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  1. Cannibal Man

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    I was watching that Elimination Chamber match on the dodgiest 13 year ago quality stream imaginable and the shock and excitement of Edge showing up and beating Cena was enough to nearly make me burn the entire house down with my family in it. Feel like the subsequent cash ins as mentioned and then Edge's 37 world title reigns over the next three weeks did kind of dampen it, but it should be remembered as a genuinely great moment from a time when they could still do that. Carlito - his switch to black pleather nu metal kecks is up there as one of the worst looks for a wrestler. Proper IWA MS level clobber those.
  2. Cannibal Man

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    funny to hear McGuinness was sometimes drafted in as the blag Kane. Saw someone under a Kane mask and Eddie Large wig every time I went to an Orig Williams show and every fucking time whoever was doing it seemed to forget they were Kane and did the mat stomping, clapping and going EHHHHHHHYEAHHHEHHEEREFUCKINNNNCOMEONNOWWWYERBASTARDS before putting The Wrestling Chippendale away
  3. Cannibal Man

    Top Wrestling Twitter

    I reckon Los Gringos Locos would be all for the wall. She's just keeping it kayfabe.
  4. Cannibal Man

    Dean Ambrose leaves the ukff

    Might be trying to get him a Goldberg/Lesnar reaction at Wrestlemania thinking people might boot off if they know he's off down the road a piece. It's a shame this has happened just as he's started to turnaround his overall look. When he got out of Bossman's clobber, that Sunday afternoon Primark vest and bootcut jeans paired with Lonsdale wraparound steak slices he wore them with might be the overall shittest look i've ever seen a wrestler in such a featured position have. Man was a full on TK Maxx magnet and here he is fighting every star imaginable with a streak of hangover shit combed in every direction that'd make Bobby Charlton do a sharp intake of breath. Then he goes and gets jacked, accepts fate with his barnet and got a proper pair of kecks as of Sunday and they turn him into some arsehole in a Delboy coat who's scared of bannisters. No wonder he's off.
  5. Cannibal Man

    TNA Thread - In Pursuit of being dead in six weeks (again)

    Always reckoned Abyss was awful looking and shite, only run i'd fancy off him is seeing him run out the fire exit and into a job centre. I don't reckon there's a single Undertaker match from Abyss' prime i'd rather see him in than whoever Undertaker was facing at the time, either. He always reminded me of a packet of Benny Hedges come to life. Total, total balls. I don't know loads about Sonjay but he at least had that CZW match where he wrestled in a pair of Timberlands and moonsault stomped directly onto M Dogg 20's neck.
  6. Cannibal Man

    TNA Thread - In Pursuit of being dead in six weeks (again)

    Does this make Sonjay Dutt the first and likely last and only of the Backyard Wrestling VHS alumni to get signed? M-Dogg 20 only ever made it to that Tough Enough show in his Up Pompeii gimmick but didn't get a contract, didn't he?