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  1. Very sad, doesn't look good hoping for a miracle.
  2. As did I, any speculation to what Carnyland will be like?
  3. I quite like Cornette. I find his podcast entertaining and I mostly agree with his views. He doesn't like what I see as farce parody wrestling and neither do I. That being said I do think he's very crass and narrow minded, and I realise that's both the appeal and turn off for some people. Most of the controversial shit he's been called out for recently I couldn't give a shit about and think most people pretend to be offended cause they don't like him. Maybe I'm wrong. He has said some stuff on his podcast that I expected to cause an uproar but nothing has come of it. What I will say is that he's great as an on screen personality, and I think people forget that because they hate him or think he's a shit booker. He was really good commentating on the first run of NWA shows.
  4. How'd that come about? Was it for a magazine or a podcast? What was Ricky Starks like? I'm well into the NWA the now.
  5. I've high fived Mitsuharu Misawa, while he was wrestling in front of what must've been one of his smallest crowds ever, about 100 people in Carluke, Scotland. What's everyone else's most unusual or noteworthy wrestling experience? Anyone ever been in the industry and worked with famous names? Or at least bumped into a famous wrestler at a petrol station wolfing down a packet of salt and vinegar? Whatever it is, post your most notable experience around wrestling here. It would be good to get a few stories together.
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