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  1. Who in the hell thought Mongo v Brian Adams was a good idea?
  2. Another one who, were you so inclined to, you would not be able to search for on the WWE Network, ala Chris Benoit.
  3. Apparently Sane was bleeding pretty badly after Jax launched her into the steps but after an edit job you couldnt really tell.
  4. I believe everyone on that tour got sick in some way shape or form. I think Yoko shat himself during a match with Bret and Bret only realised when Yoko went for the Banzai Drop.
  5. FTR have been announced as being interviewed by Cornette for his podcast on Friday. Going for that big heat straight away, good on 'em.
  6. Not quite sure why most of the headlines have him as in his 40s though? He was 33 wasn't he?
  7. They did gig at [W]elly in Hull about 15 years ago which probably worse than a pub in Bolton.
  8. See I interpreted it as him saying Jericho NEEDS to do it from an ego perspective, not a financial one. Last said Jericho was going through a mid-life crisis so I think he meant it as 'Jericho needs to still be 'relevant' and hand with the young kids' etc.
  9. 'So Tammy, you did a porn video...' 'No, I did a celebrity sex tape.'
  10. Nah. not true. NXT has good and bad like every show.
  11. Nah, Benoit was wrestling a high impact style for 15 years prior to working for Vince.
  12. XPW or just the whole Messiah saga. Loads if indie level scuzziness goes on it's just whether they think it will generate enough interest. Dynamite and Pillman are a good shout [especially if they interview Brian Jr as apparently Melanie Pillman nabbed off with all/most of the money from all the memorial shows they ran for him]. Chris Adams has already had a documentary made about him but could be worth exploring on a larger scale.
  13. One of the more interesting shoot run-ins I've ever seen, courtesy of Mexico. Give it a few seconds...
  14. According to some reports I've seen they were stood all day so they were probably exhausted.
  15. Post event scrum was interesting with Cody saying the VP's all have different visions about wrestling (Deadpool, DDT and Crockett). Historically this has never been a good thing (too many cooks and all that) but they seem to be making it work for now.
  16. Its not so much him getting screwed, more the people who donated thinking they were helping someone, not funding his missus sodding off to the arse end of wherever that I was thinking of.
  17. Seriously? Wow. I mean, look, Dynamite was not the nicest human being by all accounts but thats pretty fucked up too.
  18. It's routine as well I think. If you have a routine it can help 'control' any mental health issues you may have. It acts as a safety net. Something safe and familiar. If his routine was going to the gym, seeing his friends at shows, going out there and maybe being able to release some internal anger or frustration by going back and forth with the fans in a safe setting or whatever then suddenly having that taken away can be a big issue, especially if there is no other way of doing those things. Hopefully everything will be okay. It sounds like he has a lot of very good people in his life who care about him and want to see him get better and that's always a good start.
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