at the start of the show. God bless this sexy, sexy man.
  6. That was hilarious. All these tough guy babyfaces walking out because they were scared of Miz and Truth attacking them with lead pipes. Textbook example of bad WWE storytelling. They come up with a story then tell the audience the story in the most blatant "tell, not show" way possible even if it makes no sense or isn't reflecting what happening on screen. Like when they decided to go with the "worst year of Cenas career" story before his rematch with The Rock, despite winning almost all his matches in the previous 12 months.
  7. They've got a show in Rochester later this year. As Brodie's hometown I wouldn't be surprised if they did something for that.
  8. All the EVPs are on 4 year contracts I believe.
  9. I feel like Cody's booking could be evidence he really has fallen out with the other EVPs. Everything he does feels completely isolated and separate from the rest of the show and in some kind of alternate universe. You have AEW Dynamite and within that you have The Cody Rhodes and Nightmare Factory Show. It's very weird. I'm almost certain that when he's next in front of Chicago, New York or Philly crowd that they're going to boo him out the building. It's almost like the rest of the company wants nothing to do with him. Like as long as he has his 15 minutes every week to do whatever he
  10. That Angelico lad is fucking useless isn't he? Even Christian couldn't get a good showing out of him.
  11. The man. Poor Evil Uno is going to die tomorrow night.
  12. At Impact the Young Bucks were working ladder matches and their credit cards still bounced when they tried to buy a sandwich.
  13. Cracking Team Taz squash on Elevation. Hobbs bodyslams a jobber about 10 times in a row and it's bloody great.
  14. The scary thing is that the people who actually write, produce and approve stuff like that genuinely think it's good. Everyone involved in this company lives on a different fucking planet from the rest of us.
  15. Just got around to this. Probably one of the worst episodes of Dynamite. Christian/Jungle Boy tag was good, everything else was quite terrible. I'm assuming either a) everyone was still knackered from Double or Nothing, or b) they know they'll get a lower rating in the late Friday spot so they're holding the good stuff back til they are back on Wednesday's or go on live tour in July.
  16. Haven't watched it yet but a cold follow up to a good PPV and rubbish debut of an ex-WWE wrestler is AEW tradition.
  17. Always find the cuts confusing. Like why sack all these guys but keep Baron Corbin, Ziggler and all the other dead weight? I'm also of the opinion that WWE are preparing for a sale or at least a massive offload of stock. Everything they are doing recently seems to be leading towards a big change. Vince knows his time is coming up and maybe Steph or Hunter are happy to cash out and move on? Whatever they are planning they seem to have no actual interest in the wrestling side of things anymore. Complete autopilot.
  18. It's a prop. It's never been defended in AEW and isn't recognized as an actual title.
  19. Agree 100%. I've been baffled after hearing how good Smackdown is from a few people on here and then seeing that it's pretty much just the same old shite that I gave up watching ages ago. Outside of some of Roman Reigns stuff has there been a single exciting angle, storyline, promo or match that has created any kind of real or sustained buzz, excitement or anticipation? They seem so starved of main event talent these days that even Cesaro is getting a go. The idea that a wrestling show that has Seth Rollins on it every week is the best wrestling show on telly is ludicrous to me.
  20. I agree. I assumed the whole point of Wight on Dark Elevation was to prepare him for commentating the second show so was surprised by the Henry announcement. I'm also curious who they stick him with as Jericho has hinted in the past that he would be doing commentary for the second show. I'm hoping for a new play by play guy, I love Excalibur but it'd be great to get someone different and make the second show feel like it isn't just the third hour of Dynamite but for the life of me I can't think who they could bring in? Maybe they'll hire recently sacked Todd Phillips? Jungle Boy had a goo
  21. Other boards all seem sick of him and he gets more criticism than praise on social media for sure. His weak reaction compared to the rest of the roster on Sunday shows the tide is turning for sure.
  22. Mark Henry is genuinely one of Tony Khan's favourite wrestlers so I'm not surprised he's hired him. I'm a fan of the hire. Henry is great, has loads to offer backstage and in front of the camera.
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