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  1. technically interacted with him ie I said no when he motioned to me and a mate to come to his table and spend money on Virgil shite so RIP to Virgil my close friend
  2. the entire Vampiro/Sting run from the arse end of WCW. Cannot get enough of that shit, the human torch match? the graveyard match? absolutely yes mate, Fin Martin do one
  3. ooh I walked past that first/top one yesterday night - when I worked round there that building had something called INTERACTIVE GOLF BAR on the bottom floor but had already been shut for years so inside got greyer and dustier but kept the big interactive virtual golf wall, the ornaments, the walls decorated with golf shite in there the whole time rotting and looking more and more terrifying. Eventually you'd see homeless people climbing in and out of the badly smashed in windows having to use INTERACTIVE GOLF BAR as a roof over their head and living among all the remains of the place, and now obviously it's a posh bar and unrented offices. Always thought the entire building itself was so ugly though that they'd knock it down once they got everyone out the first time but they just painted over how sad it looked.
  4. yeah I reckon this too, even with them dragging the storyline back to almost normal and giving us heel sleeveless ugly tithead shirts Rock for a while auld baldy will still want to end a Wrestlemania looking like a great bunch of lads
  5. please go and fuck yourself, you horrible cunt
  6. dreading this now, fuck me (im not, im actually very excited)
  7. EDIT - accidental double TED ARCIDI related post
  9. I'm sorry but i'm fucking pigshit sick of shite ideas being rubbed in my face as actually good because it being some decent business idea trumps everything else. That's been every shite WWE idea for as long as I can remember now, "well, it may be shite but you have to admit" etc - nah, sorry, absolutely fuck The Rock in his arse, I hope his bollocks fall off.
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