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  1. Box cutters, electric saws, stanley knives, someone getting their finger cut off...?! I may be turning into a grumpy old man but, seriously, is this not all getting way out of hand now?
  2. Puerto Rico used to be a hot territory [pardon the pun] when Carlos Colon was on top in the 80's. A lot of American talent would go there and get decent pay-days [particularly from the big stadium shows] by all accounts. It was always wild from the perspective of wrestlers getting things thrown at them or attacked by fans and I'm sure some of the places they went were absolute shit holes. Sadly [but understandably] Puerto Rico went into decline as a territory after Brody's murder as so many American stars either boycotted it or just did not want to go there. Savio's group IWA had an affiliation with the WWF in the late 90's/early 00's which saw a slight resurgence when HHH, The Rock and The Undertaker made appearances there but other then that it has been struggling for a long time.
  3. Modern WWE makes you appreciate just how damn good Pat Patterson was at booking match finishes.
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