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  1. That may have been more about making it look like important stuff happened on Network-exclusive shows, back when they were worried about getting subscribers.
  2. First time I had this debate was 30 years ago! My partial theory is that tag wrestling was hurt the most by the decline of kayfabe because it relies so heavily on one aspect, namely "these two guys are beating up this one guy, he's in real physical danger/has no chance of winning". That might explain why things like the TLC era or the Shield matches overcame this, because part of the appeal there was "there's basically no tagging as such, but one guy can rest while his partner does a spot, so you can have almost constant fast-paced action." That said, Rev Pro had a match recently (Young Guns-Destination Everywhere rematch) that was total 80s Crockett/early 90s All Japan psychology (one man taken out early, partner has to survive without him, injured man finally returns for hot tag but is quickly at a disadvantage because of the injury, can the pair overcome it?) with modern moves.
  3. They also show the Look At Life series (basically ITV's version of Pathe news reels) and recently had one with a couple of minutes of a Tibor Szakacs match at the Royal Albert Hall that appears to be the earliest known colour footage of British wrestling. Unfortunately ITV, who are very lax on World of Sport clips on YouTube, take Look At Life down almost instantly.
  4. I don't know if this is an actual algorithm quirk or I'm just overly noticing it, but I watched the Danhausen-Orange Cassidy match from earlier in this thread and now my YouTube suggestions are absolutely full of Danhausen matches. Never seen it change so dramatically from viewing one video.
  5. Yep, among 18-49s AEW was slightly ahead during the time the Soho-Bunny match was actually on air. Margin of error stuff, but gently amusing to many.
  6. In 18-49s, Punk-Sydal didn't just win head to head, but beat everything on the entire Smackdown broadcast.
  7. Whether or not this is true, the fact it's even plausible is insane.
  8. Good explanation from https://showbuzzdaily.com/showbuzz-basics With Smackdown and Rampage, you're getting the fast nationals Saturday morning but the official nationals on Monday afternoon. For whatever reason, AEW's Fast Nationals are usually a little lower than their official nationals. So if you find out their fast national, you can leak it out and it does the rounds for a couple of days before you get the actual, higher figure.
  9. However, you should definitely watch Borgen on Netflix with English dubbing. It's engagingly terrible. Everyone has a regional accent loosely related to their status in Denmark society and political leanings,
  10. [Hey, I finally figured out supposed non-posts/actual double-posts come when you hit reply but you aren't on the last page of the thread.]
  11. I get it's scoring round by round and mandatory deductions for knockdowns rather than judging the fight as a whole, but I can't believe even a judge called Cheatham looked at his scorecard at the end of the 10th and thought "got the two guys even, sounds about right."
  12. Bearing in mind you've got four different comparisons: * Total viewership for whole show. * 18-49 for whole show. * Total viewership during head-to-head period, * 18-49 during head-to-head period There's a very good chance of some incredibly tedious arguments about what counts as "winning".
  13. Last time Smackdown moved to FS1 it did the same rating in 18-49s that Rampage did last week. So it's certainly plausible you wind up with a Showbuzz Daily chart next week that has a list with AEW ahead of WWE.
  14. "Just adding the results to the site. Not sure what Sabre's finisher is called." "Better ask him and put whatever he says."
  15. The median age viewer this week was 62. Which explains the whole "man who talks about being inclusive and woke is a heel" deal.
  16. Who had four weeks in the "zero UKFF reaction the next day" sweepstake?
  17. Mr Hargreaves, Grange Hill deputy head in the early 90s. Like you'd dropped Gordon Brittas into the middle of another show. The type of "this show just went to shit and is going to take a big effort to get back on track" not seen again until the second half of Oz Season 4.
  18. So UKFF is sort of 20 today. It's actually a bit older as it began some time in 1999-2000 when several boards merged under what I believe was called Wrestling UK Fan Forum. 20 years ago today is when the database was last reset/recreated/relaunched and everyone had to reregister. From a purely technical perspective, that's an impressive task in that things like user accounts and post counts have been tracked for two decades, though older posts have to be deleted every so often to avoid a complete crash. Per the member list (https://ukff.com/search/?type=core_members), people who signed up (or rather recreated their account) on day one were: Moo Five Alive Junkman Bad News Mackem Man LCJ Van Dammer Gossy Pabster I was a day two-er along with several others who are still around. By the end of 2001 there were still fewer than 90 members. A few of those were/went on to be involved in wrestling including: Dean Ayass & Linus (who commentated together on Revival on Talk Sport and Bravo a few months later) Majik Patrick 'MadMan' Kelly (not at all sure, but I think he was Keith 'Ruffneck' Colwill) Jon Farrer Mark Sloan Mark Dallas The Middleman (wrestler/promoter Lee Butler) CracktonMOJ (ring announcer) Meanwhile, the only people who've topped 20,000 posts are IandrewDiceClay, Egg Shen and wandshogun09, though I can't remember if that excludes off-topic posts these days. Thoughts, memories, etc?
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