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  1. Yer mans clearly got the faculties to be a high level US business man (but still wrestling, so worlds tallest midget stuff) so I reckon a public embarrassment like this is going to repeat on the viewing audience tenfold somewhere way down the line when we least expect it
  2. Nah i'm with you, get MILFHunter guest hosting
  3. That stuff does numbers for the same reason indie feds find themselves with 10m views on an intergender match
  4. Distinctly remember phoning up HMV to ask about an ECW tape Delta just put out and the guy on the other went "HARDCORE HEAVEN hey..." implying I was actually buying rhythm videos, but related to the thread - an aunt once walked in on me watching Shotgun one afternoon and it cut to a montage of Sable working out at a gym which consisted entirely of shots of her enormous sweating tits and arse using all this gym shite in what looked like a foreman's office on site, and once it was over my aunt simply asked "this wrestling then?"
  5. I'm sorry this has nothing to with auld Chinny Reconnaissance but 'BOBBY LAUGHTER' has finished me off here, fucking hell
  6. made up Nash is finally sorting out those mad Christina Agulera legs he had
  7. Loved his willingness to act like a soft arse all the time despite being idolized. Guy could have acted like Mil Mascaras but with reason to act like Mil Mascaras, but there he is in a legion hall going IN MYYYY AAAAAARSE with a train full of lads with thumbs up each others council gritters
  8. took the day off college to watch that and the second Vince kicked Bret in the bollocks I knew i'd never bother doing that again any time soon
  9. once he's sined her pitty on the runny kine it'll be sepatai
  10. something seismic enough to change management, product presentation and omnipotence of the place entirely
  11. He looks a bit like Candyman in the big coat like that actually, maybe what they were after. At what point during the wrestling boom would it have become acceptable for someone to start launching bees at wrestlers and kids? I'm saying mid 99
  12. I feel like this would get as far as making Meat puke up a load of black vomit on Shotgun, PMS leave him because of it and Shango hypnotises them into joining him and taking part in the sort of segments that go on the shelf with Venis having his auld feller liberated
  13. my mate wore a pair of jeans once, straight legged, blue, absolutely unremarkable, and people asked him the next day at school if he was gay now
  14. have to say i'm quite relieved Arik Cannon still isn't anywhere near televised wrestling, worried for a second there
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