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  1. absolutely not, he might aswell have his willy hanging out the front of his jeans and a pair of those Groucho glasses on
  2. he absolutely cannot under any circumstance say daddy's home
  3. Ideal situation then is to get out of wrestling fandom and just get bang into reading the annual stock reports, loads of fun!
  4. loved watching Hogans eyes drain of any sort of life while they're making him fuck arse about in a pirate suit to boos
  5. Felt like I was going through some kind of psychostic break during the Strowman match. One of the stupiudest fucking builds or reasons for anything i've ever seen. Up there with Jericho and Kane fighting over coffee.
  6. would a Redheaded Stepchild match not make more sense then
  7. good thing his wife's arse was there to call somebody
  8. Ryback was done when he cut that promo about The Secret and the power of positive thinking and reinforcement. Same show Cesaro cut a promo and fucked any chance they were going to give him for the future, but all the focus went to that and not much about auld Ronnie Back going full Richard & Judy book club.
  9. Probably above any real punishment being a Flair, and she's the go to women's main event. If missing Wrestlemania is the worst they could do i'd have asked for next year off too if I had the hand she's been dealt there.
  10. making fun of the thigh slapping ban doesn't seem too out of sorts, it's taking the piss out of a weird company foible rather than talent or anything. It isn't exactly Shane Douglas in a car park with balloons, or Shane Douglas buying a ticket to RAW and getting thrown out, or Shane Douglas phoning Bill Busch
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