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  1. You do remember correctly. Someone who had met Oswald told Garson he had an uncanny resemblance to him and he went on to play him in a TV movie and a few TV shows. He auditioned for the JFK film but missed out. That Quantum Leap was amazing, too!
  2. I signed up in 2009. I'd been on forums since about 2004 when the Wrestling Channel started and I started attending local shows. I was 14 in 2004 and I was obsessed with wrestling at the time. I'd been a fan all my life, but being a teenager, discovering forums and meeting the wrestlers (especially the US imports) at shows bought my fandom to a new level. I think I probably initially signed up here in 2004, I'd defo been reading on off since then, but I'd lost passwords/ forgot usernames until I started this account and posting more regularly. My personal highlight of the UKFF was Roger and his wrestling figures. Literally sitting watching all that play out page after page was better than anything off the telly. Also, the good old days when a promoter would lose the plot and make a topic slating this place, or slating a no-showing wrestler, would always provide hilarious drama. Tommyboi is another one who's 'hilarious' posts are missed on here and I'd like to see him back. 20 years is a long time for an internet forum, and it feels weird that I've been on here for 12 of those. I think most people on here are my age group (31), give or take? I wonder if there's many new members nowadays, based off the back of AEW and that, and what they'd think of the place.
  3. Right I watched the first couple of AEW shows and thought they were crap because there was too much spoof in-joke nudge nudge comedy wrestling and angles. Loads of other folk enjoyed it though so well done fair enough. From the outside in it looks better now, would I enjoy it or is it much the same as it was at the start, which you may enjoy but I thought was shite.
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