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  1. That's standard WWE since about 2006. Something works better than planned, have a go of it's arse til it doesn't resemble itself any more
  2. Nah sorry but fuck Ospreay and his Florida shaped head forever. Imagine hearing your mates fucking assaulted someone like that and your first thought is to protect your mates job. I don't give a shit if he's down the green end on some clap-o-meter of evil. Someone with that kind of attitude and capability to do that, and to then also have done it, verifiably if i'm reading the thread right, that's a dangerous fucking person who needs to grow up fast and have a long, long fucking look at how he operates on a very basic human level. That is not a cunt I want anywhere near any fucking show with me, men, women, kids, anyone until he's shown a serious amount of effort in changing the way he thinks and works. If there's going to be any kind of code of conduct, how do you work with someone whos done that? Dyou flag that up in a CRB or background check? If I book Ospreay and he brings a mate or friends or crew or workers, do I then have to hope none of them are as dangerous as his other mates?
  3. That's the kind of shirt the Jim Neidhart's of tomorrow are going to be walking about with
  4. Great that WWE can say its about equal with what Hot Fuzz, Demolition Man and Worlds Wildest Police Chases are to ITV 2
  5. I was kind of into the resolve of that being The Rock just going sorry mate i'm not arsed years after it
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