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  1. As far as I know this is the only 'match' ever between Paul Burchill and Bryan Danielson, recorded at the FWA Academy in Portsmouth.
  2. One thing I have noticed is that AEW has not been good at capitalising on peoples momentum. MJF, for instance, beat Cody and has done virtually nothing since. Cody didnt want revenge. MJF didnt want to challenge the champion etc. I know the pandemic hasnt helped but it seems like once a story has finished they kind of go 'Oh shit - what now'? Brodie Lee - title match to... trying to recruit Colt Cabana...
  3. Don't know that Heyman DID pitch that angle last night btw but it was very similar. I quite enjoyed Raw [pre-lockdown] with the slow focus on new stars [Murphy, AOP etc]. Heyman's obviously not perfect and has his faves the same as all bookers do BUT I do think his 'let's slowly build these new faces and integrate them with the existing talent' approach is the right way.
  4. In fairness, Heyman booked an angle where Tommy Dreamer threw piss on Lance Storm in ECW in a very similar angle in 1999 so I figured he had pitched it and, of course, Vince [and by proxy Prichard] loved it.
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