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  1. Renegade is a great shout, quite like to see one on all Doinks, official, unofficial, Alabama and whatever else in between
  2. Guarantee you Hogan wrote that letter about a week ago. Page 2 probably says 'BUFFERING ISSUES' as one of the points
  3. Great match that. Absolute madness seeing a guy that size doing fucking Tiger Mask backflips and all sorts. I know he ended up not being able to put a dent in a cream cake with his strikes or whatever but he didn't look lost out there at all. Train him properly and you'd have had a star. Looks like Scott Walker now, aswell. Or at least what Scott Walker looked like before he died.
  4. The Lapsed Fan podcasts recent Deep Dive on WCCW is probably the most in depth. Best is subjective like but they have the freedom to do about two days worth of audio on the company. Really worth hearing if you can handle the amount of time you need for it.
  5. Hoping we can get a word from Jimmy Five Bellies during this
  6. I mean, how many white people go on to experience racism? How many people in that photo of Leave Means Leave are getting the train or bus home suspecting they'll get their heads kicked in just for the shade their skin is, or lose a job, or have their windows bricked in or whatever else? It's a joke about race in the above example but IMO it's not racist. Racism to me has always meant coming from a position of power and control, punching down if you will. There's no Conservative endorsed van driving round Newton Le Willows with WHITE CUNTS WE'LL FIND YOU AND SEND YOU BACK MATE. The BBC are damned if they do or don't here. Baker's made a blunder with a connotation that comes with the 'joke' whether he realised or not and the BBC could either keep him and keep a tone deaf prick on board or launch him down the fire exit stairs into the arms of a chorus of lads going UNBELIEVABLE. I imagine he'll be back and wont be taking it too badly because he seems intelligent, but hopefully he doesn't get absorbed by gobshites.
  7. Going with Great Muta vs LA Park [Casket Match] 123 Kid vs Chris Hamrick Faces Of Fear vs Dan Severn & Road Warrior Animal [Waylon Mercy Vignette] HHH vs Goldust Taka, Dick Togo & Mens Teioh vs Aguila, Great Sasuke & Juventud Guerrera [Repo Man Vignette - Repossesses Max Mini] Hakushi vs Sabu Shawn Michaels vs PCO as Doink [PN NEWZ performs Slam Jam] Austin vs Goldberg
  8. Didn't get too close to his table because I didn't want to explain I needed the 20 quid for literally anything else, but me and my mate did sneak a look at his mad foot. No regrets. Doink was a good lad too, made me think that Lombardi might have got more of a queue in full Doink gear.
  9. Yeah Taker UK was great, photos were fuck all and he had a ton of quality belts you could pissarse about with. There was a couple of lads there too with a complete Hasbro collection that was fascinating, let me have a look at the mail away Hogan in his red Wrestlemania 9 clobber. Getting excited and taking a photo of myself holding it was the exact moment I knew i'd never experience real true human love again but it was worth it.
  10. Fuckin' get Gary Strydom in, get that untapped Dad market income. Big long run with the belt, drop it to Glenn Ross at Summerslam after a Ronnie Coleman run in.
  11. Really wish one of the Saudi lads would go full Fire Pro and demand a mental match pairing with a demented stip instead of what usually happens. It's like Whoopi Goldberg marrying Peter Cushing and getting Peter Goldberg.
  12. also factor in that Flair was a few tables down from Sid so he would have been feeling heavy emotions over having to be reminded all weekend of his cheat Royal Rumble victory that clearly belonged to the master & ruler of the world
  13. I was thinking about WrestleXpress the entire Q&A but couldn't think how to word it, pretty nervous so I reckon i'd have just shouted "CONVENTRY" in a panic
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