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  1. Thing is aswell though, literally everyone on the right is a cunt and stinks of shit and cuts about with their wife or husband in matching coats on Sundays in small villages buying carveries and taking it in turns to go for a piss in a car park toilet in case someone nicks the Vauxhall
  2. Sinner mate it's not like you've got any particularly bad points here, but one group of people are being pushed to violence by a country that's openly murdering them, historically fucked them at every turn and the other group are wound up racists who don't know what the fucks real any more. There's no discourse or debate, it's been had. What does a person who storms Capitol Hill with a working gallows outside holding zip ties and backed by actual fucking police, secutiy and other state goons want to debate? Who's talking people chanting for the death of the vice president of the party they vot
  3. Hearing all opinions no matter how fucked and weird and dangerous and responding with the fucking Sean O'Haire HEY WHOS FOR ME TO SAY? EARTH? FLAT? HEY, I DONT KNOW FOLKS doesn't work. The definitive end to all that was the other day when people who think Tom Hanks drinks kids spinal fluid stormed the fucking American senate. Fascism and science denial go hand in hand. Jericho's pushed and has helped push all this shit for the past four years and i'm fucking pigshit sick of excuses for the bald fat cunt.
  4. How tall is he? Because in all seriousness I reckon it'd take me about 30 seconds max to get him in a triangle choke and i'm only guessing what one is here
  5. Hogan's cunning enough to know it's open season now if anyone gets a live mic on him, he'd never let it happen scripted or not. If you started taking the piss you'd be able to fill the three hours. Probably never gonna happen. Did you see his face at that HOF show when Austin and Bret ignored him before then Austin got a fuck off pop for talking about kicking him in his arse? Man looked like he was practicing for the divorce.
  6. id want Vader to just shit on me, it's been that sort of year, get me behind a photocopier and shit on me mate
  7. Get Bob Holly calling Gangrel both Dracula and a 'Fat Bastard' from RAW on that Bob Holly comp. No idea if the match is any good but that's probably the greatest thing he ever did
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