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  1. Garza publicly having a fiancee could work into his sleazy prick character. Kinda modern day Latino Heat. I'm not saying they SHOULD do that [as I think he will be fine as is] but just that they could if it is ever brought up again.
  2. I think the only negative for me, and this is likely just me getting old, was that I was worn out from all the big moves and false finishes by match number 3 that I kind of became a little desensitised to it all by the end. I know thats the style these days and its fine for one or two matches in my opinion but a whole card can be very draining for a knackered old fart like me.
  3. I hope this is true. Davey Boy deserved it ages ago. Get Bret to induct him if he is up for it. Does he get on with Diana? Have her Harry and Georgia show up. Great times. All for it.
  4. I used to love their commentary. I remember Hump saying about Earthquake, who had 'Quake' on the front of his tights - 'What's that say, Shake n Bake?'. I know they couldn't use their WWF names but, seriously...
  5. So, these are a few of his recent ones.... Keep feeding me your hatered libturds. Your vile delusional hatered fuels the fact & logic train. Facts trigger snowflake #TaxationIsTheft #AbortionIsMurder #NylaRoseIsAMan #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself Not cool. Not cool at all. #AEW has irresponsibly used "entertainment" to intentionally or not, mock and subjugate REAL BIOLOGICAL WOMEN in REAL LIFE. This is called social conditioning and indoctrination. REAL WOMEN GET HARMED BY THIS BS. Any human engaged in "taxation" is factually engaged in the criminal act of extortion & should be arrested 4 that crime.
  6. Ah, well then I am indeed. Seriously!? Wow, then I have no idea how anyone puts up with him the rest of the time.
  7. Apologies if this has been mentioned before but has anyone seen any of Val Venis' stuff on Twitter? As Wayne Campbell would say 'I have a question - when did you become a nut-bar!?'.
  8. I was like 'Seriously mate, calm down, you're gonna give yourself an aneurysm!'.
  9. Really enjoyed the show but as someone who doesn't watch NXT regularly I just have one question - is Mauro always that unbearable!?
  10. Where the fuck have the Iiconics gone!? I thought they were very entertaining in small doses [like that video attests].
  11. Not much better in England tbf. I would hope this tragedy makes people step back and realise that no matter whether a person is famous or not you never know what they are going through in their lives. Not everyone feels able to talk openly about their mental health due to the negative stigma that surrounds it - nor should they feel they have to. Piling on someone through social media with negative comments or tearing apart things they have said/done, whether it be for 'bants' or because you feel there is a justifiable reason, can be incredibly damaging and it's not always as easy to just 'log off' or 'ignore it' for the person on the receiving end.
  12. According to Cody and Brandi she was hired because they saw a video of her and thought she was amazing.... which is either bullshit as she clearly isn't amazing or Cody and Brandi have low standards for what 'amazing' is. I think having her as champion is a great idea though. Now Kong is not there she is the monster of the division and it makes the most sense. Plus, hopefully having her work with Shida will help improve her skills.
  13. Enjoyed the Dunne/Riddle video - the odd couple vignettes could really work and Riddle is really leaning in to his stoner gimmick.
  14. He has no charisma, no physique, he looks like utter shit... I do not get, and never have got, the appeal of Jimmy Havoc. Maybe its all the skinny EMO kids that like him, I dunno...
  15. C'mon, this photo is pretty fuckin' badass. Shayna has the dead eyes of a killer.
  16. For what it's worth there seems to be largely positive comments about it on Twitter.
  17. 'Everyone knows' is an issue AEW has had a lot of in fairness. Have to agree though, the closing angle was fantastic.
  18. Agreed. Almost everything is given time to breathe now and there is a coherence and logic behind most things, Minor gripe - I don't think they should have had Ruby Riott turn on Liv just a week after the Orton/Edge thing but they are so far off the 'people caring about them' radar it doesn't really matter I suppose. Angel Garza reminds me so much of a young Eddie Guerrero. It's just the little mannerisms and facial expressions. He's a superstar.
  19. I dont 'go to shows to let off steam' or 'shout obscenities at people I dont know'. I DID... when I was a teenager... about 20 years ago. The fact that you continue to read what I put and NOT understand it (deliberately or otherwise) is sad and why I give no 'constructive criticism' from you any credence. The fact you felt you needed, after 18 hours, to post about this again to show how right you believe you are about me is equally as sad. I thank you for the unwanted and unsolicited advice. I hope you too have learnt something from this whole thing but I doubt you feel you need to.
  20. Which one - the one where I said nothing about racism / homophobia or the one where I was responding to other people that initially had brought up racism / homophobia? I'm not quite sure what it is I'm meant to 'be' according to you - a horrible racist homophobe or a misunderstood victim? I mean, to clarify, I'm neither but I'm just trying to work out what angle you're coming at me from.
  21. Please read my previous post - the last paragraph outlines what I am talking about.
  22. I have attempted to clarify things. If there's anything you are still unclear on please let me know and I will clarify it. It seems you still are on the racism/homophobia thing so let me clarify again: I did not mention racism/homophobia. I was not the first one to bring it up or include it as the focal point of my argument. I did not do this because that was not even part of my thinking. Had it been, I would have made sure to emphasise that - after all, I would not want people thinking I am racist or homophobic. Several people HAVE made assumptions - including the initial racism/homophobia thing - about the things I have put and I have admitted to not always being clear in how I put things across. It's why I ask that if something is not clear, PLEASE don't just jump to conclusions - ask me what I meant and I will explain. I can't help people making assumptions I can only try to clarify or correct things as best as I can. It would seem that is 'not acceptable' to those, such as yourself, who seem intent to believe something of me that is not the case. As I said previously, I was expecting to get aggro for what somebody said at the start - being one of 'those' fans in my younger days - but this has got ridiculous. Do I wish wrestling would loosen the reigns on what is acceptable these days? Yes - but I'm talking about things like shouting and swearing at wrestlers [which people have made valid counterpoints to and I will gladly cop to being a dick about for not finding unacceptable] NOT things like racism/homophobia etc.
  23. I demand to know whee you got that statistic!
  24. Not everything, but if somebody's quoting percentages I like to have a bit of an idea where they're getting that from. I take shit like that seriously. Nobody's randomly throwing out false statistics on my watch!
  25. Yeah, it's not like I'm being bombarded with loads of different posts or anything...
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