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  1. He's seriously got fuck all aura left about him. Between whatever shite he did last and this match he's shown himself up several times as a tit. Stand for the flag hoodies, sat off in a pervets hot tub, this promo, teleporting like LORD RAIDEN. Retire mate.
  2. This match will be a complete fucking waste of time if AJ doesn't Styles Clash the Undertaker into an open grave
  3. Worst possible time to learn about this because i'd have a tenner in the post by now if I didn't have to avoid fucking poison fog
  4. fucking hell, I clicked that and read the thread and for some reason it displayed that Jake The Snake tweet about being alone as if he'd responded to the photo with it
  5. with everyone on JR generally, but i'm watching a RAW with a TIT match on, and JR introduces the prizes that's supposed to be along the lines of "the glamorous managerial stylings of terri runnels" type thing, but he lets it out in a way that has the purest essence 'they get this auld boiler and a hundred ton nicker'
  6. Nobody really struck me as a shiter when I was a kid apart from Nikolai Volkoff. Mans in Royal Rumble 92 and even though you've got Slaughter's wig and Ric Flair's overall look confusing me about how old he was, Nikolai just looks fucking weird and ancient among them all. Lasts about a minute too. Looked it up though and he only made 3 appearances that year losing to Hercules and getting thrun out two rumbles.
  7. also a bit tumescent compared to the other two, he sometimes felt like their dad
  8. Loved everything about Gangrel & The Brood, even way into the shite where they had Michael Hayes dressed like a dad forcing his kids to support his footy team instead of his ex wife's. Them bloodbathing people and abseiling down the hell in a cell to kill Bossman, loved it. Ministry stuff was my favourite shit in 1999. We even spent half a summer break trying to get bloodbaths on Attitude on the PS1 because some lying arsehole we were mates with who previously said he had his Playststion "MOT'd" instead of chipped and also told us he got the Rock to say "DO YOU QUIT JABRONI" During the I Quit match once, told us that he had a bloodbath in whatever story mode was, and we fucking played it for bastard HOURS. Ed Leslie's 'Furface' gimmick is my favourite of his. Showed up on Prime Time or Challenge to attack people in a Bennett vest and Fuerza Guerra mask. No idea if they even resolved it. Had a lot of time for the JOB Squad and the Conquistadors. There was a guy with a mad name who had a handful of matches, one of which involves I think him somehow taking a chokeslam on top of his head. In a tag team with Rick Rude, might be THE EQUALIZER. Loved him.
  9. The terrorists at the start would only have to reorganise his socks wrong
  10. "we should bring Nancy and Chris something, a plate or bottle of something" "I'm no' takin' fuck all"
  11. The Great Sasuke documentary is absolutely fantastic but at points it's so much like That Peter Kay Thing
  12. Mad that everyone's getting the Funaki Experience now til April
  13. Well there's another half tomorrow, so you never know do you
  14. do that on a Christmas Special going through the DVDVR Sleaze List
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