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  1. Took my boy to see it yesterday. We both really enjoyed it. Carrey was great in the role, it was a good Jim Carrey performance while being a good Robotnik, if you know what I mean. Had me thinking, I was so suprised there hadn't been a Sonic movie before, especially in the 90s. Sonic was huge when I was a boy, you'd had thought there would've been a movie, a la Power Rangers, Mario, Ninja Turtles, the other fads at the time.
  2. Was it not he got injured making his entrance and they improvised the rest? Possibly a false memory but I think that's what I read.
  3. Didn't think the new show was all that up to much. On a positive note, I do like they're trying a new concept. But I find the social media talking heads annoying. And if the match is only going to go 2 minutes, maybe a couple of matches would make for a more interesting show.
  4. I read this and find it interesting but don't understand it. Please explain it to me
  5. Here's my take on it. I was a fan of hers, she was really good when she won Strictly, she was really talented. I think the press have every right to report the facts about her case. Anyone in the public eye involved in a domestic case would suffer similar treatment. But here's what I don't like, it's as if as soon as you fuck up, that's you're reputation, career, life, all over. It's a bad culture that's come from the press and social media. Everyone's out to see everyone else fail. Caroline surely thought there was nothing left living for. And let's be honest, irregardless of what happened in the court, the next TV show that employed her would have got SLATED. The mud would have stuck and everyone out there in social media would have been murmuring, bitch, psycho, abuser etc. I've always said it but barring the absolute most heinous of crimes people deserve to live their life. People are fallible, people do bad things (which she may or may not have done), and deserve chances. I think what's happened is a terrible shame and says a lot about our judgemental society.
  6. The angle revealing Vince McMahon's bastard son is one of the funniest and well played out of all time. Vince saying "thank God it's not Balls Mahoney" and pretending to hide his delight when finding out his son wasn't black is hilarious. The tease with Triple H at the end and the Hornswoggle reveal were also gold. A great angle that doesn't always get talked about.
  7. There used to be a guy in my work who's piece would consist of jam and cheese. He nearly always had it in the end bit of a Mother's Pride loaf too, as if he wasted many a loaf by just using the end bit. Same guys treat meal, a bowl of soup with a pie sitting in the middle; he ate the pie with a knife and fork, the soup acted as a sauce/gravy. Now this is where shit gets weird and unbelievable but 100% true nonetheless. Same guy ate dogfood. He'd swear it was the best of steak at the cheapest of prices. He'd boast about it and ridicule us for spending more money on real food. Guy ate Cesars dog meat with McCain quick chips and claim it was the best steak and chips he'd ever had. Just wrong
  8. I think Manhunter is his best film. I really like Heat, too. But saw Manhunter years ago and found it very engrossing. Brian Cox made a great Hannibal Lecter.
  9. Good photo. Kama had an underrated look
  10. With Edge back what's the chances of Christian showing up down the line to either team with him or fight him? Is he cleared to wrestle?
  11. How good a heel is Aaron Stevens? I honestly can't remember a heel being as funny and sharp but not to the point of getting himself cheered. He's somewhat like a Bobby Heenan or another manager in that he's got the wit and charisma and he's out there willing to play the fool too. He's great for a show such as this.
  12. I just love NWA. Such a good watch, every show is enjoyable one way or another.
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