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  1. Reminds me of the 80s boxing game By Fair Means Or Foul where you could do low blows and headbutts but risked being caught by the ref.
  2. Looks like the real life humans aren't doing much better.
  3. Messages of support on Boris Johnson's Facebook page:
  4. Johnson, Thursday: "The alert level is going to 3 and we're easing lockdown." The Alert Level Committee, Friday: "We're still at level 4."
  5. Quick clarification on Durham Police using the phrase "might have committed a breach." That's apparently legal speak for "he broke the rules and we'd have considered it a breach if we'd caught him." EDIT: Specifically, it's not up to the police to decide if somebody has broken the law. That's decided by somebody admitting guilt by accepting a fine or the case goes to court and they are convicted. "Might" in this situation means they consider he breached the rules.
  6. So the actual practical importance of this total shitshow is being highlighted right now. Tomorrow they are going to unveil the test/track/trace/isolate program. That program is the only way you can even vaguely safely lift/ease lockdown without a vaccine or better treatment. The point of the program is that people can move about more normally, but if you've been in close contact with somebody who gets COVID or symptoms, a contract tracer tells you and you stay home for two weeks. For that to work, it absolutely has to be "stay home, don't go anywhere, no exceptions." And Boris Johnson now cannot effectively tell the population to follow that rule.
  7. BBC piece on the topic: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52808059.
  8. Saw somebody make the very valid point that whether Cummings followed or broke either the spirit or letter of the lockdown/self-isolation isn't as big an issue as the fact that he completely undermined the point of it. He went from London, which had 20,000 cases at the time, to Durham which had 100 cases, while infected, then went to a hospital with his family and thus exposed medical staff to greater risk (in turn risking their ability to treat patients for both COVID and other conditions.)
  9. Seems like the only two reasons to show this now (other than capitalising on The Last Dance) are to have the Boneyard match be the happy ending and the retirement, or to set up a retirement match. The latter seems unlikely given it would be odd not to do it in front of a crowd at a big show, which at the moment appears like a delayed SummerSlam in September would be the earliest, so you lose any momentum you get off this. (Survivor Series to mark 30 years after his debut would seem more logical.) It's also putting a hell of a lot of pressure on if you do a final match. IIRC, The Undertaker-HHH match in Australia wasn't so much outright bad as just painfully mediocre. They went 27 minutes and anyone who follows insider news knew it was just a setup for the tag match anyway.
  10. Supergenius Cummings apparently doesn't know the Internet Archive Wayback Machine exists, revealing the fact that on the day he got back from Durham he edited a year old blog post to make it look like he'd specifically predicted a coronavirus pandemic.
  11. The way any one-fall multiman match is No DQ. Not so much the policy, but the explanation that it inherently has to be that way because if somebody gets DQed, who wins. That's nonsense. If somebody gets DQed, they fuck off to the dressing room and the match continues/restarts, just like would happen in any sport with multiple individual competitors like the 100 metres race.
  12. Utterly off-topic but related (and as posted in the video games thread.) I'm current playing Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain season mode with Lesnar, but making all choices as if it were a shoot (meaning wrestling is a work and Brock is Brock). As well as choosing Sable as a manager, I've had Lesnar refuse to work optional foreign tours, so it's good to discover this is indeed accurate.
  13. Concept is great. It's more of an activity than a game, especially with two -- technically there's scoring but nobody takes any notice of that. It's basically Charades but instead of gestures, you're putting different coloured pieces on a board with icons to try to get the message across: For example, you could put the main piece on the movie camera, then a red piece on a boat and a red cube on the down symbol, and a bunch of green cubes on the skull and crossbones symbol. If your partner is on the same wavelength, they'll hopefully realise you are indicating it's a film which features a boat sinking and a lot of people dying, aka Titanic. The problem is, your partner probably won't be on the same wavelength and entertaining frustration will ensue. Kingdomino is worth a look as well: it's a quick game that's fairly easy to learn/teach as it's based on normal dominoes principles. And if you can track down a copy, Word On The Street is good. You have a board with 20 letters on it and spaces either side: All that happens is that you take it in turns to pick up a card with a category on (pop bands, condiments, country names) and you have 30 seconds to think of a word that matches it, then spell it out and move the letters to your side of the board, once for each time a letter is in the word. If you get a letter all the way to your side of the board, you win it and it's out of the game. First to capture eight letters wins. It seems really simple, but as the game goes on you have to start thinking tactically about whether you want to prioritize capturing a letter or pulling back a letter that's close to your opponent's side. It also gets increasingly harder to think of words as the range of letters left on the board gets smaller.
  14. He's officially a Republican, though his politics are Libertarian.
  15. Not Joshi, but this happened in a (in no way believable or logical) match at a totally ludicrous Big Japan spot show I went to.
  16. I've been playing season mode on Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain as Brock Lesnar, making all decisions as if it was a shoot (meaning wrestling is a work.) "Would you like to work an optional tour of the UK?" "No. No, I would not." "How about a manager? You can have anyone you like?" "That Sable woman looks nice."
  17. Given eggs and baked beans are two of my most despised foods (the other being celery), I don't really care for traditional cooked breakfast rules. I'll go for bacon, mushrooms, hash brown, black pudding and a slice of toast with Marmite, but the most important thing is that you have it in the evening with a pint of Guinness.
  18. BBC Parliament had the 1964 election night show yesterday and I accidentally watched it for about five hours. It's a proper corker with the closest result of the last 150 years, they genuinely don't know the outcome until late on the Friday afternoon, and it ended up with Labour winning a majority but had they won three fewer seats it would have been up to the Liberals who would govern. Indeed, the Conservatives were only 12 seats away from a majority themselves. There was loads going on as well, beyond presenter Richard Dimbleby being caught eating a sandwich (33 years before his son did the same with a Mars bar). Kruschev quit as USSR chief during the broadcast. Early in the night the Conservatives won Smethwick after the most outright racist campaign ever and pretty much everyone of every party was calling it a disgrace all night. And then you had all the moments that would go viral today, starting with the most Welsh result ever (pictured below in 1955 and 1964). . Dimbleby and his co-host kept arguing about which constituencies were on the District Line (a tube strike that week is thought to have cost Labour some marginal seats.) And of course Alan Whicker was reporting live on people swimming in Trafalgar Square's fountains, which used to be an election night thing. You had Labour's George Brown (the man whose previous drunken appearances on TV reportedly first inspired the euphemism "tired and emotional") being interviewed by Robin Day and not having any of it: Harold Wilson bringing the zing: Dimbleby gets trolled by viewers: The most bizarre contest of the night sees future PM Jim Callaghan hold of the challenge of the somewhat unlikely challenger for a Cardiff seat, the then England cricket captain Ted Dexter: Facial hair peaked: At gone 1am they went to a steel workers club for a 10 minute argument between union members supporting Labour and the Tories, then returned to the studio for the 1964 version of gender equality: And then it wound up with Labour stuck one short of a majority for a couple of hours waiting for a recount, to the point that the PM went to Buckingham Palace to resign anyway. Eventually the result came through, the majority was confirmed, power changed hands for the first time in 13 years, and... oh hang on... we have some breaking news:
  19. The trains have been semi-nationalised in England since the week before full lockdown. The current franchises were ended and instead the government is now collecting all the ticket money and paying all the costs including staff wages. The franchise holders are getting a small fixed fee to manage the lines. The idea was to keep the trains running as needed, but remove the incentive for operators to try to maximize the number of passengers, and avoid the legal hassle of dealing with the franchise holders going bust. In theory this is only running for six months, but there's a good shot they don't go back to the old franchising system at the end.
  20. I'm going to count the Mail on Sunday as Tories just to point out that tomorrow's edition has a story about Keir Starmer, namely that he bought a field behind his mum's house so she had somewhere to put the donkeys she'd rescued and now he's selling the house (but not the field) because she's dead, and if he wanted to sell the field (which he doesn't) and if the people who bought the field built houses (which they can't because it's green belt) you could sell the houses for £10 million, yet he claims to be left wing, and when you write it out like that, it kind of sounds like a bit of a stretch of a story.
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